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by granny. 20th Mar 2019 11:34am
The Bedroom Scene
by granny. 20th Mar 2019 10:26am
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Manifolds, Wilsons. Meacocks & Barnes - 1820s
by bliplandy. 20th Mar 2019 6:18am
Wirral Street??
by gerrymoore. 16th Mar 2019 2:58pm
WW2 USNavy large sheepskin trousers
by Bultaco. 15th Mar 2019 8:48am
Where is/was this Station Hotel
by derekdwc. 13th Mar 2019 11:44am
Grove Hotel, Wallasey
by diggingdeeper. 9th Mar 2019 9:01pm
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by GaryFromWirral. 26th Mar 2019 12:05am
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by GaryFromWirral. 26th Mar 2019 12:02am
Rescued Animals.
by cools. 25th Mar 2019 7:13pm
Another "Austerity" Measure
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Bouncey thing
by Bultaco. 25th Mar 2019 4:12pm
Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II Speakers
by Catsick. 25th Mar 2019 1:22pm
HP Envy 13.3 Laptop AD059NA
by Catsick. 25th Mar 2019 1:22pm
What song are you listening to?
by _Ste_. 25th Mar 2019 1:13am
Builder problems, advice needed
by _Ste_. 24th Mar 2019 11:52pm
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by missmahjong. 12th Mar 2019 3:07pm
RAF Tornado Farewell Flypast Tour
by diggingdeeper. 28th Feb 2019 10:14am
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Pets / Animals
Yesterday at 07:13 PM
That's very sad Granny poor elephant. It's so upsetting when you get to know these animals and what they've been through. Me I tend to shy away from stuff like this as I know it would put me on a downer especially the cruelty. Stupid idiots who believe milking the poor bears etc is powerful medicine and same with elephants tusks and rhinos being wiped out just for these stupid beliefs. Makes me so angry!!!
The bear video was lovely they look so happy so it's a good job there is people and organisations helping these poor animals. I enjoy watching the Katmai bears as at least they live how they should with nobody out to kill them as long as they stay in the reserve. There is sadness with them but it's nature and fights between themselves but on the whole they seem happy and well fed there.
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National News
Yesterday at 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
UK treason legalised by the retrospective introduction of an EU law a year later.

Unfortunately the referendum was non-binding as well, basically because unlike almost every other developed country in the world, we do not have a constitution.

The queen with blair in 98 changed treason laws....wonder why.
Yes all 6 " primacy over members states " treaties are & can be repealed like ukips gerrard batten talks about but hes supressed by main stream media due to tommy robinson connection.
EU could easily be dumped , first get rid of 1972 EU act & 6 treaties.
Good ol tommys suing police over illegal inprisonment & hope not hate ( ironic name ) plus BBC panorama / john sweeney are trying to fit him up but its back fired big time. Its on youtube " pando rama "
But thatll never be reported.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
Yesterday at 04:12 PM
Thanks been looking on ebay and there all plastic and cheap thin things.I purchased one for one of my children and it use to shake the childs face off sitting in the high chair while trying to maul the rubber.But if any chance the dog gets hurts i will pass and buy him a big thick leather ball instead
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 01:22 PM
no longer available
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 01:22 PM
no longer available
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Law And Your Rights
24th Mar 2019 11:52pm
When are you people going to learn?

NEVER pay upfront, not even a deposit, if they don't like it they can go away and you can get someone else.

As for the "We need materials" line, ask them what you need and get it yourself!
Any excess materials keep as they have been known to order extra to line thier own pockets.

Do your homework and cut the middleman out, they will charge you extra for materials just like some car garages do, they will put thier little bit on top, all you need them to do is build/do the work and pay thier labour.

Shop around, ignore reviews on google as they are mostly made up.

Another thing, as far as i am aware it is a legal requirement that they give you a written quotation, make sure you get one in case you do have to go to a small claims court.

Don't be afraid to haggle on the total price for the job either as a majority of the time they will take a drop.
19 4,061 Read More
Wirral Pubs Past & Present
24th Mar 2019 11:37pm
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
Mersey Arms was on fire Saturday 16th Mar.

Surprising seems as the place is letting a lot of water in.
8 1,837 Read More
Pets / Animals
24th Mar 2019 11:34pm
I edited this as it seemed like it was aimed at one person.

Anyway, you lot banging on about it being cruel ect ect, what about kids having ears pierced?

That okay is it?
10 275 Read More
24th Mar 2019 11:32pm
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For Sale - Items
24th Mar 2019 10:51pm
Model and price of Bosch Impact driver?

Details and prices of other tools?

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For Sale - Items
24th Mar 2019 9:13pm
Pics available
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Local News
24th Mar 2019 11:21am
The prisons are full to bursting.Staff had enough of abuse and violence and the system broke.We need 8 super prisons all for different prisoners and more pay for staff for doing a job you would run from.They carry tools so prosecution will have hard job convincing jury off there guilt.I say harm a citizen with a deadly weapon 20 years NO parole how many then would carry
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National News
23rd Mar 2019 6:58pm
I agree, we need to just walk away next Friday.
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Free Sale
23rd Mar 2019 8:28am
Cabinets and headboard still available.....
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Wirral Council
23rd Mar 2019 12:34am
Originally Posted by keef666
Diggingdeep, You say you have 30% less funding than you did in 2010

I don't remember saying that. I have an increase in funding of 41% since 2010 which is about 13% ahead of inflation.
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Pets / Animals
22nd Mar 2019 5:56pm
The salon she was working at were trying to discredit her because she was leaving to open her own salon & they weren't happy she'd be taking customers
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History Information Request
21st Mar 2019 10:55am
Thankyou Bertieone for this information.
The cost of passage money to Western Australia in 1829 is interesting. I think the Swan River settlement wasn't very successful.. In Tasmania (another Australian state) 'Early free settlers in the 1820s could obtain land grants based on the money they brought into the colony and if they appeared to be 'suitable' people with letters of recommendation'. Members of the Barnes, Wilson and Manifold families from the Wirral arrived this way. As these young men had a good basic education, I was trying to work out where they may have gone to school. Also, trying to find out if any descendants of these families still live on the Wirral?
2 171 Read More
21st Mar 2019 8:11am
A day late.

On 20th March 1345 (allegedly)

According to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on this day in 1345, from what they call “a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on the 20th of March 1345″. The Black Death, also known as the Plague, swept across Europe, the Middle East and Asia during the 14th century, leaving an estimated 25 million dead in its wake.

Read on. Very interesting.
16 1,305 Read More
History Information Request
21st Mar 2019 7:54am
Also had the highest TV in the world! above the end of the bar, I know as I had to fix it. Chair on table on bar!
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History Information Request
20th Mar 2019 4:00pm
Originally Posted by Csones
He wont get out I know as he did bad stuff in prision he has got life when my nan his mum died we lost contact I know he will not get out but i dont know what prision he is in
19 5,802 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
19th Mar 2019 9:05pm
Readers Digest grand prize draw token, it used to be a battle between Readers Digest and Which Magazine who could run the most audacious prize draw scheme. 04254 was the number that most people got.

Some of these draws used to last years for the same prize and even have different promotions (summer draw, winter draw etc but it was the same draw).

Then there was the plethora of junk you received on approval for you to be entered into the draw that you invariably sent back.
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Lost & Found
19th Mar 2019 8:46am
I put this in the wrong forum yesterday :- Handbag found in New Brighton on Sunday morning by a friend of mine, It looks like it has been left accidentally as it contains phone (locked), money, credit cards etc. No addresss information. Handed in at Birkenhead police station Sunday morning as for some reason Wallasey police station was closed. If you know anyone who lost their bag Saturday night/ Sunday morning please direct them to Birkenhead police station.
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Mothercare Journey travel system pram Teal colour
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Milwaukee fuel drill, other tools available!!!
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125cc scooter
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KTM Mancina Action 272 27.5 Inch Electric Mountain
by ianyam. 10th Mar 2019 12:04pm
Cambridge hifi Amplifiers for sale - from £40
by montyz. 8th Mar 2019 11:36am
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Bouncey thing
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Amazon £5 Off Today
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Roofer recommendation please?
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Another "Austerity" Measure
by diggingdeeper. 24th Mar 2019 6:18pm
Handbag Found in New Brighton
by daveybm. 19th Mar 2019 8:46am
Handbag Found in New Brighton
by daveybm. 18th Mar 2019 9:43am
Giant rabbit startles motorist.
by Excoriator. 17th Mar 2019 9:58am
by cools. 16th Mar 2019 9:38pm
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Ladybird Books on Brexit
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Wirral dog groomer.
by venice. 21st Mar 2019 2:28pm
DNS Not found Error.
by Windows. 14th Mar 2019 12:54pm
Bultaco pursang
by Bultaco. 13th Mar 2019 12:43pm
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