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by granny. 15th Jan 2019 1:54pm
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by granny. 10th Jan 2019 11:41pm
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by diggingdeeper. 10th Jan 2019 4:59am
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Rescued Animals.
by diggingdeeper. 17th Jan 2019 5:25pm
What song are you listening to?
by starakita. 17th Jan 2019 5:14pm
Project Fear III
by diggingdeeper. 17th Jan 2019 4:51pm
For sale....Fly rod,reels,flies,line

by spider. 17th Jan 2019 4:03pm
Found -Cav King Charles Spaniel
by squirrel. 17th Jan 2019 1:37pm
Email hacked
by Gibbo. 17th Jan 2019 9:54am
When The Light Goes Out
by diggingdeeper. 16th Jan 2019 10:46pm
I, Daniel Blake
by granny. 16th Jan 2019 2:57pm
Best Vets
by snowhite. 16th Jan 2019 1:19pm
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Queens Park - Crewe
by venice. 13th Jan 2019 6:21pm
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by WargamerNik. 9th Jan 2019 11:15am
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Pets / Animals
39 minutes ago
Bulgarian Dancing Bears (yes its good if somewhat old news).

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National News
1 hour ago
I don't understand anything about the pro-EU stance, to give an analogy ...

Tesco gives you an offer, if you pay us £10,000 a year and agree to only shop with us or our trading partners, we will give you £5,000 back and charge what we like for the goods. Gradually we will take your life over as everything you buy including energy, insurance etc will have to be bought through us on our terms and our prices.

Would you like such a deal?

@Gibbo your analogy to renting a house incomplete, Article 50 would be the equivalent of a 2 year notice of leaving in the lease, after that period you would have no liability to the landlord whatsoever other than to repair any damage you have caused, you would not be liable for paying any money to future refurbishment or enhancement of the property.

I cannot think of an example in real life where after leaving you are liable for future costs without holding a share in whatever those costs pay for. I have been a shareholder in a number of enterprises and left when I wanted, I didn't have to buy my way out, they had to buy my holdings.

How much are the EU paying us for the enormous amount EU assets we have paid for in other countries?
36 1,211 Read More
For Sale - Items
2 hours ago
Had a look for makes and could only find Codex on one of the reels with 2 spare spools,No name on the fibreglass rod.lines are 5,6,7, weighted forward ?..Will let them go for £30,got to be a bargain..text 07944002577..thanks
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Pets / Animals
4 hours ago
Hi Granny

Yes I contacted the dog warden on the day I found him. He's with Friends of Birkenhead Kennels at the moment. I had to do as best as I could to find his owner, I wouldn't feel as if i've given him a chance otherwise.

Lincle - yes FOBK scanned him on Saturday. He's chipped but the details are 2 years out of date.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
8 hours ago
Mail spoofing is very easy. Its just a case of masking the real "from" address with yours. If you go into the mail properties you will find the real address.
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Yesterday at 10:46 PM
Its dead now after temperature plummeted because of night-time.

Dark side of the moon 1 : Chinese plant 0
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On the Box
Yesterday at 02:57 PM

Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
There are plenty of burials at Landican and other cemeteries, almost invariably a priest of some sort takes the service and they don't come cheap averaging around £150 which is a tad more than minimum wage!

Christian funeral service performed by Vicar at local level. Approx £130 , of which the Chester Dioceses takes a big chunk. If performed by a lay- preacher they get £5 for petrol costs.
15 583 Read More
Pets / Animals
Yesterday at 01:19 PM
Hope he gets well soon.

Keep us updated Granny
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History Information Request
Yesterday at 12:52 PM
Can't view the image, but I've looked at old maps online 1871-4 when it was all farmland and the pond or whatever seems to be on quite a sloping area, steeper-banked on the western/uphill side, in what is now the gardens of Croome Drive backing on to Burlingham. Don't know about further downhill, but up on Croome Drive the soil is very sandy and shallow, no sign of clay. In my daughter's garden in some places there's only about 6" of soil before you hit bedrock.
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Yesterday at 11:39 AM

460 years ago, on 15 January 1559, Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.
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National News
15th Jan 2019 11:52pm
May well affect some on here. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/n...artners-won-t-be-able-to-claim-pension-/

Pensioners who live in a couple will only be able to make a new claim for pension credit when both partners are over the state pension age, under new rules to come into effect in May.

Pension credit gives a guaranteed minimum income to those over the state pension age, which is now 65 for both men and women.

But from 15 May 2019, those living in a couple will only be able to claim if both partners have reached the qualifying age. Use the Government's free calculator to find out when you qualify.

If you already claim pension credit and your partner hasn't reached the qualifying age, you won't be affected by the change and will carry on receiving it for as long as you're eligible. You'll also carry on getting it if you apply to start receiving pension credit on or before 14 May 2019, even if you have a younger partner - so if you think you're eligible, make sure you apply as soon as possible. (link above has extra info)
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Wanted - Items
15th Jan 2019 8:28pm
Hi ,...All sorted now...I got one..Thank you

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National News
15th Jan 2019 1:10pm
West Midlands Police .

..... have failed to report 16.600 VIOLENT Crimes ! oshocked

Looking at the figures of the 'reported' crimes, it's somewhat worrying .


West Midlands Police is "failing victims" and not recording more than 16,600 violent crimes each year, a watchdog has said.

The force was rated inadequate by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services, who said victims felt let down and not believed.

Only 78% of violent crime and 89% of sexual offences reported were recorded, it found.

The force said it had made "substantial progress".

About three-quarters of police forces around the country have already been inspected and of those, two-thirds were rated as either "inadequate" or "requiring improvement".

Reports from inspections were first published in 2016, after police forces throughout England and Wales were found to have an "utterly unacceptable" rate of accurately recording crime.

The recording rate by the West Midlands force remained "unacceptable and must be urgently addressed", the watchdog said.
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Wirral Now and Then
15th Jan 2019 7:06am
Originally Posted by granny

Yep, remember them in Clarkes shoe shops. Do you glow in the dark Greenwood ?
It seemed that shoes always cost £29.11d for leather shoes.The prices never changed for years.

£29.11d. .. just under £1.50 in todays money

29/11 or 29s-11d
244 43,848 Read More
For Sale - Items
14th Jan 2019 3:18pm
National Geographic binoculars with case and instructions..as new condition.£30
Birkenhead ch42...07944002577..cheers
0 83 Read More
13th Jan 2019 1:13pm
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Local News
13th Jan 2019 1:11pm
Think in the not too distant future there will be no burials and graveyards may become a thing of the past. ..No room for the living let alone the dead.
27 2,855 Read More
Wirral History
12th Jan 2019 11:37pm
Originally Posted by marty99fred
I�ve had another look at Thomas Taylor�s Survey of Bidston Manor with regard to the date, and the main map showing all the manorial lands is clearly dated 1656. Several of the larger scale maps are dated 1665, whilst others, including the one of Poulton, are undated. I think the correct date is generally assumed to be 1665 because Lord Kingston, for whom the survey was supposedly carried out, didn�t purchase the Manor until 1662.

The survey volume also contains several pages of valuations, together with various amendments and marginal notes, added at later dates. Most of these appear to have been written by Robert Vyner MP (one memorandum begins with the words �I Robert Vyner...�), to whom the Manor passed following the death of Sir Robert Vyner in September 1688.

One page is headed �My Computation of the Value of the Severall [ie separate] Tenements if out of Lease allowing for Taxes which the Tenant pays & all other deductions made in 1719� to which has been added �& reviewed in 1736� in a distinctive shaky handwriting. The only entry for Poulton-cum-Seacombe is the name �Joseph Bird�, which has been subsequently crossed out and had �Hester Moor� written alongside it. The words �now Torbet Walter Kirkpatrick� have then been added underneath by the person with the shaky hand, presumably in 1736. [The word Torbet is uncertain; as I say the handwriting is very shaky and difficult to read, but that�s what it looks like.].

A further section is headed �Old Rents chief rents & Cottages� with �Old Rents reformed in 1762� inserted below. Here under Poulton the name �Joseph Bird� appears followed by �Walter Kirkpatrick�, written by old shaky hand, and �now Gordon� written in yet another hand.

Three more pages follow containing a similar �Computation of the Value of the Several Tenements...� this time made in 1762. Here under Poulton the only name is that of �Walter Kirkpatrick�.

I�m not exactly sure how to interpret all of this, but I�ll have a go. It looks as if at some point tenancy of the Vyner lands in Poulton passed from William Bird to Joseph Bird (possibly with other Birds in between). Then in about 1719 or shortly thereafter the tenancy passed to Hester Moor, possibly only briefly, before ending up with Walter Kirkpatrick, who was the tenant in 1736, when the Valuation was reviewed, and still there in 1762, when the second Valuation Schedule was drawn up. William Kirkpatrick was then followed as tenant by �Gordon�, possibly the James Gordon who appears in the Table of Reference in my earlier post with the maps. All this is pure conjecture, of course, but at least we have some more possible names of tenants for the property!

One interesting point is that the Bird family�s tenancy seems not to have lasted much longer than a couple of generations; I envisaged something more akin to 150 years or so, given the property�s usual name. It is possible therefore that the name Bird�s House is of fairly recent origin, possibly originating with the realisation that the initials WB on the lintel stood for �William Bird�. As I�ve mentioned the property is also simply known as the Old House, so it would be interesting to find out when the name Bird�s House/Tenement first came into common usage.

This quote is from page 14. if anyone might be interested to see other information on the same page.

Having been sifting through all my hand written notes about this family, which are in the main notes taken from the Parish records that were held in Earlston Library.

William Bird married Mary Williamson, daughter or Robert Williamson . They had a son, Joseph, baptised
on 12th March 1647.

I have not any record for their marriage but it was obviously prior to march 1647.

That could well be when the tenancy transferred over. In 1665 Joseph, would have been of age (18) and was then in his name. J Bird could have been mistaken for T Bird. when we see some of the writings.

At the moment, I have no idea which William Bird it could have been. (so many of them )
284 324,705 Read More
Local News
11th Jan 2019 11:11pm
I was in tears watching North West Tonight at teatime - they made a lovely tribute to her. It's so sad. She was always so full of life. Her family must be heartbroken.
4 343 Read More
11th Jan 2019 5:37am

Freedom of religion ? That's a bit 'double standards' for Poland, considering they refuse to accept Muslim refugees .
35 1,446 Read More
Local News
10th Jan 2019 11:44pm
Yep finding a dead body is not what we all need. Unfortunately it does happen. When I was about 18 I was going out with a girl who lived with her mum in a flat on the corner of Rock Lane west and New Chester rd. The lady next door died. My girl friends mum wanted to talk to the lady next door but could not raise her. So I got the spare key and opened the door, she was a very big lady, the door would not open very far as she was blocking it. So we called the ambulance. Turned out she had a heart attack. It was a very nerve racking experience. That was in about 1968/69. Nothing since thank god.
6 658 Read More
Ask - Wiki Wirral
10th Jan 2019 11:26pm
Another vote for Jug and Bottle - I had a Christmas meal there in a group of 14 and it was very tasty, decent quantity too.
14 465 Read More
Pets / Animals
10th Jan 2019 11:05pm
S*n, Daily Fail, Express reader types do it all the time....but they also harm marginalised people. That to me is more concerning than business.
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For sale....Fly rod,reels,flies,line

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by Littlebear. 22nd Dec 2018 7:24pm
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