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by diggingdeeper. 15th Nov 2018 1:08pm
Book batteries.
by venice. 13th Nov 2018 8:54am
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£2bn Extra for NHS
by svenlock68. 21st Nov 2018 10:37am
Books for Autistics
by starakita. 21st Nov 2018 10:36am
Raleigh Evo 7 Speed Folding Bicycle
by Catsick. 21st Nov 2018 8:12am
141 Royal Hotel (Dolphin Hotel )
by diggingdeeper. 21st Nov 2018 12:49am
Oculus Rift - £295
by DavidB. 20th Nov 2018 1:21pm
320d won't pass emission test
by DavidB. 20th Nov 2018 1:16pm
by lincle. 20th Nov 2018 11:17am
Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch - £30
by rhoobarb2002. 20th Nov 2018 7:05am
What song are you listening to?
by granny. 20th Nov 2018 12:38am
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Shen Yun at Empire Theatre
by granny. 19th Nov 2018 11:47am
Wirral Quilters Exhibition
by Greenwood. 12th Nov 2018 12:10pm
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National News
12 minutes ago
2bn is sod all in the scheme of things. Its a week of budget if that.. Yet again david noakes in 2010 predictions about making sure we fear the constant change of the NHS to cause the continual taxation of uk taxpayer was true.
Its called " frankfurt school of subversion" where partys make you worry about the future like insurance companies with stories of death to justify takin more & more off you.
As he said we will never be allowed to leave fully...and he was right. Look at the manufactured mess it is.
Gerard batten touched on how illegal the EU is on sky last wk.
No one will confront it.
Just think of the waste in the NHS...lots of consultants ,drugs & equip that is well over priced cause its guess who paying for it ???? Mr taxpayer!!
The cash cow of the uk.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
13 minutes ago
I asked my daughter about books, she doesn't have any preferences but she said she found the where's Wally books confusing. Too busy and too much going on.
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For Sale - Items
2 hours ago
Now sold
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Wirral Pubs Past & Present
10 hours ago
The former Royal Hotel has been granted planning permission for the Royal Hotel to be an HMO (house of multiple occupation) consisting of 12 rooms (singles and doubles).

The planning committee were very reluctant to give permission as they think it is a slum of the future and they did not manage to gain access to inspect the property. However the building meets the required legal requirements, similar properties which were refused planning permission were overturned on appeal by the Government.

The property has been a licensed HMO since 2008 but did not have planning permission.

I think the Council are being a bit OTT on this, the rent probably reflects the density of housing, some people find this perfectly adequate and welcome the choice.

Planning officers stated it will provide a "reasonable standard of living" and having "generous floor to ceiling" height, would have good space and natural light.
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 01:21 PM
I bought this not long ago.
It has the headset, two sensors, and two controllers.
In excellent condition.

I ran this previously on an Intel i7 920, 8GB ram and a Geforce GTX980, and it all worked fine (I upgraded with second hand stuff, but still have the 980 and it's perfect). I know nothing about PC specs, but learnt a bit before getting one of these.
You'll need at least one 3.0 USB, but one sensor can use 2.0 (you don't need two sensors, but precision is better). The headset needs HDMI, or get those DisplayPort/Thunderbolt adapters.
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Yesterday at 01:16 PM
Going somewhere else a couple of days later did the trick. It was under the specified (co2 was 1.8 on the sticker thingy).
Wonder what happened there? They should give their probe a wipe.
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On the Box
Yesterday at 11:17 AM
Agree with you there Cools.Brilliant programme ,so glad Im not behind the camera.I have to close my eyes to the "murders" taking place. We were shouting "save him ,save him" when the penguin chick was abandoned by his Mum.
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For Sale - Items
Yesterday at 07:05 AM
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On the Box
Yesterday at 12:23 AM

Just watched 'Inside the Foreign Office' on BBC2 . Really interesting, and shows who makes the decisions, instructions , guides and directs our MP's and Diplomats. Yep, including Boris when he was in his position as Foreign Secretary.

Just a shame that they all seem to be fairly young. One guy being sent out to Burma, had a degree in pop music before he joined the Foreign Office. Now that scares me, although he must have had some other qualifications.

He was pretty rubbish at playing the guitar, so didn't inspire confidence in any other field of occupation !
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Lost & Found
18th Nov 2018 12:05pm
Car key found on Rolleston Drive, Wallasey (Grove Road end) on 17th November. Contact for details
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17th Nov 2018 12:17am
Originally Posted by diggingdeeper
On some cars you get noticeably more mpg out of super unleaded because of the higher octane so the price balances out, also super unleaded is restricted to 5% methanol which is the limit before it damages older vehicles.

Unfortunately the premium diesels are over 20p a litre dearer than standard diesel and don't produce more power, they just have enhanced cleaners in them.

Doh, I meant ethanol not methanol.
80 101,910 Read More
Law And Your Rights
16th Nov 2018 5:06am
Originally Posted by keef666
Just wanted to know, how many millions its cost to get this far and we are still not out of the EU, then to say give tthe UK another vote, so we could be wasting many more hundreds of millions and for what, to drag on for more years and the counrty is still flat lining?
Maybe we should have a vote to get rid of MP's, lets have a deal?
"I work for a company, lets say its a supermarket, one day i leave to work for someone else, but still want to go shopping, can i still have my store discount card so i can get my shopping cheaper please, the answer would be P*** Off, that's what we are asking the EU?!

But its exactly the opposite, we subsidise the EU, we have always been a net contributor, its us that is giving the discount to the EU, not the other way around.

On top of that, we import more from Europe than they import from us. They make a huge profit out our trade deficit with them, yet they think when we leave we should pay them a fee for us to allow them to continue making a profit out of us???

And .... on top of that, the EU forces us to pay more for our goods than the world market price and want this practice to continue after we leave.

Then there is the little detail that the EU want us to carry on paying them after we leave to the tune of £39bn, have you ever heard of an equivalent situation anywhere else, especially as it wasn't even in the small print of the EU contract, they are making the rules up as they go along without any precedent or permission to do so.

Furthermore, even when we have left, the EU want us to obey their laws and be judged in their courts.

The EU are out to punish us as harshly as they can to discourage other countries from leaving this unholy mess of making a German superstate.

Unfortunately Brexit has occurred at the same time as having one of the worst Governments we have ever had, this Government of the 6th richest economy in the world has chosen to punish its citizens financially and is going to happen in parallel with the punishment they allow the EU to slap on us.
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Ask - Wiki Wirral
14th Nov 2018 12:39pm

Maybe, I am thinking of Ledsham, although it was someone in Neston who mentioned about the Willaston development, or the intentions of it at some point being under the same scheme as discussed on here a few weeks ago, about the use Green Belt .
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Oculus Rift - £295
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Pro Fitness Exercise Bike
by rhoobarb2002. 10th Nov 2018 2:52pm
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Ipad Mini 4 128gb
by Catsick. 10th Nov 2018 1:47pm
Raleigh Evo 7 Speed Folding Bicycle
by Catsick. 10th Nov 2018 1:19pm
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