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#85778 - 27th Mar 2004 1:57am Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Scooby Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 5327
Loc: Birkenhead, Wirral.
<b>Post your reviews below :go: :go:

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#85779 - 27th Mar 2004 2:22am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Tony MK2 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Dec 2003
Posts: 2943
Loc: Wirral
Tonight was a top night some nice cars there and friendly people as well, good location nice one to preston for the show boat activity very good night,it was good to see so many cw member turn up well done in giving preston our support maybe they could do the same for us some day, hope to see you all at one of are meets one day soon? <img border="0" alt="[cwlater]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions047.gif" />
Anyway top night had by all even though we had a bit of a glitch we still had a good night, Sorry about the refreshments guy&gals but didn't have time to get to the supplyer.
See you all soon so bye bye for know top top night <img border="0" alt="[cwlater]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions047.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[cwlater]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions047.gif" />

#85780 - 27th Mar 2004 2:27am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Putra Offline

Registered: 5th Feb 2004
Posts: 9
Loc: Preston
Well I was shocked of my feet when I heard CW was coming down, i've been that busy i've not had much chance to come on, so I thought I would just come and stay a huge THANKYOU for your support and Coming to the meet.

I must say Scooby stole the Meet with a awsome entrance and flame show!! That was just Fcukin top.

Thanks again for your support.

www.prestonhotcars.co.uk - the owner
www.modifiednorthwest.co.uk - it's not a cruise site!!!

#85781 - 27th Mar 2004 8:49am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Sarah Offline

Registered: 27th Nov 2003
Posts: 495
Loc: anywhere!
Really had a good night especially the drive home!!

Can't wait for the next one

Check out My Members Car Profile : Click me

#85782 - 27th Mar 2004 11:25am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
quiksilver Offline

Registered: 15th Nov 2003
Posts: 44
Loc: Preston
Scooby firstly sorry i didn't ring u with directions, didn't get ya pm til niow!! Was at work til 6.30 on friday and didn't check my emails whei got home or come on cruise wirral. But least ant sorted you out.

Like putra said thanks a lot for coming, if we can we will try and get to one of your meets one month. Also do you ever go to aintree meet???

Me and ant came over to chat to ya but you were talking to the owner of the red scooby from blackpool, next time eh? Then you decided to put on a show again, your car rocks!! So so tempted to get a scooby in future. Can't believe how bigger flames your thing chucks out!!!! mint.

Anyway hopefully see you again soon, maybe on your turf next time.

Once again thanks a lot to everyone who turned up!!!!!!!
Peugeot 106 - The genuine article, beware of imitations

#85783 - 27th Mar 2004 11:47am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
maverick Offline

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 751
Loc: wallasey
Well Peeps, Another top night, fun had by all.
Where do I start, beginning. At the meeting local for the convoy to Preston, very good turn out will a toatl of 12 cars, the biggest yet for a Preston meet, well done everyone. The convoy was good ( what I know of it, as me and another car went a diifferent way to start, lol ). We all met up at a service station just outside of Preston, just to regroup the convoy, Then off we went to there meet.
We got there to that Preston had a good turn out, with some very nice cars ( different ones from the last time we went). We all parked up and scooby start the night then with a bit of flames, this heated the meet up nicely. Me and Webmaster then went round a got all the nice pics that are in the gallery for you to see, (follow the link at the bottom).
After that had walk round having a good look at the cars and talking to some of the peeps there. The entertainment was supplied by a corsa with 14 subs, what a sight seeing all them in that small car.
We had a visit from the local <img border="0" alt="[cwplod]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions032.gif" /> . They had a quick drive round , then they went and sat by the road leading into the car park. After a bit they went. Weather was not bad, just a little bit damp, but not enough to spoil the meet.
We left about 11pm having had a good night, they we had a bit of fun on the way home, scooby with his hide and seek, <img border="0" alt="[cwlmao]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions042.gif" /> amd the "CW BLOCK" 20mph convoy down the motorway, holding all the traffic up of course, <img border="0" alt="[cwhappy]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions038.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[cwlmao]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions042.gif" /> . Always fun on the way home. Then at the last must of us meet up fot a little chat, just to finish of the night.
Cheers to tony for the hot drinks, goes down well.
Preston Pics.

#85784 - 27th Mar 2004 12:08pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
exploding_penguin Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 1943
Loc: sitting at a desk
top nite as preston always is!!! some amasin car their like that killa corsa with 17 sub's he was settin car alarms off and shakin the floor laugh the mr2 from blackpool (i think) lookin sweet as eva. and load more top cars...
the convoy was amasin on the way there we lost it briefly but caught up on the m6. the trip home was funny as always, scooby missed the turn off 4 liverpool an mike was in front so he turned off on his own!! but he caught us up eventually it was well funny we had a rollin road bolck lorrys beepin @ us an every thin coz the convoy was goin 20!!!!! lmbo then scooby playin games with is all, turing off a junctions an then flyin past us!!
top nite, carnt wait till the nxt event!!!! laugh :go:

#85785 - 27th Mar 2004 12:36pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
PAZ Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 10th Nov 2003
Posts: 2000
Loc: Wirral
Well peeps thanks for a great turnout, that has to go down as one of our largest convoy`s, and its great cause they keep growing...

Great commitment from all CW members who attended!!

Once alltogether we made our way to lovely Preston, where we know we are in for a good time. Scooby led the pack and I was taking the rear to make sure peeps never got lost, after half an hour or so, I was about 3 miles behind the convoy as I was waiting for Mav and Broomy to overtake me, only to find out they had gone through the tunnel instead, so had to play catch up!!!

Eventually we arrived to a great turnout, and made sure that CW were recognised as we entered the car park, coutesy of "Scooby Power Sliding"

No sooner than we all parked in the bays, before CW members could switch there engines off, Scooby was allready into the flames!!! Good ones they were too!!! and the crowd were equaly as quick to come and watch!! It was like being at a Photoshoot of Jordan with her baps out, i have never seen so many camera phones out at once!!!!

After a walk round met some nice Preston peeps, (Thanks to the group that gave me directions for my mate on the phone) and saw some nice cars, then all of a sudden a loud, deep, vibration, like an Airbus, all the Preston peeps and the CW crew that have been before knew wat was comin!!

A black Corsa with 17 SUBS!!!! it was madness car filled with I.C.E!! Plus he has had his kit on this time round and really looked nice!!!

Didn`t get chance to speak to Anthony or Andy sorry lads, will have to catch up next time!!

Then to the convoy home, had a little fun as per usual, showing Scooby me rocking horse impression!!!

Mike SXI obviously was sick of our company and cut off!!!

Holding the traffic up on the M56!!!

Then u all dissapeared!!

All in all peeps great nght thanks to all whom attended and to the Preston lot, Cruise-CAD, blackpool lot and all the rest whom were involved!!!

#85786 - 27th Mar 2004 4:25pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
mikebroomy Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 20th Nov 2003
Posts: 3041
Loc: moreton
Top top night. Got to the meeting point just about on time, so was right at the back and as soon as scooby turned up that was it everyone was gone. Great to see 12 cars! Me and maverick were held at the lights, and then a wrong turn. Finally we went another way on route but met up just before the service station as some good communication between maverick and scooby. Five minute toilet stop at the station was a good idea for a breather and a re-group.

As we entered the car park scooby made the entrance of the night and had near enough everyone there round. Cruisewirral hit the placve with a bang. After talkin about putting andy's install on we spoke to some guy who said he was about to get the boss dude. Thinkin he was getting the owner of the site we left it off, but how wrong were we. This guy was the daddy of sound. Hate to put another number on it but i heard he had 15 sub and boy was that car heavy and loud, i could see the cracks in the floor. Rather a smart car without the install too. Not the largest of meets but the quality of cars was great. Few bouts of showboating kept us entertained, espicially the van smile weather wasn't too cruel either thought it was gonna be worse. And grat to see tim arriving to make are convoy 13.

Well onto the drive home. That was a great time. Best thing that coulda happened missin the turn off made it longer and better, unlucky mike for takin the wrong turn off :go: :go: :go:

#85787 - 27th Mar 2004 5:16pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
vanny magnet Offline

Registered: 27th Mar 2004
Posts: 15
Loc: Southport, Merseyside
Was a good night smile

Some really nice motors there <img border="0" alt="[cwcool]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions049.gif" />

The pics from the site are really good, chuffed my van is in them too laugh

What model of camera took them, im after a new one and they are really good pics cool

See you at the next one laugh

#85788 - 27th Mar 2004 6:07pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Mark Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21011
Loc: Wirral
Preston Cruise 26/03/04
Tip : Get your self a ciggie and coffee itís a long but interesting read.

What a night everyone it was great fun by all. :go:

Nice to see the mini with the neonís glowing in the night,
and that also had just about any spare space crammed with Subs also,
looks really sweet and Iím sure there are mini lovers out there that can learn a thing or to from you.

Nice to see Blackpool's mr2 (Explodin_Penguin) thinks as I havenít a clue lol
Looks like a few new modís on there, and for the first time seen inside,
with a play station and need 4 speed hooked up to the screen in the dashboard.
Funny as it was the music from the game that made me look in.
New spoiler on the back also and the flip paint sparkling in the night.

Nice to see Milf ?? (Red Scooby) our favourite lady from Blackpool cruise,
you know who you are as they all call you mum, great to see you again,
sorry it was short but I was doing the picture rounds.
And thanks for the positive feed back about our gallery.

Green MG
Sweet nice package, green neonís and head lamps, nice wheels too.
Nice taking to you even though you were worried it hadnít been cleaned lol.

Blue Saxo
This was really nice, something that our Sarah can pinch some ideaís form.
Nice blue neonís and a cool spoiler, and rear lamps on there too.

Lets not forget a great big thanks to our members that attended
as they will tell you it was a cracking night, and we really do make the best of it.
And Sporty whoís mate followed on his motorbike,
and Puzz who came from a great distance and met us at Preston nice to see you there again.
Funny Pazís words of wisdom when he arrived ďYou made It then?Ē
No Paz this was an illusion for your benefit lol.
Not forgetting Tony and Sally for the welcome refreshments.
Loads and loads of big thanks to all the members who came along
and if you couldnít make it you missed out and hope to see you at the next one.


More often than not the drive home is becoming a real buzz after a great night
so we have invented the CW BLOCK lol.
Well it happened by accident and was well funny at the time.
3 Lanes, and each row CW Cruise lined up like the red arrows,
going through a 40mph road works zone slowing and bunching up the M6 for a bit.
They must have liked it as everyone was flashing there headlights
and the truck driver that wanted to lead the CW Block lmbo.
Then closer to home Scooby playing games, as he attempted to hide down the slip road.
Scooby you stood out like a sore thumb as your car doesnít blend into the normal that easy lol.
But he did give us the slip on one of the roads and scared the pants off Sarah driving her car lmbo.
Lets say he had obviously been playing need for speed the night before
and decided to try a manoeuvre you donít see that often lol.

As Sarah and me drove through the wirral, we seen this little,
3 wheel thing with a union Jack on the back, so we pulled along side as it was flat out at 15mph lol.
But managed to get a picture before it died,its last picture in the gallery lmbo.
We regrouped once again on the Wirral for a catch up and a laugh
about the way home and all agreed a top night,
Cheers Preston Lets do it again soon...

Thanks to Sarah for the Ride? in her car!
Have to do it again....
My Avatar images are all from the Wirral Gallery.Click Me
Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

we get +200 new members a month now smile

#85789 - 27th Mar 2004 6:25pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
quiksilver Offline

Registered: 15th Nov 2003
Posts: 44
Loc: Preston
Webmaster your can certainly type mate!! Nice report there, really good read.

Oh paz sorry we didn't come over for a chat, nevermind eh?? Sure we'll be seeing you again.
Peugeot 106 - The genuine article, beware of imitations

#85790 - 27th Mar 2004 8:59pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
Scooby Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 5327
Loc: Birkenhead, Wirral.

Okay, Scooby turned up at the meeting point just in time and made quite an enterance, I had only just pulled up and Paz was itching to go..... Didnt even get a change to see whom was in our convoy before taking the lead. One thing for sure though, as i hit the first bend i looked in the mirrors and what a delight, a long long row of Carz following behind, from that moment i just knew it was going to be a great night, Boy i wasnt wrong.


Lead the convoy via the motorways to our first stop on the M6 services for peeps to get a load off there mind (Toilets). As per ushuall we gridlocked the place, its funny to watch, People simply stare with an open mouth :go: :go: :go:

Hit the roadworks quickly, 40 mph speed limits, Hmmmmm..... Started chattin to Paz through our windows and before we knew it we were travelling at 20 mph, Crazy, Kept it cool and finished the conversation at low speeds as i believe it is dangerous talking through your window at high speeds, PMSL..... Got through the roadworks and the fun began, Mike SXI nearly lost the convoy be shortly appeared again, good to see you used ya Nonce lad, I left the main pack after a while so decided to Play Hide & Seek Funny or what... Need for speed didnt have a look in <img border="0" alt="[cwrumad]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions050.gif" /> Attempted a "Fly-By" but peeps got in the way so decided to do a "Fly-Under" instaed, Lol.... Loads of fun o the way home as ushuall. Met up on the wirral for a quick banter then off home as some of us work on a Saturday.


Acerix, Car is lokin Smart and sounding even better, Andy's New Grafix lookin Well Smart (Show Car), Broomy is certantly an up-coming car to keep an eye on i tell ya, Mav is gaining performance all the time, Egg and spoon will be interesting with this motor. Mike SXI Motor looking and sounding cewl, Keep up the hard work matey, Tony's new golf lookin good with the new grafix and good to see the old golf on the scene (Even if it was on a tow-rope)!!!!!!! Sporty Yellow, Good to have the support of a new member, Great Lad and good to see a motorbike in toe with him.... Sarah, great to see you as per ushuall, Car lookin great and this girl isnt shy on throttle peeps, i tell ya, Girl-Racer.... Paz, Well Paz is Paz and a great laugh as allways, Car lookin great and sounding Loud until the new exhaust goes on, Crazy Man, driving araound with a drainpipe coming out the back, Mad.....

Big Big Thanks to Preston peeps for the great night and making us guy's so so welcome as per ushuall, Huge pat on the back to all the CRUISEWIRRAL members whom attended, Biggest convoy to date, They just get bigger and bigger and better and better. Great atmosphere and so friendly.

#85791 - 28th Mar 2004 12:24am Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
maximini Offline

Registered: 19th Feb 2004
Posts: 425
Loc: Moreton
Hi peeps soz i cudnt come along my boss wouldnt let me leave work early mad (gutted)
Anyway it sounded like a top nite great pics in gallery. Hope to see you al soon at 1 of the local meets :go:
:go: :go: :go:
THE REBIRTH HAS BEGUN.hope you can keep up

#85792 - 28th Mar 2004 5:57pm Re: Preston Cruise review 26/03/04
AnthonY Offline

Registered: 25th Nov 2003
Posts: 30
Loc: Preston
jeeeez i feel like i have just read a book reading all the reviews and stuff LOL!

thought i should say a massive thanks to cruisewirral for coming again and bringing loads of nice cars.. wink

scooby.. the flame show was top stuff.. u know how to pull the crowds round lol

Paz.. we shall have to catch up with ya next time matey

and we shall see about coming to your meet very soon

www.prestonhotcars.co.uk -> nice and new

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