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#85707 - 21st Dec 2003 1:46am 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
Scooby Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 5327
Loc: Birkenhead, Wirral.
What a belter, Firstly I would like to apologies on behalf of the BBC Film crew as they called it off hours before us leaving due to illness ???? Didn’t need them anyways, turned out to be a top top nite……..

10 Cars turned up for Cruise Wirral’s Convoy… Wow, A big thanks to all whom attended, even Mike Sxi after a bit of gentle persuasion…….

The convoy left slightly late as a few tail enders had forgot there licences n stuff….. When we got underway the convoy split almost straight away only to re-group at the M53 several mins later….. We arrived at Lymm Services to meet CNW lot, had a Gab n stuff there, fuel n food etc…. B.H.C. were meant to be meeting there but drove straight onto the M6 due to confusion about Lymm’s location, I nearly done the same myself….. We left Lymm with about 25 Cars in toe, Scott B Kindly led the convoy as he was familiar with going to Donny park, (Cheers Scott)

Nearly a Huge Pile up as Scott B decided to stop VERY SUDDENLY to see a friend parked in the lay-by on the A50…… Stopped of at Derby Services to get fuel n food and let a few tail-enders catch up wiv us….. Then on to Donny Park, only 10 mins down the road from the services…. Upon arrival there was no sign-posts directing anyone to anywhere, car-parks were not lit up or notin, very very poor organising of the event….. Once we grouped we had to attempt to find out what was where as there was no signs inside or outside….. We went walk-about down a un-lit & muddy path to the Do-nut area, LMFBO…. There was a few peeps having FUN there but mainly the peeps did not have a clue what they were doing, funny to watch though and take the Mickey……. Come back to the SHOW & SHINE area, B.H.C. had 2 cars in there now and Sound FM doing Pics, Good to briefly see them there, a few of them said Hi to me and had a quick gab here and there although they appeared to be involved in the Pictures being taken……. No Sign of “Fast Car” Magazine to feature them though, unless I missed that bit ???????? Evo Ad foned me to tell me about the very very poor set-up on the quarter mile and challenged me to a Dual….. Well I couldn’t resist really could I ????? Although I thought he would beat my time as his car is geared strictly for acceleration. Evo ad finished up doing a 13.85 secs on his best run finishing 3rd fastest car and I finished joint 5th doing 14.27 secs. I was made up with the time considering the track was very slippy and wet……. There was no BIG LED Displays as promised by the organisers.

I went back to park my car up and Paz informed me that we have parked in the main SHOW & SHINE HALL… Lol… I decided to have a bit of fun in the mud before parking in the main hall, just to get me car all dirty as everyone else’s was Gleaming….. A Huge audience appeared once I started Popping flames from me exhaust, Lol…. Was funny…… B.H.C. had departed by this time ????? They missed the best part as the night was beginning to warm up now.

Time for a quick pint and to watch the Naughty Miss Sexy Santa competition, Well….. Talk about wanting to win, The contenders went top-less to attempt to win and a few of them had more than plenty to Show off I tell ya peeps……… The winner was a girl whom didn’t even go top-less but she was a Stunner though……. Maverick got plenty of Pics of the Top-Less birds and I got some small video on my Digi-Cam but no Audio. These will be posted soon for members to view……..

Departure time, we re-grouped and made the trek home, All the usual fun on the way home, you know what I mean peeps…..

All in All, A Top Top Night… Bad Organising on behalf of Midnight Racing though However CruiseWirral didn’t let it spoil the day………

A Big Big Thanks to all whom turned up and for those whom didn’t ….. Well you missed a blinder….. Enjoy……. Post your comments below………

Pics to follow in the gallery tonight and maybe even the Video’s of the Miss Naughty Santa Competition ?????

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#85708 - 21st Dec 2003 2:32pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)

Ello! was a great turnout last nite, i really enjoyed it! wait till ya see the pics peeps! <img border="0" alt="[cwhappy]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions030.gif" />

#85709 - 21st Dec 2003 4:11pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
Scoobys b*tch Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 2218
Loc: Wirral
sounds like every1 had a great time. i couldnt make it as i had my birthday nite out in liverpool last nite. good nite. i wish i could of split myself in two and been in both places. oh well!! ive been told all about it by scooby. xx :go:

#85710 - 21st Dec 2003 5:53pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
PAZ Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 10th Nov 2003
Posts: 2000
Loc: Wirral
Well peeps, what can i say, a great night, a great laugh with a great bunch of guys and gals!!!

First i wanna say thanks to everyone who attended, thanks for your support.

Thanks to MR Racing for thyis event!

Thanks to the Santa girls!!! wink

We made a night out of not much!

We had a strong convoy, took a while to get there with the mere size of it, but once arrived we had a laugh!!

Some good cars some **** but isn`t there always, nice people to chat to. Good to see some local lads on the drag strip. Well Done good times!!

The pics are great and will be up asap as promised and hope to be down Derby sometime soon again!!

As per usual the trip home had its laughs!!
Scooby tried his hardest to keep up with me, but it was just too much for the little old subara???

Thanks again to everyone who came and the organisers!!


VTR/WIRRAL smile smile

#85711 - 21st Dec 2003 9:08pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
Mk6Paul Offline

Registered: 11th Dec 2003
Posts: 78
Loc: Oxton
First up like to agree with every1, gd nite had by all even though it wernt too well organised.

Cheers to scoob for sortin me out a lift, down there, much appraciated.

Me an exploding penguin saw our first job wen we go there.....go check out the bars!!!

Follwed by a bit of wander around the show an shine, top quality cars in there (well most of em). Then onto the donut area, well kinda dodgy sierra (evry1 who went will no wot i mean!!!) givin it beans. LMFAO!!! Bak to hall where mike decided to invent his own parking space in the middle of the hall, lol!!!

Anyone who didnt go missed out on a seriously gd nite had by all.


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#85712 - 21st Dec 2003 9:14pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
AX_125 Online   content

Forum Guardian

Registered: 10th Nov 2003
Posts: 3789
Loc: Home
Yeah, *** got the fast car feature, so look out for our cheesy grins when it comes out.

Ps the Lymm services was a bit of a pain in the hoop. Shame we missed it

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#85713 - 21st Dec 2003 9:52pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
net Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 29th Nov 2003
Posts: 1363
Loc: moreton
sounded like a great day. paz told me about all the fun and especially miss santa. well wish i had gone but had to work.
im gona come down to a meet one day and say hi to everyone think u are all well sound and good laugh. cant wait to see pics

#85714 - 21st Dec 2003 10:00pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
Tony MK2 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Dec 2003
Posts: 2943
Loc: Wirral
eek :go: yeah it was a really good night we all enjoyed ourselves,good drive down there apart for nearly writting me car off because some one slammed on in front of me.

#85715 - 21st Dec 2003 10:05pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
maverick Offline

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 751
Loc: wallasey
Yeah great night. Some smashing cars, oh yeah and girls. Had some fun to. But silly me nearly got lost again, lol. <img border="0" alt="[cwhappy]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions030.gif" />

#85716 - 21st Dec 2003 10:06pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 20926
Loc: Wirral
Pics and Video are now in the Gallery..

Cruises >>> Donnington 201203>>>GO

cheers Scooby, Paz & Maverick

My Avatar images are all from the Wirral Gallery.Click Me
Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

we get +200 new members a month now smile

#85717 - 22nd Dec 2003 3:04pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
net Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 29th Nov 2003
Posts: 1363
Loc: moreton
the pics off donnington r amazin cant wait to see the rest.
pitty they didnt do a mr xmas!!! (wink wink )
pmsl i bet some off the cw guys would have won the mr xmas comp. lol
well gutted i couldnt go now ive seen the pics
(i bet it was paz or mavrick pervin at the woman pmsl)

#85718 - 22nd Dec 2003 7:14pm Re: 20th December 2003 M R Cruise Review (Donny Park)
aceritz Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 2056
Loc: birkenhead
i missed the good parts of donnigton coz andy went all diabetic on me and needed insulin asap.
left at 20:05 and arrived back in prenton at 21:45
wot i saw was ace. Top night, not very impressed by the standard of ice installs ( Frozenaudio can do better). Managed to wangle a private pic of the frozenaudio guys with Jakki Degg and Ebony

Made my night.


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