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#84785 - 12th Mar 2005 10:52pm Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
Scoobys b*tch Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 2218
Loc: Wirral Cruise 12th March 2005 Review.


  • What was the convoy like? happy
  • Which car at the cruise stood out from the rest?

Tell us all how much you enjoyed yourselves, and rub it in for those who missed out lol. <img border="0" alt="[Roll around the floor laffin]" title="" src="graemlins/cwemotions065.gif" />

Time to rave about's Charity Cruise 2005.

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#84786 - 13th Mar 2005 12:52am Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
djrenegade Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 12th Jan 2005
Posts: 1312
Loc: Eastham
Just got in from this cruise, was a great event.

Got picked up by sted and tony, and off we went to the first meeting point. Waited a little while for everyone to arrive and then set off for St Davids.

Once we got to St Davids, there was alot of nice cars already there and was a nice 10 minutes to stretch our legs before getting on the road again for the cruise.

On the final stretch, me and tony saw our lives flash before our eyes when some chav popped out of nowhere and made sted slide on to the hard shoulder but after a short while, we arrived to a nice big car park surrounded by nice modded cars.

Also nice to see Pete Price there in his smart car with his blue neons haha

At the event, we did the usual, walk, talk and see the mods which were all great. There must have been at least 300 cars there. And I couldnt possibly pick one above the rest, they were all great.

Hope to go to some more like this soon.

#84787 - 13th Mar 2005 2:22am Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21002
Loc: Wirral
<b>Pictures are now in the Gallery :go:
My Avatar images are all from the Wirral Gallery.Click Me
Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

we get +200 new members a month now smile

#84788 - 13th Mar 2005 11:36am Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
paul_ax Offline

Registered: 8th Jan 2005
Posts: 200
Loc: Birkenhead
looks like i missed a great nite defo cumin 2 the next 1 on the 26th smile

#84789 - 13th Mar 2005 1:23pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
sted Offline

Registered: 16th Jun 2004
Posts: 747
Loc: greasby
ya was good nite all in all and was a bit close wasnt it ade lol i was slightly to blame though (mobile)

#84790 - 13th Mar 2005 4:23pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
sally Offline

Registered: 17th Jan 2004
Posts: 624
Loc: Wirral.
Hi, :go:

#84791 - 13th Mar 2005 4:30pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
Go Go Gadget Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 14th Apr 2004
Posts: 1943
Loc: newbrighton
tony super star for bravin the cold with the photo's, you have taken some great shots.

the event was a strange one really, cold but not much of an atmospher but still a event which we all went to thats the main thing.

some nice cars and and plenty of space, thanks for the police not being there aswell didnt see 1 police car.

Broomster great convoy up i helped by blocking the other lane hehehe, glad i was in that lane actual with sted in the cue some where, the first i saw of him was was he slid past me side ways in the hard shoulder lmao.

#84792 - 13th Mar 2005 4:35pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.

I totally agree Sally smile

Wasnt as good of turn out as the last one I attended. I didnt really get out of the car. Was too cold and Im not very well anyway. A big thankyou to Jim for taking me. I really appreciate it. Huge thankyou to Broomy for leading the convoy (We all manged to stay behind him) thumbsup

Convoy was not the best I have been on either, as Sally said the roadworks didnt help at all. Cars were all over the place. A few accidents were escaped as the convoy kept slowing down and speeding up dramatically and if it wasnt for the hard shoulder being there to swerve into, cars would have been up the backsides of the ones in front.

Two of our members had a little bump. No damage particually done. Lucky not to hurt with the clowns who were also in the convoy. First we saw of Steds car was when he went flying down the hard shoulder hehe

The 2nd location meeting place was way to small for the size of the convoy on the way to the actual location in Llandudno. Cars were getting stuck in and people were getting lost. I just told Jim to follow the cars infront as the convoy went back on itself.

Had a little drive around chester and I think some peeps attended the rock. I went home because I wasnt well.
All in all though, it was an ok night. Hope the next one can be better organised smile

Love Laura x

#84793 - 13th Mar 2005 4:46pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
net Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 29th Nov 2003
Posts: 1363
Loc: moreton
i have to agree with sally and laura wasnt as good as the last one.

nice to broomy for being leader and lettin me go with him.
oh well im sure we will have a better time at the nxt one.

#84794 - 13th Mar 2005 4:55pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
CorsaJohn Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 20th May 2004
Posts: 1700
Loc: wirral
was an ok nite it was all sound till we got to the second meetup point an every just hammered on the motorway luckily my brakes were pretty gud that i managed to stop in time as 5 cars had rozed it past us an gone into the laft lane an slammed on causin a sudden stop i look in my mirror after it bein a close car to see dikky sliddin towards me i just cringed as i heard crunch (not a nice sound thort my take end was a gonna

Pulled onto the hard shoulder after about 7 cars had swerved around us narrowly missin me to get out an hav a look thankfully vicky was ok as she was with me. only damane was a few scuffs which hav cum out with sum polish an a little crack by the boot by overal very lucky.

Must stress wasnt dikkys fault at all it was the nobs in front!

Bk to the cruise an ok nit must admit bin to beta but sum of the cars were nice convoy to chester was sweet an after that had a gud evenin, very eventful

ill post more later

#84795 - 13th Mar 2005 5:27pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
Tony MK2 Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Dec 2003
Posts: 2943
Loc: Wirral
Well what can i say about this event then happy

Back to the Meet
we finally arrived at the desnation about 8:30ish the carpark as already packed and so i parked up got the camara and off i went to take the pics there was plenty of mint motors there but to be honest i don't think i was as big as the last one, i have to agre with sally as well with her statement.
it was very cold out there and had to warm meself up with a hot choccy from maccy's happy

will pos more later

#84796 - 13th Mar 2005 6:14pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
Meesh Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 26th Jul 2004
Posts: 3244
Loc: Neston, Wirral
First off, I'd like to thank Broomy for excellent convoy leading! happy

Secondly, Tony, your a star for the photos happy

The CW convoy to St Davids went along with no problems what so ever, one or two obviously got bored and had a quick srint up the line of cars then settled back into the convoy

Arrived at St Davids round-a-bout to meet up with two more convoys. Bit of a rush as I think we were just joining the back end of the Lymm convoy, obviously what happened was the Lymm leader rang someone at St Davids and said, "we're passing you now" and we had to catch up and follow the tail end. This caused organised chaos! Everyone sprinting onto the motorway, trying to keep with the other convoy. As I was about five cars from the back of the St Davids convoy I had a hell of a lot of catching up to do lol

After a few scares with some drivers obviously not used to driving in large convoys braking late and trying to be the first there, we arrived at another meet up point.
At first I thought it was the final cruise location, then I realised with cars lining the slip road, it was gonna be another convoy smack

Once again, someone got the signal and it was another free-for-all, I missed a turn off, but managed to find two cars from another cruise site who had also missed the turning, after following them while they rang round people trying to find where it was, I arrived at the location. Plenty of space and well lit, but unfortunatly a distinct lack of noticable cars.

Mostly cars in the process of being modded and cars that had just been started on were there. Although fair to say, there where a few nice motors there.

Left just before ten for a quick drive through Chester with the CW & Chester posse

Personally I say this was a poor event with a serious lack of convoy planning. Altho on the other hand can look at this as part of a learning curve and hopefully plan better for future events. The potentials definatly there!

#84797 - 13th Mar 2005 7:19pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
vixen Offline

Registered: 6th Jan 2005
Posts: 125
Loc: New Brighton
Hay guys, just been lookin at the pics from last night, some nice cars, i am sorry i missed it.oh and it's nice to see ur install is up and runnin gadget it's lookin nice.
I am cumin close to gettin my car bk on the road. just few bits to fin off, so i hope to b joining u all very soon.
mal says hi, and says sorry he ant been round to but has been in a nasty crash, hes ok, thank god!. just cant wait to get bk on the road.
well guys, keep up the good work and we hope to b seeing u all soon.
vixen is on the prowl!

#84798 - 13th Mar 2005 7:28pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
AL Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 26th Jan 2004
Posts: 1730
Loc: Wirral
Big thanks to Broomy for leading the convoy and to Tony Mk2 for the photos! Bit of a hairy drive down to the location but arrived safely if a bit late due to a detour with Sanchez i never knew Deganwy was so close! Anyway arrived to the location tonnes of cars spread over the park! Had a good laugh and got off to Chester which was fun!

#84799 - 13th Mar 2005 9:09pm Re: Review: 12th March 2005- Cruise.
dj_russell_plays_trance Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 18th Jun 2004
Posts: 2003
Loc: west mids
it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!any1 see me i was in the red escort with the wrc spoiler

i was the 6ft5 giant!!!!!!oh and who saw the rx7 WAT A DRIVER!!!!!!!!! happy IT WAS THE DOGS B...............LMAO never new u lot were involved!!!!!!

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