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#837223 - 15th Nov 2013 11:22am Pet ban for woman who dumped cat
Willo_ Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 5th Jul 2012
Posts: 2518
Loc: Merseyside
A cat owner who abandoned her dying pet outside a car repair garage was banned from owning animals for seven years.

Diane Dixon dumped severely malnourished cat Tilly in her carrier on Oak Tree Place in Rock Ferry, Wirral, on July 12.

The 58-year-old later claimed she could not afford to take the black and white cat for treatment – despite having just bought new wheel trims.

The pet was recovered by the RSPCA the same day but died in the care of vets in Upton.

Examinations found the cat was severely malnourished and had clearly been kept in a poor condition. Her condition deteriorated rapidly and with Tilly unable to rise the decision was made to put her down.

At a hearing at Wirral magistrates’ court last month, Dixon pleaded guilty to causing suffering to an animal and failing to meet its welfare needs.

The case was adjourned to allow a pre-sentence report to be drawn up.

She went back before the court to be sentenced yesterday, where she was handed an eight-week curfew from 8.30pm to 7am as well as the ban.

Dixon was also ordered to hand over her other pet cat Ronnie to the RSPCA so it can be rehomed.

The cat owner had originally been tracked down after the animal welfare organisation issued cctv of her dumping the cat. When an RSPCA inspector knocked on the door of her home in Wye Close, Rock Ferry, she admitted she had expected a visit from them.

At an earlier court appearance, Chris Murphy, prosecuting, said: “She didn’t take the animal to the vet because she didn’t have money and she didn’t think the RSPCA would help. She abandoned it at the garage because she thought there would be people at the garage that could help.”

Dixon was said to have shown remorse and when interviewed said she was “quite horrified” with what she had done.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said today: “This sentence goes to show that these matters are taken seriously by not only the RSPCA but by the courts. Animals are dumped on a daily basis which is becoming a massive welfare problem, unfortunately for Ms Dixon she got caught.

“Needless to say that sort of behavior will not be tolerated and if you are caught dumping your pet you will no doubt also face magistrates.”

Dixon, who has no previous convictions, was also ordered to pay £400 costs.

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Description: Tilly the cat, dumped by owner Diane Dixon in Rock Ferry (photo courtesy of RSPCA)


Description: Scum, Diane Dixon


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#837244 - 15th Nov 2013 2:22pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
Gold_Moon Offline

Registered: 26th Nov 2011
Posts: 430
Loc: Wallasey
So the poor cat was malnourished, and yet looking at her photo, she didn't miss any meals herself did she?! She's as big as a bus! Perhaps if she'd got her face out of the fridge once in a while, she'd have remembered to feed her pets as well as her own fat face! mad

The poor Baby! She gave her owner love and companionship, and got absolutely nothing in return. Not even the bare minimum of food. no

#837250 - 15th Nov 2013 3:58pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Gold_Moon]
Uffda Offline

Registered: 2nd Jan 2011
Posts: 485
Loc: Wallasey Village
Buying wheel trims over cat food????? There is no excuse and she should be ashamed. Unfortunately too many people don't understand the commitment and responsibility in having a pet and just get rid when it suits them or becomes inconvenient.
A pet is for life - a long happy life.

#837256 - 15th Nov 2013 4:14pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 15984
Loc: New Brighton
what a bitch

#837263 - 15th Nov 2013 4:33pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]

Three words... A CRUEL FAT S.L.A.G.! (Ok, that's four)

#837264 - 15th Nov 2013 4:54pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
mikeeb Offline

Wise One

Registered: 8th Oct 2013
Posts: 795
Loc: birkenhead
Is a a word or is a a letter? lol

#837618 - 16th Nov 2013 11:12pm Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
fish5133 Online   content
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Mar 2010
Posts: 2390
Loc: Heswallish
At what point does a cat become "yours" that the RSPCA can take you to court over. If i have a load of mangy strays that have decided to take up residence in my garden and i just leave them to fend for themselves can i be held liable if they become malnoursihed or get ill and i am not interested in taking them to a vet because they are not mine.

#837643 - 17th Nov 2013 8:37am Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
Dilly Online   Reading

Wiki Addict

Registered: 17th Jul 2011
Posts: 7542
Loc: wallasey
we have 5 semi feral cats at work that we feed 7 days a week, but I think some people on here may be offended by the use of calling this horrible excuse of a human fat, it bears no meaning to what she has done, and while I understand your anger I feel there must be many over weight people on here who love their animals dearly.

#837651 - 17th Nov 2013 9:16am Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
justice Offline

Registered: 19th Aug 2013
Posts: 89
Loc: Wallasey
The worry is how many more pet owners will be struggling to feed their pets as the cuts bite.Poor people can be fat because they cannot afford decent food and have to eat high fat cheap food.
Time RSPCA became more welcoming to people in difficulty if this woman had known of a place to take her cat when she could no longer feed it maybe we would be looking at a different outcome.
My limit contact with rspca has always been negative and I no longer support it.

#837664 - 17th Nov 2013 9:59am Re: Pet ban for woman who dumped cat [Re: Willo_]
Heswall1958 Online   shifty

Registered: 30th Mar 2013
Posts: 173
Loc: Heswall
At least she won't be able to mistreat any other animals.


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