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#829964 - 6th Oct 2013 11:45pm Ebay
Willo_ Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 5th Jul 2012
Posts: 2518
Loc: Merseyside
It's no longer buyer beware on ebay, its beware of ebay, as of 4 september, ebay are now taking in to account your item sell price and postage and charging you a fee on both.

From 4 September, final value fees for all private sellers will change, as well as insertion fees for private sellers with a Basic Shop on

Final value fees change for all private sellers

Final value fees will be charged based on the combined value of the item listed plus postage. For example, if an item sells for 20 with postage cost of 4, the final value fee will be charged based on the combined value of 24. This will not apply if the listing offers collection only.

Insertion fees changes for private sellers with a Basic Shop

Private sellers with a Basic Shop subscription will not pay insertion fees on their first 200 listings per month. This is an increase from the previous 20 listings. Insertion fees for subsequent listings will be 0.20 for all categories - media items will no longer be priced differently.

Additionally, insertion fees for auction-style listings will be reduced and the number of bands will go down to two.

Auction-style listings with a starting price between 0.01 and 0.99 will still receive the monthly 100 free insertion fee allowance. From the 101 st listing, the insertion fee will be 0.05 for all categories including media (a change from 0.05 for media and 0.10 for all other categories).

For listings with a starting price above 1.00, the number of starting price bands will reduce from five to one. These items will be charged an insertion fee of 0.15 for all categories.

These changes will simplify the fees for sellers, allowing you to list more fixed price items at no additional cost and experiment with selling higher value items in auction format.


The eBay Team

They just charged me, I went straight on live chat,

How on earth can any justification be made to charge a seller fee on an EXPENSE where a profit is not made by honest decent sellers????

If lots of members are complaining about this fees change then they might think about this,

Just checked my account, they have refunded my listing fee, final value fee and fee they charged on my postage.

Don't just sit back and take it, complain it works, I got my money back.

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#829966 - 7th Oct 2013 12:21am Re: Ebay [Re: Willo_]
venice Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 21st Jul 2011
Posts: 2507
Loc: Wirral
Are the changes something to do with the fact that some sellers were selling items for a small amount , so as to be charged minimal Ebay fee, but charge a huge amount for postage ,to make up for it . Same cost to buyer , just arranged differently to suit the seller. I suppose the new regime will block that loophole.

#829968 - 7th Oct 2013 12:32am Re: Ebay [Re: Willo_]
TheDr Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 23rd Feb 2010
Posts: 2631
Loc: Wirral
You think that's bad:

I bought one of their PayPal Here machines last Sunday as it charges the same as our Payleven unit but credits you with the funds instantly rather than having to wait two or three weeks to get your payments.

Basically they are processing the credit card payments through their machine.

Set it all up fine, made a test purchase of a quid on my card to make sure I knew how it worked and then showed staff the next day.

eBay requested all kinds of info to set this up, and approved all of it, so didn't foresee any problems.

Within a few hours had used the machine for a repair that was picked up and an expensive item that was sold. Money appeared in PayPal account straight away.

Used a few quid to buy some EBay purchases then found that the account had been limited due to a complaint from a buyer, well we'd only used it three times, and one of those was me.

Called the person about the repair just to check it wags all okay, yes they were made up, called the person who'd bought something (whom I knew) and he was fine with the bargain, so I called PayPal.

They have limited the account as they have linked it with another account. I pointed out that this was a business one, that they were acting merely as a card processing agent and that they had lied by saying that a buyer had complained when they knew full one that nobody had.

PayPal response was that there was no appeal, that nothing I said would make a difference and that I could "apply" to have my money paid to me after 180days had passed (so in six months).

Unfortunately for PayPal as we're a business we have full legal cover smile

#829975 - 7th Oct 2013 8:35am Re: Ebay [Re: Willo_]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 15985
Loc: New Brighton
venice is right, its to stop the high postage costs.

However i wont be affected as i always give free first class postage anyroad.

#829990 - 7th Oct 2013 9:05am Re: Ebay [Re: _Ste_]
DeanoBirko Offline
Wise One

Registered: 12th Oct 2011
Posts: 783
Loc: Birkenhead
I get quicker sales and better prices putting stuff on Facebook or Wiki anyway.

I only use ebay for cheap chinese electronics these days. Havent sold on there for about a year. Too much hassle.

#829997 - 7th Oct 2013 9:57am Re: Ebay [Re: Willo_]
rhoobarb2002 Offline

Registered: 13th Aug 2011
Posts: 677
Loc: Wirral
I sold something last month for 70+8.29 P&P, I don't usually sell much on eBay and this was their suggested P&P for what I was selling.

Postage alone worked out at 11 (not including any packaging, petrol, etc) My fault for trusting the suggested postage, fair enough will take the hit.

Then ebay slaps me with a 9(ish) invoice.

So I received 78.29 and it cost me 20, total 58.29(ish)+hassle, for something I could hasve sold on gumtree for 60 pickup!

No way I am using ebay anymore, they are just trying to squeeze people.

I understand why they have done it, but I just don't think it was necessary they are making a s**t load of money as it is!

It does mean that things will be more expensive to buy too as sellers will add the extra cost onto the price.

Edited by rhoobarb2002 (7th Oct 2013 9:58am)

#830024 - 7th Oct 2013 1:22pm Re: Ebay [Re: Willo_]
j_demo Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 4th Nov 2011
Posts: 1840
Loc: Wallasey/New Brighton
i agree with Venice.

i'm all for it.


Moderator:  Mod 
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