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#805165 - 5th Jul 2013 1:50am Bulger killer goes free again:
TheDr Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 23rd Feb 2010
Posts: 2631
Loc: Wirral
The parents of murdered toddler James Bulger expressed outrage last night that one of his killers is to be freed again.

Denise Fergus and Ralph Bulger said they were ‘filled with terror’ by the decision to grant parole to Jon Venables, 30.

The child killer, who was controversially released from his life sentence in 2001 with a new taxpayer-funded identity, was sent back to jail three years ago after being caught with depraved images of children as young as two on his computer.

He admitted downloading and distributing the images, which included some of toddlers being raped, as well as posing online as a mother willing to sell her young daughter for sex.

Again, we pay for new Venables ID

Officials were last night working on giving Jon Venables his third secret new identity.

Taxpayers will pick up the bill, likely to run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, for the move and for monitoring Venables around the clock.

Only a tight-knit cabal operating under conditions of extreme secrecy will know who he really is. One or two senior probation officers will regularly visit Venables to ensure he is adhering to the conditions of his release.

This will include a ban on travelling to Merseyside, and he also faces restrictions on accessing the internet after his 2010 conviction for possessing child abuse images.
Venables was given his first new identity when he was released from a sentence of indefinite imprisonment in 2001 aged 18. In May 2011, his name and background was changed once again after a ‘serious breach’ in the security of the identity he had been using.

Earlier this year officials said they would not give him another identity because he could not be trusted to keep it secret. But they have been forced to change their minds amid mounting fears for his safety if he is outed.

Earlier this year pictures purporting to be of Venables were circulated on the internet, despite an injunction granting him lifetime anonymity.

Only three other people are so notorious that they have been given new identities and made subject to lifelong anonymity orders.
They are Venables’ co-defendant Robert Thompson, Maxine Carr – the ex-girlfriend of Soham murderer Ian Huntley – and child killer Mary Bell.

In May, Mrs Fergus, 45, and Mr Bulger, 46, appeared before the Parole Board via video link for the first time to beg the prison authorities to keep Venables behind bars.
Last night they spoke of their shock that their pleas had been ignored.

They said they had been given no information about the conditions of the killer’s parole.

Venables, who struggled to cope with living a double life the first time round, will receive another new identity at great expense to the taxpayer.

In a statement released through his solicitor, Robin Makin, Mr Bulger said the decision to release Venables was ‘misguided’ and filled him with ‘terror’.
Mr Makin said: ‘For Ralph and his family, the living nightmare continues and is exacerbated by the problems now created by the reckless decision to free Jon Venables without any publicly disclosed safeguards.
‘Jon Venables is a sex offender who has murdered once and made it clear when posing as a mother of a child that an “ultimate thrill” for him was sexual abuse of a child. The authorities have already experimented with Jon Venables living a lie and it did not work.
‘The decision to release Jon Venables is misguided and fills Ralph with terror.

cctv footage shows the abduction of James Bulger from the Bootle Strand shopping centre in 1993
‘Ralph fears that an innocent person may be mistaken for Jon Venables and be injured or even killed.’
Mrs Fergus said she too was ‘shocked’.

‘Venables has shown time and again that he cannot be trusted and that he is a danger to the public and himself,’ she said. ‘He lies and manipulates people for his own sick ends.
‘He is still a huge risk and . . . I doubt it will ever be safe to be let him out under another false identity. They should keep him locked up for a long time yet.
‘They should not take a huge gamble on letting him out.’

Mrs Fergus submitted evidence, gathered with the help of her solicitor, to the Parole Board that Venables was an ‘undiagnosed psychopath’ who should not be held in a mainstream prison but treated in a psychiatric hospital.
The mother of three said she received assurances that this evidence, and information gathered by the police at the time of James’s murder but never presented to the jury at the trial, which suggested her son had been sexually assaulted before he died, would be examined in detail before any decision to free him was granted.
Despite this, a spokesman for the Parole Board last night confirmed Venables was to be released. The date of his release has not been disclosed.
Neither Mrs Fergus nor Mr Bulger have been given details of the terms of Venables’ release, a situation Mr Makin described as ‘Kafka-esque’.


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#805171 - 5th Jul 2013 7:46am Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
nickie Offline

Registered: 8th May 2008
Posts: 109
Loc: wirral
A slow painfull death wouldn't be good enough for this piece of filth. Words fail me when i think about these two barstard.

#805174 - 5th Jul 2013 8:28am Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: nickie]
Dilly Online   Reading

Wiki Addict

Registered: 17th Jul 2011
Posts: 7542
Loc: wallasey
His mind is obviously warped, he needs to be locked up permanently. They won't learn until he is released and offends again. The system in this country has gone to s::t with all the so called do gooders.

#805175 - 5th Jul 2013 8:31am Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
DeanoBirko Offline
Wise One

Registered: 12th Oct 2011
Posts: 783
Loc: Birkenhead
Just kill the git and be done with it. fooking oxygen thief.

#805183 - 5th Jul 2013 9:03am Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
Duxdeluxe Offline

Registered: 11th Jun 2011
Posts: 46
Loc: New Brighton
Torches and pitchforks at the ready

#805254 - 5th Jul 2013 2:35pm Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
missmoneypenny Offline

Registered: 12th Apr 2013
Posts: 220
Loc: West Kirby
Its allways the offender that gets protection,not the victim.So sick in a way. The law needs to change.DeanoBirko,has the right idea.why waste tax payers money to protect this sort of scum.I feel sad for James family.

Edited by missmoneypenny (5th Jul 2013 2:36pm)
dont feed the duck/s

#805315 - 5th Jul 2013 5:59pm Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
markjw Offline

Registered: 26th Apr 2011
Posts: 47
Loc: birkenhead
It's good to know that we don't actually need a legal system.

Dispense with the experts who have studied the case extensively and in great depth, and have come to the conclusion that the perpetrator of the crime (a crime committed when he was 10 years old) is suitable for a paroled release.

Let us just lynch all those we think don't deserve to live. It will be him first, followed by the terrorists, followed by the immigrants, followed by the bleeding heart liberals.

#805329 - 5th Jul 2013 7:55pm Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
Dilly Online   Reading

Wiki Addict

Registered: 17th Jul 2011
Posts: 7542
Loc: wallasey
he was not 10years old when he was convicted of downloading child pornography.

#805450 - 6th Jul 2013 10:24am Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
chris7777 Offline

Registered: 26th May 2009
Posts: 480
Loc: New Ferry
Lock him up and throw away the key,let him rot in hell were he belongs.
Just keep an eye on your kids everyone!
After what he and that other little shit did to that lovely little boy,,,,,,,,,,what is wrong with these people who say he should be given another chance! Does Denise and little James get another chance.....NO! Then why should he or the other one?? My heart goes out to Denise and her family.
And why should he get a new identity at the cost of the tax payer?
I hope they get recognised one day and get what's coming to them!!!!!

#805500 - 6th Jul 2013 12:19pm Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: chris7777]
Alonso Offline

Registered: 29th Dec 2010
Posts: 255
Loc: Moreton
What if he attacks and harms or even kills another child? What then of his identity? Could he hide behind his new identity, thus hoodwinking any jury charged with trying him? His face would not be known to them. They certainly wouldn't be allowed to know his previous convictions. And what if he were found guilty under his new name? Would the press be denied permission from publishing any photographs of him as they do in the case of most killers or other serious offenders?

What if some unsuspecting woman in his neighbourhood trusts him enough to come into contact with her children? Doesn't she have a right to know about his past?

Some faceless Mandarins somewhere must be keeping their fingers crossed that this monster doesn't transgress ever again. Somehow, I don't think we have heard the last of this fellow.

#805561 - 6th Jul 2013 4:28pm Re: Bulger killer goes free again: [Re: TheDr]
guitarlad Offline

Registered: 22nd Mar 2013
Posts: 263
Loc: Wirral
As the saying goes.A leopard never changes its spots.


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