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#794810 - 19th May 2013 8:58am iMac
Dilly Online   Reading

Wiki Addict

Registered: 17th Jul 2011
Posts: 7541
Loc: wallasey
Anyone know of the best place to buy a new iMac, and should I be thinking of buying one. I'am not very technically minded so any advice would be great. Many thanks.

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#794826 - 19th May 2013 10:49am Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
McFlurry Offline

Registered: 17th Apr 2013
Posts: 206
Loc: Irby / Dufftown
Apple... Find a student or teacher and get their discount.

#794828 - 19th May 2013 11:00am Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
EvilCycle Offline

Registered: 29th Jul 2011
Posts: 123
Loc: Wirral
If you are not very technically minded and you are just looking for a new computer to go on facebook with etc, then you would probably save some money buy getting a standard windows pc or maybe even try a tablet. You tend to pay extra for mac hardware as they tend to be more useful for professionals in the graphics and photography industries.

Edited by EvilCycle (19th May 2013 11:01am)

#794830 - 19th May 2013 11:21am Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
Sneezy Online   content

Registered: 24th Jan 2010
Posts: 704
Loc: Moreton (Missing New Brighton)
What more can you do on an IMac than an ordinary computer ??

#794843 - 19th May 2013 12:35pm Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
Argo_uk Offline

Registered: 25th Aug 2010
Posts: 77
Loc: birkeanhead
Just goto got mine new iMac from them just b4 Xmas an love it thou I do have windows on it as well using boot camp

#794848 - 19th May 2013 1:26pm Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
karlb Online   content

Registered: 6th Oct 2011
Posts: 63
Loc: wallasey
Theres a apple shop in Liverpool one

#794895 - 19th May 2013 7:57pm Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 15984
Loc: New Brighton
Can't beat iMac.

No viruses and quality built.

#794905 - 19th May 2013 8:50pm Re: iMac [Re: Dilly]
newbrightonier Offline

Registered: 21st Feb 2010
Posts: 142
Loc: Wallasey
I've owned an iMac since 2007, in that time I've also owned several Windows PC's.

The iMac still runs as fast as the first day I bought it. iMacs are generally more expensive, but weigh up the cost of replacing your PC time and time again against an iMac and it probably comes out cheaper.

Never installed any virus software on it either. Same can't be said of my Windows PC. After using the Mac operating system for a prolonged period, going back to Windows feels like a backwards step - and I include the atrocious Windows 8 in that.

You don't need to be technically minded to use a Mac, quite the opposite, all the software you need to use comes preinstalled, like iMovie, iPhoto etc and it is so simple and intuitive to use.

The Mac is so simple it doesn't come with any instructions, just switch on and away you go.

#794982 - 20th May 2013 12:50pm Re: iMac [Re: newbrightonier]
little_pob Offline

Registered: 30th May 2008
Posts: 442
Loc: Upton
Pros of Apple:
- decent software: iMovie, GarageBand...
- minimal setup time: almost works straight out the box (plug in, turn on, set-up wifi, done).
- if you've an iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad), by all accounts, iTunes works better on a Mac than Windows PC.
- depreciation is less than a PC.
- If you also need the Windows environment; it's easier to get a Mac to dual boot Windows (via BootCamp), than it is to get a non-Mac PC to boot OS X (via OSx86/Hackintosh).

Cons of Apple:
- Initial cost.
- The hardware upgrade path is restrictive at best (impossible on the latest MacBook Air).
- Service-pack-style OS updates are not free. (Security updates are, however.)
- Few AAA title games appear on the Mac. This is slowly changing, with Valve leading the way.

Myths of Apple
- No viruses or malware. Whilst much less common than on Windows; they do exist.

To be honest, if the cons don't bother you, you probably won't regret the decision.


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