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#778613 - 20th Mar 2013 10:45am PP1 phone calls
derekdwc Online   content

Forum Veteran

Registered: 13th Oct 2008
Posts: 4974
Loc: Birkenhead
I seem to be getting these calls regularly and I just put the phone down.
Does pressing a number to opt out work to stop these calls.
I'm scared that pressing the number may give permission to allow them to do something criminal.

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#778615 - 20th Mar 2013 10:51am Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
Wiggi77 Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 2nd Oct 2010
Posts: 376
Loc: Liscard
Keep them talking for ages pretending you're interested then feed them load of shit, then when they ask if you've had any loans credit cards etc just say no, they tend not to ring me anymore now.
They waste your time you waste theirs

#778617 - 20th Mar 2013 10:57am Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: Wiggi77]
bert1 Offline

Wiki Veteran

Registered: 27th Nov 2008
Posts: 7852
Loc: tranmere
God help us,
Come yourself,
Don't send Jesus,
This is no place for children.


#779155 - 22nd Mar 2013 11:27am Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
Wally1 Online   content

Registered: 13th Feb 2010
Posts: 277
Loc: Wallasey
Just hang up. There is a view that if you press any buttons then they know it's a phone with somebody there so they will keep phoning. Some of them are just a computer dialling random numbers and only bring in a human when you actually answer or press a button.

I get several each week and have been for a few years - pests!

#779163 - 22nd Mar 2013 11:42am Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
tankrat22 Offline

Registered: 19th Mar 2011
Posts: 212
Loc: bromborough wirral
I usually answer these calls,and normally you're asked to press button 5,then you're connected to an Advisor.who then gets the biggest tirade of absolute vile abuse, that usually works.

#779185 - 22nd Mar 2013 1:12pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: tankrat22]
eggandchips Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 2nd Nov 2011
Posts: 2349
Loc: wallasey
cos i'm that kinda guy...

#779228 - 22nd Mar 2013 3:39pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
katiechops Offline

Registered: 26th Apr 2011
Posts: 73
Loc: wallasey
as long as you have time, when they ring, just answer 'yes' to every question, saves swearing at them, and they get fed up before I do!!!

#779235 - 22nd Mar 2013 4:01pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: katiechops]
starakita Online   content

Forum Addict

Registered: 1st Oct 2009
Posts: 2212
Loc: between heaven & hell
I get them on my mobile some automated woman I just hang up,but I do get them on the house phone,they always seem pissed when I tell them Ive never taken ppi out
no1s gonna keep me from u

#779240 - 22nd Mar 2013 4:30pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: starakita]
ZipperClub Offline
Wiki Addict

Registered: 2nd Dec 2012
Posts: 7253
Loc: Our House In Our Road
I Bought a gadget to plug into the wall, Truecall. It`s about 100 but it`s great blocks all the cold callers and anyone you want to add to a banned list. You can also create a "friends" list.
One Way Or Another

#779274 - 22nd Mar 2013 5:53pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
TheDr Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 23rd Feb 2010
Posts: 2631
Loc: Wirral
My number isn't listed anywhere, and I never give it out in web forms. What I used to do is have a "premium" rate number that I gave out as a contact number, if they want to chat to me at 1.50 per minute, go for it.

We do get them in work all the time, we can always tell as we have two lines with the same number, and if the secondary one goes without the first being used its a PPI call.

At first we tried opting out, then speaking to them and asking politely to be removed, then telling them that were on the TPS list and asking for "their" details (they just hung up), did the wasting time bit, but this was awkward if we were busy. Final option, chose to speak to them then answered in a foreign language (Russian, Japanese, anything that the chances of them knowing were minimal).....haven't had one in weeks.

#779300 - 22nd Mar 2013 7:22pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: derekdwc]
j_demo Online   Know_it_all
Forum Addict

Registered: 4th Nov 2011
Posts: 1860
Loc: Wallasey/New Brighton
i spoke to them in polish once (went to poland a few years back and instead of being typically british and pointing and shouting, i bothered to learn the language, you know, to be polite) but the barstard at the other end also knew some polish somehow and asked me the same question in polish, i had to make an excuse that i was off to a restaurant or something, that was awkward, i now just answer the phone and leave it off the hook

#779332 - 22nd Mar 2013 8:57pm Re: PP1 phone calls [Re: j_demo]
themoleofwirral Offline

Registered: 17th Dec 2009
Posts: 14
Loc: planet earth
do what my step dad does. answers the phone. talks to them for a bit , then asks for there number so you can hassle them and do what they do, waste there time as they do to you so you can have a little bit of banter. they soon become agitated and you wont get a call for weeks. if they pester you call them u back tell them to go and f^&% them/,.;/.'/. sorry excuse the language. hopefully this works. if not dont answer the all usually between 4 and 6.


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