Having a full clear out of my garage and all the car boot stuff in it so I can get rid of the garage. Going to list a load of things on here. If you don't like the price give me a price you're willing to pay smile I can only say no.

Set of speakers from cd player, 2 side one centre. £5

Commemerative charles and diana wedding mug. £1

Ford mondeo diesel haynes manual 93 - 96. £3

Bike chain, not very thick but would be good for cyclist. Needs a lock. £3

3 person tent. Should be in good nick. If someone wants it I'll take it out and check it. £10

Got a load of novelty teapots. As I'm going through the box keep finding more. There's at least 10.£12 for however many I find.

2 yale window stay locks. £2

Book shaped personal ash tray. £1

Got a load of books. I'd say at least 100 maybe even 150. Ranges from kids books to novels like dorothy koomson. £25 for the lot. Would need to bring boxes as I need to keep the ones they're in. Could make a profit selling them at 50p a book.

More to come.