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#716110 - 12th Aug 2012 7:21pm please help
WLH27 Offline

Registered: 10th Aug 2011
Posts: 92
Loc: wallasey
hi all,

i dont know if im posting in the right place but my cat has been missing for 6 days now, he only ever leaves the house to go to the toilet then comes straight back, he never goes out for more than an hour....

we are worried sick about him...

he has been missing since monday 6th august from bell road in wallasey...he is microchipped, i have called the rspca and also the microchip place to tell them and he hasnt been scanned so far...

we have been warned a few times that he is very handsom and someone would steal him, never thought it would happen but i guess you just dont know....

if anyone spots him or knows someone who has him... please please get in contact, he is very much missed and loved....

i have attached a picture of my gorgeous boy and hope and prey someone can help....

thankyou so much.

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#716115 - 12th Aug 2012 7:45pm Re: please help [Re: WLH27]

oh i do hope you get him, hes lovley, dont give up, bringing it to the attention of the wiki people, only helps with us all keeping an extra eye out.

#716144 - 12th Aug 2012 9:20pm Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
gypsyjune Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Feb 2010
Posts: 3312
Loc: birkenhead
I hope you get him back ,my god he looks like he knows he`s having his picture taken ,i will keep an eye out for him on my travels ,what`s he called ?/ smile

#716148 - 12th Aug 2012 9:28pm Re: please help [Re: gypsyjune]
WLH27 Offline

Registered: 10th Aug 2011
Posts: 92
Loc: wallasey
oh yes hes a real poser...

his name is ollie and he is very friendly.... hes quite a big cat, not fat big but just tall and tom cat like size, if that makes sense....hes just my Baby really, its heartbreaking my little boy is only 2 and keeps asking where "lolly" is...

i really do hope someone has kept him safe.... my husband asked a community police officer if hes seen him around and his reply was "no someones probably run him over and thrown him in the bin" something i really didnt want to hear....

thankyou so much for keeping your eyes peeled for him...

#716226 - 13th Aug 2012 12:57am Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
Elizabeth Offline

Registered: 28th Jul 2011
Posts: 718
Loc: Prenton, Wirral
I hate when I read about missing pets frown

Now, I promise I'm not bonkers or anything, but when one of my cats went astray for a few days, I came across an old Romany spell which is supposed to help return missing pets. I was desperate after spending hours in the garden shouting "ch, ch, ch" and tapping his food plate loudly in the hope he could hear me and so I gave the spell a try.
You have to put food and water in his familiar bowls then light a small blue candle next to them. You then have to say 'my fair beauty gone astray, please come back to me today. With my yearning heart and wonder, please come back to me from yonder'. You then leave the candle to burn until it's gone (don't blow it out)
I felt a bit of a t*t when I did it, but as I said I was beside myself with worry. Anyway, I kid you not but less than 30 minutes later Cooper-cat showed up as though nothing was wrong...he simply walked up the garden and into the could of course have been coincidental I'll never know, I was just glad to have him back.
If you're anything like me you'll now be at the point of trying anything to find him, so maybe give it a go?
I promise I'm not some kind of nutter who's into black magic or witchcraft, nor am I religious in any way I just found this ditty in one of my kids books they'd had for years called "The Good Spell book" which no doubt I'd bought them when they were obsessed with harry potter!
Good luck finding Ollie

#716229 - 13th Aug 2012 3:33am Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
Gold_Moon Online   Reading

Registered: 26th Nov 2011
Posts: 438
Loc: Wallasey
I'm so sorry to hear of your missing cat, frown he IS a beautiful boy.

Here are some things you can do, if you haven't done so already;

Print out some flyers with the same details you've posted here, and put them through your neighbours doors, on local lampposts, and put a small ad in your nearest post office window,(it's usually free.)

Don't forget to urge people to check their outside buildings (like sheds and garages.) Cats are nosey and he could have been locked in somewhere.

And don't forget to enquire at your local vets and animal rescue centre in case he's been handed in. Place an there ad too. The more eyes and ears, the better. Don't forget to include a 'phone number or/and email addy so people can contact you.

Hope you get your fur-Baby back home safe, and soon.

#716327 - 13th Aug 2012 1:41pm Re: please help [Re: Gold_Moon]
Handbag Offline

Registered: 8th Jul 2008
Posts: 251
Loc: Egremont, Wallasey
Sorry to hear that about Ollie going missing.

One of ours went missing a couple of years ago and I really understand how heartbreaking it can be.
Dont give up on him though we got little Bob back after over 8 weeks when someone found him in their shed.

Always ring round the local vets they are very often brought stray or injured cats, they will probably take your phone number incase a cat similar comes in and they will also put up notices and pictures for you in their surgery.

I really do hope he comes home safely.

#717750 - 18th Aug 2012 9:45pm Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
WLH27 Offline

Registered: 10th Aug 2011
Posts: 92
Loc: wallasey
Thanks everyone, ollie is still missing, its been almost 2 weeks now, we thought we had him today when someone called to say he was lay very poorly in their garden so we went to see him and when we got there, there was a cat in the bck of the bushes in the garden but not ollie sadly...

We have put posters up and posted some flyers nearby...

#718843 - 22nd Aug 2012 10:30pm Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
WLH27 Offline

Registered: 10th Aug 2011
Posts: 92
Loc: wallasey
Ollie is still missing... Its been 2 weeks and 2 days now...

I dont know what to think now about my poor boy

#718852 - 22nd Aug 2012 11:16pm Re: please help [Re: WLH27]
oscarpops Offline

Registered: 15th Oct 2009
Posts: 230
Loc: bebington
Don't give up our cat oscar went missing for seven weeks then one night he just barged in through the back door cost £400 in vet bills but we were so glad he was home


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