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#70503 - 15th Jun 2006 5:53pm Residential : Speed Camera's
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21001
Loc: Wirral

Taking On 'Camera Surfers'

Networks of speed cameras will be used to catch drivers
breaking the 20mph limit in residential areas, it has been reported.

The cameras, which will be placed at the exit and entrance
points to neighbourhoods, are being introduced as an
alternative to road humps, according to The Times.

The idea, currently being tests trialled in Camden,
north London and Belfast, involves calculating the
average speed a car has travelled.

Cameras transmit information to a central control
centre, which then issues penalties.

The system has been designed to catch "camera surfers",
who slow down briefly as they pass conventional speed
cameras and then speed up again, the newspaper said.

The trials have so far proved the technology to be reliable.

Local councils were expected to use the cameras in 20mph
zones to try and reduce the number of crashes caused by
drivers speeding up and slowing down.

In the trial areas, the proportion of drivers complying
with the limit has increased by a third.

Rob Gifford, parliamentary transport safety council director,
said: "Replacing humps with these new cameras will benefit
law-abiding motorists as well as making streets safer and more attractive.

"Drivers will stop rat-running through neighbourhoods
where they know their speed will be monitored."

The cameras were expected to be approved for use by the
Home Office in November.

What's your thoughts ?
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#70504 - 15th Jun 2006 5:59pm Re: Residential : Speed Camera's
MattLFC Offline
Wiki Master

Registered: 14th Aug 2004
Posts: 22315
Loc: Moreton/Beirut/Mobile
I suppose if you are not oing to break the speed limit (and therefore the law) you will have nothing to worry about.

On thing that really pisses me off is drivers (usually chavs tbh) who feel the need to rag their cars around residential area's where they know full well there is a very good chance that there will be young children in the area!

I say remove them from motorways and dual carriageways where there is very little danger and place them in residential area's where there is a far greater danger if you are a speeding driver.

People who feel the need to do 40 and 50mph through 20 and 30mph residential area's and estates are asking to be involved in an accident a lot of the time. Its an absolute miracle that there are not more crashes then there already are.

Mind you im one to talk I use a GPS system which tells me where all the speed camera'ss are (its saved my ass more then a few tims lol), however I very rarely exceed the speed limits by more then a few mph to be totally honest.


#70505 - 15th Jun 2006 6:02pm Re: Residential : Speed Camera's
BMW Joe Offline
Wiki Master

Registered: 30th Apr 2006
Posts: 12369
Loc: Birkenhead
Technology wise, its a great idea.

We all do it, speed up as soon as we've passed a camera. I s'pose if it prevents and lowers accident rates in residential areas, it's good.
Also, the lack of need for speed bumps may make residents and any drivers of cars with lowered suspension and body kits happy lol.

On the other hand, it could mean an expensive parking plan for residents, especially for people like me who live at the end of a one way residential street, even with the speed bumps, I tend to not keep an eye on my speed (often getting up to 35mph - not intentionally :rolleyes: ). So a mixed opinion from me really, good idea as long as they aint put in my road lol.
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#70506 - 15th Jun 2006 8:08pm Re: Residential : Speed Camera's
scoop Offline
Wiki Addict

Registered: 18th Nov 2004
Posts: 7238
Loc: Leuchars
I dont speed in residential areas anyway so i dont mind these,in fact,i welcome them over speed bumps and itll make the areas safer


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