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  1. No Shop Overheads! No inflated prices!
  2. I am a Self Employed Engineer with 25yrs Experience with Computers and Electrical Devices.
  3. All costs are up front and you are in control at every stage.
  4. My Reputation is over 9yrs On-line Supporting Digital Wirral Forums and its Members.
  5. A Professional Service at a personal level.
  6. Advice is free, one call and your problems could be fixed today.
  7. Your Local Door to Door Engineer. I Can Come to you. See Below for more solutions.

Summary of Services Available to you : Home or Business
  1. Computer Problems Fixed
  2. Virus Removal / Security Checks / Malware Removal
  3. Slow Computer? / Slow Internet / Check and Fix
  4. Computer wont start? Its Dead? I can come to you.
  5. Poor Wifi Signal / Boost Your Wifi / A Home without Wires.
  6. Apple Air Port / Apple Tv Set up and Working.
  7. Web and Email Setup on your devices.
  8. Web Design / Web Page Fixes / Email Configured / Web Hosting
  9. Social Media Business Set up / Facebook / Twitter / Google +
  10. Google Ad Campaigns / Google Analytics's / Google Business Set up
  11. Search Engine First page listings in Google

If you do not see a service listed that you need, please contact me. With today's technology moving at an amazing pace you dont need to keep up, i can do that for you. I have listed below the ways in which we can get connected. And if you do prefer me to visit you i can do that too.

Remote Connections
Remote Support its like having an engineer right there with you. I can talk to you over the phone while the connection and problems are discussed. Its very easy to do and you can decide if the connection is to be "View" only or "Complete Control" No Software is Installed on your Computer. You Stay in control, you can end it at any time. Or if you prefer a home visit I can do that for you too. Contact : Please Message Me Click me or call the number above.
Originally Posted By: dizdazdoz : Service Remote Connection
Now I have seen your work (from my own house whilst you were at yours) I will use your services in future for pc issues to save on expensive repairs.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted By: bazzoh
cant thank this guy enough! firstly, assisted our company in moving and setting up our website from one server to another (including transferring domains from and to a different registra) and has also assisted us with several network issues. Would highly reccomend the service to anyone and will definately be using the services again

Originally Posted By: Finney
Mark, Just an update, the new hard drive has arrived and we have fitted it. Thanks for your advice and support when we hit a problem installing the operating system. My son is now back online and is very happy, thanks again for the help
Originally Posted By: TudorBlue
Cant thank you enough Mark, thanks to your help and advice, Ive got my mates internet working fine. Thanks for also helping me to secure my mates connection. Could be happier, thanks once again

Home Visit
If you need a home visit or a repair all our prices are up front and no hidden costs. You are in control of the options and costs. Our Reputations is built on Trust. Send me a Private message Click me or call the Number above.

Wifi & Networks
Every home who has the internet has a Network. Your Network may be wireless one or a mixture. If you have a problem with your WIFI or a device not connecting to the internet i can help you. If your looking to hide the wires or boost your signal? I can help with that too.

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