PS2 games,
1.Lord of the rings (return of the king)
2.The Simpson's, hit and run
3.Max Payne,
4.Star wars episode 111,revenge of the sith,
6.Fifi 06
7.manager 5
8.True crime,streets of la,
9.Dark angel,
10.Tony hawks,underground2,
12.007,agent under fire,
13.Call of duty3,
14.Medal of honor,rising sun

2 ps games are missing there books the rest case with books
in VGC £20 smile

On xbox
1.Grand theft auto (San Andreas) £5 smile

On Game cube,
1.Super Mario, sunshine
2.Tony hawks pro skater3
3.Luigi's mansion
£20 smile

All games mint in cases with books

not letting me post any picture up for some reason,
i will try again later smile
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