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#659230 - 28th Jan 2012 7:18am Kindle
Angharad111 Offline

Registered: 14th Oct 2011
Posts: 54
Loc: Wallasey
To whoever has a Kindle or ibook. I am thinking of getting a Kindle or something similar. Please give me some advice. Ta out there.

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#659245 - 28th Jan 2012 9:15am Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
arwen444 Offline

Registered: 18th Jul 2011
Posts: 84
Loc: wallasey
i have had a kindle for about 18 months now.would prefer not to read the old fashioned way anymore. the kindle is the best present i have ever been given. its lightweight and can be read anywhere without worrying about sunlight . i have eyesight problems and its the best thing that i can make the text bigger when my eyes get tired. am waiting for the kindle fire to be released in the uk so i can have that . books download in seconds so have never been short of something to read. if i get caught out and forgot to take it with me i can read my book on my phone and it takes me to the place i was up to , no more bookmarks. love it

#659248 - 28th Jan 2012 9:59am Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
shar215 Offline

Registered: 18th Feb 2010
Posts: 583
Loc: wirral
i have had a sony e reader it lasted about two months the books took ages to download the screen wasnt that easy to read in sunlight and there was not a lot of free books for it .but like me anyone that loves books do not have the room for all of them my bf bought me the basic kindle about 80 quid , i didnt have high hopes for it .but how wrong was i ,its brill .you can see the text in strong sunlight .it has wifi so it downloads a book in seconds ,really compact and thin . i got mine before christmas and still not paid one pence for a book all free . i have no negatives about the kindle all positive .try one out you wont be let down

#659270 - 28th Jan 2012 11:55am Re: Kindle [Re: shar215]
Stegga Offline


Registered: 28th Feb 2009
Posts: 261
Loc: woodchurch
After sayin for such a long time that I didn't want one and that I prefered the feel of a real book in my hands, I was given a kindle for christmas. Now, I wouldn't be without it. The ease of use and quality of the screen is spot on, just like reading a normal book page. One plus point that i find is that you don't even have to hold it, I can just have it there on the side and it's perfectly readable, unlike a book where you have to hold it open. Thats not to say i'm too lazy to hold a book open, it's just handy not to sometimes. The battery seems to last forever too, probably because it's not back-lit. Well worth having in my opinion.

#659312 - 28th Jan 2012 2:34pm Re: Kindle [Re: Stegga]
janazca Offline

Registered: 13th Jul 2011
Posts: 51
Loc: beechwood birkenhead
I to think the kindle is brill , best thing is if you r not in mood for book u r reading u just look for something else, no trip to town or anywhere all done in seconds in the comfort of your own home. Loads to choose from i thought my dansette record player was best ever present but kindle is a real contender lol xxx

#659339 - 28th Jan 2012 4:32pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Softy_Southerner Offline

Forum Guardian

Registered: 2nd May 2008
Posts: 4090
Loc: Back in Devon
Yep I love mine as well

#659346 - 28th Jan 2012 5:12pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Wench Offline

H4H County Volunteer
Wiki Veteran

Registered: 9th Aug 2008
Posts: 8616
Loc: Second Circle of Hell.
I'm like Stegga - said I'd never have one as I love the feel of a real book but I couldn't be without mine now. Love it!! Best thing I've ever bought!
Sometimes Police Officers give more than just speeding tickets!

Itís hard to be fit as a fiddle when youíre shaped like a cello!

#659356 - 28th Jan 2012 5:52pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Angharad111 Offline

Registered: 14th Oct 2011
Posts: 54
Loc: Wallasey
Thank you all out there for your input - I will treat myself to a Kindle.

#659383 - 28th Jan 2012 8:14pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Cranky Offline

Registered: 5th Jul 2011
Posts: 28
Loc: wallasey
Don't forget that amazon let you download the kindle app free to your pc, laptop or tablet too.

#659626 - 29th Jan 2012 8:22pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Raven61 Offline
Old Hand

Registered: 14th Jan 2012
Posts: 363
Loc: Wallasey
This might be of some interest to you.
£79 Kindle with code. Use discount code TDX-7PKF at Tesco Direct* and get £10 off when you spend over £75 - making usually £89 Kindle just £79 (collect free in-store). Code valid until Wed 1 Feb. When buying from Tesco you'll also get Clubcard points.

Code also works on 3G & Wi-fi Kindle Keyboard*, making it £139 (see below for spec).

#659635 - 29th Jan 2012 8:32pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Softy_Southerner Offline

Forum Guardian

Registered: 2nd May 2008
Posts: 4090
Loc: Back in Devon
I think Tesco are (they definitely were just after Christmas) selling the £89 one in store with a free cover which is worth £20!

#659658 - 29th Jan 2012 8:49pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]

whole Sale prices only £34.78 ~ £40.13 wink ask poodlepup on here about the one she got smile

#660393 - 31st Jan 2012 6:07pm Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Excoriator Online   content
Wise One

Registered: 21st Jan 2010
Posts: 820
Loc: wirral
I've had one for about 18 months and am still very pleased with it.

The only negatives are that there seem to be more typos than in a normal books, and not all books are available in electronic form. Hopefully this will get better.

The battery life is great, provided you remember to switch the wireless bit off after downloading it. The books are a few pounds cheaper than a paperback too, and some are available free. Most classics can be obtained from the Gutenberg project free of charge for instance.

Amazon let you try reading a sample before you buy it which is useful, and if you make a mistake and buy a book you don't want it can be returned. It's rather easy to press the wrong button sometimes.

If you fall asleep whilst reading it, it too goes to sleep after a few minutes, remembering where you had got to so that when you switch on, you are returned automatically to the page you were on.

Be aware, also, that if you buy the £89 one, you don't get a charger. However, as it uses a miniature USB connection you can charge it from your computer if you have a suitable cable or buy a cheapo charger separately.

Good luck. Hope you like it as much as I do.

#660872 - 1st Feb 2012 8:55am Re: Kindle [Re: Excoriator]
jabber_Ish Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 7th Jan 2010
Posts: 2942
Loc: Black Rock
yep loving mine too, ive been wading through some old classics for the last month

HP Lovecraft , Conan Doyle Jules Verne etc
><((((*> <*))))><

#660882 - 1st Feb 2012 9:26am Re: Kindle [Re: Angharad111]
Sarah_ZR Offline
Wiki Veteran

Registered: 8th Jul 2011
Posts: 8484
Loc: wirral
We got my mother in law one for Christmas

In all honestly we was very disappointed

I thought it would of been bigger and touch screen which this one wasn't

Plus it's as light as a feather, mother in law was made up And loved it but I won't be getting one I'm afraid .

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