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#630810 - 29th Nov 2011 7:13pm **Cashpoint muggings alert**
Wench Offline

H4H County Volunteer
Wiki Veteran

Registered: 9th Aug 2008
Posts: 8616
Loc: Second Circle of Hell.
A heads up for you all. A friend was in Birkenhead yesterday. They were at the cashpoint and behind them was a woman with a child who was misbehaving. The woman looked at my friend and rolled her eyes as if to say "aren't kids a pain sometimes". The woman watched her slyly as she took her money out and put it in her pocket.

Next thing they knew, the same woman was coming towards her as if to go to hug her. My friend backed off but the woman lurched towards her. As she did that, a male grabbed her from behind and took the money out of her pocket. It was a sizeable amount as they're going away on holiday and it was their spending money.

Please be extra alert when at the cashpoint as it's not the first case this week and I doubt it will be the last frown
Sometimes Police Officers give more than just speeding tickets!

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#630833 - 29th Nov 2011 7:43pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
rocks Offline

Wiki Guide

Registered: 2nd Apr 2011
Posts: 6598
Loc: 3/4 of the way there....
thanx for that wench

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

#630839 - 29th Nov 2011 7:47pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Gold_Moon Offline

Registered: 26th Nov 2011
Posts: 430
Loc: Wallasey
What a pair of scumbags! Bring back the stocks! mad

#630840 - 29th Nov 2011 7:47pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
chris7777 Offline

Registered: 26th May 2009
Posts: 480
Loc: New Ferry
some scum around! come out of the woodwork at this time of year.
i've been asked for any loose change, or a lend of 20p! of course i say no, but it's a bit unnerving.

#630876 - 29th Nov 2011 8:50pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Greenwood Offline

Registered: 20th May 2011
Posts: 582
Loc: Greasby
Nasty experience. Good argument for getting cashback at the supermarket instead of going to the cashpoint, but I appreciate there's probably a limit on amounts doing it that way. Safer, though; store security present, cameras etc.

#630881 - 29th Nov 2011 9:00pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
gypsyjune Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Feb 2010
Posts: 3312
Loc: birkenhead
They make me sick ,money is too hard earned for it to be taken off you like that just because they can mad

#630885 - 29th Nov 2011 9:04pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Bezzymate Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 24th Apr 2010
Posts: 5551
Loc: New New Brighton
That's just awful, so sorry for your friend.

#630892 - 29th Nov 2011 9:25pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
GrandMasterFlash Offline
Forum Master

Registered: 12th May 2010
Posts: 2492
Loc: at a computer
A*seholes! We were warned at the beginning of uni that people will wait behind you and just take the money out of the atm before you could, it's so cheeky. And I have noticed a lot more people asking for change, some guy stopped me the other day asking me to buy him a subway (does he know how much subway costs??) and I said I couldn't cos I'm nearly skint as it is, so he gave me this narky look and said 'okay' like I was the one who kicked him out his house. Didn't look like he'd been 'sleeping rough' sigh.

#630896 - 29th Nov 2011 9:30pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Fireblade Offline

Registered: 13th Apr 2011
Posts: 278
Loc: Oxton
Sh*te News,trouble is its so close to bloody Christmas
so scum are taking bigger risks.
Where abouts in B,head was it ??

#630900 - 29th Nov 2011 9:37pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
CVCVCV Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 4th May 2010
Posts: 1440
Loc: ex Wallasey now Atlanta GA USA
Don't they have cctv cameras at ATMs?
I thought so... so with a bit of luck then they will find the whole "family" that did this...!

#630919 - 29th Nov 2011 10:01pm Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Sallybear Offline

Registered: 5th Apr 2009
Posts: 587
Loc: Wirral
Sorry this has happened, but why put money in your pocket at a cashpoint? Seems very irresponsible. Always put money away in a purse or wallet in front of you out of the view of others in the queue, and move away in a safe way, people really should take more responsibility for their money sometimes, all said very sorry thing to happen to your friend.

And please dont have a go at me, I was just thinking out loud, if I was taking large amounts out of a cashpoint at this time of year, I would be extremely careful thats all.

Edited by Sallybear (29th Nov 2011 10:02pm)

#631020 - 30th Nov 2011 8:08am Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
stumpyduck Online   not happy

Registered: 2nd May 2010
Posts: 511
Loc: town
which cashpoint
will help others to be on their guard

#631032 - 30th Nov 2011 9:49am Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 15984
Loc: New Brighton

Please, people, shop in a more decient place ffs smack

I hope they end up on Crocodil and die a very slow and painful death, junkie scum!

#631035 - 30th Nov 2011 9:53am Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: Wench]
Snickas Offline

Forum Addict

Registered: 6th Jul 2011
Posts: 1175
Loc: Wallasey
so sorry for your friend Wench frown

BUT I also agree with Sallybear & Ste, please please start being more vigilant and more aware of your surroundings, especially when you're at cash machines and ESPECIALLY this close to christmas.

#631042 - 30th Nov 2011 10:14am Re: **Cashpoint muggings alert** [Re: _Ste_]
ex0__ Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 25th Apr 2011
Posts: 1337
Loc: 1337
That'd be 'Krokodil' and unless they moved to Russia it's not gonna happen tease

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