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#578543 - 8th Sep 2011 10:14am Interview Techniques

Job Interview Techniques

Hope this helps all you jobseakers out there.

Job Interview Techniques - Use the right interview techniques to make any interviewer desperate to hire you.

Here are some top Interview techniques:

1. Preparation
2. Appearance - First impression
3. Eye Contact
4. Confidence
5. Enthusiasm
6. Honesty
7. Concise answers
8. Relevant Questions
9. Know when to stop talking
10. Listen

Most of you will be thinking "Help" I can't do this.

If we break these Job interview techniques into small steps this will be a less daunting task.

1. Job interview research
The basic message is Research the company, the job and if possible the interviewer.

2. Appearance
The first and most important Job interview Technique is make a strong first impression as soon as you walk in.
I always try to get to my meetings early and sit and people watch, waiting for my candidate.
As I sit there I hear myself saying "I hope that's my candidate"
According to research employers' impressions are made up of the following:

Body Language and image -70%
Tone of voice- 20%
What you say- 10%

When I am interviewing a candidate the question I will always ask myself is
"Do they look like they work for the company I am recruiting for?"
This is really important :If possible go and see what the majority of people are wearing when they are coming out of their building and copy their style.
If you look like you would fit in to that organisation that's a good head start.
First impressions do count so remember to always talk clearly, if you talk too loud it's obnoxious and mumbling is irritating.

3.Eye Contact
Always have good eye contact a firm hand shake (remember it is eye contact not staring).
Smile and nod your head when being spoken to and always keep that all important eye contact.

This is probably the most difficult obstacle to overcome.
My advice would be if you practice your interview your confidence will grow and you will be prepared for the majority of situations you will come across in an interview.
You will know your strengths and weakness and using this valuable information your confidence will soar.
Warning : Don't be over confident, stay relaxed show you have a friendly personality and you will not come across as arrogant.

You must be enthusiastic about your work.
When I meet an outstanding candidate they have so much enthusiasm and passion about the job they do.

"Honesty is always the best policy" as the saying goes.
Give honest answers; if you are asked a question you don't know the answer to, say so.
Don't make the mistake that many people do "talking bull" this will not do you any favours.

7.Concise answers
If you take your time and practice your answers you will have a really good understanding of how to keep your answers concise.
If your answers demonstrate how you can save the company money or make money for them, you will be on to a winner.
If you are having trouble with what questions you will be asked then there are products out there that can help you.

8.Relevant Questions
These questions are the questions you need to ask.
If you have done your homework then these can more than impress the interviewer.

9.Know when to stop talking
This can be a very common mistake when people go for interview they love the sound of their own voice.
Again "Practice makes perfect".
Do a mock interview, time yourself and you will find that interview success is on it's way.
And last but not least

When you go for an interview this is one Job interview Technique you should not be without.
If you don't listen you might answer your questions in the wrong way.
You may also be seen by the interviewer as being disinterested.
Listen and make sure you use that all important eye contact, the nodding of the head in the right places.

If you follow these job interview techniques you will be on your way to that new Job.

Good luck

Jobs : Advertising
Click me for more Information......

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#578548 - 8th Sep 2011 10:42am Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
cathie Offline

Registered: 19th Feb 2009
Posts: 448
Loc: Birkenhead
and remember to breathe and smile smile

#578558 - 8th Sep 2011 11:26am Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
sparky Offline

Registered: 15th May 2010
Posts: 155
Loc: New Brighton,Wirral
Lots of good advice thanks

#578572 - 8th Sep 2011 12:20pm Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
jamese Offline

Registered: 23rd May 2011
Posts: 6
Loc: wirral
excellent advice!! I've got an interview on monday to keep my job, thanks alot

#578586 - 8th Sep 2011 1:35pm Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
Tombraider Offline
Wiki Addict

Registered: 18th Jul 2011
Posts: 7600
Loc: Peace
Good luck with the interview! Jamese x

Edited by Tombraider (8th Sep 2011 1:35pm)
A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. Dutch Proverb

#578591 - 8th Sep 2011 1:44pm Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
free_spirit Offline

Registered: 19th Apr 2009
Posts: 452
Loc: wirral
Great Post

good luck Jamese x

#578668 - 8th Sep 2011 6:04pm Re: Interview Techniques [Re: ]
EvilCycle Offline

Registered: 29th Jul 2011
Posts: 123
Loc: Wirral
That is some really good advice on most parts, it is nice to see people helping others out! I do feel point 3 could be expanded on a little though, i mean yes you need good eye contact, but if you sit there constantly staring into their eyes it can be intimidating and make them feel uncomfortable talking to you, i would say it is a good technique to try and get a chance to glance away every so often to relieve the tension of a constant stare, because many interviewers are just as nervous as you are, especially if they quite new to giving them, i have been there myself and it can be very daunting having to ask a stranger about themselves and why they want to work for/with you.

I think also if you are feeling nervous (because lets face it, if you really want the job, and the interview is a challenging one, then you will most likely be battling a few nerves), just hold your hands together onto your lap so that you aren't seen to be figiting or making any nervous motions in respect to body language.

Edited by EvilCycle (8th Sep 2011 6:07pm)


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