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#534030 - 16th Jun 2011 1:19pm A.W.A.C. management of wirral waters?
Rickie_Robbo Offline


Registered: 2nd Nov 2009
Posts: 461
Loc: Birkenhead
hi all.
thought i would start a topic to see what your oppinions are on the way the Association of Wirral Angling Clubs run our local waters. I have been fishing alot in our local parks since early on this year and think it is terrible the state some of the lakes are in and the lack of a.w.a.c. bailiffs manageing the lakes. birkenhead park is not too bad as it is policed reasonably well and has 3 a.w.a.c. bailiffs that regularly visit the park and do a good job of controling the youths and people without lisences or permits. and make evryone buy their permit or move on. the only downside is there is nothing done about the regular night fishing in the park (which is not allowed) this wouldn't really be a problem if it werent constantly youths doing it that leave all there rubbish and beer cans behind. i have also found a dead perch on the bank next to a spot that had been obviously nightfished the night before. but my main concern is the running of the other lakes. such as the captains pit. which is currently resembling more of a pea soup than a pond. or central park which is also going a horrible murky green and has bikes and trolleys in it. or royden park that has had a ridiculous fish loss and has constantly got fish belly up in it. the ranger up there doesnt care anymore and says its down to the a.w.a.c. as they now manage the lake. its not like its a major problem like an illness or disease. its the simply matter of rhododendron's hanging into the lake causing to much acidity in the water but the a.w.a.c. r too lazy to get up there and trim them back. arrowe park is another. since the incident at the end of 2009 where the fertilizers from the farmers field ran down into the pond and killed thousands of the fish the a.w.a.c. havent done a thing. the enviromental agency investigated the deaths and then that was it. its widely believed there are no fish in there but thats not the case. there are still THOUSANDS of fish in there and they r fishing really really well but the bream and the roach in there are riddled with black spot. riddled is an understatement. the perch and carp don't seem to be affected as of yet. now i know black spot is a parasite that is difficult to get rid off but it should of been controlled since day 1. and i know it doesnt really affect the fish and they are just carriers but it affects the birds. the birds eat the fish and the parasite effects the birds in their intestines. the birds poo in the water the snails eat the poo the fish eat the snails and the cycle begins again. the main reason i am annoyed is what are the a.w.a.c. doing with the permit money ? i think we have a right to know. since fishing (at least 3 days a week) since the beginning of the year i have never once seen a bailiff at the captains pit, central park or arrowe park once. but i have seen 3 at birkenhead park. all at the same time, regularly. i spoke to a volenteer who works with the a.w.a.c. and he also said its a complete shambles the way its run. and he didnt have a clue what happened with the permit fee's. this year they have changed the way the whole permit works. it is 10 a year for the permit but this year it cost me 15. because they no longer do a day ticket for adults. it is 2 a day for a child or 5 for a month for an adult. they made me buy the months because i didnt have 10 on me. then i bought my year permit for 10 only to read the back (which looks to have been written buy a child at home on a pc by the spelling mistakes on it) and find out that it is no longer a yearly permit. it now only runs from january to december. so if u decied to go fishing when the weather warms up and the fish start feeding properly then ur paying the 10 for 5 months not a year. and there are alot of people fishing birkenhead park alone so what is happening with all the money ? the bailiffs who patrol the park only get a 10% permit Sale fee so its not like there are wages to be paid. anyone got any information that could help or anyone got an oppinion on this ?

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#549434 - 19th Jul 2011 9:08pm Re: A.W.A.C. management of wirral waters? [Re: Rickie_Robbo]
neilmcc Offline


Registered: 12th Aug 2005
Posts: 507
Loc: moreton
so is arrowe park worth fishing then

cheers neil


Moderator:  Mod 
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