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#454942 - 26th Dec 2010 11:13pm The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry
yewgarth Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 2nd Nov 2008
Posts: 1781
Loc: new ferry
We as kids in the 70s could do things that kids now would never be able to do. I remember a number of times a few of us 'borrowed' some canoes from New Ferry Baths in the evenings after they'd closed and carry them down to the 'big hill' at the bottom of Bolton Rd. We didn't know at the time that this hill was part of PLUTO, Pipeline Under The Ocean and was used to store aviation fuel in the build up to the D day landings. We did however know it was partially flooded because you could see for level after level down the shafts under the water. Nothing ever seemed to be locked in those days, so it wasn't difficult to get in. I remember a long dark corridor with metal grating on the floor and below that just water. At the end of the corridor was a 'T' junction where you could go either left or right. We turned left, going north. The water was so clean that when you shone your torch down through it, you could see three or four more rusty levels covered in rusticals, very eerie. If you could imagine what a prison looks like, where you have balconies, that was what it was like. Anyway we put our borrowed canoes in the water and started paddling the length of the hill. At the far end (Bromborough end) there was a massive work shop with a very old rusty tractor, obviously not touched in 30 odd years. There where Lathes, work benches,lockers and chairs. The lockers still had overalls in! Back to the canoes. We paddled from one end of the main corridor to the other and decided to get out and walk on the grating and have a look in some of the rooms off the corridor. Inside one of them tables and chairs had been set up. and on the wall facing as you went in was a big rusty wheel with a spout below it. So us being kids decided to turn it not realising Aviation fuel was going to pour out of the spout! I still don't know why it was set up to do that in a room where people sat. At both ends of the hill were metal steps going down level after level under the water, i still think of what it was like at the very bottom. After an hour or so exploring we left the same way as we'd entered, the east entrance, and it was pitch black when we arrived outside. All entrances have now been caved in but you can still see where they are.
I remember we cleaned the canoes in the 'Glassy' a pond that used to be or is still there. We then headed back to the bath's like commando's, hoisted the canoes over the isolation Hospital wall and back to where they came from, in the roof space of the changing rooms, no one knowing theyd ever been taken. That was just one of many adventure we got up to years ago. My mates still remember these adventures too! Beats computer games!

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#454955 - 27th Dec 2010 9:32am Re: The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry [Re: yewgarth]

Great stuff yewgarth. I never knew of the PLUTO connection to New Ferry until only a couple of years ago. Quite envious of your visit! Yes, today a) You wouldn't be able to get in, as if it wasn't gated like Fort Knox and alarmed to the hilt, it would be back-filled with mass concrete, and b) if you got caught today, Special Branch would give you, your computer, your house and next door's cat a real going over !

Thanks for your interesting posts. Are you ex-tugs by chance ? (username).

#455113 - 27th Dec 2010 3:30pm Re: The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry [Re: ]
KevinFinity Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 30th Apr 2009
Posts: 2312
Loc: Wirral
Thats fascinating. Where was it?. I can't find Bolton road on google earth. Does it still exist?.

#455116 - 27th Dec 2010 3:52pm Re: The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry [Re: KevinFinity]

Green Meanie
Wiki Master

Registered: 10th Apr 2008
Posts: 13454
Loc: Underground
Originally Posted By: KevinFinity
Thats fascinating. Where was it?. I can't find Bolton road on google earth. Does it still exist?.

just off the new ferry by pass mate off the roundabout sunlight end right to the bottom of the road i know the place well use to play around there in the late 80s
Please do not adjust your mind, there is a slight problem with reality. #backscovered

#455204 - 28th Dec 2010 12:04am Re: The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry [Re: TRANCENTRAL]
Capt_America Online   content
Forum Addict

Registered: 26th Jul 2008
Posts: 1499
Loc: Wallasey
Ahh, the old adventures!
See you in cyberspace!

#652593 - 15th Jan 2012 5:24pm Re: The Big Hill (PLUTO) New Ferry [Re: KevinFinity]
steiner Offline

Registered: 5th May 2010
Posts: 25
Loc: rock ferry
He means Bolton Road East. Port Sunlight


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