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#444828 - 18th Nov 2010 7:21pm Postal Scam
ponytail Offline

Registered: 31st Dec 2008
Posts: 575
Loc: wirral
I received this email today...

Postal Scam:

Can you circulate this around especially as Xmas is fast approaching - it
has been confirmed by Royal Mail. The Trading Standards Office are making
people aware of the following scam:

A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel
Delivery Service) suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and
that you need to contact them on 0906 6611911 (a Premium rate number).

DO NOT call this number, as this is a mail scam originating from Belize.

If you call the number and you start to hear a recorded message you will
already have been billed 315 for the phone call.

If you do receive a card with these details, then please contact Royal Mail
Fraud on 020 7239 6655.

For more information, see the Crime Stoppers website

Law & Order : Advertising
Click me for more Information......

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#444840 - 18th Nov 2010 8:23pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: ponytail]
davew3 Offline
Forum Guide

Registered: 16th Jun 2009
Posts: 1024
Loc: Wirral
Heard about this at the newspaper shop in shopping centre at Ellesmere Port today.

#444847 - 18th Nov 2010 8:58pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: davew3]

I'm pretty sure this scam was doing the rounds this time last year. The only difference being, if I recall, was that when you dialled the premium rate number, you were charged 15 not 315. I guess that's inflation for you !

#444857 - 18th Nov 2010 9:17pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: ]
starakita Online   content

Forum Addict

Registered: 1st Oct 2009
Posts: 2186
Loc: between heaven & hell
I heard about this on Roger Phillips program today.
no1s gonna keep me from u

#444858 - 18th Nov 2010 9:17pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: ]
Colgo Offline

Old Hand

Registered: 8th Dec 2007
Posts: 338
Loc: wirral
It crops up every year,
click me

Always worth reminding people. thumbsup

#444920 - 18th Nov 2010 10:35pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: Colgo]
derekdwc Online   content

Forum Veteran

Registered: 13th Oct 2008
Posts: 4967
Loc: Birkenhead
what if the contact number for the Royal Mail fraud is the real scam

#444997 - 19th Nov 2010 9:42am Re: Postal Scam [Re: derekdwc]
stumpyduck Offline

Registered: 2nd May 2010
Posts: 513
Loc: town
surely the royal mail know about this scam so wont actually put the charge on your bill or even if they do you can surely challenge this cost as it is clearly a con and illegal number .the call should then be reversed and the account holder for the number should be charged .

#445011 - 19th Nov 2010 11:09am Re: Postal Scam [Re: stumpyduck]
diggingdeeper Offline

Wiki Guardian

Registered: 9th Jul 2008
Posts: 9687
Loc: Birkenhead
What drivel - it has nothing to do with Royal Mail, they do not regulate the contents of post.

That phone number (on BT) is charged at "p0" charge band which is 149.989 pence per minute (call it 1.50 per minute)
In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. Socrates

#445014 - 19th Nov 2010 11:26am Re: Postal Scam [Re: diggingdeeper]
polo_phil Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 9th Jan 2009
Posts: 3080
Loc: Birkenhead
I remember last year seeing somewhere they were no longer operating and although this has happened in the past. I believe the people responsible were caught and punished.

Even if there's still a similar scheme I hope people would be more vigilant when it comes to calling an 09 number

#445027 - 19th Nov 2010 12:08pm Re: Postal Scam [Re: polo_phil]
ghostly1 Offline

Registered: 25th Nov 2007
Posts: 404
Loc: Liscard
I don't know if this helps????


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