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Essential Maintenance 6pm Saturday 10th Oct

1. Relaunch Your Browser !!
2. Try CTRL +F5 Twice !! Stay updated : https://www.facebook.com/wikiwirral
Our Forums are Moving to a New Server.
There may be some delay before your Internet Provider Updates You.

If you're reading this message you looking at the OLD SERVER, you need to try the 2 options above 1 & 2.

The Delay in you being redirected is down to your Internet provider updating there systems with our new server details.
This can happen quickly or over a 24 - 48hr period. But they will update correctly eventually.

Ive been waiting for +12hrs what could i try ?
As above you can Close your browser, and relaunch it this will update your DNS records from your internet provider.
Try CTRL+F5 twice quickly on your keyboard as that will force a Full Refresh.
You can also try rebooting your computer as this will do all of the above for you and pull down the latest DNS updates.

Ok Ok I'm frustrated !!! its been 24hrs.
Really todays tech should have you looking at the New Server by now.
Follow us on facebook and ask for help https://www.facebook.com/wikiwirral

How will i know i'm on the new Server ?
You wont see this notice. . . .

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