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#333066 - 1st Jul 2009 1:54am Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 *****
diggingdeeper Offline

Wiki Guardian

Registered: 9th Jul 2008
Posts: 9770
Loc: Birkenhead
Tramway into quarry, this tramway was used between 1815 and 1865, closing just after the cemetery opened. It was the first tramway in Birkenhead and went to Wallasey Pool.
Bottom road is Upton Road, Tollemache Road to the right.

Birkenhead Cemetery has arrived (opened 1864).
Three Mortuary Chapels - C of E (not named), Dissenters and Roman Catholic.
Just to the east of the RC Chapel there is a quarry cutting which will have been the route of the tramway into the quarry.
Flaybrick Quarry is on both sides of Tollemache Road.
Bidston Avenue is called Bailey Street.

The Dissenters Mortuary Chapel is now called non-conformist.
C of E Chapel is named C of E.
Flaybrick Quarry is named west of Tollemache Road, Quarry to east is unamed.

Hospital for Infectious Disease has arrived, occupying the ground to the north of the quarry.
The west quarry seems to have closed and the east quarry is now called Flaybrick Quarry
Cemetery has grown to the south edge of the quarry.

The hospital has expanded southwards, covering the West quarry.
Bailey Street has been renamed to Bidston Avenue.

The newer part of the Hospital has been knocked down and rebuilt.
The Hospital is now called an Isolation Hospital.
The Corporation Yard has been created.
The tramway cutting has started to be filled in.
The Crossways Estate has been built.
The east quarry has closed and is converted in a childrens playground and recreation ground.
The hospital has its own mortuary.

Nothing has changed since 1938!

Hospital is now called St James' Hospital for Tuberculosis and Isolation.
The tramway cutting has been filled in and a small structure built against the wall within the cemetery.
Hospital has more buildings.
The cemetery is now called Flaybrick Hill Cemetery.
The chapels are no longer called mortuary chapels.

The tramway cutting has been levelled off.
The hospital mortuary is no longer mentioned.

1972 - Aerial
The structure on the tramway cutting appears to be getting grown over.

No change.

1997 Aerial
The hospital (except lodge) has gone and is now a housing estate.
The corporation yard has moved and the old one built on.
Roman Catholic Chapel has been demolished.

2001 Aerial
Hospital lodge is demolished.

2006 Aerial
The last house on Naylor Road has been demolished.

2008 Aerial
No change
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#333069 - 1st Jul 2009 2:26am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: diggingdeeper]
kimpri Offline

Forum Guardian

Registered: 29th Oct 2008
Posts: 3553
Loc: birkenhead
this gets better every day
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#333084 - 1st Jul 2009 6:09am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: kimpri]
SUExx Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 4th Jan 2009
Posts: 1704
Loc: new ferry/bebington
brilliant info there dd

#333087 - 1st Jul 2009 7:42am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: SUExx]

Green Meanie
Wiki Master

Registered: 10th Apr 2008
Posts: 13454
Loc: Underground
good work d.d. thumbsup
Please do not adjust your mind, there is a slight problem with reality. #backscovered

#333094 - 1st Jul 2009 8:39am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: TRANCENTRAL]
MissGuided Offline

Wiki Guardian

Registered: 18th Jul 2008
Posts: 9995
Loc: Back of the wardrobe
I didn't realise the quarry tramway cutting was there up until 1950/60s (shows on 56 map but gone on 66 map). I'll ask my Dad if he remembers it. He used to play up there as a kid and also worked in the hospital during the 60s.

#333098 - 1st Jul 2009 9:29am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: MissGuided]
derekdwc Online   content

Forum Veteran

Registered: 13th Oct 2008
Posts: 4973
Loc: Birkenhead
put some work into that dd nice one
Must enlist you on my side if I have to dig deeper for any info

#333120 - 1st Jul 2009 11:26am Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: derekdwc]
MerseyMan Offline


Registered: 17th Jan 2008
Posts: 526
Loc: Wallasey
When was Lower Flaybrick road actually made into a footpath then? I'm sure I remember cars being able to drive up there in the late 80's???? or maybe I'm wrong.

#333128 - 1st Jul 2009 12:02pm Re: Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008 [Re: MerseyMan]

Wiki Master

Registered: 29th Aug 2008
Posts: 19082
Loc: Bob Land
Great stuff! Well done d.d
Mia Mabel


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