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#189065 - 18th Dec 2007 7:17pm Protect your Data (information)
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 20926
Loc: Wirral
I'm getting to be a real humbug about this now,
as ive had a few reasons to raise an eye brow or two recently.
And my point is that company's are asking for information
they do not need, and i suspect we as consumers are passing
over data that we dont have to.

By this i mean, why should i give information about other
people in my house? Who pays what bill is that persons business
and no one elses.

Recently as i'm changing my provider i'm switching back to BT Telephone.
Why do they want my date of birth for a basic enquiry about costs?
I'm told its for a credit check?
So why ask for it if its only information about the service mad

TV Licence.
I got a nice letter from them saying I may need to buy a TV licence. And if it wasnt correct then i needed to call them.
So i'm peed because i have to phone them as they think a
motherboard, a sound card, a graphics card and a Procesor
is capable of recieving a broadcast. This was due to a purchase
from e-buyer.

But anyway upon calling the TV Licence offices they asked
who was the Licence holder.
I said it wasnt me.
They said what name was it under,
i said it wasnt my name.
They asked if i could give the name of the licence holder.
I then informed them if they done a search on this address
they could find it out from there system.

My point being that we could all be giving information
over the phone just on a request. Ask why its required.
Even refuse if its not in your name.

In my opion there is far too much information given out
by us as consumers with out even questioning it.
Dont forget the information you give could be lost in the post.

End of Rant but i'm getting really peed off with it all.
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#189090 - 19th Dec 2007 12:32am Re: Protect your Data (information) [Re: Mark]
SoundLad Offline

Are you SoNutz?
Forum Master

Registered: 22nd Aug 2007
Posts: 2987
Loc: Birkenhead, United Kingdom
100% agreement with you there mate.. Why on earth do some of these companys want so much details for example door to door charity people why on friggin earth do they need bank details ?? Why cant i just pop money a box and go there ive give my bit know leave me the f*** alone... Never ever will i give charitys my bank details NEVER!! but seriously when i set up my TV licence they wanted to know my phone number, email address, mobile phone number and so on i said you dont need to know cause i want a Paypoint card nothng was said and i got one and been paying it like that ever since.. I wish everything was like that paypoint no direct debit its stupid.. Pay when you want to pay thats my moto lolol..
Lee Mills

#189126 - 19th Dec 2007 3:15am Re: Protect your Data (information) [Re: SoundLad]
MattLFC Offline
Wiki Master

Registered: 14th Aug 2004
Posts: 22315
Loc: Moreton/Beirut/Mobile
Now ya see the people they should be going after, for example me, only hear from the TV license people once in a blue moon, telling me to get a TV license.

Aint heard from them for about 5 months now. Lol.

Ive given quite a few charities my bank details as I pay 3.00 a month to a fair few, but only well known charities like RSPCA, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and a few others.

I wouldnt give money to the majority of charities myself, most look like scams!!

#189300 - 20th Dec 2007 3:11am Re: Protect your Data (information) [Re: MattLFC]
Mondeo_Scott Offline

Forum Master

Registered: 14th Aug 2006
Posts: 2875
Loc: Wirral
i agree wid ya matty most do look like scams and most probs are scams but im the same i only go for the well known and big name charitys i give money to a few charitys aswell my bigest payment is to mencap as i like doin my bit for socity i also give dontations to NCDL dogs trust, cancer research, brittish heart foundation yipee


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