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Sky has reported a dip in profits for the three months to September and has attributed it to heavy investment in broadband and telephony services.

The broadcaster reported an operating profit of £143m, down from £180m during the same period last year. The £143m figure includes net operating losses of £51m from Sky Broadband and Talk. Overall, revenue rose 11% to £1.185bn.

Sky added 83,000 customers in the quarter for a total of 8.665m subscribers. Take-up of Sky+, HD and broadband was high - subscriber numbers rose 14% to 2.697m, 23% to 358,000 and 31% to 939,000 respectively.

Looks very positive, they are investing in the right area's at the moment, and as a result are expanding their range of services available to existing customers, whilst enticing more customers into taking up Sky.

Uusually a drop in profits would be worrying for a company, but id say this report is actually very encouraging.

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