Got this about 10 months ago through the cycle to work scheme and i'm considering getting another new bike in a month or so when it opens up again.

Specs amd review can be found HERE (<- this link says it's a 'female specific' model and while it might be, i'm 5'8" and the proportions are perfect for me, it also doesn't look like a womens bike it's mainly matt silver colour with little bits of light blue and pink)

This is a phenomenal bike with high specs all round. I've also added a crudguard mudguard set and put on some DMR V8 pedals, otherwise the only modification is the front rim is a Mavic instead of the stock Whyte XC20 as i was involved in an accident with a car which my bike ended up worse off and needed the front wheel rebuilt by the guys at offtherock.

I am happy to provide pics of my actual bike upon request but i'm on mobile as i post this and it would be a lot of messing around to do though there's pictures of the bike on my INSTAGRAM profile.

I've also marked this as 'feeler' as i use the bike to ride to work and back and so will be selling it only when i get my new bike or maybe the week before. I also am not extremely keen to sell, i'm more than happy to keep hold of it if there's no takers, this bike cost me £750 for the base bike, £25 for the new pedals, £80 for the new front wheel, £20 for the mudguard set and i also paid £105 for a service at evans a couple of months ago.

With that in mind the price i'm selling it for is £500.00 and i'm not interested in listening to any offers. As i said above, i'm happy to keep it, just thought i'd see if there's any interest in it at the price i want for it.

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