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Panto Snow White at New brighton
by sonylegs
Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Birkenhead Priory Exhibition and Craft day
by missmahjong
15th Dec 2014 3:46pm
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Panto Snow White at New brighton
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 11:19 PM
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 11:10 PM
Christmas roadside DRUG tests for drivers
by Mark
Yesterday at 05:06 PM
joiner wanted - to fit kitchen worktops
by swinds
Yesterday at 09:51 AM
Printer Ink Cartridges
by fish5133
Yesterday at 12:58 AM
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Panto Snow White at New brighton
by sonylegs
Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Off duty cop killed in Liverpool attack
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 11:14 PM
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 11:10 PM
Christmas roadside DRUG tests for drivers
by j_demo
Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Yesterday at 07:52 PM
International Trade Centre was a huge scam!
by Greenwood
Yesterday at 05:26 PM
Cold call scam...
by Mark
Yesterday at 05:17 PM
Victorian arches visible at London Bridge station
by Norton
Yesterday at 04:59 PM
corgi registered gas fitter
by yewgarth
Yesterday at 02:50 PM
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Yesterday at 11:19 PM Panto Snow White at New brighton by paxvobiscum

My three year old grandson and myself really enjoyed the Panto.
Anyone else been?

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Yesterday at 11:10 PM cinema by paxvobiscum

I went yesterday to see 'The Imitation Game' and thought it well worth seeing. It was interesting how candidates were choosen to be part of the 'Enigma' code-breaking team and how they related to each other. The acting was a delight

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Yesterday at 05:06 PM Christmas roadside DRUG tests for drivers by Mark

Christmas roadside drug tests for drivers

This is worth a read as now prescription drugs could get you banned

Drivers will be stopped by police and tested for drugs by the side of the road in a war on drug-driving this Christmas and New Year holiday.
The Home Office has approved roadside testing kits that will analyse samples of saliva instantly to detect illegal substances as well as so-called "legal highs".
Police will also use the kits to catch drivers who have taken prescription medicines, including strong painkillers, sleeping pills and drugs to treat anxiety, that can impair their ability to concentrate on the road.

Ministers are to order police to carry the "drugalyser" kits alongside conventional "breathalysers", which test motorists for alcohol consumption. Officers are expected to begin using the equipment within days.
The focus on drug-driving comes after decades of campaigning against people who drink and drive.

Police chiefs and ministers believe a growing number of younger people are taking illegal drugs such as cocaine, ketamine and cannabis before driving because they think they will not be caught.
The saliva tests, which have been approved for roadside use for the first time, will speed up the process of identifying offenders before substances leave their bloodstream.
At present, officers have to arrest suspects and take them to a police station to undergo time-consuming blood tests that must be conducted under medical supervision.
The wait for a doctor can undermine the effectiveness of the tests. Mike Penning, the policing minister, said the "drugalyser" kits were approved by the Home Office last week for use in prosecuting motorists who drive while impaired by a range of illegal and prescription drugs.
"This is something that has plagued society for far too long," he said.
"People will have exactly the same view of drug-driving as they do of drink-driving: it is an abhorrent thing to do.
"Not only do you put your own life at risk, but you put innocent people’s lives at risk. We will drive this menace off the road.
"You won’t know if that constable at the side of the road is going to breathalyse you or if he is going to breathalyse you and drugalyse you. The answer is, do not drink and drive and do not take drugs and drive, whether they are legal or not."

Police chiefs and ministers fear that many people who take recreational drugs and drive think they can get away with it because the testing process is so cumbersome that it is not widely used.
Suspects taken to a police station for testing can escape prosecution if they claim to be unable to give a blood sample for religious or medical reasons, allowing time for the drugs to leave their bodies.
Driving under the influence of drugs is a significant cause of road accidents each year. Last year 921 people were hurt in 594 road accidents in Britain in which the driver or rider was impaired by legal or medicinal drugs. Of these, 36 people were killed and 241 injured seriously.

However, difficulties in obtaining evidence of drug use mean the true scale of the problem is likely to be far higher than official figures have shown. Ministers have estimated that drug-driving causes 200 deaths a year, but perpetrators are 50 times less likely to be convicted than drink-drivers.
Mr Penning, a Tory, said he had wanted to be able to act against drug-driving since he first encountered the effects it could have in his time working as a fireman, before he entered politics.
"We know that we have illegal drug use. Being impaired by taking medication or drugs or legal highs, if that impairs your driving ability, you’re going to cause accidents and kill people – and kill yourself. It is just the same as someone who is drunk," he said.
People taken to a station for testing "would claim that they had religious reasons or were haemophiliacs" or had other special reasons that meant they could not give a blood sample, he said. While they wasted time arguing, the drug was leaving their bodies.
"This will transform the ability of officers [in cases where] they know someone is impaired but breathalyse them for drink and find they have not got enough alcohol in their bloodstream to prosecute, but they’re still completely out of their tree.
"They will be able to do a saliva test at the roadside and a saliva test at the station."

As with failure to complete an alcohol test, if motorists refuse repeatedly to take the drug tests, they will be prosecuted, he said.
The kits will be able to test for a range of substances, including so-called "legal highs" and medicines that cause drowsiness and should not be taken by drivers.
A new criminal offence of drug-driving" comes into force in March, and will be used to prosecute motorists found with quantities of drugs in their bloodstream above specified levels. Substances to be tested for include cocaine, heroin and cannabis, as well as some prescription painkillers, sleeping pills, and drugs used to treat anxiety.
Mr Penning said: "They won’t know what drugs we are looking for.
"The key is it’s not just about illegal drugs. If you go and get a prescription for strong painkillers it will say on there, ‘This may cause drowsiness, do not use heavy equipment and do not drive’.
"People sadly do, and then you have terrible accidents. We are not penalising motorists. We are trying to keep people safe, exactly as we do with drink."
Saliva testing kits will be sent to officers for use to speed up drug tests in police stations, and hand-held versions of the devices will be taken out in patrol cars for roadside tests, he said. The process of introducing the new equipment across the country is expected to begin this week.
Roadside saliva testing for drugs already takes place in Australia and Germany, but police have been awaiting Home Office approval for the equipment in Britain.
This was formally given last week and the kits are now officially deemed to be reliable and secure enough to provide robust evidence.
Several police forces began using saliva tests for cannabis only inside police stations earlier this year.
"When this is fully rolled out it will be exactly the same as drink driving," Mr Penning said.
"I will be telling chief constables to take this up as quickly as possible."

Source : Click Me

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Yesterday at 02:24 PM cast iron gas fire for scrap by yewgarth

just replaced our old gas fire, if anyone wants it for scrap you can have it or it go's to the tip

51 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 10:44 AM International Trade Centre was a huge scam! by Excoriator

"Private Eye" this week has a fascinating article on the amazing £175 million "International Trade Centre" that was supposed to be being built with Chinese money in Birkenhead North.

The site was enthusiastically cleared - my bet is with council (our) money - only for it to turn out that the 'Sam Wa' group that was supposedly behind this doesn't actually exist, and the glamorous Stella Shiu (the mythical group's chair) was in fact a bankrupt from Hong Kong!

There is such a procedure known as 'Due Diligence' in any business enterprise which requires the credentials of groups are checked, particularly their financial status and the feasibility of the exercise independently verified.

This seems not to have been done on this occasions however, just as it wasn't done on the amazing 'Birkenhead Column', a ridiculous project which was supposed to create a tornado - extending to the stratosphere - based on Birkenhead docks. It didn't, of course, work, which was just as well. A tornado would have sucked up half of Birkenhead and caused enormous damage. As it was, all that got sucked up was nearly half a million pounds of our money which will never be seen again.

Undeterred by these setbacks, the leader of the council and the regeneration director have, according to the 'Eye' just returned form a week long 'Trade mission' to Reno Nevada, itself devastated by the ending of Nevada's monopoly on gambling. Let us hope, however, that this time they are not so absurdly naive, and really DO manage to do something about the vast wasteland currently occupied only by resting herring gulls!

445 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 12:58 AM Printer Ink Cartridges by fish5133

Often see ink cartridges turning up cheap in charity shops that don't fit my printer. Would it be a simple case of drilling small hole syringing out ink and putting it into my own cartridges. I am assuming the black, cyan magenta and yellow inks are all similar?

400 Views · 4 Comments
19th Dec 2014 8:09pm Christmas bin collections by Mark

Christmas bin collections

Residents are being reminded of a number of changes to domestic waste collections over the festive period.

Households that have subscribed to Wirral’s domestic garden waste collection service are reminded that from today (19th December) until Tuesday 20th January 2015 there will be no garden waste collections due to the usual, scheduled winter shut down for this service.

There will also be changes to your green and grey bin collection days if you are scheduled for collections on the bank holiday days over Christmas and New Year.

If your collection was scheduled for Christmas Day (Thursday) it will now take place on Saturday 27th December. If your bin was due to be collected on Boxing Day (Friday) it will be collected on Sunday 28th December instead.

Finally, if your bin was due to be collected on New Year’s Day it will be collected on Saturday 3rd January instead. All other collection days will be a normal service.

If residents need to report a problem with their bin collections between 27th December and 5th January 2015, they can do so using the online form only, available on the Wirral Council website.

Source : Click me

203 Views · 0 Comments
19th Dec 2014 6:26pm Walkers --New Cafe Open Thurstaston by fish5133

Whilst on my school crossing duty at School Lane I spotted a new Tea Shop sign. So on a damp gloomy end of term afternoon the tempting thought of a hot drink and cake was enough to get me too explore. Signposted off School Lane Thurstaston (by Heatherlands) a 300m walk down a muddy track (no cars allowed) found the xmas tree still lit and a warm welcome. Another watering hole for ramblers rambling between Thursaston and Royden . Open boxing day as well 10 till 3 serving mince pies mulled wine coffee cakes.
Normal opening times Wednesday to sunday 9am till 4:30. Prices on the normal higher coffee cake scale. Pot Tea £1.90 and coffee around £2.25 to £2.60. Dogs welcome outside in the fenced area.
Not on commission but I might try and wangle a coffee out of them--just mention Rob the Lolipop man !!
Benty Farm off school lane or on the track between Thursaston Royden

1449 Views · 3 Comments
19th Dec 2014 5:48pm spark plug thread repair in cylinder head by homeraway


Just wondered if anyone could recommend a garage on Wirral that could repair the thread in the spark plug hole on my cars cylinder head.

looking for garage that could do an in-situ repair using a spark plug repair kit rather than removing cylinder head.

thanks d

523 Views · 6 Comments
19th Dec 2014 5:29pm Crime on the wirral by landl

The way things are going, we are heading back to the nightmare of the 80's when crime was rampant because unemployment was so dire. I'm not defending the benefits culture, but, what little money they were getting kept them relatively passive, but once they have that taken away, then they have nothing to lose and crime goes up..

Reading another report today people in Bebington, are experiencing a spate of crime. Criminals are walking from door to door checking inside cars, breaking the windows if they see something they want, breaking into houses randomly, depending on whether anyone answers the doors and police are warning residents to be vigilant.

424 Views · 3 Comments
19th Dec 2014 5:27pm Off duty cop killed in Liverpool attack by fish5133

Very tragic. only married a few months and honeymoon planned in new year. Hope they catch the "bar stewards" and they get what they deserve.
Just one thing---would there be all the same national publicity if it was "joe blogs" a member of the public? I doubt it---so why? Are the police PR machines pushing it as they have had a lot of bad press recently with masonic cover ups of Hillsborough etc.

465 Views · 5 Comments
18th Dec 2014 6:40pm Software - PartitionMagic 5 (for WIn 95-98 !!!!) by Snodvan

Brand new, never used.
Create, resize, merge or convert disk partitions without losing data

I cannot imagine anyone wants it - but PM if you do.
Otherwise it goes in the bin soon


19 Views · 0 Comments
17th Dec 2014 10:14pm Gorillas being fed at the zoo by fillbo


Interesting what he has to say about feeding them fruit

417 Views · 3 Comments
17th Dec 2014 8:36pm wake up and smell the coffee Wirral Council by Mark

Wirral Tory has 'grounds' to complain after 'George Clooney-style' coffee machine installed in town hall

WIRRAL Council chiefs have been told to "wake up and smell the coffee” after what has been dubbed a “George Clooney” style coffee machine was installed at Wallasey Town Hall at a time when the cash-strapped authority is making cuts to public services.

Wallasey Conservative Cllr Paul Hayes has requested details of the costs of the coffee machine, which has been installed next to the office of the leader of the council Phil Davies, as well as the make and model.

He submitted the questions under the Freedom of Information Act via the ‘What Do They Know’ website, the day after councillors voted through a package of cuts for public services.

Cllr Hayes said: “The hypocrisy is breath taking – they preach austerity and cuts to the taxpayer while splashing the cash on the town hall.

“First we had the ‘Downton Abbey Staircase’, then the air conditioned executive lift, the hand woven carpets and now this all singing, all dancing coffee machine.

“Wirral’s Labour controlled council need to practice what they preach - why on earth do they need a coffee machine that grinds beans into six different kinds of coffee?

“I’m afraid it’s high time Wirral Labour woke up and smelled the coffee. This kind of tax payer sponsored extravagance is an affront to everyone who is fighting Labour’s cuts in Wirral.”

A spokesman for Wirral Council said the new machine is leased through Auto Bar, who have an existing contract with the authority, and has replaced the old machine which was broken.

The spokesman added: “Our FOI team will provide the specifics in response to this enquiry, but in the meantime we can tell you that, as far as we are aware, George Clooney was not involved in its purchase, and does, in fact, advertise coffee machines for a different company.

"The coffee machine is located in the members room for use by all members."

In a statement, Wirral's Labour group described Cllr Haye's criticism as "pathetic", adding: "If Cllr Hayes believes this decision to have been wrong, I trust he will condemn all of his Conservative colleagues who were seen using the new coffee machine at full council last Monday night?"

"Cllr Hayes’s hypocrisy know no bounds: has he forgotten that the funding for the ‘Downton Abbey Staircase’ and the new lift was agreed by the Tory Group when they were in control of the Council in 2011? Is he aware that the carpet in the town hall had to be replaced because the previous one was over 30 years old and was considered a health and safety risk?

"If Cllr Hayes thinks he can use a coffee machine to deflect attention from the millions of pounds of cuts in Wirral Council’s budget by his government and hated policies such as the bedroom tax then he is sadly mistaken."

source : Click me

2 Sugars please lol

1205 Views · 19 Comments
17th Dec 2014 7:57pm confusion over perpendicular parking by Mark

A Smart car owner has won a year-long battle over a £50 parking ticket given because she parked at a right angle to the kerb. But what is the law, asks Chris Stokel-Walker.

Vanessa Price has managed to get a £50 parking fine levied against her by Gloucestershire County Council overturned by an adjudicator, who said she did not break any road regulations by parking her Smart car at 90 degrees to the kerb.

Price was given the ticket because the front of her car peeked out from the parking bay lines in Stroud, Gloucestershire. It was overturned because the rule that drivers must park within markings does not apply in limited waiting spaces on highways.

Smart cars have been on sale in the UK since 2000, and are immediately recognisable for their small size. Though Smart's current marketing material suggests drivers parallel park into tight spots, some owners take advantage of the size of the Smart car, which at 2.69m is only slightly longer than the average car is wide, to park perpendicular to the kerb.

Price even suggested in her defence against the parking fine that the Smart website illustrates how to park perpendicularly to the kerb. The company's Facebook group has occasionally highlighted such practices. But is this parking legal?

No one is sure.

Two solicitors specialising in parking law could not say whether perpendicular, rather than parallel, parking in a Smart car could fall foul of the law.

The Local Government Association directed inquiries to the British Parking Association (BPA), a trade body that is, according to its website, a "recognised authority on parking".

"As far as we are aware, we have not come across this particular issue before," a spokesperson said. But vehicles have to follow general parking laws, regardless of the type of vehicle, and the size of the space they're pulling in to.

"There is no law that specifies the size of a parking bay, but there are guidelines. Roads can be different widths so parking needs to be managed appropriately. The BPA works with government to ensure parking and traffic signs are reviewed as necessary and reflect the changing needs of society."

The BPA's guide for drivers, Know Your Parking Rights, covers many thorny issues but does not cover parking perpendicularly in a Smart car. And until Smart car-specific legislation is drawn up, it seems drivers are safer erring on the side of caution, and parallel, rather than perpendicularly, parking their cars.

Source : Click Me

And more . . . .
I think this is the same storey : Click me

546 Views · 9 Comments
17th Dec 2014 7:31pm Mx android box by sean

It has started not booting up properly (sometimes freezes) and when it eventually does, won't find any wifi.
Does anybody know how to get them working again?


430 Views · 8 Comments
17th Dec 2014 5:22pm Boxer dog struck by a car in Park Road North. by Alonso

Happened at 3:50pm this afternoon. I pulled up behind a flat-back truck that braked in front of me, just before the Duke Street traffic lights, as a beautiful boxer dog ran in front of the truck.
The dog ran onto the pavement and seemed to be panicking looking for its owner. A group of women standing on the pavement seemed to be bewildered as to what to do. I just wish that one of them had grabbed his harness before he had a chance to dart in front of me because a split second later he collided with a car that had come from the opposite direction. The driver had no chance to avoid the poor dog. He let out a sickening yell before he managed to get to his feet and run a few yards disappearing out of my sight.
In the meantime I could hear and see somebody in the park whistling for his dog.
The car involved in the collision stopped and the truck driver ran towards the car.
I was unable to stop to help as I had one of my grandsons with me and was on my way to collect his brother.
I just hope that the dog, who was clearly distressed, even before he was struck, is okay.
If anybody knows anything as to how the dog is please let's know.
I went back that way about 20 minutes later, but there was nobody about other than the usual moving traffic.

501 Views · 1 Comments
17th Dec 2014 2:18pm Where to buy a new battery for samsung s3 phone by Laraine

Just wondering if anyone would know if there is anywhere locally that I can buy a replacement battery for my Samsung S3 phone please?

2219 Views · 4 Comments
17th Dec 2014 1:45pm spark plug change by lau2908

Hi I'm looking for someone to fit some spark plugs for me, I was going to do it myself but I don't have the tools so easier to just pay someone.

The car is a corsa vxr


238 Views · 2 Comments
17th Dec 2014 9:16am Two Seater Sofa by IanGsi16v

Two seater sofa, nice condition.

Collection from Moreton

56 Views · 2 Comments
16th Dec 2014 5:46pm Cooking Apples by fish5133

Have a sackful of large cooking apples if anyone local wants some all. They were collected today during a garden tidy up. Most are hand selected and grub free. Couple have some bruising but you can leave them if you want.
Free of charge but an apple pie might be appreciated wink
Heswall/Irby area

88 Views · 6 Comments
16th Dec 2014 11:52am sound by missmahjong

hi mark, just had pc,s back up and running but getting sounhelp would be d when viewing on funny post's , but fine on everything else, any idea's..

260 Views · 6 Comments
16th Dec 2014 10:28am Imprinted Concrete Driveway by lamped

Thank you to the previous member who recommended Steve at Cobblestones driveways 07889297686 he has just completed a driveway and patio for me.Very professional excellent job. I would NOT recommend Unique Paving and building also know as Unique Paving & Landscapes Ledsham or Printmaster spital.

651 Views · 7 Comments
15th Dec 2014 7:01pm Christmas truce football statue unveiled by Mark

A sculpture commemorating the World War One Christmas truce has been unveiled in Liverpool.

Two fibreglass figures, about to shake hands, capture the moment British and German soldiers stopped fighting and played football on Christmas Day 1914.

Named All Together Now, the statue, designed by Andy Edwards, is on display at Liverpool's bombed-out church.

St Luke's Church, which faces down Bold Street, is itself a monument to the 1941 Blitz on Liverpool.

The building was almost destroyed by an incendiary bomb in May 1941 and has remained as a burnt-out shell ever since.

Tom Calderbank, who led the project behind the statue's creation, said Edwards had "captured that moment of humanity amidst all the horror and the carnage".

The sculpture will be on display at the church for a week before being transported to Flanders in Belgium where it will be displayed.

St Luke's Church was built in 1831 by John Foster and John Foster Jr and continues to stand as a memorial to those killed in the war.

The walls and gates of the church are Grade II listed.

Along parts of the Western Front, some men emerged from their trenches into No Man's Land on 25 December 1914.

Where truces did happen, enemy soldiers met, spent Christmas together and even exchanged gifts.

Although first-hand testimonies suggest there was no single organised football match between German and British sides, small-scale kickabouts were held between soldiers.

There was no official truce, however, and along other parts of the frontline bloody battles continued to take place over the Christmas period.

Source : Click me

451 Views · 5 Comments
15th Dec 2014 7:01pm Ex-Liverpool councillor loses cool by Mark

WATCH: Ex-Liverpool councillor loses cool and tears down neighbour's fence in row over TWO INCHES of land

The moment a former Liverpool councillor loses his cool and tears down his neighbour’s fence in a row over two inches of land was caught on film.

Ex-Cressington Lib Dem Richard Oglethorpe took a hammer to the wrought iron railings as police arrived to try and calm down the situation.

Next-door neighbours John and Sue Newton said tempers flared outside their home in Desford Road, Aigburth on Friday afternoon.

Minutes earlier, Mr Newton, 81, who is in poor health, confronted Mr Oglethorpe after catching him tugging at the fence.

The pair had a heated argument before the pensioner walked away, but when his wife Sue had her back turned talking to workmen resurfacing Mr Oglethorpe’s driveway, the enraged dad-of-two took the matter into his own hands.

Mrs Newton, 58, said the incident was the culmination of an ongoing boundary dispute dating back nearly 10 years, which they have tried in vain to resolve.

Watch the Video : Click Me

347 Views · 3 Comments
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Body Sculpture BC5000 air resistance exercise bike
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Davina magnetic exercise bike RRP £120, sell £40
by Summer
Yesterday at 11:35 AM
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