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Michael Murpurgo Lecture
by paxvobiscum
20th Aug 2015 9:34pm
Wirral Heritage Open Days 2015
by chriskay
15th Aug 2015 4:40pm
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by ponytail
09:17 PM
Morrison's afternoon tea 1.24 over bank holiday
by paxvobiscum
08:22 AM
usb 3.0 32gb flash drive sandisk 12.99
by derekdwc
29th Aug 2015 7:53pm
Under Body Seal
by emian
29th Aug 2015 7:48pm
rav 4
by meem12
28th Aug 2015 5:30pm
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Cryptolocker Ransomware Beware
by Mark
Arrowe Park Hospital Parking Charges Increase
by Mark
Wirral Litter Fines : Smokers pay the Price
by Mark
Under Body Seal
by emian
11:22 AM
Net migration 330,000
by snowhite
10:11 AM
the new improved inconvenient truth
by diggingdeeper
12:39 AM
by ponytail
09:17 PM
What song are you listening to?
by snowhite
03:11 PM
Sliding Wardrobe Doors
by ludwigvan
02:35 PM
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Yesterday at 02:30 PM Charity Fun Day by Sneezy

A friend of mine from work is doing this tomorrow..........
Be lovely if lots of people came along to support her...... happy

116 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 02:04 PM Texas Hold,em poker set by cools

Anybody want a poker set and auto card shuffler.Pack of cards and instructions also lid missing but could be fun for anyone who likes cards.

14 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 12:15 PM central heating by gerry1

no fittings.collection eastham
before the scrapman cometh.

16 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:22 AM Morrison's afternoon tea 1.24 over bank holiday by paxvobiscum

Daily paper yesterday had advert that the big Morrison supermarkets over Bank Holiday have half price offer for afternoon tea from 2pm. I went to their Southport one and choice of three items for sandwich filling and cakes, so had half a ham sandwich, choc eclair and pot of tea for just 1.24. My friend had egg and cress as filling and a cream scone. Very good value

45 Views · 1 Comments
29th Aug 2015 10:05pm SuperMoon Tonight 29/08/2015 by GaryFromWirral

Supermoon for all you WikiWerewolves

338 Views · 11 Comments
29th Aug 2015 7:53pm usb 3.0 32gb flash drive sandisk 12.99 by derekdwc

These are at Clas Olsen L'POOL
I must have just missed out on 2 for 19

147 Views · 1 Comments
29th Aug 2015 7:48pm Under Body Seal by emian

I've recently just bought myself an 09 Navara, after speaking to a few people they've suggested that I get it sealed as there is some surface rust on the chassis...

So I've Googled Waxoyl etc but not much coming up local..

Anyone know of anything local that would take this type of job on?

214 Views · 2 Comments
28th Aug 2015 10:18pm table and chairs by workinclasshero

beech effect 5ft x 3ft table and 4 chairs 1 chair needs attention easy fix free before it goes the tip

44 Views · 2 Comments
28th Aug 2015 10:18pm 2 FRUIT OF THE LOOM WHITE T SHIRTS by snowhite

Unused ,2 v necked pure white t shirts.Both are in a size medium pure white.

Would be ldeal for school PE kit .

36 Views · 1 Comments
28th Aug 2015 5:30pm rav 4 by meem12

Hi i am looking for a mobile mechanic,my husband is very poorly,and his Rav 4 car has sat in the garage,it went for an mot last month and passed with an advisory,to have new head lights something about corrosion this has been done,but it has a small oil leak that was not picked up on the mot,i want to sell this car but worried that the oil leak may cause trouble,and would like it looked at.
thanks for reading this.

387 Views · 4 Comments
28th Aug 2015 4:22pm Cryptolocker Ransomware Beware by fish5133

Been hit with above virus. Think I picked it up when trying to find a live football match on the net. had mixed advice about it. One computer guy said just say goodbye to all your files, wipe clean the hard drive, reinstall a clean windows package 50+

another guy said don't listen to that computer guy he is a liar cant be trusted (strong words about a competitor) we can sort it out and you wont lose any files. No fix no fee or 35 if we sort it.

any other opinions? thanks

603 Views · 10 Comments
27th Aug 2015 3:55pm Well Lane by missmahjong

Just been the park with the dog and Lidl, a policeman at the end of an entry with police tape across and 2 police half way up entry, nit sure what has gone on ???? Any one know ..

529 Views · 3 Comments
26th Aug 2015 6:29pm Restless Dog by granny

Has anyone else's dog been a pain in the butt today ? Goodness knows what the answer is. He's been walked, fed, played ball, treats, tug of war ( constantly) and the bugger won't lie down.
He's being particularly naughty as in chasing around the house, pinching the grand childrens cuddly toys. Every time I sit down he's demanding I get up again and shouting at he does talk !
Don't know if it's the weather (i.e.wind) but he's been pushing his luck all day.

1207 Views · 20 Comments
26th Aug 2015 3:06pm Birkenhead Blitz March1941 by Brenk1

Can anyone help me on casualties in Birkenhead due to the March 12/13 raids? Trying to do a bit of family history!

thanks in advance

141 Views · 8 Comments
26th Aug 2015 12:11pm 748 Mr White's Bar & Grill Argyle Street by derekdwc

Mr White's Bar & Grill

97 Views · 2 Comments
25th Aug 2015 4:40pm Experienced Counter Clerk Post Office Prenton by Longnails

I was out and about today and noted that there is a vacancy for a experienced counter clerk at the Post Office in Prenton, opposite The Dell Pub, it's 16-20 hours per week.

139 Views · 0 Comments
25th Aug 2015 4:01pm Stolen Sat Nav, Electric Golf Trolley and Driver by WallaseyChris

Father in law had his car broken in to on his driveway in Oxton last night; his sat nav, electric golf trolley and driver (club) were all taken.

If anybody hears anything or sees an item like the above on a sale site, please can you send me a DM?



464 Views · 3 Comments
24th Aug 2015 7:09pm logs/fire wood by kimpri

free logs
will deliver if local to me (prenton ch43)

33 Views · 0 Comments
24th Aug 2015 6:53pm Facebook by Finney

Is anyone else having trouble with facebook, It works ok on my phone and laptop but when I use it on my kindle tablet it will not let me do searches for the likes of wirral newsbeat, unable to display settings, It was working fine the other day, any help appreciated.

357 Views · 3 Comments
24th Aug 2015 1:34pm Spanish anyone? by Snodvan

Would you like to chat with other Spanish speakers, learn or brush-up your Spanish or just be sociable. A Spanish Circle meeting will take place TONIGHT 7pm at Cafe Soul 117 Wallasey Village (just by the roundabout)

Anyone welcome


142 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Aug 2015 1:45pm bedding to get rid off by chris58

Ive some old quilt covers etc, quilts and pillows ready to go to tip. Does anyone know if any of the local wirral animal shelters could use them before i get rid. Ive contacted rspca wiirral but no one bothered to reply! Would rather put the stuff to good use than dump. Thanks

435 Views · 4 Comments
23rd Aug 2015 1:31pm Car crash. by Giggler

Car crash on Poulton Road on the last bridge before the motorway. Lots of Police. Couldn`t see an ambulance.

481 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Aug 2015 3:52pm 2 racing cars by Catsick

The JPS is by Corgi & is standard die cast & plastic but missing the engine block and the other has no make shown but is of metal plate & plastic construction. Both used but may be of use to someone?

58 Views · 0 Comments
21st Aug 2015 10:27pm Vehicle transporter needed by Mike72

Hi, Can anyone please advise on where I can hire someone to possibly pick up a campervan with no MOT to be picked up from the Flintshire area back to Wallasey?


321 Views · 1 Comments
20th Aug 2015 2:44am Strange looking spider needs new home! by Laraine

Not exactly sure where to post this, but it's not staying in my house!
Spider with large white thing on its back, exact sub species unknown!

1165 Views · 6 Comments
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29th Aug 2015 8:07am
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25th Aug 2015 4:01pm
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25th Aug 2015 10:57am
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7th Aug 2015 11:57am
Free Sale & Wanted
Yamaha xjr 1300sp
by brady
Yesterday at 08:37 PM
BMW Mini Cooper 1.6
by fabby
Yesterday at 07:26 PM
3 seater black faux leather settee
by mrefc
Yesterday at 03:15 PM
Texas Hold,em poker set
by cools
Yesterday at 02:04 PM
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26th Aug 2015 12:11pm
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20th Aug 2015 9:56pm
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20th Aug 2015 4:02pm
outside light on stand
by snowshoes
18th Aug 2015 6:05pm
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