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wallasey dog murderers 515
Redcliffe, Wellington Rd, New Brighton 478
rock ferry high school 420
Windows 7 upgrade 356
Jumble & bric a brac sale 11am Sat 24th 288
How does this affect you? 272
Corbyn wins again. 234
Redcliffe, Wellington Road, New Brighton 185
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Will Metal 3D Printing Change the World?
by FelixCowden
27th Sep 2016 7:23pm
Arrowe Park Hospital
by casper
26th Sep 2016 1:54pm
Corbyn wins again.
by Don_Kidick
24th Sep 2016 12:32pm
How does this affect you?
by venice
23rd Sep 2016 11:18am
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rock ferry high school
by jeremycorbon
23rd Sep 2016 2:37am
Hardware Store
by snowshoes
18th Sep 2016 6:47pm
Cake shop Moreton Cross
by moretonkiwi
18th Sep 2016 3:26am
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10th Sep 2016 6:31pm
WW2 Air Raid Shelters at B.H.S.A
10th Sep 2016 5:52pm
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Dog set on fire:any result yet?
by jeremycorbon
Today at 11:44 AM
33 lions
by granny
Today at 10:48 AM
What song are you listening to?
by snowhite
Today at 10:23 AM
Farm Subsidies
by granny
Today at 10:11 AM
What are you eating today?
Yesterday at 10:56 PM
by venice
Yesterday at 10:52 PM
Sony Xperia M2 8GB Black
by Finney
Yesterday at 06:54 PM
Latop/netbook wanted
by DavidB
Yesterday at 05:11 PM
2 seater and 3 Seater Settees & 2 Walking Frames.
by goodoldphil
Yesterday at 05:01 PM
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Memory Walk Alzheimers Society
by LittleFoote
25th Sep 2016 9:31pm
Jumble & bric a brac sale 11am Sat 24th
by Dilly
24th Sep 2016 10:08am
Today at 11:44 AM Dog set on fire:any result yet? by jeremycorbon

watched "the dog rescuers" the other day as they had said the previous week they would follow up on the three cowards that hung a dog up in a yard then battered the poor little bugger and decided to then set it on fire. These 3 bits of sh** didnt go to court and must still be around. it is a fact that this kind of vile behaviour leads to similar treatment of human-beings and before it happens they should be found and put in broadmoor for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they are hiding or have already got their punishment,i do hope so. if anyone knows who they are let us all know

32 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 12:11 PM Programming SkyFly for a boat by Martin1943

I recently purchased a SkyFly radio controller to use with my boat.
The boat has twin motors and a rudder to control.
The SkyFly has six channels
Is anyone able to help me configure the control to give selective forward and reverse to throttle for the motors; the rudder works fine.

54 Views · 0 Comments
27th Sep 2016 5:37pm Microsoft Sees Big Things Coming For Canada’s Yout by FelixCowden

With a shortage of qualified personnel south of the border, Microsoft is trying to bolster tech education in Canada, to help close the gap.

62 Views · 0 Comments
25th Sep 2016 9:31pm Memory Walk Alzheimers Society by LittleFoote

On the 2nd October (Sunday) there is a mini Memory Walk in New Brighton.

It starts at the Floral at 1030. There is a short walk and a longer walk.

I work in Sainsbury's Prenton and this is our charity of the year.

Dogs are welcome too.

71 Views · 0 Comments
24th Sep 2016 10:53pm 5 framed and glassed pics by derekdwc

I was going to use some of them to frame maps or use for photos
Possibly useful to an amateur artist for their own work or they may appeal to someones taste.
sizes in inches

104 Views · 0 Comments
24th Sep 2016 5:47pm Windows 7 upgrade by johncon

Hi guys my wife has just bought a laptop with Windows 7 Starter installed how easy is it to upgrade to Pro or Home ? Bearing in mind I am not very good with computers !

356 Views · 6 Comments
23rd Sep 2016 10:53pm Jumble & bric a brac sale 11am Sat 24th by Giggler

Hi Everyone.

Long time no post! Hope you`re all well.

We`re having a sale tomorrow in Egremont community centre.

Come along and bag a bargain or a coffee and cake.

Hope to see you there.

288 Views · 3 Comments
23rd Sep 2016 7:52pm Redcliffe, Wellington Rd, New Brighton by gareth13jones

We are about to release the recently renovated apartments at Redcliffe. The show flat is almost ready and units range between 1 to 3 beds completed to a very high spec. Pls let me know if you would like to come and have a look!

478 Views · 5 Comments
23rd Sep 2016 11:18am How does this affect you? by venice

Came across this video on FB a couple of days ago. Did anyone feel like I did -- spellbound but uncomfortable ? Maybe Im being too sensitive and reading too much into it , but it worried me about what the children might have had to go through, to reach such unbelievable perfection for their tender ages (every note, inflexion, movement etc) - especially as we know how harsh the Chinese can be in their quest for their children to excel at things .

(It felt the same as I might feel about recognizing the stunning beauty of a fabulous and styled real fur coat on someone , whilst at the same time being outranged and condemning fur wearing because of the cruelty I know it involves.)

Any comments on the video ?

272 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Sep 2016 8:17am walking in little sutton by Paternoster21

anybody on here from little sutton who likes to go walking who also likes local history. the two could be combined.

125 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Sep 2016 4:16am wallasey dog murderers by jeremycorbon

hi, does anybody know who the filthy ... are who tortured a dog and hung it up and set fire to it in wallasey. the story was on the "dog rescuers" and they didnot attend court. i would love to meet them and get their side of the story Who are you?

515 Views · 4 Comments
22nd Sep 2016 9:43pm Rabbit factory farm petition. by venice

Battery farming , not a nice thing, please sign simple petition .

119 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Sep 2016 3:47pm Free old wood different types and grades by futurepast

We are clearing out our unit tomorrow and have a large amount of wood that needs to go, good for fire wood or for using on allotments, the site is in central B'head. Inbox for more details.

103 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Sep 2016 8:15am Finding my old car. by FlightlessNinja

Hi All,

I'm trying to get in touch with the current owner of my old VXR.

The reg began with CX56. It's Arden Blue and when I last had it, it had the 19" wheels.

The last thing I can find for it was an article for it being on sale in Birkenhead in 2009.

If anyone happens to have any info please PM me.

Many Thanks

458 Views · 3 Comments
21st Sep 2016 5:38pm House cat needs new home. by palemoon

Johnboy is about five years old and has lived in an apartment all of his life. He is spotlessly clean and uses a litter tray. He is completely black and smooth coated but a bit nervous by nature. He is not a lap cat although he loves being in the company of his owner. Ideally his new owner would be someone maybe living alone and looking for company.

Please PM me if you can help him.

173 Views · 1 Comments
21st Sep 2016 2:32pm Apples apples apples! by venice

In our local whats on guide.

Come to our Apple Fest at Lees Lane Ponds on Sunday 25th September from 11am to 3pm

These are the attractions on the day
• Don’t let your apples go to waste - Bring along your apples and have them processed into juice.
• Watch the apple steamer in action!
• What’s My Apple? – we will try and identify your own apples
• Where have all the apples gone? Put a pin on a map where you know there are apple trees
• Apple recipes - Come and share your favourite recipes
• Apple Spice Cake – taste this special “Friends of Lees Lane Pommes Gateau”!
• Apple Punch – wash the cake down with our own spiced apple concoction

It’s a free fun day celebrating locally grown fruit . (CarPark, Lees Lane entrance to Wirral Way)

216 Views · 1 Comments
20th Sep 2016 5:55pm Flu Jab half price by diggingdeeper

Many people get Flu Jabs free however for those that have to pay, ASDA was offering Flu Jabs for £5 on their tannoy which is around half the price of many other places.

20 Views · 0 Comments
19th Sep 2016 10:11am It's behind youuuu! by cools

Pinched this from another forumn, but it did make me laugh thought I'd share it.

607 Views · 6 Comments
18th Sep 2016 6:47pm Hardware Store by snowshoes

Does anyone remember a hardware store in Wallasey Village in the
It was run by Vic and Elsie Warmington and they lived on
Leasowe Rd. He was a large jovial character, formerly a

486 Views · 4 Comments
18th Sep 2016 5:39pm firewood...big bag free..collect only by fish5133

Cut down an old dead bush .well seasoned as been dead for many years. mixture of kindling twigs small branches cut to short lengths and a few larger larger Branches. Nothing over 3 inch diam.large builders bag ful. I need the builders bag its in but have a holed one youcan have to transport in. Pm me please

218 Views · 3 Comments
18th Sep 2016 11:15am Trading Standards RE Game Machine by Pete_M

Hi all,
A friend of mine was quoted £50.00 to have a new HDMI port put in the back of a Playstation 4 as the pins were damaged. Other than that it was fine. He waited the 2.15 hours for it to be fixed. The engineer brought out and it fired up fine, he then switched it off and re-tested it, but this time it was dead! The guy said no fix no charge. My question is do any of you know were he stands as before the only problem was the HDMI output, now it is an expensive door stop!Any advice would be appreciated.

422 Views · 3 Comments
18th Sep 2016 8:44am Whither the cabs? by BandyCoot

Couldn't get a cab for love or money at midnight last night. Tried every firm and no joy. What was happening in the Wirral last night that caused every taxi to be booked up? Bit concerned because me and the missus stuck in the middle of nowhere and facing an hour walk home. If no cabs going to be on call it means we can't go out on a Saturday night anymore, pity. I feel there must be a reason for it, it seemed almost like industrial action. Didn't see any whizzing about when we managed to get a lift home with a bloke who luckily doesn't drink. oldman

986 Views · 15 Comments
18th Sep 2016 3:26am Cake shop Moreton Cross by moretonkiwi

Hoping someone can tell me the name of the cake shop that used to be under the little covered area next to Lloyds Bank and Oakenholt Road. I am interested in the 1930 - 1940 time period. I know there was a cake shop there in the early 60's at the time of Les Turner's tobaconnists and I believe this one was later to become a Barber's shop. My mother remembers that she used to buy cakes from it pre WW2 days.

573 Views · 6 Comments
16th Sep 2016 9:07am Fish tank pump by Elyth

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good pump please? My child received a kids starter fish tank but the pump ends up sliding down the tank and the part that sucks air in always ends up submerged so it stops working. I've looked for one without suckers but have not found any. Just looking for recommendations from people please.

311 Views · 2 Comments
15th Sep 2016 9:56pm TV Unit by ynwa96

TV Unit, looks like new, free to who ever wants it. Can email pictures if required, PM me. Goes the tip otherwise, thanks!

159 Views · 0 Comments
15th Sep 2016 11:19am VIRGIN MEDIA email possible scam by derekdwc

Just received an email supposedly from Virgin and when I clicked on the link -wanted card and bank details. I got as far as inputting my name and address then decided to get in touch with Virgin or my bank. Virgin told me THEY HADN'T sent an the email. They couldn't let me send a copy of it to them so they could follow it up and possibly save others from it



We were unable to process the payment for your latest Virgin Media bill. The billing details associated with your Virgin Media account have expired. Your service is pending automatic disconnection on:

17 September, 2016

To avoid the scheduled interruption of service we strongly recommend that you to update your billing profile with Virgin Media now by following the link below:

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

637 Views · 6 Comments
14th Sep 2016 4:28pm A very good question! by Excoriator

Here's Gary Johnson, the leader of the libertarian party of America asking a very real and important question. Something that has baffled millions. Maybe some in Wirral?

Fortunately, there were experts on hand to answer the question for us all. Nevertheless, it was a question that needed asking, and one can only congratulate him for doing so!

Clearly he is a man not afraid to ask difficult questions, and exactly what the American nation needs to lead it into a glorious future!

850 Views · 11 Comments
13th Sep 2016 8:40pm Can I download a TV programme to a memory stick? by yoller

I’ve recorded a programme on my Sky Plus planner and I wonder if there’s any way it can be downloaded on to a USB memory stick via my television? The TV is a Toshiba with two USB ports and it’s connected to the Internet. Any help would be appreciated.

512 Views · 2 Comments
13th Sep 2016 9:25am Firestick / Kodi by saltytom

I have just upgraded my Television to the latest Samsung, via my laptop I watch a few hours of sky golf / cricket and rugby via cricfree tv.

I have been told to get a Stick and load it with Kodi to get sky when I ask for details its all a bit vague.

Do we have member who can point me in the right direction.
I have spent money on the tv so I'm not looking for the cheapest solution I want it to be right.

Thank you

2371 Views · 37 Comments
12th Sep 2016 11:48pm What do you feel by granny

Doing an experiment, and this is not one of the 33 rescued lions. That's so you don't have pre-conceived ideas.

Out of interest, when you see this face what is the first response you have ?

1262 Views · 23 Comments
10th Sep 2016 6:31pm Outwood House by RUDEBOX

Now housing the sixth- formers of St Anslems College this four floor Grade 2 Listed Building was built in 1859.

It's extensive History can be found at

Visited as a part of H.O.D week with plusone amd missmahjong

773 Views · 7 Comments
10th Sep 2016 5:52pm WW2 Air Raid Shelters at B.H.S.A by RUDEBOX

The tunnels underneath Birkenhead High School Academy were originally opened in 1940.

They were paid for by parents to allow the return of girls who had been evacuated to Shrewsbury during World War II

Contained within the cramped, dimly-lit cold space was seating for around 150 pupils.

After war ended, the tunnels were closed but were recently unearthed as part of the school's refurbishment.

Visited as part of H.O.D week with missmahjong and Plusone.

694 Views · 5 Comments
10th Sep 2016 3:57pm Office/PC Chair by niknak

Going FREE to the first collector:

One Office/PC chair.

Located in Moreton CH46 area.

It is height adjustable with black faux leather with chrome arms and base.

It is clean, in full working order and in good condition.

Link to pic of chair

Message me if you want it.

255 Views · 1 Comments
10th Sep 2016 1:06pm ECU Remapping by kamikazi

Bought a Saab Diesel this week, on an 08 plate little bit sluggish on pulling away, its got the 150bhp motor. Anyone any experience of having ECU remaps done locally?


553 Views · 6 Comments
6th Sep 2016 5:19am Accident at Cammel Lairds by moretonkiwi

Does anyone have any info on a Boiler exploding on a ship under construction/refit at Lairds. Would have been sometime in the mid 1950's (my husband thinks) and his late father John Price was one of those seriously hurt and spent some months at the Arrow Park Convalescent home?

869 Views · 6 Comments
4th Sep 2016 1:44pm Wood (Decking & Fencing) - Free to a good home... by Soniz

Large pile of used decking and feather edge fencing free to anyone willing to collect.

Also good for a Guy Fawkes bonfire too :-)

If interested please PM me and thanks for looking.

493 Views · 4 Comments
4th Sep 2016 12:00pm Heritage on the Dock by DockHistory

Heritage on the Dock celebrates the rich history of Albert Dock with two days of free walks, talks, workshops and live music on 8th & 9th September 2016.

Albert Dock has a unique and undiscovered narrative that has played a central role in the ebbs and flows of Liverpool’s own fortunes. Join us to discover the exciting impact of the Dock’s culture and history.

Events include:

Author Tony Crowley on the language of the docks

A Chinese tea tasting and talk, with live music from Pagoda Arts

Lancashire Wildlife Trust revealing the Dock’s amazing wildlife

Professor of Astrophysics Don Kurtz on the relationship between the sea and the stars

Local choirs performing a specially-commissioned sea shanty

Behind the scenes tours of Tate Liverpool

RIBA-led architectural walks

Blue Badge-led heritage walks

Events are free, and tickets can be reserved at:

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund

270 Views · 0 Comments
3rd Sep 2016 11:17pm Any taxi drivers on here by davelfc

looking at getting into it, advice and tips please

1815 Views · 22 Comments
3rd Sep 2016 5:32am Bombing practice during WW2 by mikeeb

Just found an interesting bombing practice manual from WW2 on photobucket here
Who said health and safety didn't exist back then? This manual is thorough regarding safety

308 Views · 0 Comments
2nd Sep 2016 5:10pm Book by Raven61

Variety Movie Guide 1993 edition, over 800 pages.
Pick up Wallasey.

201 Views · 0 Comments
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Sony Xperia M2 8GB Black
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