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Name? - Tollemache Road Community Hall 1950's
by diggingdeeper
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by fish5133
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Binmen refused to collect the bin
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Wilfred Owen's 122nd birthday
Yesterday at 11:11 PM
'Lilith' movie trailer and music video
by derekdwc
6th Feb 2016 10:11pm
Yesterday at 11:11 PM Wilfred Owen's 122nd birthday by TRANCENTRAL

Friday 18th March

29 Views · 0 Comments
6th Feb 2016 1:24pm iPhone 6 screen replacement by robert_37

Hi looking fo someone to replace my broken screen and price please

177 Views · 2 Comments
5th Feb 2016 8:11pm Snowdrops in Royden Park by paxvobiscum

The walled garden in Royden Park is looking towards Spring. There are snowdrops and crocus out.

188 Views · 2 Comments
4th Feb 2016 11:03pm TV ,DVD, Speaker Set Up by fish5133

Set up the above for one of my gardening customers. When playing a certain DVD (not all) Getting music coming out of all speakers but voice only out of one, Is that likely to be the way they have recorded the dvd.

Speakers are connected to the DVD player using the simple speaker wire spring connections (not jack plugs) (subwoofer, centre speaker, 2 front 2 rear) . Music cds seem to be fine.

142 Views · 1 Comments
4th Feb 2016 8:52pm Wirral The Worst Place For Stalking by diggingdeeper

The top ten list of worst places for stalking:-

1. Wirral, Merseyside: 86 cases, population 320,914, 2.7 cases per 10,000 people.

2. Liverpool, Merseyside: 109 cases, population 473,073, 2.3 cases per 10,000 people.

3. Sefton, Merseyside: 40 cases, population 273,531, 1.5 cases per 10,000 people.

4. St Helens, Merseyside: 22 cases, population 177,188, 1.2 cases per 10,000 people.

5. South Worcester, Worcestershire: 36 cases, population 296,505, 1.2 cases per 10,000 people.

6. Knowsley, Merseyside: 17 cases, population 146,407, 1.2 cases per 10,000 people.

7. North Worcestershire: 30 cases, population 278,916, 1.1 cases per 10,000 people.

8. Caerphilly, South Wales: 19 cases, population 179,941, 1.1 cases per 10,000 people.
Share article

9. Rushmoor, Hampshire: 8 cases, population 95,296, 0.8 cases per 10,000 people.

10. Eastleigh, Hampshire: 9 cases, population 128,877, 0.7 cases per 10,000 people.


420 Views · 5 Comments
4th Feb 2016 10:04am pc tower by FellowsE

Hi all I'm looking for a pc tower if possible that is no use to anyone would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

160 Views · 1 Comments
2nd Feb 2016 8:20pm Wirral Street Lights - Fail by diggingdeeper

It is reported that 1723 street lights are not working out of the total of 37,470. The council is about to do a check, I think they are in for a shock as I've been driving round looking at street lights quite a bit recently.

Ignoring the streets that have had the LED conversion, my estimate is that between 20% and 30% of lights are faulty which would make a figure of around 7,500 more realistic. There are areas with five lights out in a row, its just gone mad.

If the contractor is at fault I hope we get some recompense off them.

I reported one a couple of months ago which is still out, in the mean time two more lights have died making a string of three in a row dead.


628 Views · 14 Comments
2nd Feb 2016 1:46pm re-usable wood and burnable wood free by futurepast

Hello all as the title says, re-usable wood and burnable wood free to collect, can deliver a van full locally if required, inbox for more details thanks in advance

94 Views · 0 Comments
31st Jan 2016 9:00pm Immobiliser Key for Fiesta by Iaint

Hi All

Anyone work on Fords. A friend is having elecrical issues with her key. Can anyone help?


308 Views · 3 Comments
30th Jan 2016 11:57pm Phone Screen Problem by fish5133

Nokia 9300 Communicator ,. The phone screen lights up but no display of any kind. Still can phone out on it etc The only thing I had was the charging line. Any clues. The inner display screen works fine.

243 Views · 1 Comments
30th Jan 2016 7:21pm Mama's & Papa's Mamu Fizz Cot Bed by emian

Cot bed free to whoever collects.

Been chewed on one of the edges by little teeth - couple of scuffs etc.


Might help someone out..


149 Views · 1 Comments
29th Jan 2016 4:31pm Large IKEA chest of drawers. by kittykat

Large unit from the malm range. It is not in perfect condition having a few marks on the top and the some of the corners are a little knocked but still a perfectly serviceable drawer unit.

Collection from Greasby.
Dimensions are 160 cms wide x 77 cms high x 48 deep so a suitable vehicle is required.

228 Views · 2 Comments
29th Jan 2016 2:07pm Spacesaver wheel and tyre by Snodvan

I am looking for a 16" 5 stud spacesaver wheel & tyre (fit 2011 Meriva. Needs to be a spacesaver because I use some of the space in the wheel well for other storage.

Anyone know where I may be able to get one local? I have tried the Cleveland St places.


595 Views · 11 Comments
28th Jan 2016 3:33pm LED Street Lights by Davefabo

I have noticed that the Council ( I assume its them) are starting to replace the old yellow sodium street light with white LED lights. Some have been replaced on Barnston Road, Arrowe Park Road and Pensby Road. On Barnston Road they are only in one section so its easy to compare the two types of street lighting.
Although Im sure the LED lights are cheaper to operate in my opinion they dont do as good a job of lighting up the road and the pavements as the yellow sodium lights do.
Where else is this change happening?

557 Views · 7 Comments
28th Jan 2016 12:05pm aerial fitter by jaki12

Can anyone recommend a cheap reliable aerial fitter in Wallasey.
I have no signal on my tvs, so need someone to go up on roof.


289 Views · 4 Comments
28th Jan 2016 12:36am Small Electrical appliance experts by fish5133

My mother in law decided to help wash up some dishes (bless her) and didn't realise the milk frother jug (yes we are posh--not) was electric after fishing it out the wash up bowl it doesn't work. Opened it up and dried off best I could and sat it on radiator but still no joy. Fuse ok in plug. Don't know what bit inside doesn't like water. Bsially has a motor, switches and a heater and a cut out when milk reaches right temperature and also some kind of timer when it froths cold milk. Doesn't power up on any setting. Separate base unit that plugs in but this didn't get wet.

316 Views · 1 Comments
27th Jan 2016 5:35pm Sheldrakes Restaurant Voucher Free by fish5133

I have a 40% off voucher for Sheldrakes restaurant Heswall shore if anyone can use it.
expires end of feb.
40% off a la carte menu. Valid Monday to Thursday. Must pre book.
Sheldrakes Banks Rd Lower Heswall

155 Views · 4 Comments
25th Jan 2016 3:24pm Get a head start. by venice

Well, human whole head transplant planned for 2017!!!
I cant get my head around it enough to be serious laugh

Can you imagine the questions that will bring up !!

Yes Judge, I didnt see his face but I can identify my attacker from last Summer from the birthmark on his body

Yes Dr,Im a VERY wealthy pensioner,wink wink , it would be a private operation,not NHS ,Id like the head from a twenty yr old please.

Well Dr,youre not racist or sexist are you? We're all the same under the skin arent we, so Id like a white female head please or maybe a black male one? Id welcome a change, anyway, and I can pay ...


Are they going to transplant the whole brain etc? All seems a bit weird at the moment. Not enough hard information to do anything but speculate.

Ive heard stories previously where even with just transplanted hearts, people apparently accquire a tendency towards the skills of the donor. Dont know how true that all is.

426 Views · 5 Comments
25th Jan 2016 10:36am Wristbands by casper

Campaigners on behalf of asylum seekers say the use of coloured wristbands to enable them to get free meals is degrading,if you go on an all inclusive holiday you will be issued with a wristband or a photographed ID card, I have been on these type of holidays were both systems have been used for ID purposes, if you use the swimming baths you are given a wristband which is most probably the simplest and cheapest form and can be re issued, if we were to give asylum seekers ID cards apart from the cost this would also be frowned on as a human rights issue, it just appears to me that at every attempt to help there appears to be problems, red coloured front doors is another one, apparently all the properties run by this company have red doors, not just the ones that house asylum seekers, it just appears that certain parties are looking for problems that dont really exist, this in turn backfires on those seeking asylum as being ungrateful and getting preferential treatment.

1266 Views · 26 Comments
24th Jan 2016 8:53pm Stone Manganese Marine by Raven61

I hope Admin don't mind but I thought some members of this Group might be interested in a new Group I've started on Facebook for people to post any photographs, memories or questions they have of Stone Manganese Marine. Thanks in advance.

328 Views · 0 Comments
24th Jan 2016 8:23pm Navman 510 satnav by Snodvan

Fairly old (2008 build) SCREEN DAMAGED - hence it is free! I guess the screen can be replaced but I cannot be bothered.
Actually works fine because 3/4 of screen is still visible.
Comes with charger and and "extension" ariel wire to give better sensitivity and those alone may be useful to someone
Wallasey Village area

154 Views · 0 Comments
24th Jan 2016 6:25pm Large easy chair by carol

Was part of a 3 piece suite. Pale blue draylon in good condition. Very comfortable. Free. Pickup Wallasey. Can text a photograph.

280 Views · 2 Comments
24th Jan 2016 1:43pm paypal phishing email by eddtheduck

where my email was named I've put your email wink

Dear (your email)

You have successfully made a payment of GBP 20.37 to Omnyex E commerce DMCC.

This transaction was made using your PayPal account (your on 17/01/16 and the charge will appear on your account statement as a debit by: SKR*

You have the legal right to cancel your order for items purchased through PayPal for 5 business days after the day you receive them.

Merchant Reference:

Order ID 12936194420

If you need help with this transaction please contact Omnyex E commerce DMCC.

Thank you

PayPal Customer Department

1007 Views · 15 Comments
23rd Jan 2016 8:16pm Projectors by fish5133

Anyone throw a few pointers at me regarding what spec to look for.

I want to be able to project DVDs from a dvd player or laptop in say a small church hall/ room . Have seen some cheapish mini projectors but not sure what spec is best to look out for.
Also sound may be an issue. Do they just project a picture and you rely upon sound from the device the dvd is playing on.

I have a built in dvd player on a tv set can that also be diverted from showing on the TV and through the projector.

cheers in advance--technology passes me by quite quick these days

393 Views · 4 Comments
23rd Jan 2016 10:27am Autonomous cars by venice

Who things they are a good thing or a bad idea on the roads?

1118 Views · 20 Comments
22nd Jan 2016 10:27pm Looking for a cousin by dingle

This is an unusual post. While searching(which I have been for the past 35 years) for my cousin(Susan Iddon) I found here mother's(my Auntie) death notice in the Wirral Globe. The notice mentioned not only Susan but her daughter Sarah, brother Paul and sister in law Jean and all the kid and grandkids.
Amelia(Milly) Iddon was buried on 22/2/2012 by Susan C. Porter Independent Funeral Directors. Now I don't know what to do or how to go about trying to get in touch with Susan or Paul. Any ideas out or help out there.

1133 Views · 14 Comments
22nd Jan 2016 7:44pm This should be stopped !!! by venice

Please please take the 10 secs required to sign this . Use a spare email address if you dont like giving your most used one .
Disgusting state of affairs .Poor poor creatures.

665 Views · 12 Comments
22nd Jan 2016 4:56pm Paying For Private Patrols - Poll by diggingdeeper

The PCC is asking for a 2% increase in our police precept to make up the short funding from government. This works out at £2.08 for Band A up to £6.24 a year.

Would you pay (say less than £5 a year) to have private security patrol your area?

608 Views · 7 Comments
22nd Jan 2016 12:30pm Grey Fishtank Stand by Weekendwarior15

Fishtank stand available FOC , Cant be bothered trying to sell on Ebay just need rid.

194 Views · 0 Comments
20th Jan 2016 3:20pm Building work on B&Q car park, Bidston by Davefabo

I see a large part of the B&Q car park has been fenced off and what looks like construction work starting.
Does anyone know what is happening on this site?, there been lots of development there recently.

1438 Views · 13 Comments
20th Jan 2016 1:11pm Do we need Trident? by derekdwc

I don't know if it the only nuclear deterrent we have or if we have any land based one.
I think with the advances made with satellite surveillance drones,radar and computer hacking, that by the time Trident is built it would be too vulnerable to a first strike against it.

Fact is, the Navy has been seeking—pretty much under the surface—a way to do underwater what the Air Force has been doing in the sky: prowl stealthily for long periods of time, and gather the kind of data that could turn the tide in war.

The Navy’s goal is to send an underwater drone, which it calls a “glider,” on a roller-coaster-like path for up to five years. A fleet of them could swarm an enemy coastline, helping the Navy hunt down minefields and target enemy submarines.

988 Views · 18 Comments
19th Jan 2016 6:47am pawmbroker Cothier & Jersetter by OmiOpi19

Hi anyone know anything about thee above pawnbroker? I have relatives by the name of Watt that were owners(I think) then numerous of the children continued on time frame seems to be 1800's-early 1900's. The shop was located in Birkenhead! shocked Census records show they lived in Thornbury Park Road East Birkenhead smile

621 Views · 5 Comments
18th Jan 2016 9:12pm Glass tv display unit by Weekendwarior15

Glass tv unit

Metal frame with 3 glass shelfs

Collection from upton

283 Views · 2 Comments
17th Jan 2016 8:23pm Airport Drop Off Pick Up- Liverpool by fish5133

Doesn't seem that long ago since I was last there.Bu**ers have changed the free drop off collection point. The old free drop off collection is now £2 a short visit and they have moved the free one to what they say is a 5 to 10 minute walk from terminal Signposted Drop Off 2. Turn right at last roundabout instead of left into airport. Not signposted as free as you can imagine.
They have monopolised it very well with double yellows on all the approach roads and big warning signs with fines about stopping to drop off or pick up on them.
What do taxis do --are they charging customers £2 extra?
Daughter and boyfriend fit enough so they can walk.

642 Views · 4 Comments
15th Jan 2016 4:41pm Stampstamps by granny

If anyone collects stamps, I have quite a number from all over the world,most going back to early 1970's.

480 Views · 5 Comments
14th Jan 2016 7:46pm Fitting Rear Sensors by Madge

Could anyone recommend a firm who fit rear sensors please,

527 Views · 4 Comments
14th Jan 2016 5:12pm sat nav snooper by kensden

hi all got myself a sat nav snooper snp600 and need help on voice for it anyone know where i can get some free voices for it thanks

324 Views · 0 Comments
14th Jan 2016 9:03am Small fish tank by snowhite

Small fish tank .if anyone is interested.
Great for a first time starter kit.

181 Views · 0 Comments
13th Jan 2016 2:09pm 3ft wide mattress by Giggler

From a bunk bed. Nothing wrong with it only replaced it because the bed is going to be slept in by an adult long term.

184 Views · 1 Comments
12th Jan 2016 6:49pm Cream leather two seater by Kaglets

Posting on behalf of my dad.

Offering free to anyone for collection only from Pensby

Two seater cream leather settee, on dark wooden base. It needs to go as soon as possible.

Unfortunately no pic uploaded as yet as still a bit confused about how to post the photo on here.

292 Views · 1 Comments
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