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Wallasey Motor Club - Prom Stage Rally 5-6th Sept
by Santos
Yesterday at 07:53 PM
'Dad's Army' in Mosslands School Sept 4 - 6
by Greenwood
20th Aug 2014 10:57pm
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Shaun Cottrell, 22, of park Rd South Birkenhead
by Willo_
Today at 08:16 AM
windows updates help
by kazaroo
Today at 06:33 AM
Best place to get a new kitchen from
by Hannahirby
Yesterday at 09:56 PM
by cathcart
Yesterday at 07:38 PM
Windows Experience Index or better prog advice
by derekdwc
Yesterday at 03:10 PM
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Plas Gwynfryn Llanystumdwy August 2014
by KevinFinity
26 minutes 55 seconds ago
by fish5133
57 minutes 16 seconds ago
windows updates help
by kazaroo
Today at 08:53 AM
Best place to get a new kitchen from
by saltytom
Today at 08:36 AM
Shaun Cottrell, 22, of park Rd South Birkenhead
by Willo_
Today at 08:16 AM
camp site
by Tatey
Today at 07:47 AM
Windows Experience Index or better prog advice
by Wally1
Today at 01:59 AM
anything good on the box tonight ?
by ZipperClub
Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Free Laserquest
by rocks
Yesterday at 11:28 PM
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Today at 08:16 AM Shaun Cottrell, 22, of park Rd South Birkenhead by Willo_

Heartbreaking footage shows brain-damaged puppy put down after brutal attack clicky

I really do hope this sad excuse for a man gets what he deserves in jail, he should be made to suffer everyday for the rest of his life, killing him is too good for him.

52 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 06:33 AM windows updates help by kazaroo

Both my laptop and my hubbys are continuously updating windows. Just checked it this morning and it's still updating. Can anybody help

83 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 07:38 PM ingleborough by cathcart

im interested what the general opinions there are on tranmere rovers selling the fields of remembrance.i,as a birkonian feel very bad about it.i have watched the rovers for nearly 60 years but feel they are totally out of order,yhere are things i would like to know,like how much they paid for the fields which were left for the are they worth all these millions now.also the chaos it will cause the people who live there.the council should hang their heads in shame when they are stood in hamilton square on remembrance sunday.since the wirral took over birkenhead has gone down hill,this is the icing on the cake,whats next for this great town.

268 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 03:10 PM Windows Experience Index or better prog advice by derekdwc

I believe ms have done away with this to keep computer manufacturers happy.
I'm looking for something that does the same as Windows Experience Index (free if poss) but better as I have several pcs/laptops I want to sort out by keeping the best for me and giving the others to various family members.
I don't know much about various processors ,memory etc and can only guess as to the dearest and latest being the best

3 main laptops with windows 8 (have to learn how to work it) are
ASUS K55A 8gb memory
Lenovo g580 6gb memory
Lenovo g700 8gb memory

258 Views · 6 Comments
21st Aug 2014 11:39pm Anyone know a Chinese mechanic called Chan? by yr20405

I was told he works somewhere near cammel lairds but unsure of his exact location. So if anyone knows would be helpful thanks.

406 Views · 2 Comments
21st Aug 2014 12:30pm Jame nolan fraud by madrob

James nolan fraud Could of put a suit on the tramp

1242 Views · 18 Comments
21st Aug 2014 9:38am FREE must be collected today 3 seat leather sofa by katyem

must be collected today preference given to anyone that can collect asap

65 Views · 0 Comments
20th Aug 2014 10:57pm 'Dad's Army' in Mosslands School Sept 4 - 6 by Greenwood

Don't panic! That's not a reference to the staff...

Greasby Players are re-running their successful 'Dad's Army' production in Mosslands School, September 4th-6th with, if I remember rightly, two episodes of the show and some music. There's an article about it on page 12 of this week's Wirral Globe. It was very popular last time they did it, and it's in aid of the 'Save William' charity, raising funds to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. So - good fun, in a good cause.
Tickets on sale from Pets Paradise on Seabank Road, or 207 Greasby Road, Greasby.

125 Views · 0 Comments
20th Aug 2014 4:39pm Computer help!! by bandit

Does anyone know how to remove .js scripts? It seems my IE8 browser has a couple of them running and obviously slowing it down (especially on egay) .....
Do I need to replace with something like Firefox?

449 Views · 6 Comments
20th Aug 2014 3:14pm Cheeky garden lawn thieves by Mark

Bobby Stacey thought he had just about seen it all until he reviewed this footage from a newly installed CCTV camera outside his home.

The Skelmersdale man's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight of two middle age-looking women creeping along a footpath at The Mount and tearing off with bundles of his neighbour's freshly laid turf.

Watch two women who were caught on CCTV ripping up and running away with armfuls of newly laid turf Click Me

Turf isnt that expensive its it nowadays lol

452 Views · 5 Comments
20th Aug 2014 2:37pm FREE SINGLE BED by Reno37

FREE FOR COLLECTION ONLY 3 foot x 6 foot single bed and mattress. The bed is in very good but used condition and comes WITHOUT HEADBOARD. The bed has a solid base with four screw in castor type legs. Would be suitable for a child's room or spare room. Please send me a PM if interested and suitable time for collection. Thanks

45 Views · 3 Comments
20th Aug 2014 11:11am Virgin Broadband Status by Mark

Virgin Network status.

There are issues in the Claughton Area until 1:35pm

If your having problems use the link above and check.

197 Views · 2 Comments
20th Aug 2014 9:10am Hms plymouth pics by madrob

Hms plymouth this morning pics

296 Views · 2 Comments
19th Aug 2014 10:55pm Apprentice Baker New Brighton by fish5133

Ad in Dodgshons bakers window. offering apprentice ship including studying in Liverpool. Early starts.. for 16-24.
do not contact shop but email

480 Views · 0 Comments
19th Aug 2014 6:38pm Vauxhall key cutters? by j_demo

Does anyone know where's best to get a vauxhall key cut? Had to get a new key as the blade on the old key broke which was fun...
Got a new housing etc off the 'bay but just need the new blade cut/engraved.

Slightly different fob to that one above but blade looks the same.

Help me out here guys!!!! Please?

Basically who does them and at what cost.

646 Views · 11 Comments
19th Aug 2014 2:38pm Hms plymouth interviews by madrob

Hms plymouth interview

198 Views · 0 Comments
19th Aug 2014 12:51pm Watch out they your number by Reno37

A friend of ours had the wing mirror smashed off his company van by fools driving not only too fast, but far to close to parked vehicles on Leasowe Road. He has children and like us all struggles to make a living, and he will have to pay for the damage caused by idiots. But never mind a neighbor witnessed the incident and reported the offending vehicle number, type, color, and driver description. So I am sure the driver who thinks he got away with it will be contacted soon. God Bless Good Neighbors

166 Views · 0 Comments
19th Aug 2014 11:07am Allotment Break Ins by zigzagwanderer

A number of sheds at Love Lane Allotments were broken into on Sunday night , including mine . Nothing taken / damaged just made a bit of a mess & left a little grafitti . Just annoyed at the lack of respect for other peoples property by scummy gits . Police informed but can't do much but will increase patrols if they get enough complaint

356 Views · 2 Comments
18th Aug 2014 3:32pm Wirral people wanted for dating show by RUDEBOX

A CHANNEL Four dating show is looking for contributors from Wirral for their new series.

Producers from The Undateables are looking for single men and women with a physical, sensory or other impairment or long term condition who are looking for love.

The fourth series of the acclaimed documentary will once again follow disabled people and those with a variety of conditions through the highs and lows of their quest to find love.

Anyone interested in taking part, or would like to find out more, should call 020 7290 0223 or email

Just say No. This show was awful- very exploitive- last time it was on. in my opinion it deliberatley set out to make fun of those taking part.

512 Views · 4 Comments
18th Aug 2014 2:30pm Free HP Deskjet 6900 inkjet printer with duplexer by dtyson

Free (or going to Bidston Tip Recycling on 25/08/14)

HP Deskjet 6900 inkjet printer. Comes complete with duplexer for double sided printing. Needs a new black and tri-colour cartridge. Can be driven via USB or Ethernet, complete with manual and CDROM.


37 Views · 3 Comments
18th Aug 2014 12:01pm Charging for Care Homes by Blueskier

This is quite a long winded post but i feel like i must bring this to the attention of others who may be, or will bein a similar situation with WBC Department for Adult Social Services.

When a person i have POA over entered a residential care home they had assets less than the 14000 threshold for paying for their own care. They had a property worth over that amount.

DASS tried to get the person to pay the full fees from the day they went into care. There is in fact something called a 12 week disregard over the persons home when they first enter care. This means they pay a contribution based only on their income for the first 12 weeks, the value of their home is not included.

When i brought this to their attention the DASS immediately accepted this and paid back the money.

Fast forward to the property now being sold. There are deferred payments that need repaying from the capital now. No problem. However DASS are trying to claim the money that was paid during the 12 week disregard. This is not how the regulations work. A disregard is a disregard a deferred payment is a deferred payment.

I am no expert but i am a reasonably intelligent individual.
The DASS should be the experts. Giving them the benefit of the doubt maybe it is just a one off mistake in our case.

You make your own judgement as to the reasons or motives. I am just stating facts.

Please make anyone you know who may have been in a similar situation aware. How many other, more vulnerable, people have actually paid this money when it was demanded when it shouldnt have been.

238 Views · 2 Comments
18th Aug 2014 9:28am Body shop- wallasey by ambersmum


Can anyone recommend a wirral body shop place where I can get some damage to my car done

457 Views · 6 Comments
17th Aug 2014 10:15pm Boardman Hybrid Comp Stolen CH44 by Dodgy_Bob

My Boardman Hybrid Comp was stolen very early hours on 16/08/14 at roughly 01:55-02:10. Was in my garage to which they forced entry, 3 Males already have a rough idea on names for two of them and the bike was spotted yesterday evening outside Liscard KFC.
Been a very terrible month so far for us, got a child in Alder Hey, a poorly dog in the vets daily, telly blowing up, and then burgled.
Makes the blood boil that people see fit to take whats not theirs. Was definately a targeted robbery as they had two lesser bikes (not mine) within reach in the open and unlocked and nothing else was taken even though plenty of value was easily accessable once they gained entry.
And to add insult to injury as it was a C2W bike I'll still be paying for it for the remainder of the year! Just Great!
Any info please get in touch. [img:center]<a href="" title="boardman hybrid comp by Rob Wilkinson, on Flickr"><img src="" width="75" height="75" alt="boardman hybrid comp"></a>[/img]

529 Views · 3 Comments
17th Aug 2014 1:57pm FREE 28 dvds (not originals) cases and covers. by ianyam

FREE 28 dvds (not originals) cases and covers, pick up today, Wallasey

93 Views · 1 Comments
17th Aug 2014 11:02am Loading Kies by Fireblade

Hi does anyone know why,when i'm loading Kies,it loads everything bar.Multimedia Controller Driver
Cheers Baza

241 Views · 3 Comments
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