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Art....No Cheating 552
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Calais man-child immigrants.
by Don_Kidick
Today at 12:04 PM
Big 40 Party
by LouLou1202
Today at 08:49 AM
by LouLou1202
Today at 07:40 AM
Art....No Cheating
by granny
Yesterday at 05:27 PM
New Wirral History
62 Sun Inn 203 Bridge Street 203/205
10th Oct 2016 4:03pm
Buy a house in Greasby for 12s a week - in 1935
by yoller
6th Oct 2016 6:56pm
holly bank chester.
by Paternoster21
4th Oct 2016 11:13am
Product @ Abbey buildings
by dool4lit4tle
4th Oct 2016 10:41am
The Clipper Moreton.
by beanie65
2nd Oct 2016 7:08pm
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fireworks on the Mersey last night
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Magnificent Stag
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No Christmas Tree for Liscard
by starakita
05:37 PM
by dustymclean
04:05 PM
John Lewis Broadband
by granny
03:42 PM
Raspberry pi2 model b
by AX_125
11:03 AM
Cordless 18v Jigsaw
by buddy
09:18 AM
Art....No Cheating
by venice
08:59 AM
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Bonfire night
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 09:59 PM
Hall Hire North WIrral ??
by fish5133
18th Oct 2016 4:55pm
Today at 10:03 AM No Christmas Tree for Liscard by daveybm

Thanks to the mindless robes who vandalised it last year :-


183 Views · 7 Comments
Today at 01:17 AM HUGE FIRE IN LIVERPOOL by GaryFromWirral

255 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 08:42 PM Horn on 2009 Zafira Petrol by rossie

Car failed MOT as horn not working.There was a recall of horns on earlier Vauxhalls but not this model. I would appreciate advice re the cause of this and is it common.Any recommendations for technician to sort it out gratefully received and likely cost.
many thanks

191 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 05:27 PM Art....No Cheating by granny

The following paintings , to my mind are remarkable.

There is a story behind them, and I wonder if you can guess the age and sex of the person who has painted/drawn them. Try not to cheat, it spoils it for everyone.






554 Views · 18 Comments
20th Oct 2016 11:33pm Magnificent Stag by cools

What a fabulous photo this is. An amateur photographer captured it on the Queens estate Balmoral.

468 Views · 13 Comments
20th Oct 2016 2:46pm Herbert of Liverpool by cools

Sad to hear of Herbert Howe death today. Don't think there will be anyone that had not heard of this generous flamboyant hairdresser from Liverpool. I've had some laughs listenening to his stories on the radio. He definitely lived life to the full. R.I.P.

334 Views · 5 Comments
19th Oct 2016 2:07pm Bonfire night by lincle

Hi Anyone having a bonfire party or any organisation collecting hedging Leasowe area. Large amount

212 Views · 3 Comments
19th Oct 2016 12:44pm Reebok Irun Treadmill - speares or repairs by manmarj

Treadmill for sale - switches on and powers up but motor does not run. I removed the covers and the motor ran fine right up to maximum speed, but when I put the covers back on it would not work again so no idea why. Comes with original manuals etc

£30 ono

82 Views · 0 Comments
18th Oct 2016 9:04pm Xtype sat nav by lansyp

Has anybody ever fitted an xtype sat nav I have the whole doner car so everything is there but after the fuse box I don't know what I need to get it running .also have a full estate xtype that I am breaking for parts .diesel 2ltr engine is 180000 but sounds good bonnet and rear door are scabby but everything else is good I may need one of the injectors though cheers

167 Views · 1 Comments
18th Oct 2016 2:23pm Internet Intermittent (TalkTalk?) by diggingdeeper

I don't know if other ISPs are having problems but talktalk are at the moment.

I can get into most European websites, but some USA, Iceland and some UK ones aren't happening at the moment.

Typically of talktalk, I can't get onto their site at all, the status page is invisible.

363 Views · 8 Comments
15th Oct 2016 4:13pm Bromborough Woman Sells Rare £5 for £1700 by Uffda

Good for her...will be checking my new £5 notes.


643 Views · 4 Comments
13th Oct 2016 7:48pm Brown leather couch... by brady

Hi all, mother in law is giving away a 3 seater brown leather couch in great condition..no rips etc,needs to be picked up tomorrow from huyton thanks

101 Views · 0 Comments
13th Oct 2016 1:49pm Motorbike / Scooter mechanic wanted for short job. by anniebo28

I'm after a scooter mechanic to get two lexmoto 125cc scooters ready for mot for me.
I'm too busy with cars I've got for sale so need someone who can come asap.
One needs an engine swap (I have a running engine here).
You must be able to know what they need without me instructing you.
Let me know if interested.

125 Views · 0 Comments
12th Oct 2016 11:39pm Wirral Council Ban The Sun by fish5133

An emotive subject but don't think its one our council should be bothered about. By all means don't buy the paper if you don't want to.
Wirral council want to join campaign to stop retailers selling it.

1226 Views · 20 Comments
11th Oct 2016 6:11pm Anyone got a valve spring compressor ASAP!!!!!! by anniebo28

Need to borrow a valve spring compressor ASAP that will fit a corsa 3 cylinder head.
Fist mine snapped (age), just bought a new one and it doesn't fit :-(
I'm on the beechwood, near Upton.
Can drive, collect and pay!!!!!! I'll need it for 10 min.
Anyone able to help?

349 Views · 1 Comments
10th Oct 2016 8:59pm Merseyrail closures by oldpm01


A bit of an update from the council on the planned maintenance work on Merseyrail. Hilarious looking at replacement buses - at least every 15 minutes. At peak times on line from Chester/Ellesmere Port there is a train every 6 - 7 minutes - each with maybe 300 - 400 on. ! bus every 15 minutes will not work!

826 Views · 14 Comments
10th Oct 2016 6:07pm navi x android box by steviebyday

hi Navi x has started acting funny won't play movies properly, anyone got any ideas.

532 Views · 8 Comments
10th Oct 2016 4:03pm 62 Sun Inn 203 Bridge Street 203/205 by joney

Has anyone got any information on the Sun Inn 203 Bridge st where my great great
grandfather William Jones was the inn keeper in 1861. I believe it was demolished to build the dock tunnel entrance.

399 Views · 3 Comments
10th Oct 2016 11:01am Mobile phone coverage in Wallasey / Wirral? by martinharris

Just about to move to Wallasey but also need a new mobile phone contract. I wondered - on the basis of coverage alone - if there are any networks to avoid. I know that most companies have their problems and that there is always someone who has a nightmare story about a particular company, but has anyone noticed that coverage is much worse on the Wirral with one company over another? I'm talking about the big 4 basically - O2 / Three / Vodaphone / EE.

I'm aware of the coverage maps available online too - but wanted to hear from real people on the ground!


527 Views · 4 Comments
9th Oct 2016 6:01pm Plasma tv repair by OhYeah

Hi folks

Any recommendations for a repair on my plasma tv?, it has sound etc just no picture.

Any help would be appreciated


407 Views · 3 Comments
9th Oct 2016 2:34pm Motorbikes in Bus Lanes by Fireblade

Does anyone know if its legal on the Wirral,or
where can i find out,,,Cheers

434 Views · 4 Comments
9th Oct 2016 11:35am Shogun Sport Warrior 2.5 TD: Something missing? by Habdab

Just bought a Shogun Sport Warrior 2.5 TD 2006. I notice that in the front offside wheel arch something is missing. I can see clean paintwork where it used to be and a small chunk of broken black plastic still bolted to the arch against the engine bay. There is a round one inch hole through into the engine bay in the middle of whatever was there.
Anyone have any idea what it was or if it was needed?

344 Views · 3 Comments
8th Oct 2016 5:50pm Corsa - BK54 UVW - anyone know it? by Solar

1.2 SXi 74bhp my arse grin

Kept up with my remapped 380bhp 3.0 twin turbo with no problems...

Second time I've seen him, I'm impressed.

553 Views · 3 Comments
6th Oct 2016 6:56pm Buy a house in Greasby for 12s a week - in 1935 by yoller

I found this advert for new homes on the Greasby Hall Estate in a 1935 pamphlet. Does anyone know if these houses are still standing? Their prices ranged from £490 to £600 – I wonder how much they’re worth now? And was 12 shillings a week to buy a house really cheaper than renting way back then?

609 Views · 5 Comments
6th Oct 2016 3:28pm Wallasey teacher's unfortunate accident! by Gibbo

Classy. Good luck getting any teaching job now.


2623 Views · 36 Comments
6th Oct 2016 12:29pm Ford Focus Transmission oil change by Iaint


My mum has a v reg Focus and thinks the transmission oil needs changing. Does anyone know anyone who can do this?

Regards Iain

275 Views · 2 Comments
4th Oct 2016 12:46pm ethernet cable to 3 rooms by joeblogs

anyone on here that can do this for me,router is in top bedroom
cable needs to go to one up stairs bedroom and two lounges

773 Views · 10 Comments
3rd Oct 2016 9:44pm Vet recomendations please by valli

Anyone recomend a good veterinary practice please

532 Views · 6 Comments
2nd Oct 2016 7:08pm The Clipper Moreton. by beanie65

Hi, hope someone can help, I used to go to a pub called the clipper in Moreton in the early eighties, is this now the Sandbrook or was it something else,

671 Views · 3 Comments
2nd Oct 2016 2:24pm Barmy Online Tests Just To Work In A Supermarket! by Jobneeded67

Are any other jobseekers are as FED UP as I am with these barmy personality tests that these big supermarkets and stores are using now to filter out job applicants? You just can't get past the darn things. You often spend nearly a whole damn HOUR filling in seemingly endless questions - only to get back a soul destroying rejection email.

They make me laugh these stores. They advertise for Xmas staff, and then when you apply, they insist on putting you through personality test hell.

I give up.

574 Views · 2 Comments
1st Oct 2016 2:26pm FREE Paddy Hopkirk Roofbar Fitting Kit Ford/Volvo by diggingdeeper

Free:- Paddy Hopkirk Roofbar Fitting Kit K03

Ford Mondeo 1993-2000
Volvo 850 1992-1996
Volvo S70 4dr Saloon 1996-1999
Volvo V70 5dr Estate 1996-2000

Fitting kit only, no roof bars

I'll drop it off anywhere in Wirral Borough.

101 Views · 0 Comments
1st Oct 2016 11:10am Wirral Child Care . by venice

Well this is not good news .


eg one shocking example.

"there is "inappropriate delay" in notifying police about youngsters who witness and experience violence in the home.
Sometimes these delays can be up to four weeks.

243 Views · 0 Comments
30th Sep 2016 10:24pm Does anyone know a good Diesel diagnostician? by Habdab

I have a 2.8 Litre Turbo diesel that's just begun continuously throwing out white smoke that smells of paraffin. It just did a 1000 mile journey last week with no problems until last night when it started up on 3 cylinders then the fourth started. It ran fine but started smoking. I thought a broken injector, anyone have any ideas or know of a good mechanic I can get a diagnosis from?

443 Views · 3 Comments
30th Sep 2016 12:21pm Black moon by cools

Don't forget to look out for the moon tonight which should be darker than usual hence called Black Moon. Every time I look for these things and never see them comets etc but I will look tonight.

397 Views · 3 Comments
29th Sep 2016 8:38pm Fireworks Nov 5th On River Mersey by fish5133

Liverpool and Wirral Councils joining forces to have a spectacular firework display on the river Mersey. Could be good with usual traffic headache

1001 Views · 10 Comments
29th Sep 2016 11:44am Dog set on fire:any result yet? by jeremycorbon

watched "the dog rescuers" the other day as they had said the previous week they would follow up on the three cowards that hung a dog up in a yard then battered the poor little bugger and decided to then set it on fire. These 3 bits of sh** didnt go to court and must still be around. it is a fact that this kind of vile behaviour leads to similar treatment of human-beings and before it happens they should be found and put in broadmoor for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they are hiding or have already got their punishment,i do hope so. if anyone knows who they are let us all know

364 Views · 2 Comments
28th Sep 2016 12:11pm Programming SkyFly for a boat by Martin1943

I recently purchased a SkyFly radio controller to use with my boat.
The boat has twin motors and a rudder to control.
The SkyFly has six channels
Is anyone able to help me configure the control to give selective forward and reverse to throttle for the motors; the rudder works fine.

192 Views · 0 Comments
27th Sep 2016 5:37pm Microsoft Sees Big Things Coming For Canada’s Yout by FelixCowden

With a shortage of qualified personnel south of the border, Microsoft is trying to bolster tech education in Canada, to help close the gap.

218 Views · 0 Comments
25th Sep 2016 9:31pm Memory Walk Alzheimers Society by LittleFoote

On the 2nd October (Sunday) there is a mini Memory Walk in New Brighton.

It starts at the Floral at 1030. There is a short walk and a longer walk.

I work in Sainsbury's Prenton and this is our charity of the year.

Dogs are welcome too.

209 Views · 0 Comments
24th Sep 2016 10:53pm 5 framed and glassed pics by derekdwc

I was going to use some of them to frame maps or use for photos
Possibly useful to an amateur artist for their own work or they may appeal to someones taste.
sizes in inches

264 Views · 1 Comments
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19th Oct 2016 12:44pm
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