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16th Feb 2017 12:46pm
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20th Feb 2017 11:10pm
Stanlow Abbey
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20th Feb 2017 9:07pm
2x Brit Floyd tickets 3rd March City entrance
by ambersmum
20th Feb 2017 6:35pm
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Lion Salt Works/Weaver Hall Museum
by venice
19th Feb 2017 12:19pm
Wirral TUC Meeting re Update on Wallasey CLP Suspe
13th Feb 2017 8:50pm
Today at 12:25 AM Internet Explorer Not Working by fish5133

My icon for IE no longer works or connects me to internet. The google chrome icon does as does firefox. Just seemed to stop working overnight. I normally use IE and had all my favourites listed. I suspect my lad has been tinkering trying to convert me to Google Chrome.
Tried a restore point but it only gave me yesterday as a date.

Any clues how i might get it back working

23 Views · 1 Comments
20th Feb 2017 12:01am vet fees by eggandchips

hi peeps, just a heads up for those of you that need regular medicine for your pet when the insurance doesn't cover it.
my dog is diabetic, the vet charges me £45 for a phial of insulin, which lasts for 2 weeks. i discovered that if i pay for a prescription (£12.50), i can get the identical item online for £17.69.
whatsmore, i can use the same prescription for 6 repeats!
so i am now paying about £120 where it would've been £270.
i hope this helps someone out there

264 Views · 5 Comments
19th Feb 2017 7:53pm Seeking old pictures of Egerton Street area, Birkenhead by yoller

Does anyone have any photos of the Egerton Street / Tunnel Road / Getley Street / Grange Street / Chester Street / Waterloo Place area of Birkenhead before it was all demolished?

This whole district was cleared in 1967-1969 to make way for the Mersey Tunnel approaches flyovers. It was totally obliterated, but the attached map from the mid-1950s will give some idea of the area in which I'm interested.

This part of Birkenhead was originally the site of Back Chester Street, a notoriously squalid area of 'court' slums. The worst of these were demolished at the turn of the 19th century and replaced with rows of terrace houses and flats, known as 'artisans' dwellings'.

These were built by the council under the Housing of the Working Classes Act and remained until they in turn were demolished in 1967-1969.

110 Views · 0 Comments
18th Feb 2017 3:32pm TS Indefatigable by granny

TS Indefatigable , of which there were two. They were training ship on the Mersey off New Ferry. The first was used from 1864 to 1901.
Training ships for the sons and orphans of sailors.

I am interested to know if anybody can help with regard to the boys who trained there and if there is a list or register of those who joined it.

Reason is, my gr.gt grandfather went to sea from this area and spent his 13th birthday as a young sailor on a brig rigged ship, off the coast of Quebec. He was born is August 1852, so the dates could coincide if he was trained on it.

I have not been able to locate anything but that doesn't mean the records are not there to be found.

It is another way of maybe finding out what happened to his father, who disappeared off the map between 1857 and 1861 and that could possibly point to the father's death at sea, rather than a mystery disappearance.

Thanks for any help.

402 Views · 9 Comments
16th Feb 2017 1:06pm Sea Shepherd by venice

This link doesnt have graphic pics unless you start clicking for further info on individual items , so without clicking, you can read the news of whats going on , without the pics of blood and gore.


When will it stop!

219 Views · 2 Comments
15th Feb 2017 9:10am On-street parking charges dropped by oldpm01

Wirral Council dropping on-street parking charges and reducing proposed charges for car parks.


432 Views · 5 Comments
13th Feb 2017 3:01pm Thousands raised for children of cancer couple. by fish5133

Saw this in Echo and now on BBC news website. A couple from Irby both died of cancer within 4 days of each other leaving 3 children.


477 Views · 4 Comments
13th Feb 2017 10:36am Lost ladies Swarovski watch by spider

Hi,My wife has lost her Swarovski watch around by the Shewsbury arms pub Bennets hill Oxton around 7:30pm Saturday 11 Feb..white with a round face and crystal strap.The strap is magnetic and this is how it's come off so easy.I got it for her as a present from Spain In 2014.They don't make the model anymore and we have never seen another one like it..Reward offered too..many thanks.

134 Views · 0 Comments
12th Feb 2017 3:22pm Van full of wood for free by futurepast

We have a van full of burnable wood that we need to dispose of tomorrow, does anybody need any wood for free we can deliver,

179 Views · 0 Comments
11th Feb 2017 10:04am Lobbying the council by Excoriator

We are invited, on another thread, to lobby the council's budget meeting.

I see little point in this. The cuts are not their fault. Ultimately, they have only the money that the government allocates to them, and it it is not enough. If you want to lobby anyone, lobby the government. They mistakenly embarked on their 'Austerity' program for no good reason and it has not worked. They are now officially abandoning it in preference for simply not spending money!

I would remind people that they embarked on it to cut government debt, which stood at about 65% of GDP after Gordon Brown had supported the banks. In the 1940s - after the war - our debt was about 250% of GDP, but the Atlee government ignored this and embarked on widespread nationalisation and setting up the welfare state - both hugely expensive programmes. None of the post-war debt was ever paid back. In fact, the amount of money owed increased enormously, but the GDP of the country grew so that as a percentage, the debt fell to about 30% just before the banking crash.

The austerity programme managed to cut the GDP so much that our debt has now gone up to about 90% of GDP. It will get worse with brexit.

However, it is worth considering who are the creditors for this debt. Got any national savings? Or Premium Bonds? Or a pension fund? Then YOU are amongst the creditors. As a country, we are largely in debt to ourselves! Cutting spending in hard times is an appropriate response if you are an individual, or a family or even a company or a local council. For a country that prints its own money, it is probably the worst thing you can do!

This may seem counterintuitive nonsense, but it was fully explained by John Maynard Keynes and has been tested and shown to work time after time. The government - who seem not to have heard of it - has proved once again that austerity doesn't work. It never has and never will. It can't!

So if you want to lobby anyone, lobby the government not local councils who generally trying to do their best with an inadequate budget.

924 Views · 16 Comments
10th Feb 2017 4:54pm Lobby of the Budget Council Meeting by RUDEBOX

For information purposes:

253 Views · 0 Comments
9th Feb 2017 11:36pm Zoo jobs by venice

Somewhere on my Facebook today, I noticed someone say that Chester Zoo are taking on Summer staff (so short contract or whatever)from Feb 9th if anyone fancies catering/carparks etc.

473 Views · 4 Comments
9th Feb 2017 10:00pm M53 closed in both directions between J2 and J3 by diggingdeeper

Big police incident causing M53 to be closed in both directions between J2(Upton) and J3(Woodchurch).


1518 Views · 9 Comments
9th Feb 2017 9:09am Warning!!! by muzzy2

Anyone thinking of transferring from 'Streetlife' to 'Nextdoor' please be aware that they have your address on view for everyone to see. You cannot remove your street name! This is shown next to your actual name at the top of posts.

963 Views · 5 Comments
9th Feb 2017 8:56am X Box One S by rossie

Could anybody advise me please whether an X Box One S is the same as X Box One Now.
Many thanks.

413 Views · 3 Comments
9th Feb 2017 1:09am Rescued Animals. by granny

These are not the same bears that Venice posted about.

These are spectacled bears from the Andes. Cholita was rescued about 12 months ago or a bit more. She had lost all her hair because of stress and bad diet plus a lot more, so she had lost her spectacles as well. She has been taken back to a forest sanctuary in the Andes.

Now ADI have found another spectacled bear, that has also lost her hair though stress. Dominga..
DOMINGA'S TRAVEL CRATE GETS TESTED ON HUMANS! ADI's South America General Manager Alexis inside spectacled bear Dominga's travel crate, ensuring all surfaces are smooth and there is nothing to harm our precious cargo. As soon as the crate is complete it will be taken to Dominga's zoo enclosure to familiarise her with it and help reduce any stress on the journey. Dominga is currently alone in a zoo high in the Andes mountains in Peru. An ADI veterinary team will do a full battery of tests on the almost completely bald spectacled bear and trim her overgrown claws at the start of a journey that will take her over the Andes and along the Madre de Dios River to her new home in the forest. ADI'S TARGET IS TO HAVE LONELY DOMINGA ARRIVE IN HER NEW HOME NEXT TO CHOLITA ON VALENTINE'S DAY bananalove

Cholita is the top bear. She has her skin moisturised regularly and she loves grapes. I think she will love Dominga too.

631 Views · 7 Comments
8th Feb 2017 11:17pm 50p sale at Wirral Animal Welfare by venice

Wirral Animal Welfare


Spring sale. 18th Feb 10am-2pm Nothing over 50p

at St Pauls church hall, Rock Ferry

325 Views · 1 Comments
7th Feb 2017 10:47pm TV stopped working! by j_demo

Came home from work to find my Philips smart tv just isn't working. There's no standby light on anymore. Tried 2 different power cables in 3 different sockets and still nada.

It's 18 months old, bought new from Argos. Anyone know anything that might get it working again? Or how long Phikips's warrenty is? I'm not sure if its 12 or 24 months.

752 Views · 5 Comments
7th Feb 2017 12:19pm Swimming Lessons-Children Half Term Calday by fish5133

swimming lessons for children

237 Views · 0 Comments
6th Feb 2017 6:16pm Tomorrow's Women Wirral by paxvobiscum

Women supporting women

Do you want to make positive lifestyle changes?

Details are on their website www.tomorrowswomen.org.uk

This award-winning charity is worth support.

You can get help,join in activities or apply to be a volunteer.

399 Views · 1 Comments
5th Feb 2017 7:37pm Masonry on the Wirral by Tait1969

To anyone Interested - sky tv are soon to be airing a programme on the masons.

As a mason myself I would hope this will go some way to show the true value of the masons and dispel a lot of the myths.

Anyone who has managed to see the inside of any Masonic lodge will know that masons pride themselves on excellence none more so than in the decoration of the lodge rooms which are exquisite.

Masonry continues to be a massive giver to charity and I am proud to be part of it.

Our lodge and members would always welcome speaking to anyone with interest and they can drop me a note if they are.


2431 Views · 42 Comments
3rd Feb 2017 8:17am Car Wont Start Arrowe Park by Mark

Does anyone know of a decent local garage that can look at and fix in the Arrowe Park area?

At this time the car won't start. I'm suspecting the lamba sensor has gone faulty. As this was reset 2 wks ago after it showed up on the display. (£50) later.

This is a friend of mine who's stuck. Clueless with cars and couldn't drive as part of a tow.

Its a vauxhall Meriva 08.

Any numbers or garages to try greatly apreciated.
Her insurance does not cover home start, which is a pain.

Cheers for any help.

1057 Views · 9 Comments
2nd Feb 2017 7:40pm standard sim to micro sim by johncon

Hi guys my wife has a o2 standard sim in her phone and has bought a new phone that takes a micro sim how does she go about getting a new micro and swapping without loosing all her contacts ? any help gratefully received.

540 Views · 4 Comments
2nd Feb 2017 6:39pm tv installation / wall mount by 221984

Anyone recommend someone who will come and wall mount a TV in Wallasey area for a reasonable price?

I got a bracket, and it doesn't look too difficult, so may end up trying to do it myself. But my DIY track record suggests it may fall down...

628 Views · 4 Comments
31st Jan 2017 6:09pm Car crash by cools

Terrible and tragic car crash this morning in Rock Ferry. Young lad 16 years old walking to school killed when car left road and went into him, then crashed into wall.Driver badly hurt. Feel for the family , how life can change in an instant.R.I.P. Connor.

990 Views · 8 Comments
31st Jan 2017 3:29pm Cheap car wanted by Mike72

Anyone selling a cheap car clio/corsa/fiesta size and no bigger than a 1.4 let me know money waiting.

196 Views · 0 Comments
31st Jan 2017 2:31pm Slippers in school ? by granny

Just viewed a report on the news about a study into school children performing better, if they wear slippers or just socks during there school days.

A twelve month trial has been done in at least one school, which seems to get good results.

That may be the case, but as one child said, "it makes you feel as if you are at home".

That might be so, but children's feet are still developing and forming, sloppy slippers could be more damaging on an all day basis, and be a health and safety issue.

Also, could it be designed to make some of our ethnic friends feel more comfortable ?

Personally, I think all children should wear school shoes and uniforms without relaxing any of the rules that we have now. They need some constructive guidance of formal behaviour.

What next ? Slippers, pyjamas , and sleeping bag ??

726 Views · 9 Comments
30th Jan 2017 6:17pm Bloddie Twitchers Out..Waxwings Heswall by fish5133

Lots of blokes with binoculars getting excited Thurstaston Road Telegraph Road junction in Heswall. Waxwings spotted.

807 Views · 8 Comments
30th Jan 2017 9:54am Free, Red, Yellow and White Composite cables by muzzy2

Quantity of these, different types, all unused.

318 Views · 1 Comments
28th Jan 2017 7:47am Ranger for the Farne Islands by granny

What a great opportunity for someone with the right credentials. I thought one of our Wirral Rangers might be interested.

National Trust.


421 Views · 1 Comments
27th Jan 2017 3:09pm Replacement Car Key and Coding by fish5133

Any info about getting this done, Can get a car specific key including cutting on ebay but then needs coding. Anyone had one done. Timpsons seem to advertise doing them

707 Views · 7 Comments
25th Jan 2017 3:01pm Flag At Half Mast by diggingdeeper

I noticed that Birkenhead Town Hall flag was at half mast today (25/1/2017), has anyone any idea why?

The Wirral flag protocol is HERE

1023 Views · 9 Comments
25th Jan 2017 2:23pm Messy Church Hoylake. fun.hot meal-free Sat 28 Jan by paxvobiscum

Near Hoylake? This Saturday St Hildeburg's Church opposite The Green Lodge Pub is having a free fun event.All children must be accompanied by an adult.
It is 4pm-6pm
There will be a chance to do some bird watching and make bird feeders.
Plenty of messy games and activities including Scalectrics.
There is a twenty minute messy fun service in church(The Vicar Paul usually gets soaked) then back to the hall for a free hot meal for adults and children

It is suitable for tots to tens.

To book go to St Hilderburg's website or to their blog spot parishofhoylake.blog spot.co.uk2017/01messy...

534 Views · 2 Comments
25th Jan 2017 7:27am Linked/Targetted Attacks? by Near_Oval

Seems police are looking at the vehicle fires as deliberately singling out the owner(s) for some reason...

519 Views · 2 Comments
24th Jan 2017 10:34pm Half a % by venice

Wow, just noticed local estate agents are now offering sales services for half a per cent! People digging in rather than risking moving it would seem.

669 Views · 6 Comments
24th Jan 2017 4:02pm Cigarettes in Packets of 20's by granny

It was the Euro MP's that voted in this strange change of laws relating to selling cigarettes in packets of 20's only, throughout the European community.

I have to ask, does anyone know why or believe that such an act will benefit and how ?

It doesn't seem to make much sense, apart from the younger generation being unable to afford them. Of course, that can be got around by couple of them pooling their funds and splitting a 20 pack.

How about bringing in 2 ltr bottles of vodka as well ?

758 Views · 8 Comments
24th Jan 2017 11:21am New icon for sky? by venice

Has anyone else that uses Sky broadband, noticed a change in icon on the toolbar which denotes your type of connection? Mines changed today to a plain square with a trident shape forming one side, and theres a red cross over the square - yet Im properly connected . The old lighthouse shape icon only showed a red cross when I wasnt connected .

660 Views · 6 Comments
23rd Jan 2017 6:51pm Police Convoy by diggingdeeper

A police convoy of about 19 vehicles was driving around central and south Liverpool area on Sunday evening with Blues and Twos going.

The police have said this was a show of strength to deter gun crime.

While I think its a good idea to try different tactics, having this lot flying around with sirens and lights flashing in a non-emergency situation just blows their credibility yet again.

It would have been much more effective if they hadn't been in convoy and were covering everywhere not just main roads, keep the lights on but kill the sirens.


1152 Views · 10 Comments
22nd Jan 2017 4:06pm Problem With Wifi by Uffda

Can anyone help please? I have a problem with my laptop which appears to be getting worse. Several times a day the Wifi drops off and the only way to get it back on is to restart the laptop. My service provider is Plusnet and they have looked into and say that isn't the router which I think is correct as I can connect via the ethernet cable. It's very frustrating as there seems to be no rhyme or reason why this happens.
It's an ASUS X553M laptop with Windows 10. Any advice will be gratefully received.

1064 Views · 14 Comments
20th Jan 2017 8:54pm SwissGear suitcase only used once by newbrightonmole

Have a suitcase here, only used once - so pretty much brand new. If anyone wants it message me and your welcome to have it. I'll probably take the tip on Monday

This is the suitcase:-

437 Views · 2 Comments
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