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Wirral Heritage Open Days 2015
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 10:44 PM
Our Music Evenings @ The Basement (Hamilton Sq)
by BenMelody
29th Jul 2015 12:57pm
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Golly,gosh, the bin?
by venice
Yesterday at 04:48 PM
Advice on a faulty house alarm please
by spider
Yesterday at 03:19 PM
happy birthday rudebox
by lollipop
Yesterday at 06:34 AM
Does anyone want to be in our first podcast ep?
by impeltroy
3rd Aug 2015 8:08pm
Vitamin D
by cools
3rd Aug 2015 7:47pm
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Vitamin D
by Lynda
Yesterday at 11:53 PM
Wirral Heritage Open Days 2015
by paxvobiscum
Yesterday at 10:44 PM
Wallet found Wallasey Road Liscard.
by Blueskier
Yesterday at 10:43 PM
happy birthday rudebox
Yesterday at 10:41 PM
Cilla Black dies aged 72
by _Ste_
Yesterday at 10:33 PM
Advice on a faulty house alarm please
by sean99789
Yesterday at 10:33 PM
Golly,gosh, the bin?
by snowshoes
Yesterday at 10:28 PM
Storm Compilation
by granny
Yesterday at 10:00 PM
What song are you listening to?
by j_demo
Yesterday at 09:51 PM
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Cilla Black dies aged 72 1001
Dell Laptop stolen from car 725
Vitamin D 615
Wallet found Wallasey Road Liscard. 595
Plane crash at Oulton park 471
Yesterday at 04:48 PM Golly,gosh, the bin? by venice

So what's the position for old handmade toy golly dolls now ? Is it strictly a bin only job or the charity fabric weight sacks?

265 Views · 8 Comments
3rd Aug 2015 9:06pm Wallet found Wallasey Road Liscard. by Blueskier

Found this evening. Some cash and cards. Name is S E Ball.
Message me or share on your facebook so it can be returned.

595 Views · 14 Comments
3rd Aug 2015 7:47pm Vitamin D by cools

Hearing a lot about everybody not getting enough Vit D due to lack of sunshine. Does anybody take it and have views on the benefits? I,m going to get some because can't see us having any sort of summer again.

615 Views · 19 Comments
3rd Aug 2015 7:33pm wanted scanner freqs. by BARRY72

Wanted new Brighton.life gaurd scanning freqs.as I had old ones that don't work.many thanks

163 Views · 1 Comments
3rd Aug 2015 1:42pm Storm Compilation by granny

Love this video.

The last vessel (Russian) could be transporting second hand cars from Europe....illegally . Shame !

315 Views · 6 Comments
3rd Aug 2015 11:22am 747 Knockaloe Hall (Octel Sports and Social Club) by derekdwc

Knockaloe Hall (Octel Sports and Social Club) 28 Bridle Rd Bromborough

Built in the 1850ís, Knockaloe Hall sits in 11 acres of beautiful grounds and was originally owned by professor Nance as a working manor house.

He gave the house to the community in the 1930ís for everyone to enjoy.

In 1957 the council sold Knockaloe Hall to Octel Fuel Plant as the private club for the employees and families, the hall was known for 50 years as the Octel Sports and Social Club.

In 2006 it was sold to the Anderson family, opened to the community once more and changed to The OC Bar at Knockaloe Hall. Now refurbished and modernised it has been tastefully brought back into the 20th century. With some of the old traditions kept and new ideas brought in, the Knockaloe has something for everyone.

74 Views · 9 Comments
1st Aug 2015 6:28pm stonemason by steviebyday

any idea how to find out if there was a stonemason/builders yard, in the tranmere area about 1940.

80 Views · 5 Comments
1st Aug 2015 2:52pm Plane crash at Oulton park by _Ste_

A plane crashed during a display at Oulton parks Carfest about half an hour ago.

471 Views · 3 Comments
31st Jul 2015 10:16pm Wirral Heritage Open Days 2015 by TRANCENTRAL

well its that time of year again soon smile
heres the list of sites open from the 5th to the 13th of septembercool

The wirral




and chester


enjoy peeps happy exploring smile look forward to seeing all your pics in september camera

426 Views · 6 Comments
31st Jul 2015 9:05pm Car valeter job by madrob

Car valeter wanted full time 01516302829

305 Views · 1 Comments
31st Jul 2015 8:31pm 'Azores' cruise ship. by 8HBob

The cruise ship 'Azores' ,which was at the Liverpool Cruise Terminal yesterday, was built in 1948 as the liner 'Stockholm' and achieved notoriety in 1956 when she rammed and sank the Italian liner 'Andrea Doria' off the coast of the U.S.A.


149 Views · 0 Comments
31st Jul 2015 3:21pm Leather chair by j_demo

Cube-ish style chunky leather chair.

Very comfortable and hardly used. May however need a bit of a wipe down.

Unable to deliver, must be collected. You're also gonna need a small van at least.

It's dark brown leather and chrome effect metal feet.

Pictures and dimensioms will be posted as soon as i get home in a couple of hours.

One last thing: NEEDS TO GO TONIGHT (or if you want it but are unable to pick it up til some point this weekend or early next week i can probably hold it, i just need the space ASAP!)

let me know if you're interested by 9am tomorrow or it's getting put outside by the biffa bins and all that.

45 Views · 0 Comments
31st Jul 2015 12:40pm Stamp dealer, Borough Rd. by chriskay

Trying to remember his name. He had a shop just a few doors up from Whetstone Lane, towards the library. Probably around number 253-263. Late 1940's/ early 50's

142 Views · 12 Comments
31st Jul 2015 12:22am Dell Laptop stolen from car by dva99999

A friend of mine had her car broken into and stole her company laptop and satnav in Wallasey.

The Dell laptop (silver and black) had confidential information on, but has been remotely wiped by her company, and my understanding is that it is now useless. The serial and asset number will stil be on the unit.

However this may not stop the thief from removing the hard drive and trying to sell it on.

Please be aware of this if someone tries to sell it on.


725 Views · 9 Comments
28th Jul 2015 9:34pm Birthday Cards wanted for William by Sneezy

Just found this on Twitter/Facebook.....
The mum of a terminally ill little boy has appealed to strangers to give him a birthday he will never forget by sending him a card.

William Magee's mum's Kelly is appealing for anyone moved by his story to send cards to wish him a happy day.
Cards can be sent to :

Bubbles' World of Play, Marine Point, Kings Parade, New Brighton CH45 2HZ. Xx

487 Views · 4 Comments
28th Jul 2015 4:30pm Cordless Home Phones by squirrel

Having a clear-out I have found 3 phones I no longer need, a Cable and Wireless cwd8500 Dect cordless phone, a Geemarc cc10 analogue cordless phone set of 3, and also a BT Equinox 12oo Dect cordless phone.

The Cable and Wireless phone has a bit of damage on the front near the ear piece but still works fine. It's digital and has a small colour display

The Geemarc is an old phone set of 3 cordless phones - old enough to have telescopic ariels! Tested this and it works but is a bit crackly.

All the batteries were flat so have been on charge to enable me to test them.

Also have a BT Equinox 1200 Dect cordless phone but no batteries to test this at the moment.

Free to anyone who wants them.

58 Views · 3 Comments
28th Jul 2015 1:08pm any photo's of rock ferry marne st etc please by bignose

has anyone got any photo's of marne street/grosvenor street /brunswick street etc please

123 Views · 7 Comments
28th Jul 2015 11:21am Samsung GT-C3520 3 pin mains charger by venice

Please can anyone spot a replacement 3 pin mains charger on Ebay or anywhere else, for my Samsung GT-C3520 ? Cant find my charger at all , and I like this cheap simple phone. Ive tried Ebay myself without any luck and sadly Amazon is out of stock .

685 Views · 12 Comments
28th Jul 2015 8:42am Broken sat nav screen by shedo

My son has smashed screen on Garman sat nav
Anyone know if this can be repaired and if so where

286 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jul 2015 11:20pm Poor choices by venice


I found this extremely interesting . Angles I hadnt thought of before ,regarding poverty.

317 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jul 2015 11:07pm Freeview Problems by Elizabeth

I'm having problems with Freeview tonight, a lot of channels giving me the 'no service' message. Anyone else having the same trouble?

376 Views · 4 Comments
27th Jul 2015 9:47pm New LED streeet lights by Excoriator

Not seen any sign of these around New Ferry. Anyone else noticed them being installed, or have the council decided not to bother after all?

756 Views · 4 Comments
27th Jul 2015 8:32pm Parking charges New Brighton by Blueskier

It appears that common sense and public will has won for once.
Council u-turn.

1955 Views · 16 Comments
27th Jul 2015 6:47pm B&M open new store in old Homebase in Bromborough by goodoldphil

The story is in the title. About a week ago B&M opened a new store in the old Homebase premises in Bromborough more or less opposite Christ the King church just off the A 41.I have visited the place twice and they have a large range of food and household goods etc. at what seem to be very reasonable prices. The shop appears to be very well patronised judging by the amount of cars present on the large car park, whether this is down to initial curiosity or not only time will tell. They have a gardening section with a good selection of plants and I was most impressed with their range of fencing and associated gardening materials. This new shop is a welcome addition to already excellent shopping facilities in Bromborough. smile

652 Views · 3 Comments
27th Jul 2015 4:39pm Conley Thompson by diggingdeeper

Conley Thompson from Barnsley has been found dead, another great loss of life and no doubt many people including his mother will be grieving for him.

But what the heck is the mother thinking, letting a 7 year old go to and from a park 2 miles from home under his own supervision?

This level of poor parenting needs to be prosecuted, this is how kids become feral and become a nuisance to all of society!

341 Views · 2 Comments
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Wallet found Wallasey Road Liscard.
by Blueskier
3rd Aug 2015 9:06pm
Dell Laptop stolen from car
by dva99999
31st Jul 2015 12:22am
by granny
30th Jul 2015 1:45pm
Stolen green wheelie bins. Chester Road
by Giggler
21st Jul 2015 2:29pm
Irby Village Serious Accident
by fish5133
17th Jul 2015 4:13pm
Free Sale & Wanted
tv unit for sale
by stumpyduck
Yesterday at 08:25 PM
Saddle leather offcut wanted
by pacef8
Yesterday at 06:21 PM
B/W Laser printer
by DavidB
Yesterday at 06:01 PM
Bunk bed
by leeboy1968
3rd Aug 2015 3:49pm
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Stamp dealer, Borough Rd.
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31st Jul 2015 12:40pm
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Cilla Black dies aged 72
by Mark
2nd Aug 2015 12:48pm
Plane crash at Oulton park
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'Azores' cruise ship.
by 8HBob
31st Jul 2015 8:31pm
Birthday Cards wanted for William
by Sneezy
28th Jul 2015 9:34pm
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Advice on a faulty house alarm please
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Yesterday at 03:19 PM
happy birthday rudebox
by lollipop
Yesterday at 06:34 AM
Does anyone want to be in our first podcast ep?
by impeltroy
3rd Aug 2015 8:08pm
Paint My House App?
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3rd Aug 2015 2:09pm
Uncles and Aunties
by granny
3rd Aug 2015 9:19am
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