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by venice
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by Horatio
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by _Steve_
1st May 2016 5:30pm
Happy Birthday Robbo
28th Apr 2016 12:25am
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177 Tradesmans Arms 129 Grange Road\lane and Nelso
by derekdwc
22nd Apr 2016 10:00am
Does anyone remember the location of the Triangle?
by Habdab
22nd Apr 2016 10:00am
reids factory bidston dock area
by chris58
18th Apr 2016 12:38pm
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568 Criterion, Victoria Rd, New Brighton
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23rd Mar 2016 5:08pm
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Ken Livingstone
by diggingdeeper
Today at 01:14 AM
Joiner to hang door
by fish5133
Today at 01:02 AM
Minor Accident What To Do
by fish5133
Today at 12:56 AM
What are you eating today?
Yesterday at 10:40 PM
how can this be right
by starakita
Yesterday at 10:15 PM
2001 Transit MWB £550
by anniebo28
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Creaking Floor Boards
by ManxCat
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Langley Chapel .....Shropshire
by starakita
2nd May 2016 8:54pm
Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire
by missmahjong
2nd May 2016 7:03pm
2nd May 2016 6:37pm Minor Accident What To Do by fish5133

Just been involved in a minor rta. Had to brake sharply as car in front did. Managed to stop in time ok but the vehicle behind didn't and bumped into the back of us. No visible damage to either vehicle bumpers but daughter bruised knee on dash and jolted her neck and back as did I.
Seems a bit conflicting about the need to report to police.
In the "excitement" only swopped name and registration as I didn't see any need to claim for damage to vehicle.
Presume its best to notify insurers but what about Police.

429 Views · 9 Comments
2nd May 2016 6:03pm how can this be right by the_pope

A teenager who admitted having sex with a 12-year-old girl was today spared jail because of “exceptional circumstances”.

Kieran Dalton, 19, of Strathlorne Close, Rock Ferry , pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of a child under 13, when he was aged 18.


inRead invented by Teads
However, the girl – who said it was consensual – would not make a complaint and the prosecution was based on his admissions.

Dalton, who suffers from ADHD, said the girl told him she was 16, and that when he met her, he “thought perhaps she was only 15”.

Liverpool Crown Court heard a police officer said: “I will accept having met her she doesn’t look 12, but I don’t think she looks 16 either.”

Charles Lander, prosecuting, said the matter came to light when the girl visited a sexual health clinic.

He said she told workers “she had been talking to an older male on Facebook who told her to come to his flat”.

Mr Lander said: “She said she knew he was 18 and mentioned it was all consensual.”

Social services were informed and police visited the girl’s home, but neither she nor her family would give a statement.

Mr Lander agreed with Judge Alan Conrad, QC, that without Dalton’s admissions, “it would have been impossible to launch a prosecution”.

He said there was evidence she made sexually explicit suggestions to Dalton and wanted to meet near his parents’ home.

The teenager said he just intended to watch a film, but “she was all over me, she was kissing me, and then she eventually got on top of me”.

Exterior shot of Liverpool Crown Court in Derby Square
Dalton, who is 5ft 8in, said the 5ft 1in girl never mentioned being at school.

Mr Lander said: “He was very surprised when it was put to him that she was only 12.”

Nicholas Walker, defending, said his client, who has no previous convictions, was immature, struggled in education, social situations and at work, and needed help.

He said: “Probably many people hearing the blunt allegation that he has admitted, that of rape, would, without knowing the circumstances of the offence, be driven to a gut reaction that the defendant must be sent immediately to prison.

“This is really an exceptional case, a highly unusual case, and my submission is that this case need not result in an immediate custodial sentence.

“The defendant said he was gob-smacked, it was stomach churning and he felt sick when we was told of the age of this girl.

“He is somebody who had sex with someone who he was told was 16.”

Judge Conrad said it was an offence that spanned a wide range of culpability, from older “exploitative, predatory paedophiles” to younger offenders like Dalton who have consensual sex with a girl they believe to be older at “the other end of the spectrum”.

The judge said sentencing guidelines allowed for “exceptional cases” where lengthy community orders with sex offending treatment programmes “may be the best way” to change an offender’s behaviour and protect the public.

He said: “I take the view this is an exceptional case.”

Judge Conrad handed Dalton two years in a young offenders institution, suspended for two years, plus a four month home curfew from 9pm to 6am.

He told him to attend a rehabilitation course for 35 days, sign on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years, and imposed a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

458 Views · 9 Comments
2nd May 2016 3:05pm Argos recalls five Mamas & Papas car seat models by eddtheduck

High Street chain Argos is recalling five car seat models made by the nursery products brand Mamas & Papas.

It has told parents to stop using the seats "immediately" over safety fears.

It is feared the models may not protect children in the event of a crash, with their shells cracking under impact.

The affected models are Mamas & Papas Mercury Group 1 Black, Mercury Group 1 Grey, Mercury Group 1-2-3 Black, Mercury Group 1, 2, 3 Grey, Mercury Group 2-3 Black and Grey.

Mamas & Papas said no incident had been reported to it related to any of the recalled car seats, which it makes solely for Argos.

In a statement Mamas & Papas added: "We continue to work closely with Argos to determine the exact nature of the issue.

"All Mamas & Papas car seats are tested, certified and approved under the European regulations R44/04 by independent accredited bodies."
'Return for refund'

Argos said in a statement: "We have identified a potential safety concern.

"In the event of an accident the car seat shell may crack and therefore not provide the intended level of protection to the user."

It said that any customers who had bought one of the seats "should immediately stop using the product" and return it to an Argos store for a full refund.

"We wish to thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this recall."

The Argos catalogue numbers of the affected car seat models are 297/7526, 411/9100, 305/6037, 397/9530, and 245/4829. press here for webpage

66 Views · 0 Comments
1st May 2016 1:35am car paint by goodgirl

looking for a good painter to do a job on my car.

195 Views · 1 Comments
29th Apr 2016 9:27pm French bulldog pup lost by venice

Facebook Feed again. Just incase anyone hears /sees anything.Dark brindle pup.

Martyn Loughran
1 hr · Wallasey ·

Please please can everyone keep sharing he must of been picked up by someone now! My son will be absolutely gutted if we can't get back!
lost dog! the power of Facebook! He must of been picked up by now! French bulldog Shankly escaped when the carpet fella left the doors open. 67 Falkland road wallasey. Jacks home from a school trip today he will be gutted if he isn't found. Please help and share
He is chipped aswell

354 Views · 3 Comments
29th Apr 2016 3:03pm Poll . What to do about dog attacks. by venice

Thought it might be interesting to do a poll to see what the majority of people think we should do about the seemingly increasing number of dog attacks.

Lets take it for granted that we all think its more a case of bad owners than bad dogs, and that we think dog owners and children should be better educated . But, looking at the number of careless stupid dog owners out there who wont take that on board , the present situation is unlikely to change.

This leaves us with three choices , so which one would you go for?

The poll will close next Wed lunchtime . Its anonymous.

257 Views · 1 Comments
29th Apr 2016 10:31am free stuff by eggandchips

please bear these in mind, when giving stuff away.
they are a non-profit organisation, that distribute clothing, furniture etc to those less fortunate,
recently they have kitted out a house for a young family who had lost everything in a house fire.
07490 253 230

many thanks

434 Views · 5 Comments
29th Apr 2016 10:30am Now TV by Peter0787

Just a little deal i've got myself from NowTV if you have it.

On my account, theres an option at the bottom to earn yourself £10 by referring a friend. Yo send them an email with a unique code to get 3 months of Entertainment for £3.49 per month. Basically half price.

I just sent myself this to my works email and added the code and its worked.

Just a heads up if anyone is looking for a cheaper monthly payment.

158 Views · 0 Comments
28th Apr 2016 8:54pm Dogs In Public by diggingdeeper

How many injuries and deaths have to happen before some sort of law on compulsory use of muzzles is brought in.

Monday, Noctorum/Woodchurch - 3 year old!

1416 Views · 34 Comments
28th Apr 2016 5:38pm BIN broken by bin truck. by kenny

Last Friday our green bin was collected by who ever does it for the council. When we went to bring the bin back in the lid and handles had been completely snapped off. Now as we know the bins are pretty tuff and even if it had fallen over it would not have broke, the lid and handle must be in the back of the collection vehicle. I rang council and they said I MUST buy a new one. Why when they broke it. I am disgusted.

670 Views · 11 Comments
27th Apr 2016 8:01pm Jeremy corbyn a terrorist by fish5133

Well according to the wirral globe and the conservative party. 4 page front page feature denouncing corbyn and the labour party as threat to our national security. When do statements like that become libel. Cons must be short on ideas if all they can do is write about the national labour party in a local council election Backfired my son didnt know that corbyn was anti nuclear.

468 Views · 3 Comments
27th Apr 2016 7:16pm Looking for someone to weld my Transit by anniebo28

I'm looking for someone who can do some weld repairs to my van.
I have looked for a garage but all are booked up for 3 weeks min.
It needs welding near both rear spring hangers, one rear coil mount and on the exhaust.
Ideally a mobile person but I can take van to your location if required.
It's a 2001, MWB, med roof, transit.

448 Views · 7 Comments
26th Apr 2016 8:11pm Dog minder by shar215

I'm looking for a dog minder for my male staffie Boris. He has a great temperament and loves other dogs. He is fully house trained. We will be away for 2 weeks.

270 Views · 1 Comments
26th Apr 2016 5:28pm Oak Dining Table & Four Chairs by ManxCat

Hi All,

I am posting this on behalf of a friend.

They have an oak dining table and four chairs to give away.

It's in great condition, just wear marks on chairs as shown.

If anyone would like it can they pick it up from Prenton by Tranmere Rovers.

Thanks smile

231 Views · 1 Comments
26th Apr 2016 10:39am Westie found by venice

On my FB feed.

FOUND WANDERING ON HOYLAKE BEACH 25/4. Male Westie trailing a lead. He has a limp too. He is safe in foster care at the moment. Please ring Glenys on 0151 605 1280 or 07800752385. Proof of ownership will be required. PLEASE CAN EVERYONE SHARE THIS POST & LETS GET THIS LAD HOME.

565 Views · 9 Comments
26th Apr 2016 10:30am FUNdraiser by eggandchips

saturday 30th april, we are hosting a fundraiser, in aid of 'Betty's Silver Linings ltd', a non-profit organisation,that helps local good causes. e.g they have kitted out a house for a young family who had lost everything due to a house fire.Wirral copper jar, dementia buddies, birkenhead kennels.........
donations accepted anytime at THE CORNER,clothes,arrangements can be made for collection of furniture etc

331 Views · 2 Comments
25th Apr 2016 11:29am 99p bunk beds by venice

7 or 8 of them from Liverpool . Need tlc apparently . No mattresses. This came on this morning . On in BIN form.

45 Views · 0 Comments
24th Apr 2016 11:28am SUN ELECTRIC - MEA 1500 by turnip

Turnips Dad -

Just bought a MEA 1500 (circa 1987)which has some minor problems. Anyone know where I can find a service outlet.

These were excellent tools in their day and are invaluable for vehicles produced prior to 1995. So when it's up and running and if you have a classic car that needs setting up including multi carbs and injection give me a call.

132 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Apr 2016 7:50pm Found Cockatiel by margy

Found Heswall beach area, a cockatiel, fit and healthy, with me at the moment. if you think this birdie is yours, contact me, with ring number and colour please.

139 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Apr 2016 7:36pm 3 Seater Leather Couch, Beige by jayney1961

Selling for a friend. Leather 3 Seater Couch, Beige.
It dips (only very slightly) in between 2 seats, and a small patch of leather has been rubbed off, stupidly by other half after grandchildren got chewing gum stuck to it.
Looks fine with a throw over it over the seating part.
Needs to be gone ASAP to make room for new one.
Will need to collect, and 2 strong people to move it as it is heavy.

112 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Apr 2016 3:59pm Wirral Met Architecture Award??? by diggingdeeper

Oh please, Wirral Met new college on the docs has won a "prestigious" architecture award.

924 Views · 14 Comments
22nd Apr 2016 10:00am 177 Tradesmans Arms 129 Grange Road\lane and Nelso by derekdwc

177 Tradesmans Arms 129 Grange Road\lane and Nelson Street
Although I was born and lived not far from it I never went in.

399 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Apr 2016 10:00am Does anyone remember the location of the Triangle? by Habdab

Does anyone remember exactly where the old Triangle pond used to be? My memory seems to be playing tricks on me. To the best of my recollection, it was under the roundabout on the M53 by B&Q but when I looked it up on an old OS map and I can't find it where I thought it was. As far as I can remember, it was filled in when the Motorway was built in the 70's, but I'd love to pinpoint the exact site if possible.
Any ideas?

1081 Views · 13 Comments
20th Apr 2016 5:59pm 80 LP's by j_demo

Loads of old LP's, some are double's and they cover a load of genre's from easy listening to jazz to country and so on. Due to size and weight they're collection only from wallasey/new brighton area (CH45 0JW)

Message me if interested.

342 Views · 2 Comments
20th Apr 2016 5:12pm Antivirus and software protection by Giggler

Hi All. Can anyone recommend internet security for my mums laptop please? Thank you.

618 Views · 6 Comments
19th Apr 2016 5:34pm Wirral Walking Festival 2016 by derekdwc

I'm not up to walking anymore (have enjoyed some of the walks we've had)
Here are nearly 200 walks in May (or later on possibly)

click for walks pdf

504 Views · 5 Comments
19th Apr 2016 8:49am The Cheshire Cheese Real Ale Festival - May 2016 by JaiBuk

The Cheshire Cheese Presents A Bank Holiday Beer Festival!

Join Us For A Weekend Of Real Ales, Strong Ciders, Live Music & Great Food!

From 27th - 30th May we throw open our doors and welcome you in to experience a revived Cheshire Cheese Real Ale Festival with micro brewed ales from all over the country alongside strong ciders, live music being kicked off by The Tone Junkies on Friday and great food being freshly prepared each day...

Pop in to pre-book tickets & tokens or call for more information!

Address: The Cheshire Cheese, 2 Wallasey Village, Wallasey, CH44 2DH
Telephone: 0151 630 3641
Or Email:

222 Views · 0 Comments
19th Apr 2016 3:09am Shalamar at Liverpool Philharmonic by diggingdeeper

The iconic dance band Shalamar are playing at the Liverpool Philharmonic on the 29th April.

Jeffrey Daniels will no doubt be doing his moonwalk. Unfortunately Jody hasn't played with the rest for a while and Howard is getting past it but well worth seeing just for Jeffrey Daniels and Carolyn Griffey is a credible replacement for Jody Watley.

331 Views · 2 Comments
18th Apr 2016 12:38pm reids factory bidston dock area by chris58

Anyone have any info on the reids factory around bidston docks? I think it was along the lines of the old tin box factory. Asking for a relative whose Dad worked there. Thanks for your help

369 Views · 0 Comments
17th Apr 2016 8:44pm Thread lock problem RC car by Little_B

i'v recently dug out my old nitro rc truck and i'm having problems breaking the thread lock that i'v sealed the screws with, does anybody know how to dissolve the stuff or a way of breaking the seal with heat or freezing, cheers

381 Views · 2 Comments
17th Apr 2016 2:22pm idiot's reckless ride through Wirral by Mark

Police slammed a scrambler bike rider who filmed a terror ride through the streets of Rock Ferry and Birkenhead.

The video shows the rider pulling high-speed wheelies and cutting up traffic - brazenly showing off their disregard for the safety of other drivers.

click me

859 Views · 6 Comments
15th Apr 2016 12:14pm nissan headunit by Lando

ter a new head unit for a nissan Qashqai, any recommends ?

or is someone breaking or has a Nissan connect headunit

185 Views · 0 Comments
14th Apr 2016 8:14pm Someone to look at rough running car by faddy

My Yaris Verso (with 170k miles on!) has suddenly started running like a dog and idling very slowly. Any recommendations please for someone to look at it, preferably tomorrow. (It's barely drivable but I can get it recovered somewhere)

747 Views · 9 Comments
12th Apr 2016 12:20pm Second Homes Ban by granny

St. Ives are to have a vote, to stop people buying second homes.

Locals say they are being priced out of the market, whilst property owners say they are bringing in much needed revenue from tourists.

It is probably something that affects many places. Maybe a better idea would be to allow a set number for second homes or alternatively give the vendors the option of either selling to locals or selling to a second home owner.

Not sure if that would work, but it must be infuriating to live with. Londoners spreading their wings again, to other peoples green and pleasant lands, hey Casper ?

575 Views · 4 Comments
10th Apr 2016 5:44pm Alternatives to SKY? by Uffda

Does anyone have any experiences with alternatives to SKY? I currently pay £30 for a digibox (subsidised) and the variety package. They have just told me that it's going up by £2 per month which is not a lot but makes me think that I'm paying too much for what I get. I don't want any movie or sports channels just basicish entertainment. Just want to put on the TV and watch whatever is on rather than selecting from a huge menu of available programs to stream. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

1998 Views · 22 Comments
8th Apr 2016 7:55pm Coffee and compost by fish5133 a subway plastic mug for £1 and get a free hot drink whenever you buy a sub sandwich.considering there normal coffe price is around £1.50 thats a great deal

Compost..lot of places do 3 50l bags for around £10. Asda in north end were doing own brand 3 70l ones for £10. Presume other asda stores same

66 Views · 2 Comments
8th Apr 2016 12:15pm Local Elections May 5th by diggingdeeper

Local Councillor nominees are HERE

PCC candidates are HERE

Absolutely no idea which PCC I will vote for. Jane Kennedy has done a reasonable job but it could be bettered by the right person, if there is one.

A bit undecided on councillor, too many of current labour group have lost the plot so its probably looking like I'm voting green - but I'm not ruling out UKIP yet.

768 Views · 13 Comments
8th Apr 2016 10:40am Talk Talk by Fireblade

Hi all a quick Q,was Talk Talk down
last night in Wallasey

446 Views · 2 Comments
7th Apr 2016 6:02pm Brake fluid by Headcoat_TheMrs

Hi guys, Stupid woman alert.

In this pic is the brake fluid reservoir to the right with the white cap?


929 Views · 13 Comments
6th Apr 2016 6:32pm recording from SKY by locomotive

Is it possible to record to dvd from a sky HD box, I have a few programs in memory that I'd like to burn to DVD.

587 Views · 2 Comments
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Acton Burnell Castle, Shropshire
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Argos recalls five Mamas & Papas car seat models
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2nd May 2016 3:05pm
Langley Chapel .....Shropshire
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is peter jollys circus coming to wirral this year
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Poll . What to do about dog attacks.
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Now TV
by Peter0787
29th Apr 2016 10:30am
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