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Clayton Square Chinese events tomorrow 23 May
by snowhite
Today at 02:42 PM
Piglets and ponies...
by Greenwood
Yesterday at 11:30 PM
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Clayton Square Chinese events tomorrow 23 May
by paxvobiscum
Today at 11:39 AM
P/T Cook @ Tam O Shanters Farm
Yesterday at 08:27 PM
Estate Agent Jobs in Moreton and Bromborough
by Uffda
Yesterday at 04:35 PM
Camelot Theme Park
by snowhite
Yesterday at 11:34 AM
best exchamge rate for £ > US$ must be Wirral
by keving
Yesterday at 03:35 AM
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Clayton Square Chinese events tomorrow 23 May
by snowhite
Today at 02:42 PM
3 Queens
by alwil1960
Today at 01:08 PM
Return of Blood Sports?
by diggingdeeper
Today at 01:06 PM
Empty Bank Occupation. Liverpool.
by diggingdeeper
Today at 11:33 AM
best exchamge rate for £ > US$ must be Wirral
by keving
Today at 12:39 AM
Piglets and ponies...
by Greenwood
Yesterday at 11:30 PM
P/T Cook @ Tam O Shanters Farm
by fish5133
Yesterday at 08:49 PM
Estate Agent Jobs in Moreton and Bromborough
by Uffda
Yesterday at 04:35 PM
Camelot Theme Park
by snowhite
Yesterday at 03:47 PM
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Return of Blood Sports? 1930
Body Found in Birkenhead Park 1673
3 Queens 1230
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Yesterday at 08:27 PM P/T Cook @ Tam O Shanters Farm by RUDEBOX


168 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 04:35 PM Estate Agent Jobs in Moreton and Bromborough by Uffda

Brennan, Ayre O'Neill are looking for two negotiators see below. Minimum wage though.

We’re looking for 2 Sales Negotiators to join our growing teams in the Bromborough & Moreton offices.
The role is varied and interesting; it requires self motivated individuals with a passion to succeed.
* Sales Experience is preferable
* Excellent Customer Service
* Professional and Good Communicator
* Busy Team Environment
* 3 to 4 Week Days and Saturdays
* Licence with Own Car is preferable
If you or anyone you know is interested, please email your CV along with a covering letter outlining why you believe you are the right candidate for this role.
Bromborough email 0151 343 9060
Moreton email 0151 604 0808

83 Views · 0 Comments
20th May 2015 8:12pm I have a Virus Please Help by Mark

I have a virus is a title I'm using to get your attention, and just to be maybe more aware of what those viruses are and what they can do. They don't all break your device you know !!

* Computers
* Tablets
* Mobile Phones

I want to give you some basic steps as prevention but also show you why its important to have some basic knowledge. And just what a cutting edge virus is capable off.

This first video just shows you what is possible, you may think its over the top for your little device at home or in your pocket. . . . . . But is it !!!

Prevention ! - Not all viruses will break your computer or even show there hand to you, so unless you have something checking, that knows how to check then you just never know.

This video introduces you to what they are in a nice simple explained way, so you dont have to be a geek to follow, but just making you more aware.

If you think your infected or need more advise please drop me a private message Click Me and i will help you as best as i can, or you can post below and we can give you general help.

My own personal opinion is to pay for your internet security, i don't have a preference just the free ones are not always a complete package. And they have become a lot cheaper over the years.

Sometimes the only way to be rid of a virus is to wipe all your data and re-install all over again.
You may not even see the damage until its too late.

214 Views · 0 Comments
20th May 2015 7:30pm SALE IN AID OF WIRRAL ST JOHNS HOSPICE by organiser

Advertised on Mersey Magazine

Tomorrow, Thursday May 21st
12 Noon
Clearance sale in aid of Wirral St Johns Hospice
At West Kirby FC Ground
Greenbank Road
CH48 5HL
Admission free

167 Views · 1 Comments
17th May 2015 10:07pm Do you think 'fabulous' or 'dreadful'? by venice

Well I may not have liked the Mersey Ferry's jazzy paint job, but I just LOVE this house! Bizarre ,and standing out yes, but to me it doesnt stand out in a horrible way , it seems to have a right to be there and sit comfortably . History of the future. .

653 Views · 11 Comments
17th May 2015 9:23am dsl connection by Dilly

Hi all, I got my internet through the P.O and I frequently lose dsl connection and think it may be down to the router modem thingy . So my question is can I buy a better one and will it work with the P.O internet that is coming via B.T phone line ? Many thanks Dilly.

935 Views · 21 Comments
16th May 2015 10:46pm Return of Blood Sports? by RUDEBOX

What are your views?

I mean you might think you wouldn't need a vet to know that a creature ripped apart alive would die in agony, but just in case you do. Their obsession with fox hunting is emblematic of a larger truth about Tories, I think...namely that it doesn't matter who suffers, their "right" to do exactly what the hell they like overrides the happiness, health and very lives of plebs...ahem, I mean foxes. Tally fooking ho.

Vets say hunted foxes die in agony

Harrowing evidence that foxes and hares killed by dogs suffer painful deaths has dealt a blow to pro-hunt supporters who claim that blood sports are not cruel.
Tomorrow the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, will announce that the Government is to table a Bill offering a range of options on the future of hunting. The pro-blood sports Countryside Alliance was hoping that the lack of evidence of cruelty would help its campaign.

But independent forensic evidence by university veterinary surgeons on foxes killed by hunts and hares caught by greyhounds during coursing show that it is extremely rare for hunted animals to be killed instantly.

Post-mortems commissioned by the Home Office inquiry into hunting - and seen by The Observer - show no evidence to support claims by hunt supporters that foxes are killed by a 'quick nip to the back of the neck' and finds that in many cases foxes are disembowelled first. Five of the 12 hares killed were pregnant, and all had their necks broken by humans after bites by greyhounds had failed to kill them.

Independent vet Professor David Morton, who heads the department of biomedical ethics at Birmingham University, has examined the post-mortems carried out by vets from Bristol and Cambridge universities. He said: 'The fact that none of the animals died instantly clearly shows that they would have suffered. But probably more important is the mental distress these animals would have suffered before they were killed or caught.'

Vets from Bristol University examined the corpses of four foxes killed by hunting. Two of the foxes were shot, having gone to ground. Although the first fox hunted in Cotswold Park near Cirencester was killed by a single bullet, the post-mortem examination found evidence of 'trauma before death'.

The second fox hunted on Salisbury Plain had to be shot twice. Having gone to ground a terrier with a radio collar was sent down, and after 25 minutes of digging the fox was found. The first shot went through the animal's shoulder and failed to kill it, so another shot was required.


But the post-mortem of the fox found it had suffered from multiple bite wounds on the face and the top of the head, damage to the right eye, and bite wounds round the throat.

In both cases where the fox was killed above ground by hounds, evidence was found of 'profound trauma'. In neither case was there major damage around the head or neck, as pro-hunt supporters claimed. The post-mortems showed the foxes had been attacked around the rib cage with the heart, lungs and stomach bitten. Morton said: 'In one case, the fox probably died from suffocation which might have taken several seconds, and in the other, where the heart was severely damaged, it looks the fox would have been attacked while upside down or on its side.'

But the post-mortems of animals killed in hare-coursing paint an even more disturbing tale of animal cruelty. The 12 post-mortems by vets of Cambridge University show that it is probable that 11 of the hares were not killed by the greyhounds despite suffering severe injuries through bites. The vets concluded that their deaths were likely to have been caused by men breaking their necks after they had been caught.

The hares' agonising deaths were revealed in The Observer in March when hidden film was taken of the premier hare-coursing event, the Waterloo Cup, attended by members of the Burns inquiry team. In some cases, men made several attempts to break the hare's neck after greyhounds fought over it.

This latest evidence of animal cruelty comes as an investigation by the International Fund for Animal Welfare revealed how the Royal Beaufort Hunt - used by Prince Charles, his sons and Princess Anne - has been breaching the rules of hunting. Hidden cameras filmed how an employee of the hunt had been rearing fox cubs for hunting. Animal rights groups want legal action to be taken against the master of the hunt, who include Captain Ian Farquhar, a close friend of Prince Charles.

1930 Views · 45 Comments
16th May 2015 1:32pm Steering wheel for play station by robert_37

As above free
I think it's for ps 2 but not sure

16 Views · 0 Comments
15th May 2015 10:08pm The Fight back begins.... by RUDEBOX


376 Views · 0 Comments
14th May 2015 7:04pm Office chair by Snodvan

Structurally sound. SMALL amount of wear showing on the seat fabric but otherwise OK. See pics. Pick up Walasey Village area
PM if interests - soon


92 Views · 7 Comments
14th May 2015 12:04pm Ram Raiders target the Coop, Manor Drive, Upton. by Alonso

Happened at 2.30 am this morning. A gang rammed the front of the building with a Land Rover. Police on the scene were attacked by the gang. The Land Rover was discovered in Church Road, which is now a crime scene. It's believed that the raiders escaped in an Audi. Money appears to have been stolen.

1718 Views · 19 Comments
14th May 2015 9:17am Bidston Hill by Snodvan

Do we have or can anyone provide a map/ sketch of the relative locations of the "history" landmarks on Bidston Hill. I am thinking of the carvings, the "cockpit", the capped vent of the tunnels. I tramped around yesterday and all I could find were a few of the old signal flag post holes.

A map/ sketch of these items relative to obvious landmarks like the buidings would save my arthritic old hip from some more wear and tear

Thanks, Snod

177 Views · 5 Comments
13th May 2015 1:08am Corsa D Ram air Kit - by Nomad

Got a Ram air kit which I never used.

FREE - just collect - Eastham

PM me please


259 Views · 3 Comments
12th May 2015 4:02pm Window Tints by Colt743

Does anyone know where I can get some reasonably priced window tints fitted locally?


203 Views · 1 Comments
11th May 2015 11:46am sticky fingered theiving rats - Dingle Road by cathie friend was sitting in her living room window keeping an eye out on her kids who were playing on scooters outside.

She heard them come in, asssumed they had shut the front door and went on reading a book, the front door was open so some little sticky fingered rat has come in and helped them selves to all the coats hanging on the back of a door.

One of the coats is her partners £200 high vis work coat, with his wallet and all his driving cards in which he needs to get into a truck and to prove he is eligible to drive the trucks, £40 to replace, not to mention his bank cards.

So if anyone sees any coats, kids and adults, dumped around the Dingle Road area can you please let me know as she now has to replace her kids cats too.

All this on top of just having to pay out some substantial sums as her cat had had a brain haemorrhage and had to be put to sleep.

1109 Views · 6 Comments
10th May 2015 4:43pm Scam? by venice

Ive got an item for sale on loot for £40 ono, so not a price worth scamming for I wouldnt have thought . Got a no-reply email through Loot saying there was a message from an interested party , message was 'I am interested in your item , is it still available whats your best price' , and the persons email address which is

Ive never used Loot before, but with Gumtree etc, you can email back to the enquirer through Gumtree , so not revealing your email address.
Felt uneasy, so googled and it brought this up from 2 years ago. which if you google it , youll see appears to be linked to that email address in the first article.

Thats in America . The gmail address is the same, but its hard to believe Im about to be scammed for something so trivial ? I havent emailed a reply yet . Am I misconstruing this in some way?Dont want to take chances, but dont want to miss a sale if Im just linking things wrongly and really its a local sale . I presume theres no risk in emailing vestus 13 with a yes its available £35 bottom line ,and see what they reply?

792 Views · 7 Comments
9th May 2015 11:09am Free mattress double size by robert_37

In ok condition too good to skip it but if no interest will go to skip on Monday

76 Views · 2 Comments
8th May 2015 10:30pm VCH Mortuary/Morgue by j_demo

I now work back in VCH and was discussing the history of one of the buildings earlier today with one of my colleagues who said that a few years back there was a horrid smell emanating around the building and people were called in who went "down under to the morgue" and it was flooded and the staff were sent to APH A&E to be checked for side effects. I believe they weren't told what the smell was...

I've had a look down the building and can't for the life of me even see a possible entrance down to a place/area beneath the building... The building i work in was once a maternity unit and it confuses me as to why a maternity unit would have the morgue underneath but i suppose one has to go somewhere...

Does anyone know of any location and/or entrance to said morgue at VCH???

1083 Views · 13 Comments
8th May 2015 7:03pm Town Liberal Club by locomotive

Whatever happened to the Town Liberal Club in Claughton Road, or is it now the building called Media House which doesn't appear to be open?

118 Views · 9 Comments
8th May 2015 6:27pm Zafira 06 Fault by Mike72

My zafira is making the bleeping noise when I open the drivers door as if I have left the lights on. They are turned off and car does not seem to want to lock via the fob. Simple problem and easy fix anyone

450 Views · 7 Comments
8th May 2015 2:35pm child car seats by gerry1

‎Britax stage 1 from 9kg to 18kg approx aged 1 up to 4 depending on child's weight! Fab condition £25 each ono! Collection Eastham

43 Views · 2 Comments
8th May 2015 2:32pm free armchair by gerry1

‎Single Chair, been in garage has small tear at back doesn't affect! Free collection Eastham

49 Views · 1 Comments
7th May 2015 3:32pm Travellers in Wallasey Central Park by diggingdeeper

Some travellers landed in Wallasey Central Park with their vehicles and caravans early this morning, they say they will leave at 6pm tonight.


1911 Views · 17 Comments
6th May 2015 7:09pm Bodywork Rust Repairs by fish5133

Got a couple of rusty bits on car --on cill and tailgate. Metal behind looks ok--is it just a case of sanding it down and painting a rust inhibitor on it and couple coats of car spray paint to nearest colour. Not too bothered about finish --just slow the rust down. Don't know what products are on the market these days.

357 Views · 3 Comments
6th May 2015 7:00pm Anyone lost a key near Wirral Grammar School by fish5133

Spotted a key near Norbury Avenue.

242 Views · 0 Comments
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by cathie
11th May 2015 11:46am
Anyone lost a key near Wirral Grammar School
by fish5133
6th May 2015 7:00pm
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tomtom one iq routes uk/europe 42 countries
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Yamaha Cygnus 125 Scooter for sale
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Mens Reebok Hooded Jumper and Zip Jacket. Size 3xl
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Yesterday at 09:12 PM
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