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little sutton
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22nd Jun 2016 8:00am
Wallasey at war
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Battle of Jutland
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Fireplace, Hearth and Electric fire £50
by Nigel
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Free Fridge
by workinclasshero
Today at 06:57 PM
by pokerchamp
Today at 06:56 PM
kids desk and chair with lift up lid.
by pokerchamp
Today at 06:49 PM
by diggingdeeper
Today at 01:46 PM
Chantry 3/4 size Guitar model 2459
by gerrymoore
Today at 11:19 AM
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Rally Supporting Jeremy Corbyn
Today at 09:56 PM
charity head shave
by lollipop
28th Jun 2016 6:28am
Yesterday at 11:26 AM Free Fridge by Habdab

Free White HOMEKING under counter fridge. Very clean and works. Is prone to the top back panel icing up but apart from that it works great. Whoever collects needs to bring someone to carry it down stairs from 1st floor flat, and transport to take it away.
PM me
No time wasters please. First come, first served.

140 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 12:56 AM Trainee Counsellors- looking for a Placement? by RUDEBOX

If you, or somebody you know is looking for a Placement then private message me for further information.

Interviews will be in July.

94 Views · 0 Comments
29th Jun 2016 5:40pm Rally Supporting Jeremy Corbyn by diggingdeeper

A rally will be held on Saturday 2/7/2016 in Liverpool city centre by supporters wanting Jeremy Corbyn to remain Labour leader.

The event, set to be held from midday, on Paradise Street, is being advertised on social media under the strapline “Unite against the Tories. Defend Jeremy Corbyn.”


765 Views · 17 Comments
28th Jun 2016 11:17pm Peugeot 307sw cv joint by Feederrrhcp

Need a quote on cv joint replacement for a 2005 307 sw as have mot due soon thanks

188 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jun 2016 4:53pm David Cameron by snowshoes

I understand David Cameron is not the most popular person in
the UK. However, watching him now in The House of Commons he
makes me believe he is a great Statesman for the UK. Unlike
our schoolboy Justin Trudeau. Very different from his Dad Pierre.

Is the UK a bit like a ship without a Captain at this point?

701 Views · 11 Comments
27th Jun 2016 2:22pm Wirral Referendum Results By Areas by diggingdeeper

Wirral - Remain

Parliamentary Constituencies:-

Birkenhead - Leave
Wallasey - Remain (just, very close)
Wirral West - Remain
Wirral South - Remain

Electoral Wards:-

Bidston & St James: Leave
Birkenhead & Tranmere: Leave
Claughton: Leave
Oxton: Remain
Prenton: Remain (very close)
Rock Ferry: Leave

Leasowe and Moreton East: Leave
Liscard: Leave
Moreton West and Saughall Massie: Leave
New Brighton: Remain
Seacombe: Remain
Wallasey: Remain

Bebington: Remain
Bromborough: Leave
Clatterbridge: Remain
Eastham: Leave
Heswall: Remain

Greasby, Frankby and Irby: Remain
Hoylake and Meols: Remain
Pensby and Thingwall: Remain
Upton: Leave
West Kirby and Thurstaston: Remain

I think I have all those right, apologies if there are any mistakes.

471 Views · 5 Comments
27th Jun 2016 12:43pm Zafira car help by monsterz4

Hi am changing my breaks on the Zafira but after taking it all apart I need a calibra tool twist . Can anyone help me please

198 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jun 2016 12:33pm Stolen Bike - 26/06/16 by ramy2007

It's probably a very long shot now but yesterday I had my bike stolen from my workplace in New Brighton its was the same as in the picture but had a rear mud guard (white) and has scuff marks under the seat it also was one silver pedal and one black pedal it was locked up and they had used bolt cutters to remove the lock and then rode off towards Seacombe the whole thing took just 10 seconds if anyone see's the bike below could you please contact myself or the police this bike was my pride any joy and would appreciate it if I could get it back.

thank you.

150 Views · 0 Comments
27th Jun 2016 8:10am Citroen C3 Pluriel. by RedTom

I wonder if by any chance there is somebody in the Wirral with experience of these models that I can contact re a problem with my car?

167 Views · 2 Comments
25th Jun 2016 6:07pm VR Headsets by Peter0787

Bought a VR headset for a bit of fun the other day. Managed to find a few apps but nothibg too exciting. Just like rollercoasters and 'scary' ones. Just wondering if there is anything better out there? Is there a possibility of using the rear camera (ie use your surroundings and things added to it) make it a little more interesting?

195 Views · 1 Comments
25th Jun 2016 10:28am Acer laptops. by RedTom

Good morning folks,can anyone tell me for definite if I will be able to swap the hard drive from an Acer Extensa 5220 into an Acer Aspire 2920 without difficulty?

368 Views · 8 Comments
24th Jun 2016 10:25pm Great Film shot locally - Special Screening by Yozzax2

'The Violators' is having a special screening on 30th June at Light Cinema New Brighton. There's a question and answer session with the film's director and stars afterwards.

It's had great reviews and has received many film awards.

Shot in Birkenhead, Seacombe and New Brighton.

Violators - Light Cinema

362 Views · 1 Comments
23rd Jun 2016 11:51pm Not Enough Bandwith-Talk Tal. by fish5133

Anyone else experiencing this. Could it be because of extra referendum "traffic".

308 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Jun 2016 8:00am little sutton by Paternoster21

hi i am a resident of little sutton, ellesmere port. i want to find out more about the history of the village and maybe in the future compile a book on the subject. if anybody has any stories, information or pictures they would be very appreciated. thanks.

351 Views · 2 Comments
21st Jun 2016 7:51pm Sunday morning by davelfc

a majorette group get picked up on a sunday morning at the end of my road and its right outside my house, they gather from anytime from 7am up to 8am, slamming car doors, kids running around and its doing my head in now,is there any law which states anything regarding noise that early of a morning.


628 Views · 3 Comments
21st Jun 2016 10:22am Sky HD and phones by ponytail

2 weeks ago I got sky HD fitted and last week my phoneline went dead, the internet refused to connect (when it did, it was so slow). Does anyone know how the telephone connections work, I am with BT? I don't use the Sky broadband as I am with another provider. My modem lights up and also the test port in the telephone/ADSL box doesn't work. Anyone ideas - I don't know whether to call out Sky or BT.

311 Views · 1 Comments
20th Jun 2016 2:43pm Missing cat by lincle

Spotted an appeal on Streetlife for anyone in Claughton area to look in sheds etc for Ellie who went walk about on Friday.Not sure of breed possibly tabby.She's chipped but no collar,quite timid.May be in the Shrewsbury,Tollemache,Heatherbrow area.Lives in Lindale Road.Please look out for her & ring 653 9134

223 Views · 2 Comments
20th Jun 2016 11:35am Wallasey at war by snowhite


444 Views · 3 Comments
20th Jun 2016 10:44am wanted someone who knows about electric doors by vw_kyle

looking for someone who knows about electric door motors on small mini buses it's either the motor or electrics playing up

130 Views · 0 Comments
20th Jun 2016 10:05am iPad dead by cools

This morning my iPad is dead. Have tried holding on and off switch as well as home one as suggested but nothing.I feel lost without it having to use phone does anyone have any ideas or is there an apple store in Birkenhead ?

427 Views · 5 Comments
19th Jun 2016 4:28pm 307cc roof leaking by lansyp

hi guys,wife has a peugeot 307cc lovely car but has an issue with the suddenly has started letting in water above the drivers door so you get a good soaking had been ok even during good rain showers but now it just lets in all the time .tried cleaning the seals and put silicon spray over them as advised by the garage but to no avail .is there anywhere in the wirral or liverpool who specialise in this sort of work cheers paul

381 Views · 6 Comments
18th Jun 2016 12:04pm Cloth garden dryer by robert_37


248 Views · 1 Comments
17th Jun 2016 9:53pm 2 and 3 seater settees in pink leather by workinclasshero

2 and 3 seater settees in pink leather ideal for someone just setting up a home or they will be going to the tip tomorrow be quick 07818647449

222 Views · 1 Comments
17th Jun 2016 3:14pm Wheelie Bin Possible THREE-Weekly Collection. by diggingdeeper

A new scheme is going to be introduced with a third bin in Wirral for food waste.

The food bin will be collected every week, however it is undecided yet as to whether the Green bin will be collected two-weekly or three-weekly. Presumably the Grey bin periodicity will also be under revue.

It is acknowledged that Wirral's recycling rate has dropped because of the charge for Brown bin collection. The fix would seem obvious to most people - but not Wirral council!


1699 Views · 28 Comments
15th Jun 2016 6:42pm wood for log burner ch41 area by fish5133

Friend has a pile of wood for log burner. Is not logs but old timber decking, framing, fenceing, off cuts etc so likely to contain preservatives. Will need cutting smaller to fit burner. At present it would go in boot of a car. Stacked up so would need bagging or carrying in something.

305 Views · 2 Comments
15th Jun 2016 12:49am 33 lions by granny

Did anyone follow the return of 33 rescued lions from Peru and Columbia , back to their homeland of South Africa ? An immense operation which was completely successful. There can be nothing but total admiration for these people.

I have followed their story so far, and they have all settled in well. Unfortunately two lions and two lionesses took ill last week. The two lionesses did not survive, which is so sad.

The first video they made of the rescue. The second video is complied from some of the same footage but also footage of their arrival at Emoya big Cat Sanctuary.

538 Views · 7 Comments
14th Jun 2016 11:06pm Cats or dogs ? by granny

Which would you suggest as a better companion, a cat or a dog ?

1433 Views · 29 Comments
14th Jun 2016 2:16pm Modded Games Consoles by Peter0787

Been having a bit of a nostalgic moment talking to colleagues about old games consoles and games.

They were talking about the ability to run emulators for certain consoles on consoles like the original XBox and Wii.

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Is it easy to do?

708 Views · 11 Comments
13th Jun 2016 6:38pm Driver needed by futurepast

Driver/lab needed for week's work, holiday cover, great rates of pay. Please inbox first with contact number,

321 Views · 0 Comments
13th Jun 2016 10:00am Armed Police in Oxton by OxtonHill

486 Views · 1 Comments
10th Jun 2016 5:21pm Futon bunk bed by ynwa96

Pretty much identical to this one but the matresses are different:-

Complete with mattresses, if required. The only thing wrong is the mechanism is slightly bent so when you change it from couch to bed you just neeed to make sure it doesn't catch the bed. This is easy to do though because you can use the handles to guide it past. Brilliant for nowt but would need to be collected due to me only having a VW Polo!

221 Views · 1 Comments
10th Jun 2016 2:42pm 90p bus fares for the queens bday all weekend by eddtheduck

Arriva has announced an eye-catching deal to mark the Queen’s official birthday this weekend.

Canny customers can get up to 80% off some bus fares today and over the weekend.

But you need to buy your ticket on your phone, through Arriva’s m-ticket app.

Then you need to enter the promo code 9003, and hey presto.

All day tickets have been slashed to just 90p from today until Sunday, June 12.

That includes Liverpool PLUS, Wirral PLUS, Halton and North West tickets.

Anyone travelling across the north west can see their fare plummet from £5.30 to 90p - an extraordinary 83% saving.

Liverpool and Wirral PLUS day tickets have been slashed from their normal £4.30 rate, and Halton tickets cut from £4.

The offer doesn’t include family tickets.

If you haven’t bought a mobile ticket before, all you need to do when you board is show the driver the ticket on your screen.
*Revealed - Bus companies' policies on passengers paying with notes

It’s not the first time Arriva have cut fares for Her Majesty, with the 90p promotion also offered to mark for other official celebrations in April and May.

Arriva’s website reads: “Happy Birthday Ma’am - celebrate and save with Arriva!

Celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday with our m-ticket reductions. The offer gets better in June, travel all day for 90p - 10th to 12th June inclusive!

“For our final celebration discount we will be reducing all of our Day M-Tickets within the North West and Wales region - Adult and Child tickets - to just 90p.”

36 Views · 1 Comments
10th Jun 2016 10:19am Small chest freezer by shar215

Small chest freezer in good working order

438 Views · 4 Comments
9th Jun 2016 8:05pm The Giants 2018 could link Liverpool and Wirral by eddtheduck

Giants creator Jean Luc Courcoult has paid a visit to Liverpool to check out new locations for a return of the spectacular.

And this time he has also been looking at key sites on the Wirral side of the Mersey.

The flamboyant artistic director of Nantes-based Royal de Luxe – the team behind the 2012 Sea Odyssey and 2014's Memories of 1914 – saw venues including Birkenhead Park, Port Sunlight and Hamilton Square before taking a trip on the Dazzle Ferry.

Giants are set to return in 2018

He met with Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson and Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil Davies to discuss plans for 2018.

Colin Lane Jean Luc Courcoult pictured with Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and Leader of Wirral Council Cllr Phil Davies
Jean Luc Courcoult pictured with Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson and Leader of Wirral Council Cllr Phil Davies

Speaking on the waterfront, Jean Luc said: “I’ve been visiting a little bit of Liverpool and a little bit here in Wirral.

“We’re working on a show for 2018 about the commemoration of the end of the First World War .

“I’m very very happy to be here with the two mayors [sic] and to work together to see how we can put on this huge spectacle.

“It will be a new spectacle, a new story, and a lot more locations this time.”

Colin Lane Jean Luc Courcoult, Artistic Director of Royal De Luxe, with the Dazzle Ferry
Jean Luc Courcoult, Artistic Director of Royal De Luxe, with the Dazzle Ferry

And he added: “I love Liverpool!”

Plans for a return of the popular Giants were revealed by Mayor Anderson last month as part of an ambitious year of events in 2018 to mark 10 years since Capital of Culture, as well as a host of other key anniversaries.

The Mayor said: “It’s the first meeting we’ve had, although we’ve had phone conversations about him doing this.

“We’ve had discussions over the last few months about how we can work together again, but equally how we can work with Wirral.

Gareth Jones Grandma Giant in Liverpool in 2014
Grandma Giant in Liverpool in 2014

“We’re talking to the Department of Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) around 14-18, and it was always something we wanted to do, end the commemorations of the First World War.

“It will be a story people can follow. There are some quirky things in Jean Luc’s mind.”

The 2018 events will mark 100 years since the Armistice, which took place in November 1918.

Liverpool Giants
Giants attract a million people Take our Giants quiz Your top Giants pictures ECHO Giants photo special Bride's Giants delight Relive the Giants weekend Flying with Giants 9 top Giants moments

Birkenhead-raised poet Wilfred Owen was killed a week before peace was declared, and there are plans to include some of his work in the new spectacle.

Cllr Davies added: “We’ve showed Jean Luc various venues here in Wirral, and he loves the spaces, particularly Birkenhead Park.

“I just know Wirral residents would come in their droves to see the Giants, on both sides of the river it would be fantastic.

“We’re particularly keen to link it to Wilfred Owen. His poetry is poignant and evocative. But we are also looking forward on an optimistic note to how nations can work more closely together.”

299 Views · 0 Comments
9th Jun 2016 1:59pm Van Driver by Vanmanone

My work colleague is looking for a full/part time driver for early local deliveries,Duties include packing and delivering newspapers&magazines to local shops Eastham/Bromborough, wages negotiable.
Mobile No 07928451480

225 Views · 0 Comments
9th Jun 2016 1:29pm FREE 3 Drawer Plastic Storage Unit by Heidi123

Free 3 drawer plastic storage unit.

482 Views · 8 Comments
8th Jun 2016 9:51pm 80m2 of Astro turf by TheComputerLab


As title says. This needs to go ASAP. It's used but in good condition

530 Views · 4 Comments
7th Jun 2016 1:51pm free pallets by gerry1

HI all
I have some more pallets here for free if anybody wants them.

collect from eastham

195 Views · 0 Comments
6th Jun 2016 11:32pm x type waist seals by lansyp

hi does anybody know of anywhere that does after market waist seals for an xtype estate .i can get the offical jag ones but for 269 pounds i think thats a bit steep considering they bloody rot .or i would consider a spare or repair jag for parts if anybody has one lying around =-)

464 Views · 2 Comments
5th Jun 2016 9:49am Noise pollution by Excoriator

According to google earth, I live about two miles from the Echo arena, yet during the past two days, the quiet of the evening has been ruined by a mindless and repetitive thumping emanating from that location.

I assume that it is some sort of 'musical' event which may sound better close up, but it is ludicrously over amplified and the low frequency thumping is all that comes through at this distance. Close up, the sound level must have been dangerously high.

Given that there are a lot of people living within a two mile radius of the arena, I am far from alone in having suffered this nuisance.

Surely it must be possible to limit this nuisance, either by limiting the amplified sound, or soundproofing the building.

1244 Views · 11 Comments
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kids desk and chair with lift up lid.
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Chantry 3/4 size Guitar model 2459
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Great Film shot locally - Special Screening
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Dog minding
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Peugeot 307sw cv joint
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England Brexit To Iceland
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Zafira car help
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Citroen C3 Pluriel.
by RedTom
27th Jun 2016 8:10am
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