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Upton Victory Hall Open Day - 7th September
by uptoncx
07:08 AM
Egremont Macmillan Coffee Morning
by jess103
29th Aug 2014 10:57am
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West Kirby Car Boot Ice Bucket
by organiser
13 minutes 55 seconds ago
Please sign-To all Carers
by Longnails
Today at 04:34 PM
malpus steam rally
by Pete_Robbo
Today at 12:47 PM
Upton Victory Hall Open Day - 7th September
by uptoncx
Today at 07:08 AM
by helenb234
Yesterday at 09:41 PM
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West Kirby Car Boot Ice Bucket
by organiser
Please sign-To all Carers
by Longnails
04:34 PM
The Bridewell
by bert1
03:04 PM
by TheComputerLab
02:26 PM
What song are you listening to?
by snowhite
12:40 PM
Upton Victory Hall Open Day - 7th September
by uptoncx
07:08 AM
Help! Bird stuck behind gas fire
by Greenwood
09:27 PM
by meem12
08:01 PM
Black screen on laptop
by Elizabeth
07:49 PM
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16 minutes 37 seconds ago West Kirby Car Boot Ice Bucket by organiser

Did anyone film the ice bucket challenge at West Kirby car Boot yesterday please

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Today at 04:41 PM Cat male Free to go home by Willo_

My boss has a all black cat a male, 8 months old free to a good home, his son has developed a allergic reaction to the cat fur.The cat loves going out, and is litter trained, and has been neuted is a very relaxed cat and loves playing.

He was going to take it to RSPCA but i wanted to try on here.

Please phone Az on

07984 656695

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Today at 04:34 PM Please sign-To all Carers by Longnails

To all Carers please take a few minutes to go the the Carers UK site and add your name to this campaign, thanks. Sorry I don't know how to do a link!

Send a message to Parliament: We Care. Don't You?

The General Election is less than ten months away and we want to show the Government and all MPs that they cannot ignore carers.

As the next step in our We Care. Don’t You? campaign, the letter below, signed by the UK’s carers, will be sent to every MP – giving a clear message to Parliament that enough is enough.

Both carers and former carers (people for whom caring has come to an end) can sign the letter.


The letter

Dear Member of Parliament,

There are 6.5 million carers in the UK. We provide essential unpaid care and support to ill, older or disabled relatives and friends who depend on us.

We are writing to you today to say that even though many of us were struggling already, our lives are being made harder.

Some of us get limited help; many of us care alone. Yet in many parts of the country, already inadequate social care support is now being cut – leaving many carers without breaks from caring, time to look after ourselves or have lives of our own.

Carers face high costs as a result of caring and are at risk of debt and financial hardship – millions of us have been forced to give up work to care. Yet cuts to carers’ benefits will reach £1 billion by 2018.

Sometimes we feel like we cannot carry on. If we did stop caring, it would cost the Government £326 million a day – £119 billion a year.

But carers can’t stop, we can’t go on strike and we can’t all travel to London to protest outside Downing Street. Our loved ones need us. The NHS and social care services would collapse without the care we provide.

If we could march on Parliament today, we would tell you this: carers are being let down.

With a UK election next year, we are asking you to take action in Parliament and locally to:

Stop cutting carers’ support
Carers need more help, not less – yet our families face cuts to vital care services and benefits.

End carers’ financial hardship
Caring shouldn’t push families into financial crisis – we need urgent reform of carers’ benefits.

Prevent carer breakdown
Health and care services must act to prevent carer ill-health and isolation.

Show us you care, by speaking up for carers in Parliament and calling on your party to pledge to support carers in your manifesto and at the election.

Yours faithfully,



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Today at 02:07 PM 2 cats by Slenderman

2, two year old cats Free to a good home. One male, neutered one female un neutered. Both extremely friendly.

38 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 07:08 AM Upton Victory Hall Open Day - 7th September by uptoncx

The Upton Victory Hall is having an open day on Sunday, 7th September:

80 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 09:41 PM password by helenb234

Does anybody know how to enter a laptop running windows vista as I have forgotten the password

326 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 08:42 AM Black screen on laptop by saltytom

Compaq Presario laptop wife switched on this morning all sounds good ie fan etc . Black screen any ideas please. my computer knowledge level is not good. thanks in advance

516 Views · 10 Comments
30th Aug 2014 4:59pm Free Dried Flowers by Uffda

I've found a large bag of dried flowers in the loft which will be going in the bin if no one wants them. They consist of poppy stems, wheat, nigella, larkspur. Please PM if you want them.

26 Views · 0 Comments
30th Aug 2014 12:37pm Trouble loading some pages by chriskay

Some pages won't load fully. On my home page, and on e-bay and Amazon, the page loads the text but not any graphics. The page continues to try to load but I can't do anything more, such as a search on e-bay. My other home page,, loads O.K. and many of my favourites load O.K. Any ideas? I've tried a system restore to a time when all was working, but that's the same.
Cheers, Chris

414 Views · 8 Comments
30th Aug 2014 7:49am The Bridewell by bert1

The image below is a report from the newspaper, Cheshire Observer, 1883.

Interested to know which Bridewell the report is referring to and how many Birkenhead had.

From various sources so far, directories and census returns,

North End Bridewell, Bridge St, I think this one is also described as Watson St.

Abbey St, County Police Court.

Town Hall, Hamilton St, this will be the old Town Hall.

Bridewell is a (Prison or Reform School for petty Offenders)

136 Views · 5 Comments
29th Aug 2014 8:01pm WIFI KINDLE problems. by Giggler

Hi. Does anyone KNOW about Kindles??
Mine won`t let me download a book. I`ve de-registered and re-registered it to no avail. The circle in the top left turns then stops. Its not saying there`s a problem with my debit card but something's not right. Please help! Thank you.

412 Views · 5 Comments
29th Aug 2014 10:57am Egremont Macmillan Coffee Morning by jess103

Hi folks!! After the great support for this year's Egremont Festival, I would like to invite the local community to this year's Macmillan Coffee Morning being held on Friday 12th September at the Heart of Egremont 103 Brighton Street, Wallasey. Fun games, activities and lots of loverly CAKE!!! Coffee tea and cold drinks with munchies too!! All starts at 10am so show us again how great you are!! Come and see the craft stalls the healthy lifestyle team, come and learn how do a loom band and show the kids what YOU can do!! and much more Call 0151 639 4441 or simply pop in to 103 Brighton Street, kettle's always on!!

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28th Aug 2014 5:07pm bee attack in birkenhead park. by cathcart

im searching for information about a swarm of beed that stung a boy in birkenhead park around 1954-56.his name was edward allen hughes,he was rescued by his brother,jimmy.they lived on grange mount.

204 Views · 1 Comments
28th Aug 2014 2:33pm Honda Civic Type R secondhand wheel / tyre wanted by yoller

I'm trying to find a secondhand wheel and tyre to use as a spare for a 2008 Honda Civic Type R. The car doesn't come with a spare and instead has a canister of sealant and an electric inflator, which proved useless when I recently had a puncture. I know you can get a lightweight spare wheel, but I'd prefer a full-size one. The wheel is 18in rim and the tyre size is 225 / 40. Any suggestions welcome.

210 Views · 1 Comments
28th Aug 2014 2:11pm Cowboy builder. by budgemundo

My sister has suffered the unfortunate experience of using a local builder called Nigel De Ponio.
He has been paid to do a damp course that has failed and has also done a few other jobs not up to scratch.
He is now not returning calls and ignoring texts.
She is about to go to small claims court but has also contacted a well known TV consumer affairs show.
They said if she could find 2 other cases of his shoddy workmanship and dishonesty they would look into doing an expose on him.
We feel that he should be named and shamed to as many as possible so that others don't suffer the same experience.
If you have also been victim of his poor workmanship or paid him to do work that hasn't been carried out please pm me.

997 Views · 4 Comments
27th Aug 2014 9:00pm school trousers aged 7-8 by fruitcake

I have 5 pairs of grey school pants aged 7-8 ...still in very good condition if they can be used also a pair of dark grey aged 8-9
Wallasey pick up

30 Views · 1 Comments
27th Aug 2014 8:25pm New Tower road Bridges 2018 by pacef8

The replacement of two bridges, and associated road improvement works including the provision of new pedestrian and cycle facilities on the A554 Tower Road, Birkenhead. The project will replace life expired highway structures and replace them with modern fit for purpose assets that will include segregated facilities for pedestrians and cyclists to encourage more sustainable, and safer cross docks movements. The project offers the most efficient whole life cost for asset management of the highway network. Without major capital investment in replacement of the bridges there will be more frequent occurrences of full or partial closure on this key route to enable maintenance to be undertaken. There is a risk the bridges may need to be closed for periods to all traffic, which will result in increases in journey times, congestion and carbon emissions due to vehicles
having to be diverted. Following completion in 2018, the project will improve network efficiency and reliability and will ensure the A554 corridor; part of the Merseyside Freight Network remains open to traffic.

3178 Views · 3 Comments
27th Aug 2014 4:59pm Free Merseyrail Tickets by RUDEBOX

See here

84 Views · 1 Comments
27th Aug 2014 3:48pm Mot reccomendations by yr20405

I need MOT test soon are National Tyres any good or are there any others that are reliable and better?

511 Views · 10 Comments
27th Aug 2014 9:34am Runner Beans-For Chutney by fish5133

anyone local interested in some runner beans. Some ok for eating others might be just past best so ideal for making runner bean chutney.

25 Views · 0 Comments
27th Aug 2014 6:25am Stolen Mountain Bike by Willo_

This bike was stolen early hours this morning Weds 27th from new brighton.

Reward if found and even bigger reward if am told who has it.

980 Views · 12 Comments
26th Aug 2014 10:42pm 3 x Gerbils by DavidB

I have three adult male gerbils to give away (black, dark grey and sandy coloured).
I bought them as I live along in a house down south through the week so there was some noise (I had loads when I was younger and know how noisy they can be). I am now moving and I can't take them with me! They've been good company with their tapping and knocking!

If anyone would like them, they're very tame and don't bite and they get along with each other fine! One has a 'gammy' arm (it just rests on his side) which he's had since he was born.

I'm heading home on the weekend, so can bring them with me.

118 Views · 7 Comments
26th Aug 2014 7:47pm car wash attendent by madrob

Car wash attendant wanted at bubbles hand car wash 16 hours a week might be more 01516302829 must have experience phone from 9.30 till .5.30 ask for Lee only taking names and numbers at the moment

278 Views · 0 Comments
25th Aug 2014 10:43pm Car insurance renewals by kenmo52

Last year or early this year I vaguely remembered reading a post about Aviva car insurance, when my Aviva renewal letter arrived last Saturday quoting me £357 for fully comprehensive with 7 years no claims, protected no claims, legal cover and £350 excess, I followed the previous post about Aviva on Wiki and went onto Aviva's website and requested a new quote, I then typed in all the info exactly as it was on the renewal notice, except I lowered the excess to £250.
The result was a quote for £215.
Thinking I must have missed something, I rang Aviva and they checked the 2 quotes against each other and said the only difference was the reduction in my excess by £100 and a reduction in my premium of £142. Aviva were great, no arguments.
So give it a go, I am absolutely amazed. Thanks to whoever put the previous post about Aviva on Wiki.

3069 Views · 12 Comments
25th Aug 2014 2:06pm Found--Royden Park Thursaston Hill by fish5133

Just in case anyone searching for an item of clothing they have dropped. Found saturday whilst walking there. PM me with details.

689 Views · 2 Comments
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27th Aug 2014 6:25am
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Cat male Free to go home
by Willo_
04:41 PM
2 cats
by Slenderman
02:07 PM
White XBox 360 120gb
by jellybaby454
12:28 PM
Xbox 360 slim 250gb and 25 games
by sofieelou
12:13 PM
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13 minutes 56 seconds ago
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