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Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
by Touchstone
08:30 PM
Charity Event! Multiple Sclerosis
by snowhite
31st Mar 2015 10:20pm
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Woodchurch 'Stone'
by Erainn
12:31 AM
Some one to repair a staircase
by vampy1977
09:16 PM
First wave of new jobs at peel Ports
06:10 PM
by j_demo
06:02 PM
Keep My No Claims : Car Insurance
by Mark
12:22 PM
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Woodchurch 'Stone'
by bert1
06:49 AM
Nurses Don't Wash Their Uniforms Correctly
by GeeMeister
02:21 AM
Applying for a million jobs / Do they even exist?
by GaryFromWirral
02:09 AM
Some one to repair a staircase
by vampy1977
10:27 PM
vauxhalls ellesmere port??
by s7uajones
10:15 PM
What song are you listening to?
by starakita
10:15 PM
First wave of new jobs at peel Ports
09:09 PM
Town hall graffiti
09:04 PM
Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
by Touchstone
08:30 PM
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Today at 12:31 AM Woodchurch 'Stone' by Erainn

Having taken a look at a thread on Woodchurch I noticed on one of Bert's excellent map extracts (a link to which is added) reference to a 'stone' Curious indeed, it looks like it's sited in Arrowe Park?

Is this the stone in question?

Anyone have more information on that item? smile

66 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 06:10 PM First wave of new jobs at peel Ports by RUDEBOX

170 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 06:02 PM LED SCREEN RIGHT TO LEFT CONVERTER 17.3" SCREEN by j_demo

Sorry 'bout caps

Bought a 17.3" lef screen left to right converter on the bay but d*ckhead over here forgot to bend one end over and f*cked it... i dont suppose anyone here has one that i could pick up in wallasey area or they could deliver to wallasey this evening is there??

I'm happy to pay or trade if there's anything you want? Just ask... i have a lot of stuff lying round i don't use...


47 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 12:22 PM Keep My No Claims : Car Insurance by Mark

I have 9yrs No Clams Car Insurance.
It was last renewed in my name May 2013 - Expiring May 2014
So this May 2015 I will not have had insurance for 1yr.

In the past ive played swap the policy with my partner.
So every other year we would become the new policy Holder and the other the Named Driver. And increasing our No Claims every time we became the policy holder.

My Dilemma !
I'm no longer with my partner,
I no longer need my own car, (I am a Named Driver on other cars).
And My 1yr / 12 months is coming to an end.

If I cant find away to extend the 1yr / 12 month limit then i may have to look into buying a run around for the sake of re insuring again to keep my No Claims Bonus alive.

Has anyone heard of any other ways to keep my No Claims Alive.
When i made enquiries a few years ago it was fairly new for No Claims to carry over a 12 month period.
So im wondering if its moved on from there. .. .. .


193 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 10:47 AM Purple Sony Xperia M2 - stolen- by Laureeenn19

Hi! I was out on Saturday night at The California Hotel in Birkenhead at the Rock and Rave Event when my phone got stolen, its a Ribena purple sony xperia M2 on EE network!

if anyone has it or has bought a similar phone of someone please let me know!! on the phone it has pictures of my horse in a Christmas hat and my cat in a pink dress!

it also has all of my university information on it and a lot of other important things! on the lock screen I have an ICE (in case of emergency) button which has my name ( Lauren Evans or Lauren Danielle Evans) in it if the button is opened! please return it to me!

also the sim has been blocked!!

Thanks Lauren.

101 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 10:45 AM hdmi media player by bromguy43

hi I have a sumvision cyclone micro 1 media player at my caravan and it seems either needs an update or needs replacing wont play new formats like mkv files etc.. can anyone help or know of a budjet player I could replace with so I can watch my films etc... searched for new firmware with not much luck really

151 Views · 3 Comments
31st Mar 2015 5:33pm vauxhalls ellesmere port?? by simonh

has anyone worked at vauxhalls and could tell me what its like there please. ive been offered work there with an agency. just wondered if its ongoing work or will they dump you after a week. dont want all the hassel of signing off then having to sign on again in a week or two

852 Views · 18 Comments
30th Mar 2015 10:52pm USB external drive by suejn

Hi I hope I've described it correctly, I have a usb stick that I add downloads to from my computer, yesterday I tried to add more content but I had a message saying the I didn't have enough memory it's 32 gb, but after watching what I had downloaded I always put the stick back into my computer and delete it so I could load more when needed... so my understanding was it had loads of spare space. Opening the stick on my computer it showed that I had 3 dump sections and nothing else, when I put the stick into the tv the same thing showed, but when I had a play about and looked at extra files through my tv, everything I had ever added to it was still there in a separate file, so it was showing on the tv but not my computer,and I can't delete through my tv, is there any way of finding these files through my computer or is my usb stick useless, sorry if this was long winded, thanks for any help. Sue

323 Views · 5 Comments
30th Mar 2015 8:33pm Police hunt Wirral flasher by x_plore

Heard this on the radio

The first incident occurred on Earlston Road at about 5.15pm and the second incident occurred on Rowson Street at about 5.50pm. On both occasions a male exposed himself to women who had been walking in the area before running away.

576 Views · 6 Comments
30th Mar 2015 7:28pm Parvo Outbreak by RUDEBOX


There has been a parvo outbreak reported in Liverpool area. One of our dogs who was in foster in CH44 area died today after contracting parvo. Please spread this far and wide so no one else's dogs succumb to this brutal, devastating virus!

Thanks to _Ste_

352 Views · 3 Comments
30th Mar 2015 5:08pm Staff Wanted : New Brighton by Mark

In the window.
Staff Wanted at New Brighton front.
Cafe / Chip shop.

Next to amusements. Perch Fish Bar.

No idea of the details.

202 Views · 0 Comments
30th Mar 2015 3:51pm Election 2015 by granny

We're off !


883 Views · 20 Comments
30th Mar 2015 9:03am Car service needed by ultimate

Are there any decent car services+cheap that you guys could reccomend?

200 Views · 1 Comments
29th Mar 2015 7:28pm App Store by johncon

Hi The App store has stopped working on my Android phone any ideas I have tried most things apart from factory reset ! everything else is working fine !

250 Views · 3 Comments
29th Mar 2015 12:08pm Worth repeating again its so good by venice

Hope its ok if I just flag up this brilliant post put on the 'funnies' forum on 27th by Billyanorak . Its SERIOUSLY good and I fear lots of people might have missed it if they dont regularly check in there. Thanks Billy , I think its ace!

257 Views · 5 Comments
29th Mar 2015 10:23am West Kirby FC Car Boot Sale by organiser

From the West Kirby website...their capitals not mine

10 15am SUNDAY MARCH 29th
SELLERS 1.00pm
BUYERS 2.00pm

96 Views · 0 Comments
29th Mar 2015 9:38am Large cuddly bear by turnip

I have a large cuddly bear taking up space in the cupboard. Needs to be gone by about 2pm today or it's going in the tip.

149 Views · 9 Comments
28th Mar 2015 9:34pm Town hall graffiti by Madge

Seems a fairly accurate description, even though i wouldnt normally approve of vandalism,

1777 Views · 34 Comments
28th Mar 2015 5:43pm Motor World by Salmon

Motor world in trouble, 350 jobs lost.

657 Views · 7 Comments
27th Mar 2015 4:52pm Applying for a million jobs / Do they even exist? by GaryFromWirral

I've been applying by email with my CV/Covering letter , checking umpteen websites for dozens of jobs and keep seeing the same vacancies cropping up week after week is making me wonder if the jobs even exist or the system is that broken ... demoralizing to say the least as I'm truly eager to get grafting so to speak and have a decent CV and work history !!

1505 Views · 31 Comments
27th Mar 2015 2:50pm Wirral Beer Festival by Excoriator

I went to this event last night in Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, with a friend to enjoy a few beers and a chat. So did hundreds of others, evidently with the same idea. It was a good venue and there were many ales to choose from, there was enough seating and a number of different food stalls.

Unfortunately the organisers had decided to engage a band. Whether they were good or bad I am unable to say - it isn't my sort of music - but what I can say is that they were TOO BLOODY LOUD!. The sheer volume of heavily amplified sound made any sort of conversation difficult, and cleared the area for many metres in front of the speakers of people who moved away from the intolerable din. We took our chairs and moved out to the foyer to drink, and so did quite a few others.

I don't know why it is that an over amplified band is so often added to occasions like this. I guarantee 90% of the people there would have preferred not to have ANY musical entertainment. They might have been quite a good band without the amplifiers. With them, they ruined for many of us what would have been a much more pleasant evening.

567 Views · 7 Comments
27th Mar 2015 12:28pm 17.3" laptop screen repair by j_demo

managed to crack the screen of my HP DV7 laptop and now half the screen works, half doesn't.

Been to a couple of places (starlight and the radio repair shop on mill lane) and got a couple of quotes but they're both higher than i'd like... Was wondering if anyone here can suggest someone who is reasonable in the wallssey area.

I am able to provide full model and serial numbers this evening if it'll help As i believe the hp dv7's use a few types of screen...


319 Views · 2 Comments
27th Mar 2015 2:26am Will wheel covers fit Morris minor 1963 model? by yr20405

It's a 14 inch wheel covers would it fit on a Morris minor 1963 model?

147 Views · 0 Comments
27th Mar 2015 12:48am Sad when folk have to give up pets. by venice

Poor Sam and poor owners . Saw this ad on a local site --always makes me feel really sad for those who have to give up their pets for home moves .

168 Views · 0 Comments
25th Mar 2015 7:18pm PC to MAC ? by kamikazi

Had enough of trying to work around the strangeness of various Windows OS, seriously thinking of making the change to Apple.

Equal mix of graphic and office tasks across the system

We run Adobe suite on two desktops and two laptops,they all talk to a NAS drive on a network anyone made the change, any advice?


625 Views · 12 Comments
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10:47 AM
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gym sit down bike
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08:24 PM
19" tv with dvd built in and freeview
by monsterz4
05:12 PM
HTC One Dre Beats
by markyport
04:53 PM
TV & Humax recorder
by Softy_Southerner
01:27 PM
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