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Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
by Touchstone
Yesterday at 12:16 PM
The Haunting Of 65 The Village... [23-25th Oct]
by JaiBuk
15th Oct 2014 12:17am
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New Ferry tram depot
by 8HBob
Yesterday at 01:30 PM
Angora rabbit petition success!
by venice
19th Oct 2014 11:16pm
Looking for a van
by AndyW
19th Oct 2014 5:03pm
Good idea for tax disc holder
by Willo_
19th Oct 2014 2:08pm
LCT 7074
by IrishSeaShipping
18th Oct 2014 10:28pm
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Loads of old Wirral pics
by Wally1
Today at 01:07 AM
New Ferry tram depot
by Rhoobarb
Yesterday at 09:25 PM
Angora rabbit petition success!
by granny
Yesterday at 06:36 PM
Lynda Bellingham dies aged 66
by fish5133
Yesterday at 06:16 PM
214 Rose and Shamrock
by Mark
Yesterday at 05:41 PM
Renault Clio 2002 CV Boot & Airbag Light
by Gibbo
Yesterday at 02:25 PM
Looking for a van
by Gibbo
Yesterday at 02:24 PM
Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
by Touchstone
Yesterday at 12:16 PM
Tranmere appoint journalist Jeremy Butler as CEO
by BlueLou
Yesterday at 12:13 PM
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Yesterday at 01:30 PM New Ferry tram depot by 8HBob

The former Birkenhead Corporation tramcar depot from New Ferry is just about to be dismantled - for the second time.
The structure was disposed of in 1927 & moved to Corwen where it became Corwen Pavilion. The curved openings for the trams at either end can still be seen in the corrugated iron sheeting. The building has been derelict for some time & is full of asbestos containing materials.
The building is next to the new Llangollen Railway terminus on Corwen Common.


298 Views · 1 Comments
19th Oct 2014 11:16pm Angora rabbit petition success! by venice


FCUK has caved in and decided to stop selling it , which goes towards helping stamp out the trade where battery farmed Angora rabbits have their fur hand stripped from their bodies every 8 weeks, often causing severe pain.


94 Views · 1 Comments
19th Oct 2014 5:03pm Looking for a van by AndyW

Looking for some advice on buying a new van, i have a budget of upto £1500, so what are the most reliable vans on the market and least prone to rust, have always stuck with SWB Transits, but looking to change have currently owned this one now for 8 years but the body work is looking shabby with the rust etc, all thou the engine is great and never had a problem with it. so also looking for somthing of similar size if not a little smaller possibly?

147 Views · 1 Comments
19th Oct 2014 2:08pm Good idea for tax disc holder by Willo_

POLICE have dreamt up a new use for the licence disc holders that every car carries on its windscreen - one which could save lives.

The switch from paper tax discs for cars to the new electronic version has meant that the familiar transparent plastic envelopes have become obsolete - but PC Dave Wise and colleagues have thought up a new use for them.

They have come up with an emergency contact information and medical alert card.

PC Wise said: "This is a really useful replacement for your tax disc. if a driver is involved in a collision or has a medical emergency whilst at the wheel, a first responder will have easy access to vital medical information and we can quickly contact next of kin.

"The way the disc folds in on itself means all the information is kept private until needed by emergency services personnel."

The policing team, based in Malvern, Worcestershire, put the template for the form on their Twitter account, @MalvernCops

It can be easily printed out, cut out, filled in, folded up and placed in the holder.

"We will be linking in with local ambulance and fire commanders to make them aware of this initiative so they can be on the lookout for these emergency contact discs," said PC Wise.

You can download and print the form here

268 Views · 2 Comments
19th Oct 2014 10:09am free tv by bromguy43

Durabrand silver old style tv think it's 28" good working order heavy being an old style tv cant find the remote control free collection only from Bromborough

43 Views · 0 Comments
18th Oct 2014 10:28pm LCT 7074 by IrishSeaShipping

Some photographs I took of the historic last surviving D-Day landing craft being raised in Birkenhead Docks.


344 Views · 4 Comments
18th Oct 2014 7:45pm Meols Parade by locomotive

Does anybody know what the round brick building at the Meols end of Meols Parade is for, I've never seen anybody use it, but it's in good condition so must be used for something, thanks

211 Views · 7 Comments
17th Oct 2014 1:15pm Sky Broadband Outage NW England by Wally1

Sky BB and some phones are off for a lot of exchanges in
Liverpool and Manchester. I've been off since late last
night. Writing this on my son's PC as he is on BT.

Sky say they have identified the fault & they are working
to fix it.

704 Views · 6 Comments
17th Oct 2014 12:28pm Liverpool Everyman theatre... by chriskay

...has won the Riba Stirling prize. Great looking building; so much better than the awful Birmingham Library which won the popular vote. I remember visiting the original Everyman several times back in the 1960's/70's.

310 Views · 3 Comments
17th Oct 2014 12:11pm Bmw e90 front spring by Maccakevin

This morning the front spring snapped on my 06 318d. It is stuck on my drive at the moment. Can anyone give me a price to fix it. It obviously can't be moved but there is plenty of room to get to it. I've got it jacked up and the wheel off if anyone needs to take a look.

405 Views · 6 Comments
17th Oct 2014 10:33am Renault Clio 2002 CV Boot & Airbag Light by Mike72

Hi, Need N/S CV Boot replacing and Airbag Light turned off for it's MOT Re-Test, Can any one reliable and able to do this asap and give me a price please?

281 Views · 3 Comments
16th Oct 2014 11:05pm Trades in Poulton/Wallasey in 16th/17thcentury by granny

I've been trying to find anything which would indicate, trades in the Poulton or Wallasey areas during the 16th and 17th centuries.

With that in mind I wondered why the Cheshire Cheese Pub was so called. Apparently the name of the pub was mentioned in 1500's and although it has moved from it's original home, Wallasey Village has changed much. The first Cheshire Cheese was taken by road to London from Chester in 1623, and hence forth taken by sailing vessels as it was in great demand and classed as the best in the country.
I wondered if the pub could have any connections with the cheese being made in or shipped from this area also.
Anyone know of any other trades. I thought I read somewhere and can't remember where, that there was leather tanning in Poulton, which would have been a perfect area with the river and the oak trees.
I think cordwaining was also in Poulton/Wallasey area.


339 Views · 2 Comments
16th Oct 2014 9:36am Epson Printer Problems by HevaNeva09

im not sure if anyone can help without looking at the printer but everytime i try and print anything it all just comes out red .. ive changed the inks on multiple occasions and it jus says it wont recognise the black ink. i was jus wondering if anyone knew how to reset the printer maybe or if there was any other tricks to fix it. Or if its best jus to buy a new one but this one is fairly new and hardly used. Thanks

395 Views · 6 Comments
15th Oct 2014 11:11pm Ha! Love to have seen HR's reaction by venice

Ive not seen this before although lots of you might have.


258 Views · 1 Comments
15th Oct 2014 7:25pm Navitech faux leather case for Archos 80 Cobalt by tedmus

Amazon link

As in the link, I ordered one for an Archos 80 Titanium tablet but received this instead, since had the correct one delivered so this is going spare, unused and still in packaging.

36 Views · 0 Comments
15th Oct 2014 1:31pm photo opportunity docks by Dilly

Thought I would put this up in case anyone wants to get any shots. Big floating crane getting ready to lift sunken vessel from the dock at the side of the flats (old converted mill) Happy snapping smile

2208 Views · 33 Comments
15th Oct 2014 9:12am Multiple hard drives by Excoriator

I recently bought a solid state drive. Not wanting the hassle of transferring windows from the old drive to it, I reinstalled a separate copy of windows onto it and bought a useful little unit from China which allows you to power up to six SATA disk dives (SSD of HDD) individually.

It cost me £20 and allows me to boot up from either - or another old drive I happened to have - by deselecting the others before switch on. Once the machine has booted up, you can switch on the other drives and access files from them as you wish. Took me about 30 minutes to install in a spare bay.

It saves a lot of hassle trying to reinstall software and copy data etc. if you are thinking of upgrading to a new disc.

462 Views · 6 Comments
15th Oct 2014 12:31am £12 Electricity Rebate by RUDEBOX


109 Views · 0 Comments
15th Oct 2014 12:17am The Haunting Of 65 The Village... [23-25th Oct] by JaiBuk

The Haunting Of 65 The Village follows the story of Mary, one of the earliest known librarians at the Bebington Free Library. Outgrowing its original location at the infamously eccentric local Thomas Francis' home due to popularity, Joseph Mayer purchased a barn and surrounding farm land to design & build a purpose built library for the public next to his home...

Upon moving the original collection of books and antiquities to the new building some of Thomas Francis' own personal items became lost in the collection, some of these items coming from his travels and explorations of the Occult, Wicche and Pagan secret sects.

It was believed at the time Mary became obsessed with finding these lost books, seeking out the dark scriptures amongst the thousands of transferred manuscripts and papers, becoming increasingly wild and hysterical in her quest to locate them...

Over the past 100 years there have been various recorded sightings, possessions and happenings within 65 The Village, finally in the 1970's, it was decided to close the door on the library for good pending an investigation and never to open it up to the public again... That is until now...

For three nights only we welcome you to step inside and discover what's been locked away for over 30 years...

Join us Thursday 23rd - Saturday 25th October...

Are your brave enough to encounter Mary?

Tickets are still available at a discounted price of £3.00 each from www.65TheVillage.co.uk

247 Views · 0 Comments
14th Oct 2014 9:59pm Tranmere Sack Manager and Wirral Council CEO To Go by fish5133

Maybe the fortunes of TRFC and WBC will now turn. Moyes is looking for a new managerial role--how about it Moyes fancy CEO at Wirral Borough Council. Plenty of experience having millions and not doing much with it!

After reading the "plaudits", from fellow council leaders for Wirral CEO Graham Burgess who was shoe horned in to decimate Wirral Council by making multi £millions of cuts and savings--I cant help thinking the old boys network is rallying around him. Isnt the captain supposed to be the last to leave the sinking ship----women and children first.

Nice he is able to retire at 62. Firemen and teachers 68?

492 Views · 5 Comments
14th Oct 2014 8:43pm Trailer Tyres by fish5133

Anyone had a new tyre 145 10 fitted for a trailer on Wirral. Seem quite expensive just to buy on ebay. Inner tubes aren't too bad so may just get one and have it fitted at usual tyre places

370 Views · 4 Comments
14th Oct 2014 5:55pm HPI check by Willo_

Any one recommend the best site to use do do a hpi check please

189 Views · 0 Comments
14th Oct 2014 12:26pm unlock phone by casper

Anybody know how to unlock an I phone 4 due to forgotten pass word doh! blush

225 Views · 0 Comments
14th Oct 2014 11:48am help with rover 75 by fruitcake

I'm looking for the gearbox ecu on a rover 75 2001.. does anyone have a clue
Many thanks in advance

326 Views · 4 Comments
14th Oct 2014 10:18am Cybox by DavidB

Has anyone used these recently?
I'm looking to get a complete system made from turbo to backbox with two silencers. I had a backbox made from their factory years ago when they were Peco and found it very good.

467 Views · 6 Comments
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Yesterday at 09:09 AM
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