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30th Oct 2014 3:32pm
Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
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Morrisons Car Park
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Yesterday at 10:41 PM
33 rpm Records
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How to carve the spookiest pumpkin
by Mark
Yesterday at 09:39 AM
Alloy Repair
by tango
30th Oct 2014 8:24pm
power pack
by patsylodo
30th Oct 2014 6:46pm
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Morrisons Car Park
by saltytom
08:25 AM
Terminally ill girl order her to take off wig
by Dilly
07:18 AM
Wirral lifeboat crews get new £1.2m launch vehicle
by fish5133
11:44 PM
Young boy pays tribute
by fish5133
11:29 PM
What song are you listening to?
by j_demo
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33 rpm Records
by Salmon
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Tranmere Tunnels - Inside the Shaft
by chriskay
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Old rowing boat
by Greenwood
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How to carve the spookiest pumpkin
by mickygee
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Today at 07:44 AM Touch screen pub quiz machine by TheComputerLab

I bought this with the intention of getting it running but with the arrival of a kid I have never got around to spending any time with it.

Has a computer inside it does work but the power is faulty and the hard drive is faulty. Needs a new psu, drive and an OS with games or pub quiz installing.

Very heavy will need an estate car or trailer to get it.

5 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 10:41 PM Morrisons Car Park by Fireblade

A mate of mine has just got a parking ticket
in Morrisons West Kirby,i don't think its owned by the
council,so is he obliged to pay up,or put it
in the bin
Cheers Baza

354 Views · 7 Comments
Yesterday at 03:31 PM free...girls or ladies mountain bike by fruitcake

free if any use to anyone. 24" wheels, not sure of the frame but would suit teenager or a short arse like me.
is in rideable condition and has mostly cosmetic issues.
pick up Wallasey
many thanks

48 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 09:39 AM How to carve the spookiest pumpkin by Mark

World champion pumpkin carver Dave Finkle shows us how to carve the spookiest pumpkin on the block

Don’t make a pumpkin carving move until you’ve read this.

What you’ll need

A pumpkin. Obvs. (Make sure yours has a Red Tractor label, so you know it’s up to scratch)

A pumpkin carving kit (which you can get in most supermarkets)

Tea light candles (Top Dave Finkle tip: Three is the magic number)

A stencil. You can download Dave’s spooky cat one here

Step 1

Cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin and clean out the insides.

Top Dave Finkle tip: The cleaner the insides, the brighter your pumpkin will burn.

Step 2

Pin your stencil onto the pumpkin and etch around it. At this stage you’re not looking to cut all the way through the pumpkin, just to score the design into the rind.

Top Dave Finkle tip: Take your time with this stage, patience will get you the best results.

Step 3

Now with the stencil removed, carve out the design using your pumpkin carving saw.

Top Dave Finkle tip: This is (apparently) the fun part.

Step 4

Stick your pumpkins atop the lit candles.

Sit back and (smugly) admire your pumpkin carving prowess.

Yes, you my friend are a genius.

Source : Click Me

227 Views · 2 Comments
30th Oct 2014 8:24pm Alloy Repair by tango

Kerbed my car today and scuffed pretty badly the edges of the near side wheels - does anyone know where I can get them repaired quickly - while I wait if possible, and some idea of cost involved - not usually such a poor driver, was dodging a bin truck at the time

291 Views · 1 Comments
30th Oct 2014 6:46pm power pack by patsylodo

has any one got a power pack for a sony laptop 19 volt model pcg-7f1m will call thanks

75 Views · 0 Comments
30th Oct 2014 4:44pm Young boy pays tribute by Vanmanone

When Police Won’t Let This Boy into the American Cemetery on D-Day, He Conducts His Own Amazing Memorial

This is quite popular at the moment,so thought Id share

277 Views · 5 Comments
30th Oct 2014 4:21pm Talk Talk outage ? by philmch

Anyone know if there's a local outage with Talk Talk broadband ?

Just been to my friends' to take a look. Their router is working ok. The green light is on indicating that they should have broadband. The router will talk to my laptop wirelessly but there's just nothing.

Very odd.

261 Views · 6 Comments
30th Oct 2014 2:04pm computer fault by casper

Computer not running right very slow loses screen any suggestions ? help

207 Views · 1 Comments













1077 Views · 2 Comments
30th Oct 2014 10:08am White vanity unit by Giggler

I have a white high gloss vanity unit if anybody wants it. It has been dismantled. Not my idea. It needs a new piece of wood for shelf. It will go to the tip if not collected soon. In Heswall.

35 Views · 1 Comments
30th Oct 2014 9:42am Harassment or Complements by Mark

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

Is this just street banter ? Or are the comments Harassment ?

My Thoughts
Personally Individually Compliments, Collectively Not Nice.
A Few freaky and weird people but no more than on a normal day.

339 Views · 3 Comments
30th Oct 2014 9:23am firefighters to walk out for five days by Mark

WIRRAL firefighters will walk out for five consecutive days later this week as part of an on-going national dispute over pensions.

The 96-hour strike has been called in response to government plans to make firefighters work up to 60.

It will take place from 6pm on Friday, October 31 until 6pm on Tuesday, November 4.

A spokesman for Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service said: "The public should be reassured that our staff will maintain a significant emergency response capability during industrial action from October 31 to November 4 and 999 calls will be responded to as normal.

"We will also continue our community fire safety work – recognising the importance of providing fire safety information at such a time.

"As this is over Hallowe’en and leading up to Bonfire Night, we would ask the public to show extra care and vigilance during this period of industrial action."

Negotiations between Fire Brigades Union and Department for Communities and Local Government have been taking place for three years, both the union and government have undertaken work examining financial, technical and legal issues.

Mark Rowe, from Merseyside Fire Brigades' Union told the Globe: "We've been incredibly tolerant in recent months because we have actually suspended strike action so talks can continue.

"In my view, other areas of the United Kingdom have resolved this issue, but we haven't done so in England.

"Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have agreed deals with fire unions.

"If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can resolve this issue and we can't here, what's going on here.

"I would invite members of the public to speak to the fire fighters during the strike to find out why the walk-out is important.

"I'm still yet to meet anyone who thinks that having firefighters approaching their 60s climbing up to window of a burning building to rescue people is acceptable."

Source : Click Me

171 Views · 2 Comments
30th Oct 2014 9:23am Wirral sexual health survey by Mark

WIRRAL residents are being encouraged to take part in a confidential survey about sexual health.

Its asks questions about contraception, sexually-transmitted infections and advice available.

Launched by Wirral Council's public health team, the information collected will be used to help shape Wirral's sexual health services, making them more tailored to residents' needs.

The survey is open from today until November 21.

Fiona Johnstone, Wirral's director of public health, said: "Some people can still be nervous about accessing sexual health advice and support, so it is important that the service is as user friendly as possible.

"Sexual health issues can affect anyone and I would urge everyone to take part in the survey and help shape and improve sexual health services for Wirral."

The survey should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete and is completely confidential and all answers are anonymous.

To access the survey, visit

Source : Click Me

139 Views · 2 Comments
30th Oct 2014 9:23am Wirral lifeboat crews get new £1.2m launch vehicle by Mark

Hoylake lifeboat volunteers with their new £1.2m launch vehicle ahead of arrival of new lifeboat. Left to right Ian Farrell, Rob Harrison, Marco Swaine, Ian Davies, Tracy Davies and Gary Clark.
Lifeboat volunteers in Wirral have begun training on a purpose-built £1.2m launch vehicle ahead of the arrival of their new boat later this year.

RNLI Hoylake will be one of the first crews in the UK to get a Shannon class all-weather lifeboat in December, replacing the current Mersey-class boat.

The station’s volunteers are now undergoing intensive training with the boat’s new launch and recovery vehicle, which has already been delivered and will help crews reach people in need even faster than before.

It is to be named the Roland Hough after a Hoylake businessman whose family made a generous donation to the charity to fund its provision.

As Hoylake’s lifeboat has to be able to launch at all states of the tide, the launch vehicle needs to be able to tow it well over one mile across the East Hoyle Sandbank to reach the tideline.

The existing tractor can pull the station’s current Mersey-class lifeboat at 7mph but the new launch and recovery vehicle will be able to tow the new lifeboat at 10 mph to its launch site.

Read More Click Me

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30th Oct 2014 9:23am campaign tackles criminal damage by young people by Mark

A new campaign has been launched across Wallasey to tackle criminal damage by young people in preparation for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Last year the area covered by Wallasey Constituency Committee, which includes New Brighton, Leasowe, Moreton, Liscard, Saughall Massie, Poulton, Egremont, Seacombe and Wallasey, saw an increase in the number of reported incidents of criminal damage during the bonfire period. 17 more incidents were reported in 2013 than during the same period in 2012.

This was despite a comprehensive programme of multi-agency activity including preventative work in schools, visits to retailers, bonfire and flammable materials removal, diversionary activities for young people and community engagement.

Now Wallasey Constituency Committee is using Public Health Outcomes funding to support a new behaviour change campaign aimed at revealing the impact of criminal damage on communities. This is with the aim of reducing the number of young people who commit criminal damage and ultimately end up in the criminal justice system.

Special resource packs have been produced for work with young people, which include activities, presentations, scenarios and project work focused upon:

Types of vandalism and how it can negatively affect property owners, businesses and residents.
What leads young people to commit criminal damage.
The financial cost of criminal damage to individuals and communities.
Potential penalties that perpetrators should expect if they are caught.
The fear and anxiety that criminal damage can cause to communities and how it contributes to neighbourhood decline.
The new packs are designed to be used by those who work with young people, including Merseyside Police’s Community Support and Traffic Officers, Police Officers, Fire Officers and Youth Workers from Wirral Council’s Youth & Play Service. The packs have been developed from focus groups and one-to-one interviews with young people engaged with both the Youth Service and Youth Offending Service to identify key messages and approaches that will have the most impact.

Cllr Rob Gregson, Chair of Wallasey Constituency Committee said: “Achieving behaviour change is one of those really knotty problems which can take a long time and a great deal of resource. Hopefully, by working through activities which go into the motivations and impacts of criminal damage we will achieve a reduction. Halloween and Bonfire Night are meant to be fun, but some of the anti-social activities can have a debilitating effect on communities.”

For further information, contact Caroline Laing by email at or follow the Constituency Team’s Twitter account @wallaseyteam and campaign hashtag #itsnoyolk!

Source : Clic Me

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29th Oct 2014 9:54pm Free wood and large re-usable lengths by futurepast

I am soft stripping a property in Chester and have a large amount of wood available free to who ever wants it, a lot of the wood is good for burning ie,log fires but there is also a large amount of re-usable lengths 3x2,I would also consider someone pricing me for moving about 3 van loads of wood,if interested please give me a bell on 07719211807

39 Views · 1 Comments
28th Oct 2014 10:20am torrent site by kensden

anyone know off any file sharing sites like bitlord ect looking to download app for a phone like fxguru thanks

717 Views · 9 Comments
28th Oct 2014 8:58am Wirral hovercraft wins Westminster support by Mark

A WIRRAL company has won the support of the Department for Transport to re-launch a hovercraft service that was last seen in the 1960s.

Hoverlink (NW) believes the service could take 200,000 visitors to and from destinations including Wirral, North Wales, Blackpool, Southport and Liverpool each year and is expected to be operational from 2015.

The scheme, supported by Wirral Council's regeneration department, will run from New Brighton's lifeboat station's launch stage.

The enterprise will cost around £1m to set up and could create 100 permanent jobs.

The business and tourism service will feature a route to Liverpool John Lennon Airport – the world’s only airport hovercraft shuttle.

Hoverlink representatives presented their proposals to Under Secretary for Transport Robert Goodwill MP at Westminster on Wednesday.

Other politicians attending the briefing included Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside and chair of the Transport Select Committee, Wirral West MP Esther McVey, Vale of Clwyd MP Chris Ruane and Blackpool North and Cleveleys MP Paul Maynard.

Read More : Click Me

Could be good fun if it does start up again.

434 Views · 6 Comments
28th Oct 2014 8:58am American military vehicle Wirral raises £2,000 by Mark

Detroit’ Dave has spent his pension to bring the Lark back to its former glory

Defiant II has raised £2,000 for Help for Heroes to mark the centenary of World War One. Picture by Linda Foo Guest
An amphibious military vehicle nesting in New Brighton has reaped a cargo full of cash for charity.

The monstrous Defiant II has been parked in front of Fort Perch Rock for the past month to raise money for Help for Heroes to mark the centenary of World War I.

It has certainly attracted a lot of attention during that period as well as raising an astounding £2,000 for the cause.

It has been a labour of love for 74-year-old owner ‘Detroit’ Dave who has spent 18 months and all his pension to refurbish it.

The Lark – as it is know which stands for Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo - was built by the American military in the 1960s to transport supplies ashore from ships.

The American army vehicle weighs 25 tonnes and has two 14 litre engines to carry 15 tonnes.

The Prenton granddad is overwhelmed with the money raised.

Read More : Click me

Fantastic !!!!

261 Views · 2 Comments
28th Oct 2014 8:57am Merseyside hospitals spent £67m on temp workers by Mark

MP Frank Field has now called on hospitals in the area to provide more certainty for nurses and patients

Hospitals on Merseyside spent £67m on temporary workers last year, according to figures obtained by an MP, who has raised concerns about the impact on patient care.

Birkenhead MP Frank Field has now called on hospitals in the area to provide more certainty for nurses and patients.

According to figures obtained in response to a Parliamentary question, Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Fazakerley hospital, spent the largest amount on agency and contract staff – £10.3m – followed by Warrington and Halton NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust, which spent £9.1m.

Mersey Care NHS Trust were third highest with a spend of £7.5m, followed by St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust at £6.6m.

The Labour MP said: “Local residents know their NHS is desperately short of money, and staffing levels are critical. Hospitals are having to plug the gaps by paying sky-high amounts for temporary workers. I am really worried about the impact of this on patient care, for two reasons – the high turnover of staff in hospital wards can create uncertainty, both for nurses and patients, and the huge sum of money required to hire temps is adding yet more salt into the gaping wounds in the NHS budget.”

In response, a spokesman for Fazakerley hospital said the figures were not specific to nurses and covered a range of staff groups, and said its spending on temporary staff – which allows it to respond to changes in demand – last year accounted for less than 6% of total staffing costs. A spokesman for Warrington and Halton Hospitals said it spent around £6.9m on agency staffing last year – less than 5% of its total wage bill – adding it was committed to reducing spending on temporary staffing, and has been recruiting to fill vacant posts this year.

A Mersey Care spokesman said that, at times of higher demand, it was important the trust could call on additional temporary staffing to support its permanent workforce, adding that, wherever possible, temporary workers were used from its bank of in-house agency staff.

While a spokesperson for St Helens and Knowsley hospitals said on occasions it was necessary to supplement its workforce with additional staff to cover vacancies, maternity leave and unplanned absences, to ensure safe staffing levels were maintained at all times.

Source : Click Me

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28th Oct 2014 8:57am Plans for new fire station in Greasby by Mark

Hundreds shut out of consultation meeting over plans for new fire station in Greasby

Hundreds were shut out of a public consultation over plans to shut two fire stations in Wirral tonight.

Upton and West Kirby fire stations could both be axed, along with 22 jobs as the force attempts to slash its budget due to funding cuts. If those plans are given the green light the two stations would be replaced with a new £2.8m base in Greasby to serve both areas.

But concerned residents who turned up to tonight’s meeting at Greasby Methodist Church Hall on Greasby Road were closed out from the meeting because the hall was too full.

Richard Booth told the ECHO: “We turned up for the meeting but they are telling us no more can come in. I don’t think they were expecting this kind of turn out.

“There are about 400 people inside and about another 500 outside the hall. There are fire officers on the church hall steps trying to pacify the crowd, but they are angry because they want their views to be heard.

“People won’t leave they’ve turned out on mass because they feel so strongly that they don’t want Upton and West Kirby to close. There is no need to build a new station in Greasby, when we have perfectly good fire stations.”

Mr Booth added that people in the crowd were shouting “we want democracy” and “you’ve already decided to close the stations”.

On Twitter, A J Perrigo wrote: “Taken a little straw poll out here and I haven’t found one in favour of Greasby fire station.”

Peter Harrison tweeted: “Strong feeling at Greasby fire station meeting. Hundreds people can’t get in #NoToGreasbyFireStation.

“Everyone outside was really unhappy that the level of discontent was not represented in the meeting.”

If West Kirby and Upton stations are closed a new station would be built on Frankby Road.

Should the merger take place, the average response time from Greasby to an incident would be six minutes 12 seconds compared to the current average response time of five minutes 32 seconds for incidents in the West Kirby area, and four minutes 33 seconds for incidents occurring in the Upton area.

The merger would see the loss of 22 firefighter posts which, with the savings from moving to one station, would see £864,000 per year cut from the force’s expenses.

Dan Stephens, chief fire officer for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Over the last four years the service has had to make savings of £20 million as a result of cuts in our Government grant. We now face further cuts of £6.3 million in 2015/16 and our expectation is that there will be more grant reductions in the following years.”

Each public meeting is open to anyone, whether they live in the areas that may be affected or not.

Further public meetings will be held at:

* Activity Hall at Woodchurch High School on Carr Bridge Road, from 7pm to 8pm tomorrow.

* Hoylake Parade Community Centre on Hoyle Road, Hoylake, from 6pm to 7pm on Thursday.

Source : Click Me

911 Views · 6 Comments
27th Oct 2014 8:49pm guinea pigs and hutch by mrefc

i have a pair of female guinea pigs approx 4 months old that i am looking to rehome. we just dont have the time to care for them as we should. i will also throw in the 2 level hutch too as they are used to it being their home. i also have a indoor cage too.

please msg me if interested. can provide photos etc

27 Views · 0 Comments
27th Oct 2014 1:33pm Wirral's fallen remembered by Mark

TRIBUTES have been paid to Wirral's Fallen in Afghanistan as UK combat troops brought their campaign in Helmand province to an end today.

UK forces handed Camp Bastion over to Afghan officials, concluding their bloodiest chapter in the 13-year conflict with a poignant ceremony.

British and American troops stood side-by-side as the Union flag and the Stars and Stripes were lowered at the base for the last time.

David Cameron said Britain will "never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice".

Many from Wirral and the surrounding areas were among some 453 British forces personnel or Ministry of Defence civillies who died while serving in Afghanistan since the start of operations in 2001.

Read More Click Me

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27th Oct 2014 1:33pm Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark will be at Meols by Mark

Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark will be at Meols Park.

Pop icons OMD will be lighting up the sky for bonfire night in Wirral.

The Friends of Meols Park are pleased to announce that the plunger to set off the firework display will be deployed by Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

The community event starts at noon on Sunday, November 2, in Meols Park with the firework display beginning at around 6.30pm. Finishing time is scheduled to be around 8pm.

There will be a host of activities, including Incredible Edibles of Hoylake who will be serving pumpkin soup, and there will be family funfair rides, side stalls, refreshments, and mulled wine.

The firework display is free, although there will be bucket collections and voluntary donations to help with the cost of staging the event.

Source : Click me

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