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by ambersmum
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remote control yacht
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24th Aug 2016 9:44am
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by FelixCowden
22nd Aug 2016 10:32pm
Virginmedia problems
by casper
19th Aug 2016 8:08am
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23rd Aug 2016 10:03pm
Milk Bottle tops
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The grand 1947 plan.
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10th Aug 2016 2:34pm
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8th Aug 2016 11:23am
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Mr Erdogan's Policy
by granny
7 minutes 31 seconds ago
Need someone to fix car door handle
by ultimate
44 minutes 52 seconds ago
Skynet Wants Your Job not Your Life!
by FelixCowden
Yesterday at 10:24 PM
park n ride- chester zoo
by j_demo
Yesterday at 09:29 PM
1000mm Baumatic Extractor Hood in Black
by kamikazi
Yesterday at 09:01 PM
Who remembers this
by cools
Yesterday at 06:57 PM
wanted samsung s5
by elliott39
Yesterday at 06:42 PM
by brady
Yesterday at 02:16 PM
Motorist who are lazy when turning!
by fish5133
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Hoylake Beer festival
by Gibbo
24th Aug 2016 1:01pm
Hooton Park 1940's Weekend
by granny
19th Aug 2016 11:10pm
Yesterday at 10:24 PM Skynet Wants Your Job not Your Life! by FelixCowden

Something to bear in mind if you are considering getting post-secondary education.

54 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 02:16 PM Repticard by brady

Big bag of ground down cardboard gor a reptile viv, thanks

44 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 12:43 PM park n ride- chester zoo by ambersmum

need to be in chester city centre for 9am, what time park n ride from the zoo????

34 Views · 3 Comments
23rd Aug 2016 10:03pm WW2 Poems by LittleFoote

I am wondering if anyone can help me, please?

My Great Grandad was a paratrooper in WW2. I have found many letters, memorabilia, poems and what appears to be trench art.

The poems, written by grandad, are love poems to my Great Nanna. I think they are fantastic. Full of hope but yet very dark. They are all signed.

The art work appears to be German, there is what I think, German writing around the edge. It is a pencil sketch of 3 soldiers running in what looks like tunnel or trench. It is signed although I can't tell by who.

As it is my nannas (great grandads daughter) 80th next year I was hoping to make a book for her.

I was wondering if there is anybody who would be interested in maybe publishing some of the work or giving me a valuation/more information on the poems/art.

Thank you in advance.

213 Views · 3 Comments
23rd Aug 2016 6:42pm slow laptop by locomotive

occasionaly my laptop either runs very slow or hangs when trying to download, then I get a message referring to "long running scripts", any ideas, it sounds like there's something running in the background, I'm on win 8.1 with up to date downloads. AVG protection.

133 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Aug 2016 2:00pm Laptop Settings. by RedTom

Can anyone help me with the following?, now and again for some reason,when I download a photo from one of my facebook albums, it goes to my documents in a preview image obviously, but when I try to view it full sized,it remains at the preview size...but not every picture does this....

152 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Aug 2016 10:58am Motorist who are lazy when turning! by keef666

I was trying to put a longer subject title in but it wouldn't allow it, but the question is, When a driver in a van, car or whatever when it comes to turning be it left or right, why do 99% of you waiting untill the last second to indicate?, you know where your going , you know you are going to turn,
Another one is waiting at traffic lights, the lights change to amber then green, you move off and put your indicator on to turn,
you've had minutes ticking by waiting why didn't you put it on before, as far as i am aware this is called "undue care and attention" and can land you with a fine.
Then the police and Council wonder why there's so many accidents on road junctions, maybe it down to can't be bothered drivers or as i like to call them Morons!
Rant over.

737 Views · 14 Comments
21st Aug 2016 5:19pm Wirral Council resurfacing Wallsey road by keef666

SO Wirral Council decides to resurface some of the road around the Leasowe road roundabout, apart from a few small pot holes here and there i thought the road to be ok, and as i ride a motorbike i should know if the roads are good or bad, yet the Council rips up quite a bit of the road nearly as far as the school, but why has it taken so long to replace the tarmac, its been a week now they have rollers and other machines parked outside the school, surly they could rip the older road up and relay in a few days, rode over it today and still not finshed.
Find it strange as to why certain roads get Wirral Councils attention and other roads which are a disgrace are just left!
Maybe if they are in a resufacing moond they could rip the crap they put down on the New Brighton prom road last year and replace it with tarmac.

368 Views · 4 Comments
21st Aug 2016 11:04am Slow laptop by johncon

Hi guys is there anything I can do to speed up my Asus laptop running Windows10. It has gone painfully slow and even freezing at times . I am not very computer savy so don't want to get over involved but is there any easy fix I can try

472 Views · 9 Comments
19th Aug 2016 6:32pm Hooton Park 1940's Weekend by granny

Saw a poster for this at Arrowe Park and have just found the website. Could be a good event. 20th and 21st August ..this weekend.
(Better take your rain boots)

332 Views · 2 Comments
19th Aug 2016 5:11pm Broadband speeds by Dilly

Hello Wiki techno people. Having just moved I now have no broadband. I have been thinking about getting an amazon fire stick and I am wondering what speed broadband I would need for it to work efficiently. Hope I am making sense as I really don't have a clue with techno matters. Thanks in advance for any info. smile

557 Views · 9 Comments
19th Aug 2016 11:48am Horrible Vet by fish5133

My wifes dad died about 4 weeks ago but before he died had befriended the feral kittens in his back garden. Only one survived so my wife has brought it home. She booked an appointment saying it was a feral kitten and took it to a vet on Bidston Moss and stumped up the 28 consultation fee. Vet questioned her did she really want to keep it and wouldn't even pick the kitten up to tell my wife if it was a boy or girl. The poor thing is very timid and makes a feeble attempt to hiss when approached. The vet said he wanted to be in the business till he was 60 and wasn't going to get scratched. Totally uncaring and wouldn't give eye drops till my wife asked to buy some. In contrast our local vet gently picked it up with gloves on, deflead it, did a couple of other things. Last couple of days a bit of progress as it lets itself be lifted and stroked. Fortunately have a cat mad sister who advised to start stroking it with a long feather to start with. Still spends most of the day hiding on a blanket in corner of room. Its used the litter tray a couple of times but also used the carpet. (things my wife does to get a new floor).Will put up some piccies of the poor mite

994 Views · 16 Comments
19th Aug 2016 10:31am Milk Bottle tops by Snodvan

Just for amusement really
- does anyone remember when milk bottles were sealed with a waxed cardboard disk?
- And when did (locally) they start using foil tops?

I ask because in these days of "recycle" I wonder does anyone still collect foil milk bottle tops (or other foil)? It was the "in" thing to do in the 1950s - although what we did with the collected material I have no idea. Vague memories of it being used for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


599 Views · 13 Comments
19th Aug 2016 9:27am Ford Technician or Auto Electrician needed by Colt743

Morning All,

I need some help with some wiring on my 2013 ford focus.

This may seem a little sad, but here goes!

I am looking at installing the boost gauges off a 2015 focus ST diesel to my 2013 tdci zetec.

It is just the wiring side that needs doing, apparently the gauges run off an electric system that runs on the can bus. So not even sure its possible to get it 100% working.

I cant get hold of ford wiring schematics so i wouldn't know.

But even if there was some kind of movement on the gauges or even worst case it lit up. Just rather than being completely redundant.

The gauges are installed and I have original plug which has 5 wires coming off it.

I would chance it myself my hooking the illumination wire to a live feed and earth to the vehicle but chances are i would blow the car up!

If anyone is confident and fancies it, or knows someone let me know please, I have cash waiting for the job to be done!


192 Views · 2 Comments
17th Aug 2016 8:07pm CCTV Advice by kamikazi

I want to install Security cameras after some night time visits by the local scutters.

Police advise that I install cameras rather than deploying razor wire and land mines.

Anyone any advice on whats a good system and likely price?



555 Views · 6 Comments
17th Aug 2016 4:44pm Free Kitchen Cabinet by Heidi123

Free kitchen cabinet. Various spillage marks on it.

324 Views · 6 Comments
17th Aug 2016 4:33pm Damn-Another 3 Points and 100!! by fish5133

Was flashed 3:49am early Sat Morning A5 Shottaton between Oswestry and Shrewsbury and sure enough letter came today.

No excuses didn't even see the 40mph sign. Lot of dual carriageway and national speed limits along that section of A5 so was probably within the limits at 60mph and naturally slowed for a narrower bit of road but not enough.
I didn't miss another speed camera! Thankfully haven't got as many points as Tranmere have .

Think may take the Speed Awareness course if offered as not been on one yet.
Had about 35 years of unblemished licence just the last 10 years had 3 fines. Sometimes think it makes you a more unsafe driver as your preoccupied about your speed rather than the traffic.

664 Views · 10 Comments
16th Aug 2016 6:24pm Old Newspaper Archives by mikeeb

All the old newspaper archives have an extortionate subscription to view and browse but there is a free welsh paper archive
It helps with some very old history requests somewhat
It has a lot of Wirral and Merseyside stories within these papers
What I found was a numerous number of collisions on the River Mersey but that was just 1 search
Here is one from 7th December 1878
It covers 1800 to 1910
Here is the link if interested
If you find anything interesting please post

413 Views · 5 Comments
16th Aug 2016 5:30pm Wirral St Johns Hospice Sale by organiser

This Thursday, August 18th, there will be a sale of items donated by car booters at West Kirby Football Club in aid of Wirral Hospice St Johns....It is not a car boot sale just many many items laid out on the ground and sold at very cheap prices
DVDs, Cds, Books, Clothes, Kitchen Utensils all sorts will be sold with most items costing 50p or less...the sale is on the top field at the football ground on Greenbank Road CH48 5HL and gates will be open from admission charge but please bring your own carrier bags...there is car parking on top field.

237 Views · 1 Comments
16th Aug 2016 4:52pm Large white chest iof drawers by organiser

This is in good condition and free to whoever collects it before it goes to the tip...nothing wrong with it we offered it to Heart Foundation but because it is white gloss they could not use it ...collect off Seabank Road,quite heavy

210 Views · 2 Comments
15th Aug 2016 3:33pm Dog Loader by lincle

Selling for neighbour. Folding Dog ramp in good condition 10 pick up Moreton

408 Views · 9 Comments
12th Aug 2016 3:41pm House broken in to by robert_37

My house had been into
Items lost are canon camera 500d with sigma 30mm lense
Dell laptop with i3 processor I think it was Inspiron with brushed metal look gray front

Two pushbike frames boardman black and Scott white
please let me know if you hear anything please
Leasowe area
Credit card was stollen too but it's all sorted
Was used in aldi, home bargain mark and Spenser all in bidston

1211 Views · 12 Comments
12th Aug 2016 3:19pm youtube not working fix by eddtheduck

for google
1 Right-click in the middle of the on the video you're having issues with
2 Click Settings
3 Click the left-most tab
4 Uncheck the 'Enable hardware acceleration' checkbox to disable hardware acceleration.
5 Refresh the page
and that's it!

For those using Chrome: Go to Settings -> Show Advanced Settings (scroll all the way down and click the text to expand) -> System -> Untick "Use hardware acceleration when available".

358 Views · 3 Comments
11th Aug 2016 6:22pm Election by Rhoanderson

Can someone tell me how to register for online voting as they are asking for a 10 digit security code & mine 14 digits

384 Views · 3 Comments
11th Aug 2016 6:22pm Free 50 piece meat hamper. by RUDEBOX

Minimum spend of 25/ Offer ends at midnight,.

55 Views · 0 Comments
10th Aug 2016 10:19pm DVLA Vehicle MOT History by fish5133

Just been checking out a vehicle and it appears on the DVLA MOT history that it had two MOTs both passed within 4 months and 700 miles. As below. Any reasons why someone would do that? Lot of accident damage?

Test date: 14 May 2009
Expiry date: 13 May 2010
Test Result: Pass
Odometer reading: 17,120 miles
MOT test number: 3542 1403 9193

Test date: 26 January 2009
Expiry date: 25 January 2010
Test Result: Pass
Odometer reading: 16,440 miles
MOT test number: 1423 0612 9437

566 Views · 3 Comments
10th Aug 2016 5:30pm Save the former Rapid Building, Liverpool by RUDEBOX

This petition may appeal to those of you interested in preserving local History and Heritage.


Reject the proposal to demolish Nos. 48-54 Renshaw Street and ensure that the entire block remains intact.

Why is this important?

In light of recent losses to our cityscape it is vital that this parade of Edwardian shops which defines the character of the whole street should remain intact.

296 Views · 2 Comments
10th Aug 2016 2:34pm The grand 1947 plan. by chriskay

After the war, when Birkenhead had suffered quite a bit of bomb damage, allied to the fact that at that time there was a lot of poor quality housing, the Corporation commissioned a grand plan for the re-development of the town.
I'm fortunate to have a mint copy of this book, still in its slip case and with the complete map which measures about three feet square and lives in a pocket at the end of the book. The book itself is large, measuring about 12" x 10".
Here's a taste of the book.

625 Views · 7 Comments
10th Aug 2016 1:19pm Gearbox wanted:Talbot Express 1984 Petrol by Mike72

Long shot but can only ask. Looks like my gearbox had gone on my above camper. Wont go into reverse but all other gears work fine. Garage have had a look at it and think it may be knackered. Is there a way a possible rebuild could be done or best getting hold of a gearbox. Pricers for a rebuild please or where i could source a gearbox locally cheap.

224 Views · 2 Comments
8th Aug 2016 11:23am An interesting picture by chriskay

This fine aerial photo was used as the frontispiece of the book "Outline plan for the County Borough of Birkenhead". This was commissioned by the Council and published in 1947. More of this book in a separate post.
There are many features in this photo which only the oldest of codgers will recognise; for instance, Town station in the bottom left corner. The tunnel entrance looks complete, but appears to have some curved seating at the left in preparation for the opening.
My question is: what's missing from the picture?

I know I've posted this before, but years ago. I'd ask any of the old codgers who remember it, not to give the answer; give the youngsters a chance.

1614 Views · 28 Comments
7th Aug 2016 3:39am Bert assistance My Grandad by mikeeb

My Grandad
William (Billy) Landrum.
Lived in Pasture Av Moreton. There was an article about him in the Liverpool Echo, saving a shipmate whilst he was actually injured himself when his ship was bombed during WWII.
He was very 'ah well' 'that's what anyone would have done' about it but believe me he was a proud man

You find this stuff from somewhere bert wink

1566 Views · 26 Comments
6th Aug 2016 8:24pm How old are you by mikeeb

I think this should be in the chit chat forum but I want to know the age of the old old codgers. (history)
Chris, how old? your mind is very sharp
Anyone over 60?
Not being nosy but I read a lot of the history forums and I am fascinated by your recollection of times gone by and your contributions to the history forum.
My Nan's and Grandad's were very much a part of my life and have fond memories but regretted not asking more about there life, kids eh!
My Grandad was on the ball, William (Billy) Landrum. (Moreton) There was an article about him in the Liverpool Echo, saving a shipmate whilst he was injured himself, when his ship was bombed during WWII. Can you find it Bert?
I am a young pup at 43 by the way grin

2058 Views · 37 Comments
6th Aug 2016 4:14pm Didnt expect this in a carpark. by venice

Waiting for someone in Asda carpark Chester one dry but windy day recently when a nice Mercedes with three Asians in, drew up and parked in the opposite aisle . Woman, husband and adult son it would seem. OH being a petrolhead was staring admiring the car , when quite suddenly they all got out and started staring intently all around them , and pointing here and there. Finally the woman, dove back into the car ,divested herself of one garment and re-appeared with a new garment which she struggled in the strong wind to get into. Next out was a prayer mat ,also victim to the wind when she attempted to keep it in place on the carpark tarmac . Her husband got back into the car, and the helpful son put his feet on the corners of theflapping mat. The woman then , prostrated herself on it (presumably hoping she was now facing East) and continued to pray for 10 minutes solid. Now THAT is dedication!

2312 Views · 40 Comments
6th Aug 2016 4:00pm Commons debate - Kingsway tunnel approach road by mikeeb

Just found this debate in 1977 regarding the tunnel approach road
Some of it seems sensationalized but I may be wrong
If I am wrong the houses should have been knocked down and the residents compensated

Please forgive me for finding the comments amusing, or being ignorant of what living there must have been like if it was not exaggerated

A few snippets of the conversation
"The Minister has only to go and stand inside one of these houses, with all windows and doors closed, in the kitchen where one is supposed to be preparing food, to appreciate what I mean about the stench of exhaust fumes that comes into the homes. We have disruption of normal life and dirt that entails additional household costs. Plants do not grow in the gardens any more, as they used to do. Bedrooms have had to be moved to the front of the houses in order to enable people to get some sleep, and more and more of these residents have from time to time had to be prescribed pills and
tranquillisers in order to give them some sleep. Still nothing can be done because the Merseyside County Council says that it cannot move at present"

"I hope that the Minister will be able to help in this special situation, because in the homes in question chest diseases have been worsening, nerves have become wrecked and I gather that one marriage has broken down. The doctor told me that he thought that much of the background stemmed from the onset of stress in the past couple of years because of continual noise and inability to sleep"

If it was this bad back then, what is it like now? Any past/present residents on wiki?
I suggest reading it all and not just the snippets I posted because it does give a fuller picture of the issue, which does point out a lot problems which I believe still exist today
I just like to sensationalize laugh

462 Views · 2 Comments
5th Aug 2016 12:52am Frank Field by mikeeb

He is on hard talk now
Jesus, time for bed if I am watching hard talk

231 Views · 0 Comments
5th Aug 2016 12:16am Trams through Birkenhead tunnel by mikeeb

Why was it actually abandoned?
The tunnel was designed for tram use
Birkenhead was against it because of the ferry but that doesn't make sense. Did Birkenhead control the ferry?
They controlled a lot of trams so would have benefited
I know Wallasey, Bootle and the trains were not happy but who actually put the spanner in the works?

"As you can see, the Tunnel is circular. The roadway occupies the top half. The bottom was intended to be for a train or electric tramway, but that never happened."

1928 Views · 43 Comments
4th Aug 2016 8:15pm Aerial Wirral by mikeeb

I was looking for some pictures of the New Ferry bypass and found some cracking aerial pictures from
Just search aerial Wirral smile happy days

108 Views · 10 Comments
4th Aug 2016 5:14pm Egremont Memory Lane dementia cafe by Jess301102

Why not pop along to our Memory Lane cafe every 3rd Thursday of the month from 1.30pm. Held at the Heart of Egremont in the old Egremont mission Guildford St Corner of Union Street egremont wallasey. For information, activities,chat and good tea with friends. The centre is disabled friendly with easy access for wheelchair users. Call 0151 639 4441 or email for further details, see you Soon!

211 Views · 0 Comments
4th Aug 2016 1:00pm Miss New Brighton Souvenir Programmes by rainman

found these whilst emptying a garage .. wondering if there is any value in them ...

any thoughts ?

Images wont show , delete please

639 Views · 7 Comments
4th Aug 2016 11:56am Kingsway Tunnel Re-Wire by Norton

From Merseytravel site -

Lighting upgrade at Kingsway Tunnel

On your journey through the Kingsway (Wallasey) tunnel you may notice some changes and activity over the coming weeks and months. This is because we are replacing the lighting in a 8million scheme, scheduled to be completed in summer 2017.
The majority of work is taking place during scheduled maintenance closures, mainly during night time when our traffic volume is at its lowest, causing minimal disruption to your journey. Tunnel lighting will also be maintained through the works and the end result will see an improvement in lighting at road level. 75 miles of cable the equivalent distance of Liverpool to Leeds will be installed as part of the work, which will also see existing lighting replaced with more efficient LED units, reducing electrical consumption, leading to lower running costs and fewer CO2 emissions.
The rewiring is part of a 10 year investment programme for the tunnels to ensure that they are kept safe and efficient and in top condition for the 25 million vehicles that pass through them each year. The work will be funded through money set aside from the Mersey Tunnel Tolls.

550 Views · 2 Comments
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1000mm Baumatic Extractor Hood in Black
by kamikazi
09:01 PM
by brady
02:16 PM
sony xperia z5 premium
by brady
22nd Aug 2016 5:18pm
nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
by Garygadge
21st Aug 2016 1:35pm
Creative Labs SB0350 Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS PCI
by Garygadge
21st Aug 2016 1:30pm
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Skynet Wants Your Job not Your Life!
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Hoylake Beer festival
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Apple ipad
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Looking for a good roofer/firm please
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