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Today at 01:56 PM headphones by venice


Im thinking of buying these for OH for Xmas. I I know nothing about headphones whatsoever except I know you need different sorts for different things. He only has an elderly but good MP3 player at the moment,which he loves because it apparently plays CD's as well as compressed discs , so would these headphones be suitable for it please? (Cant remember if its a battery or mains MP3 - does it matter?)

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Today at 09:36 AM Black Friday kicked off early by Mark

The Black Friday queue at the Dingle Tesco at 11.45 last night. Olivia Rietdyk and Toni Schumacher.
Black Friday kicked off early with scores of people queuing outside a city supermarket just before midnight on Thursday.

Shoppers hoping to bag a bargain for Christmas started turning up at Tesco in Dingle early on to get ready for the store’s Black Friday event which began at one minute past midnight.

Sophie Jones, 19, from Dingle, got to Tesco at 8.30pm.

She told the ECHO: “I thought I’d come and get the Christmas presents in. I was buying for my mum, so I thought I’d have a little nose and see what Black Friday’s all about.The store let us in at midnight, there was quite a few people and the atmosphere was brilliant.”

Meanwhile, retailers were preparing for a shopping frenzy today as consumers buy their way to what is expected to be the UK’s biggest day of spending.

Almost half of UK shoppers (47%) say they intend to buy a Black Friday deal, according to retail analysts Verdict.

Although Amazon.co.uk introduced the UK to the event in 2010, local retailers have been quick to get involved. John Lewis has promised that its Never Knowingly Undersold commitment will remain in place subject to availability.

Click Me

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Today at 09:36 AM dog protects baby from scary hoover by Mark

Warning, this video will implode your cute senses and make you weep.

Watch the adorable moment a miniature pooch guards a tiny baby from a vacuum cleaner.

He rushes over to the new born, seen laying on a blanket in the middle of the room, and hugs it.

‘Protect your sister,’ the owner tells his dog.

The ball of fluff rests his head on her chest until the device is turned off and the owner says ‘the storm has passed’.

Source : Click Me

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Today at 09:35 AM Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile by Mark

Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time, MPs warn.

The MPs on the Science and Technology select committee called for the Government to draw up new guidelines for websites and apps explaining clearly how they use personal data, warning that laws will be needed if companies fail to comply.

Facebook can gain direct access to a person’s mobile and take pictures or make videos at any time without explicit consent, MPs warn as they call on social media companies to simplify their terms and conditions.
The MP said that they should simplify the conditions of using their services, which are designed for US courts, because they are so impenetrable that “no reasonable person” can be expected to understand them.
The MPs on the Science and Technology select committee called for the Government to draw up new guidelines for websites and apps explaining clearly how they use personal data, warning that laws will be needed if companies fail to comply.
The committee highlighted terms for Facebook Messenger's mobile app, used by more than 200,000 million people a month, that means it can gain direct access to a mobile or tablet, including to take pictures or make videos, at any time without explicit confirmation from the owner.
MPs also pointed to criticism of the company earlier this year after it carried out a psychological experiment that recorded users’ moods as news feeds on the social network were manipulated.

Andrew Miller MP, the committee’s chairman, said: “Facebook’s experiment with users' emotions highlighted serious concerns about the extent to which, ticking the terms and conditions box, can be said to constitute informed consent when it comes to the varied ways data is now being used by many websites and apps.
“Let’s face it, most people click yes to terms and conditions contracts without reading them, because they are often laughably long and written in the kind of legalese you need a law degree from the USA to understand.
“Socially responsible companies wouldn’t want to bamboozle their users, of course, so we are sure most social media developers will be happy to sign up to the new guidelines on clear communication and informed consent that we are asking the Government to draw up.”
He added: “A line also needs to be drawn between the information that apps actually need to provide a service and the kind of personal information they often request when registering new users, information that is becoming increasingly valuable in our networked society.
“I hope that a voluntary system of guidelines can work, because, if not, legislation might be needed.”
The committee also criticised the Government’s handling of plans to compile patients’ medical records on a centralised database under the controversial care.data project, which sparked concerns from patients’ rights groups and doctors over privacy.
It said the project was “a clear example where this trusted relationship failed to develop”.
A Facebook declined to comment. But a source said: "We recently updated our terms and policies to make them simpler and easier to read.
"We also launched a new site to help people understand how they can
control their Facebook experience ­ e.g using their privacy settings, tagging people.
"On the broader data use point then worth flagging that Facebook has been subject to a full and thorough review of our data protection and privacy policies by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner in 2011 and then 2012.
"The Data Protection Commissioner noted that Facebook had implemented the Recommendation of the DPC as set out in the Audit report and indeed in many instances went beyond some of their initial
recommendations and are fully committed to best practice in data protection compliance."

Source : Click me

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Today at 09:35 AM Puppy dumped in plastic bag by Mark

A PUPPY that was found in a plastic bag covered in her own faeces and reeking of petrol was going to be set alight, according to a Wirral vet.

The petrified pup was found tied up in a plastic bag behind the Saxons pub, in Delamere Street, Winsford, by a member of staff on Friday, November 14.

Veterinarian Thomas McGowan, 46, who owns the Acorn Veterinary Surgery in West Kirby, was working at Willows Veterinary Group’s surgery in Winsford when the puppy was brought in by dog wardens.

Mr McGowan said: “She was in a state of shock.

“When she came in she was covered in faeces and she had a chemical smell.”

He thinks the puppy, named Tiny by staff, may be a Yorkshire Terrier, around five months old.

Tiny has lost much of her fur from a skin condition called demodectic mange, which is caused by mites.

Mr McGowan added: “It is a treatable condition so there is no reason to have let Tiny get this bad. It is neglect, pure and simple.

"It is possible the smell was some kind of strong chemical to treat her skin condition. But I suspect this is not the case because that would show that the person who did it actually cared.

“I think somebody was probably about to set her on fire and got scared off.

Source : Click me

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Today at 09:15 AM Wirral teachers train for Santa Dash by Mark

TWENTY members of staff from a Wirral primary school will take part in the Liverpool Santa Dash to raise cash for Claire House in memory of a pupil who died from a rare form of cancer.

Teachers, teaching assistants and office staff from Prenton Primary are running in memory of 10-year-old Cole Breadner, who lost his battle with Burkitt's Lymphoma. He died at the hospice in February, just 16 weeks after being diagnosed.

Those running the Santa Dash on Sunday, December 7, include headteacher Sandra Lloyd.

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Yesterday at 07:31 PM new headlights: by j_demo

so i'm looking at some new headlight bulbs and was looking for them ones that are bright white, almost blue-ish, in colour because it seems they are just better (and i know at times can be a bit blinding though)

looked on the halfords website and found these which are "ultra brilliance" and "120% brighter" and all that but at £29.99 each (granted they are BOGOF which makes them £15 each) but i figured i'd be able to get just as good elsewhere (online)

can anyone recommend anywhere online to get some of these?

it appears i need 477's for dipped beam, 448's for full beam and 501's for side light.

help guys (& girls)


1151 Views · 10 Comments
Yesterday at 10:10 AM Missing Cat The Woodlands Tranmere by neec48

Year old female Cat missing from The Woodlands, Lowwood Road area of Tranmere. Chocolate coloured tabby (On the right). Obviously much bigger now. Very very friendly Cat who still behaves as a kitten.

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26th Nov 2014 7:49pm circuit board soldering by lansyp

Hi just bought a new USB power socket for the wife's HP slate as the old one is broken .problem is it needs a couple of little solders on it and I haven't got a clue or equipment to do it any one out there a soldering wizard am in rock ferry but traveling on the Wirral is no probs cheers

311 Views · 3 Comments
26th Nov 2014 5:42pm Power steering hose repair by davyboy01

Male connector on power steering hose needs replacing (has a fine
crack leaking fluid ) any recomendations urgent

thanks everyone

343 Views · 3 Comments
26th Nov 2014 3:07pm Logs for fire--Claughton by fish5133

Hi just done a small clearance job and there are some logs left if anyone wants to just pick them up. will go in car boot no problem but think they are still a bit big to go straight on a fire so would need cutting. There is one branch about 5ft long. If they are still there when I go back tomorrow I will have to remove them but will bring them up to Irby. pm me first come first served

55 Views · 3 Comments
26th Nov 2014 11:29am Wirral suspects behind Expendables 3 leak arrested by Gibbo

Anti-piracy police have arrested two men on suspicion of leaking action film The Expendables 3 before its release date.

Detectives from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (Pipcu) arrested two men in Upton, Wirral, and Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.


148 Views · 0 Comments
26th Nov 2014 9:47am how amazing by rocks

wow i wont one

495 Views · 5 Comments
26th Nov 2014 12:07am wow! by venice


What do you make of this ?

or this


491 Views · 5 Comments
25th Nov 2014 9:11pm Pay rise could be on the cards by Ian0151

From Liverpool Echo

Wirral's next chief executive could be paid even more than the current £135,000 top rate for the job - if the authority decides to appointment a replacement for the outgoing boss.

Wirral council chief executive Graham Burgess surprised many people just over a week ago when he announced his decision to retire after just over two years in the top job.

Following this opposition councillors have questioned the need to find a replacement and Tory leader Jeff Green said the council should also look at the possibility of sharing a chief executive with another authority.

Council leader Phil Davies said he was “open to having the debate” about the future of the role, but said his own preference was to have someone in place as a chief executive.

His comments came as the authority published a timetable for finding a new council boss which could see the job remain unfilled until May 2015.

A report prepared for the employment committee which meets next week recommends the use of recruitment consultants at a cost of around £15,000 - and also says the salary of the role should be looked at “to ensure that this is appropriate within the context of the size and scope of the authority and competitiveness in the market”.

A table accompanying the report puts Wirral near the bottom for salaries for the top job, which range from £130,000 in Rochdale to £203,934 in Manchester.

But Tory leader Jeff Green said: “The first question which has to be resolved is do we need a chief executive at all, or can we share a chief executive.

“We were also told that the outgoing chief executive was working on a management restructure that would save £1.5million and do we need to see what that restructure is before we look at how much a new chief executive should be paid.”

Cllr Green added: “I cannot see how we can justify increasing the salary at the same time we are looking at making savage cuts to key services such as lollipop men and women, libraries and closing a school like Lyndale.”

But council leader Phil Davies said: “We need to review the salary we currently pay, which is fairly low in terms of other authorities, and I at least want to have that discussion.”

He also said he was surprised Cllr Green was suggesting sharing a chief executive, but said he would “not rule that out” - although he said his own preference was for Wirral to appoint a new chief executive.

He said: “I understand, at a time when we are looking at making cuts, people may not like the idea of bringing someone in on a high salary, but we need someone in a position to make savings and hopefully that person will pay for their salary several times over.”

Cllr Davies also said the senior management restructure was “on hold” but those savings were needed and he had asked senior staff - including Graham Burgess - to review them.

233 Views · 1 Comments
25th Nov 2014 4:24pm Sawdust by saltytom

I have very large bag of clean sawdust in Wallasey Village free to a good home

28 Views · 0 Comments
25th Nov 2014 2:32pm 1950s digital Wirral maps by derekdwc

Can anyone tell me where I can get any Wirral digital maps 1950s with the numbers of buildings on which I can compare with late 1800s and early 1900s maps (so can lookup from a street directory) as there doesn't seem too much difference in their streets/roads etc.I'd like to colour in various buildings pubs, churches
Online - to download or buy (cd/dvd)?
examples below (don't recall where from - a friend?

102 Views · 3 Comments
25th Nov 2014 1:21pm strawberry plants and runners by fish5133

Got a lot of strawberry runners and some 2 year old plants if anyone wants to come and cut them and pot them ready for next year---

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25th Nov 2014 1:00pm Fracking by Sir_longmong

Just wondering people's views on this? Local council says no then gets overruled from elsewhere. Won't be long until they try and put it here I reckon.

Search "Borras and Holt community protection camp" on Facebook for full story and updates.

Seems to be a media blackout on this and it's something we all should care about.

1004 Views · 22 Comments
25th Nov 2014 12:02pm Children left in Cars by granny

Watching 'This morning' earlier where the topic of leaving children in cars was discussed.
Just a warning, which I'm sure most of us are aware of, but the latter part of this is something new to my ears and maybe others too.

One lady telephoned in to explain her experience.

She had left her 7yr old son locked in her car for about
5/7 minutes on an occasion. She related that although she was reported to social services by a couple, and the department sent her a letter explaining that even tho' it isn't against the law, it is something which should be avoided.

The more worrying factor was; that when she asked her little boy what the lady and gentleman had done whilst he was in locked the car , he explained that they had been trying to get him to open the door and the window!

That is worrying, maybe another child would have done so.

384 Views · 3 Comments
25th Nov 2014 10:01am VPN by venice

Start by saying Im personally rubbish at technology, but I have an English friend living temporarily in China who has asked me to find out pro's and cons about Virtual Private Networks.
There seem to be some very savvy people on here in the techy realm, so anyone fancy proffering any comments or advice that I could pass on please?
My friend is having problems with local networks over there. Speed or lack of it is driving him nuts, and the fact that Microsoft/Google is not supported there, doesnt help . He is on Baidu at the moment.

His aim seems to be to get a more reliable service, and better speed, as oppose to security , as he really is only using the internet for researching where he wants to go, and emailing back home. No banking or anything.
Ive looked on Google myself, but its all quite technical . So if anyone can help with any advice or warnings or opinions , put in 'easy' form , Id be grateful.What Ive just looked up and read, sounds as if its all positive and useful but because I know little about it, I suppose Im a bit bothered that if he doesnt know what hes getting into, he might get connected with something a bit dodgy (dark web type stuff) which could get him noticed by the Chinese government for all I know !

462 Views · 7 Comments
25th Nov 2014 9:18am Work starts on Wirral Waters Tower Development by Mark

Work starts on Wirral Waters multi-million pound Tower Wharf development

Tower Wharf at Birkenhead which has been approved by Wirral council, and will see a four-storey development of around 48,000 sq ft occupying what is currently vacant, derelict land, adding further Grade A office accommodation to Wirral's business offer and bringing around 400 jobs to the area.
Work is underway on the site of a major new office development on Wirral Waters.

The multi-million pound scheme at Tower Wharf was given planning permission earlier this year - and is hoped will help kickstart further investment in the area.

It follows just a couple of months after the beginning of work just across the road on the new campus for Wirral Met College, due for completion by September next year.

The Tower Wharf development was given the go-ahead by council planners in August when the ECHO was told discussions are also “well advanced” with a potential user to move into much of the Tower Wharf building, with the remaining office space to be let out.

The office site was previously owned by the Merseyside Development Corporation, before passing to the NWDA and now the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

The scheme was submitted by Wirral-based Longmeadow Estates Ltd and supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Wirral Waters is part of the “Mersey Waters” Enterprise Zones, one of 24 special areas across England which offer 100% business rates relief for the first five years and fast- track planning.

Its focus is on advanced manufacturing/engineering, the automotive industry, business services, energy, and pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

When plans for the Tower Wharf building were submitted earlier this year Kevin Adderley, Wirral council’s strategic director for regeneration, said it was “one of the biggest new office developments in Liverpool the city region for a number of years” and that it would be a significant move in kick-starting further development in the Enterprise Zone.

Wirral Met College Campus at Wirral Waters is due to be the first capital building on Wirral Waters, and will be a dedicated Built Environment, Skills and Enterprise Centre.

Source : Click Me

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25th Nov 2014 9:18am Amazon to deliver to Customers Post Offices by Mark

Amazon to deliver to customers via local post offices

nternet retailing giant Amazon and Royal Mail have joined forces to have customers' items delivered to post offices for collection.

Earlier this month Royal Mail warned that rivals, including Amazon, were hitting its parcel delivery business.

It said that Amazon's own delivery service could dent its business by as much as 2% in the short term.

Now, Amazon customers will be able to have their parcels delivered by Royal Mail to 10,500 post office branches.

"Clearly the reasoning behind this must be Royal Mail trying to save some of its business," said city analyst Nicla Di Palma, of Brewin Dolphin.

Royal Mail's parcel operations have suffered from intense competition since the group was privatised last year.

Opening Hours
The addition of the Royal Mail Local Collect "click and collect" facility means Amazon will have 16,000 pickup locations in the UK.

Existing locations include "Pass my Parcel" newsagent and convenience stores, Collect+ stores and Amazon lockers at train stations.

Customers can select their preferred pickup location during the checkout process on Amazon's website, and present identification at the post office branch to receive their parcel.

"This is a good thing," said Lindsay Mackie, an expert on Royal Mail from the New Weather Institute.

"Royal Mail needs to open up to be convenient for customers," she said.

But many main post offices are closed on Saturday afternoons, which could make pick-up less convenient than in a corner shop.

"The problem with post offices is the opening hours," said Ms Di Palma.

However, some post offices contained within other shops are open for up to 12 hours a day, and some have piloted Sunday opening.

Source : Click Me

274 Views · 2 Comments
25th Nov 2014 9:02am 5,000 Birkenhead homes hit by burst water pipe by Mark

5,000 Birkenhead homes hit by burst water pipe

Around 5,000 homes in Birkenhead have been left without water this morning due to a burst pipe.

United Utilities said it detected the leaking water main in Borough Road, near Tranmere Rovers’ Prenton Park stadium, at around 4am.

The water giant told the ECHO its engineers have been at the scene since 5am trying to fix the problem.

It said water is being brought in through other pipes to supply properties in the area as soon as possible, but high voltage electricity cables have hindered engineers’ work.

Temporary traffic lights have been put in place on Borough Road, at the junction of Prenton Road east and west which are expected to cause long delays for the rest of the day.

A United Utilities spokesman said: “The water is currently off for around 5,000 people. We are bringing water in through other pipes, which is taking time to recharge the main. Water is coming back on and these customers will start to get water soon.

“There are two large high voltage cables belonging to National Grid who supply Birkenhead and we have had to get National Grid out to observe as we go down.

“A traffic light management system has to go in place, which will cause delays this morning and probably for the rest of the day.

“The good news is that water will be coming back on soon.”

He said the problem may have been caused by an old Victorian water pipe which has burst, and if so, it would be replaced.

He added: “We apologise for any inconvenience and delays on the road.

“The work would have been done quicker but regrettably those cables were there.

“Hopefully people can bear with us as we work with national Grid to get the pipes recharged as quickly as possible.”

Source : Click Me

183 Views · 1 Comments
25th Nov 2014 7:47am Skydancers on the Dee by mostynwilliams

Visitors to the RSPB's Parkgate reserve on the Dee Estuary are being given the chance to see England's most threatened bird of prey in action.

A male Hen Harrier
The reserve is hosting Skydancers on the Dee, a series of monthly events offering nature lovers the opportunity to experience hen harriers at their winter roost site.

Hen harriers breed in the uplands and are famous for the male's spectacular aerobatic spring courtship display known as skydancing. The birds spend the winter on lower ground, often on marshes, and the Dee Estuary has long been one of the best places to see these remarkable birds.

Sadly, hen harriers are on the brink of extinction in England as a breeding bird. This year there were only four breeding pairs in the whole of England. In 2013, there was not a single successful nest in the country, despite scientists concluding there is sufficient habitat for more than 300 pairs.

Independent research has shown that ongoing illegal killing and disturbance associated with the grouse moor industry is responsible for the plight of the hen harrier.

Dan Trotman, the RSPB's Visitor Development Officer on the Dee Estuary, said: "It is a real privilege to be able to see these magnificent birds hunting and roosting on the estuary. I hope that when our visitors see them in action, they will be inspired to help us save them from extinction in England as a breeding bird before it is too late.

"The saltmarsh at Parkgate is where the harriers traditionally roost but they roam some distance during the day to feed; recently we've been treated to fantastic views of one, sometimes two, hen harriers hunting close to the reception hide at Burton Mere Wetlands, so it's well worth a trip there too."

Harry - the giant hen harrier spending the winter
at Burton Mere Wetlands.

There is also a giant hen harrier spending the winter over at Burton Mere Wetlands. Harry is a six-foot male hen harrier, created by local young nature enthusiast Findlay Wilde. The large-scale model bird has been touring the country to raise awareness about hen harrier conservation. This year, it has made appearances at Hen Harrier Day in the Peak District, Bird Fair in Rutland and mostly recently, on BBC Autumnwatch at RSPB Leighton Moss in Lancashire.

Skydancers on the Dee is on Sunday 30 November from noon until dusk, at the "Donkey Stand" on The Parade in Parkgate, Neston.

There are further events on 21 December 2014, 25 January 2015, 22 February and 29 March. All events are free and visitors can drop in any time.

Skydancers on the Dee is part of Skydancer, a four-year RSPB project aimed at protecting and conserving nesting hen harriers in the English uplands. The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and United Utilities with additional support from the Forestry Commission. For more information, visit www.rspb.org.uk/skydancer.

277 Views · 1 Comments
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