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Charity Event! Multiple Sclerosis
by Giggler
Yesterday at 12:56 PM
2015 Wirral Egg Run
by Moonstar
24th Mar 2015 4:28pm
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Worth repeating again its so good
by venice
Today at 12:08 PM
School report parents if kids play 18 rated games
by j_demo
Today at 12:01 PM
Town hall graffiti
by Madge
Yesterday at 09:34 PM
Motor World
by Salmon
Yesterday at 05:43 PM
Applying for a million jobs / Do they even exist?
by GaryFromWirral
27th Mar 2015 4:52pm
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Wirral Beer Festival
by nidgynoo
41 minutes 7 seconds ago
Town hall graffiti
by Uffda
44 minutes 29 seconds ago
Welfare assistance grant :Mistake
by SUExx
Today at 02:48 PM
Prenton Aldi : Car parking Charge Notice
by Blueskier
Today at 01:54 PM
Bullying in schools
by Sallybear
Today at 01:48 PM
Worth repeating again its so good
by snowhite
Today at 12:58 PM
What song are you listening to?
by starakita
Today at 11:07 AM
West Kirby FC Car Boot Sale
by organiser
Today at 10:23 AM
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What's going on by the Birket in Moreton? 1414
Norovirus Outbreak A.P.H 1059
Town hall graffiti 780
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Today at 12:08 PM Worth repeating again its so good by venice

Hope its ok if I just flag up this brilliant post put on the 'funnies' forum on 27th by Billyanorak . Its SERIOUSLY good and I fear lots of people might have missed it if they dont regularly check in there. Thanks Billy , I think its ace!

149 Views · 5 Comments
Today at 10:23 AM West Kirby FC Car Boot Sale by organiser

From the West Kirby website...their capitals not mine

10 15am SUNDAY MARCH 29th
SELLERS 1.00pm
BUYERS 2.00pm

41 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:38 AM Large cuddly bear by turnip

I have a large cuddly bear taking up space in the cupboard. Needs to be gone by about 2pm today or it's going in the tip.

35 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 09:34 PM Town hall graffiti by Madge

Seems a fairly accurate description, even though i wouldnt normally approve of vandalism,

783 Views · 21 Comments
Yesterday at 05:43 PM Motor World by Salmon

Motor world in trouble, 350 jobs lost.

464 Views · 6 Comments
27th Mar 2015 4:52pm Applying for a million jobs / Do they even exist? by GaryFromWirral

I've been applying by email with my CV/Covering letter , checking umpteen websites for dozens of jobs and keep seeing the same vacancies cropping up week after week is making me wonder if the jobs even exist or the system is that broken ... demoralizing to say the least as I'm truly eager to get grafting so to speak and have a decent CV and work history !!

625 Views · 9 Comments
27th Mar 2015 2:50pm Wirral Beer Festival by Excoriator

I went to this event last night in Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight, with a friend to enjoy a few beers and a chat. So did hundreds of others, evidently with the same idea. It was a good venue and there were many ales to choose from, there was enough seating and a number of different food stalls.

Unfortunately the organisers had decided to engage a band. Whether they were good or bad I am unable to say - it isn't my sort of music - but what I can say is that they were TOO BLOODY LOUD!. The sheer volume of heavily amplified sound made any sort of conversation difficult, and cleared the area for many metres in front of the speakers of people who moved away from the intolerable din. We took our chairs and moved out to the foyer to drink, and so did quite a few others.

I don't know why it is that an over amplified band is so often added to occasions like this. I guarantee 90% of the people there would have preferred not to have ANY musical entertainment. They might have been quite a good band without the amplifiers. With them, they ruined for many of us what would have been a much more pleasant evening.

462 Views · 7 Comments
27th Mar 2015 12:28pm 17.3" laptop screen repair by j_demo

managed to crack the screen of my HP DV7 laptop and now half the screen works, half doesn't.

Been to a couple of places (starlight and the radio repair shop on mill lane) and got a couple of quotes but they're both higher than i'd like... Was wondering if anyone here can suggest someone who is reasonable in the wallssey area.

I am able to provide full model and serial numbers this evening if it'll help As i believe the hp dv7's use a few types of screen...


262 Views · 2 Comments
27th Mar 2015 2:26am Will wheel covers fit Morris minor 1963 model? by yr20405

It's a 14 inch wheel covers would it fit on a Morris minor 1963 model?

132 Views · 0 Comments
27th Mar 2015 12:48am Sad when folk have to give up pets. by venice

Poor Sam and poor owners . Saw this ad on a local site --always makes me feel really sad for those who have to give up their pets for home moves .

150 Views · 0 Comments
25th Mar 2015 7:18pm PC to MAC ? by kamikazi

Had enough of trying to work around the strangeness of various Windows OS, seriously thinking of making the change to Apple.

Equal mix of graphic and office tasks across the system

We run Adobe suite on two desktops and two laptops,they all talk to a NAS drive on a network anyone made the change, any advice?


567 Views · 12 Comments
25th Mar 2015 6:57pm Tower Rd Bridges to be replaced by RUDEBOX

Well, this is going to be a pain in the arse for us pedestrians. frown

430 Views · 4 Comments
25th Mar 2015 6:00pm Any. Mechanics or garages by mikroc

Any mechanics on here who work Saturdays or recommend a garage That can do job the same day it's a mk4 golf gti front an rear pads an discs a hub and bearing drivers side an abs sensor each side

398 Views · 4 Comments
25th Mar 2015 5:24pm What's going on by the Birket in Moreton? by Habdab

Does anyone know what's going on by the River Birket on Pature raod Moreton? I drove past at 4:30 and the place is swarming with Police. They were searching in the woods near the river and questioning a group of school kids.

1414 Views · 10 Comments
24th Mar 2015 11:47pm Where to buy part worn tyres by faddy

Where's best for part worn tyres, Twelve Quays, Top Gear or somewhere else? (I know someone's going to say never buy part worns but I think the arguments both ways are well rehearsed)

763 Views · 18 Comments
24th Mar 2015 3:19pm Prenton Aldi : Car parking Charge Notice by Emlou19

Hello, I remember recently reading on wiki Wirral about someone who had a car parking charge notice but wasn't a council appointed parking notice, I was wondering if anyone could link me to this please?. If not can anybody help me out, My in laws recently got a car parking charge notice for entering Aldi car park in prenton at 13:43 and leaving at 15:29 they were in the car park for 1 hour 46 minuets, Is there a limit to this car park as I have never noticed one before on previous visits, also the company is parkingEye?

Im just wondering if this is correct and there is a limit to this carpark? Thank you

1466 Views · 27 Comments
24th Mar 2015 9:12am FREE - Cross Trainer by Dr_Appleseed

Hi all,

Missus got a Cross trainer from Argos about 14 months ago but its not used at all. If it was used more than 3 times i'd be surprised. It was about £80 - £90 if memory serves me right.

Free to whoever can collect it - its quite big and bulky. I can lend a hand to a car or van.

Collection in the evenings only. Prenton area.


156 Views · 7 Comments
24th Mar 2015 7:16am Wirral Seaside Runs by jimmyfed

Wirral Seaside runs start this Sunday 29 March at 11.00. They are small friendly 3 mile races from Leasowe lighthouse to Harrison Drive. It costs £5 for a race number and is non profit,organised by volunteers with surplus to charity. for more details.

207 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 9:31pm Bebington most desirable place to live in England by DavidB


315 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 9:12pm logs by uptonbaz

av got logs going free,if u want to collect them ring me 07712581226 av pictures but cannot figure how to post them

56 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 4:51pm Wirral Ambassadors Wanted for Three Queens Event by RUDEBOX


In May, Cunard's 'Three Queens' ships (Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth) will meet up on the Mersey for the first time, and large numbers of visitors are expected to come to Wirral's water front.

We are looking for ambassadors for just the Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2015. Hours are very flexible and we are looking to staff the event between 9am and 3pm.

Ambassadors will provide a welcome smile and provide information for the thousand expected to visit the Wirral that day. The areas we expect visitors will be between Monks Ferry up to New Brighton.

You will get a visit Wirral baseball cap, t-shirt, poncho and bag identifying you as an ambassador.

A training day in May either the 13th or 14th will need to be attended but it should only be for an hour or so. Food, drink and identifiable clothing (t-shirt and hat) for the day will be provided to all who volunteer. Training will be given for this role but it is voluntary.

If you would like to know more or would like to enrol onto the Ambassador scheme please email your details to: or ring 606 2071.

450 Views · 6 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 3:15pm Norovirus Outbreak A.P.H by RUDEBOX

VISITORS have been banned from five wards at Arrowe Park Hospital after an outbreak of vomiting bug Norovirus

Restrictions have been put in place “until further notice” on wards 21, 24, 25, 26 and 27 of the hospital in a bid to stop the spread of the illness.

A spokesman for Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust – which operates Arrowe Park – said: “There has been an increase in the number of people coming into our emergency department with symptoms of Norovirus.

“We are aware that this highly contagious sickness bug is currently in the local community. It can be spread very easily both by contact with someone who has the virus but also by contact with surfaces and items they have touched.”

1059 Views · 25 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 1:30pm Three Wirral towns in top ten desirable places by Giggler

The actual list.

The actual list for England!

455 Views · 8 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 1:25pm tv ariel fitted by pokerchamp

hi does anybody know anyone who does tv ariels?i need one fitting to the roof of the house to supply the bedrooms upstairs so i can put freeview in for the kids and myself,thanks.

115 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Mar 2015 9:44am Alton towers tickets by PeterJ

I am booking my tickets on line now I have 2 spare tickets, If one person replys to this add with a date they would like 2 tickets for I will go ahead and order them for that date

Tip: if you want to go on Tuesday April 14th Then you can have 3 tickets. As I have allready ordered 2 sets for myself but i only need 3 tickets so have spare for 14 april

66 Views · 8 Comments
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