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Batmobile from the TV Series coming to Wirral soon
by GaryFromWirral
Today at 01:55 PM
virgin health
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 11:08 PM
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Hiding in the ghost train #Camelot
by Rredd
33 minutes 34 seconds ago
Batmobile from the TV Series coming to Wirral soon
by GaryFromWirral
Today at 01:55 PM
Mini Bus Hire To NEC
by Uffda
Yesterday at 07:04 PM
Planning enforcement
by Excoriator
Yesterday at 06:50 PM
virgin health
by Bennie
Yesterday at 01:10 PM
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Hiding in the ghost train #Camelot
by cools
10 minutes 33 seconds ago
St Andrews Church Conway St Birkenhead
by diggingdeeper
Today at 07:55 PM
Wirral Waters
by starakita
Today at 07:11 PM
Heysel disaster names?
by dizdazdoz
Today at 06:06 PM
Planning enforcement
by Alonso
Today at 05:01 PM
What song are you listening to?
by Vanmanone
Today at 02:50 PM
Batmobile from the TV Series coming to Wirral soon
by GaryFromWirral
Today at 01:55 PM
Liver Building Lightshow & Fireworks
by GaryFromWirral
Today at 01:49 PM
stainless steel cookers
by Excoriator
Today at 01:06 PM
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Today at 01:55 PM Batmobile from the TV Series coming to Wirral soon by GaryFromWirral

Just seen a poster advertising the fact that the old style "original" Batmobile from the TV series is to be on show within Fort Perch Rock,
New Brighton on July 25 & 26th 2015 ... admission is £4 for adults and £1 for children :o)

57 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 01:49 PM Liver Building Lightshow & Fireworks by GaryFromWirral

Youtube Lovely to watch ... especially at night with the lights off !!!

43 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 06:50 PM Planning enforcement by Excoriator

According to their website, WBC have issued NO planning enforcement notices since 2012, the last one being issued on the unlikely date of 25 Dec 2012!

These are notices requiring people to remove structures for which no planning permission has been given, or to stop work on it. If you ignore them, you can end up in court with a hefty fine to pay.

I have noticed a number of thoroughly horrible excrescences added to houses without any planning permission whatsoever, and it seems that seeking planning permission is voluntary activity. Once the structure has been up for a few years, without any objections, it cannot be subject to enforcement anyway, and you'll get away with it.

One could argue that town planning is a complete waste of time anyway, but we do have a planning department so evidently the council doesn't subscribe to this. It also seems to have an enforcement section, but as far as I can see it has been on (paid) holiday since 2012. They probably didn't come back from their Christmas break!

Has planning enforcement been completely abandoned?

299 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 01:10 PM virgin health by Bennie

Hi all, I've found out that the building which houses the health centre in Laird St. Birkenhead is actually owned by Virgin Health( Richard Branson ). This is yet another example of the privatisation of the N.H.S. To draw attention to this state of affairs there will be a protest outside the building on Tuesday, June 2nd at 10 a.m. As Nye said " The N.H.S. will exist as long as there are folk prepared to fight for it" Hope to see you there. Bennie.

445 Views · 10 Comments
Yesterday at 11:01 AM Human rights by casper

I see David Cameron has got the jitters over the Human Rights Act, his government is seeking to deny the people of this country the basic rights enjoyed by other civilised nations, the human rights act is about basic common decency based on a set of pledges made in the aftermath of WW2 written to make sure that the horrors of the Holocaust never happen again and the victims of Hillsborough and ill treatment in NHS hospitals get fair redress.

436 Views · 10 Comments
Yesterday at 08:14 AM keys on laptop dont work by organiser

Two keys on my laptop do not work when I press down on tem one is from last word te oter is the letter wic precedes it is tis an easy fix please

Tank you

370 Views · 11 Comments
28th May 2015 7:29pm Free Rexon Sliding Mitre Saw by TudorBlue

Got a Rexon sliding mitre saw free if anyone wants it. A friend gave it me. It doesn't work, could be an easy fix for anyone who knows how to fix it. There is power going to it as the laser comes on but when you go to operate it, it's like it's dead. I have now bought one from home base so won't be getting this one fixed which was my intention. Inbox me if interested

72 Views · 2 Comments
28th May 2015 5:30pm Merseyside Is Dog Bite Capital of UK by diggingdeeper

322 Merseyside hospital admissions for dog bites.


296 Views · 4 Comments
27th May 2015 11:35am Moaning Minnies : Your rights online by RUDEBOX

MoneySavingExpert’s aim has always been to cut your bills and fight your corner, including ensuring when a company doesn’t give you the product or service you expect, it should be put right. Yet complaining isn’t always easy – they often ignore or fob you off.
For the last decade we’ve used template letters to help – over 10m have been downloaded on our PPI and bank charges reclaiming campaigns alone.
Yet I believe Resolver can kick this up a step, so we’re now committed to marrying its technology with our campaigning background; incorporating Resolver into our guides, and feeding our template letters and experience into Resolver’s process. We hope this will make complaining smoother for millions.

284 Views · 1 Comments
27th May 2015 9:38am PS3 controller by Lynda

Does anyone know if you can get ps3 controllers that are bigger than the standard ones?

My son has really long fingers and cant use his controller as it hurts his hands!

320 Views · 7 Comments
27th May 2015 2:43am Liver Building LightShow Amazing Graces Cunard175 by GaryFromWirral


223 Views · 3 Comments
26th May 2015 6:24pm St Andrews Church Conway St Birkenhead by rossie

An old friend (aged 88 years) is interested in this church. Does anybody know anything about it.Where was it situated and when was it demolished.
Did it have a grave yard if so what happened to bodies when church was demolished.
I would appreciate any info re this church to pass on to my friend.
many thanks

205 Views · 19 Comments
26th May 2015 5:43pm Rock Ferry High School Site Meeting by Liverpooltiger

For those residents interested, please be aware that there is a further meeting to discuss the future of the former Rock Ferry High School site this Friday, 29th May, at 6:30pm.

Please note that it is at a new venue this time - St Anne's Social Club in Highfield Road, Rock Ferry.

Once again, our local MP, Frank Field, our local councillors & Council officials will be in attendance.

Hope to see you there.

92 Views · 0 Comments
26th May 2015 3:06am Silly question, new tyres by Nomad

Need two new tyres for car, ok no problem with that. But what happens to the old ones? Do they , the people who fit them for me, dispose of them? Or does it depend if I buy
the tyres or supply them my self?

One tyre is now at limit but the other has a fair bit of tread on it. so with a new alloy it would make a good spare.

I prefer to change the tyres in pairs


803 Views · 10 Comments
25th May 2015 6:30pm Giffgaff : outages by Mark

Looks like giffgaff services are having issues.

click me

277 Views · 2 Comments
25th May 2015 1:57pm vw bora 2.0 by kensden

hi all as anyone got some tools that i could borrow lookin too take off my drive shaft on my bora 51 plate and need a socket n torx see photos if u can nhelp me out it would be very greatfull thanks guys

194 Views · 2 Comments
24th May 2015 8:56pm Moto G series 1 screen by Snodvan

X!**!X** etc - dropped my mobile on a hard floor
Glass screen has a small crack but obviously other damage. Screen colour is now pink and part of the left hand side of the display does not show. Damn! No insurance of course.

Lots of Tesco vouchers and their double-up scheme operational so a replacement 4G version will cost £75 effectively. However, I will of course want to get the original repaired.

Is TheDoctor's place still operating?
If not where is it best to try?

New glass & screen cost £30 approx off fleabay and I could be tempted in a DIY job .... but would rather have someone else have a go.

Tonight I have (I think) downloaded everything off the damaged machine onto the laptop.

350 Views · 3 Comments
24th May 2015 5:32pm For you old Ford lovers.. by rhoobarb2002

Spotted these at the Sandbach services today

And a bonus old one I took ages ago..

200 Views · 1 Comments
23rd May 2015 10:39pm Wallasey has 31 listed buildings! by Giggler

Don`t know why but I`m really surprised at this.
I thought La Banque was?
I`m sure someone said they removed the bricks one by one and rebuilt it somewhere else? Another dream maybe?


547 Views · 6 Comments
23rd May 2015 1:48pm 3 Queens Visit in Pictures : Liverpool by Mark

All users can upload 10 images and a size of 10mb so you should have no problem uploading pictures from your phones and devices.

Have a Great Bank Holiday every one. happy smile smile

Thanks for sharing happy

3731 Views · 103 Comments
23rd May 2015 10:10am New Face on the £20 Note by granny

Who do you think should be the new face on the £20 note ?

Criteria : Visual artists include architects, artists, ceramicists, craftspeople, designers, fashion designers, filmmakers, photographers, printmakers and sculptors.

Place your vote here. Lets' represent Wirral!

My choice is Norman Thelwell...

707 Views · 14 Comments
21st May 2015 8:27pm P/T Cook @ Tam O Shanters Farm by RUDEBOX


272 Views · 1 Comments
21st May 2015 4:35pm Estate Agent Jobs in Moreton and Bromborough by Uffda

Brennan, Ayre O'Neill are looking for two negotiators see below. Minimum wage though.

We’re looking for 2 Sales Negotiators to join our growing teams in the Bromborough & Moreton offices.
The role is varied and interesting; it requires self motivated individuals with a passion to succeed.
* Sales Experience is preferable
* Excellent Customer Service
* Professional and Good Communicator
* Busy Team Environment
* 3 to 4 Week Days and Saturdays
* Licence with Own Car is preferable
If you or anyone you know is interested, please email your CV along with a covering letter outlining why you believe you are the right candidate for this role.
Bromborough email 0151 343 9060
Moreton email 0151 604 0808

128 Views · 0 Comments
20th May 2015 8:12pm I have a Virus Please Help by Mark

I have a virus is a title I'm using to get your attention, and just to be maybe more aware of what those viruses are and what they can do. They don't all break your device you know !!

* Computers
* Tablets
* Mobile Phones

I want to give you some basic steps as prevention but also show you why its important to have some basic knowledge. And just what a cutting edge virus is capable off.

This first video just shows you what is possible, you may think its over the top for your little device at home or in your pocket. . . . . . But is it !!!

Prevention ! - Not all viruses will break your computer or even show there hand to you, so unless you have something checking, that knows how to check then you just never know.

This video introduces you to what they are in a nice simple explained way, so you dont have to be a geek to follow, but just making you more aware.

If you think your infected or need more advise please drop me a private message Click Me and i will help you as best as i can, or you can post below and we can give you general help.

My own personal opinion is to pay for your internet security, i don't have a preference just the free ones are not always a complete package. And they have become a lot cheaper over the years.

Sometimes the only way to be rid of a virus is to wipe all your data and re-install all over again.
You may not even see the damage until its too late.

266 Views · 0 Comments
20th May 2015 7:30pm SALE IN AID OF WIRRAL ST JOHNS HOSPICE by organiser

Advertised on Mersey Magazine

Tomorrow, Thursday May 21st
12 Noon
Clearance sale in aid of Wirral St Johns Hospice
At West Kirby FC Ground
Greenbank Road
CH48 5HL
Admission free

215 Views · 1 Comments
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