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St Johns Hospice Charity Evening
by snowhite
Yesterday at 11:17 PM
the corner
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Edward Chambre Hardman
by granny
Today at 12:51 AM
Park Entrance
by locomotive
Yesterday at 07:09 PM
Plumber recommendations
by vampy1977
Yesterday at 06:01 PM
by cools
Yesterday at 03:00 PM
by rocks
Yesterday at 01:28 PM
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Park Entrance
by granny
Today at 01:28 AM
Edward Chambre Hardman
by granny
Today at 12:51 AM
What song are you listening to?
by granny
Yesterday at 11:43 PM
St Johns Hospice Charity Evening
by snowhite
Yesterday at 11:17 PM
HMS Lancaster Departing On The River Mersey
by snowhite
Yesterday at 10:40 PM
by starakita
Yesterday at 10:16 PM
anything good on the box tonight ?
Yesterday at 09:33 PM
Anyone recommend a good therapist for Phobias?
by justice
Yesterday at 09:11 PM
522 Little Brighton Inn 2 Rowson Street Wallasey
by Near_Oval
Yesterday at 09:03 PM
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Today at 12:51 AM Edward Chambre Hardman by granny

Some time ago , I think there was mention of Edward Chambre Hardman and his house/photographic studio in Liverpool.

Stumbled across this by accident, but thought it may be of interest to some. They left as much as possible just the same as it was left when Mr E Chambre Hardman had lived there.

58 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 07:09 PM Park Entrance by locomotive

In the 50s and 60s I can remember political and religious speakers at the Birkenhead Park entrance on a Sunday, what happened to them, were they banned or did they just fade away?. This is something I haven't thought about in years, reading the book " Idle Hands Clenched Fists" this weekend reminded me of it.

46 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 02:18 PM HMS Lancaster Departing On The River Mersey by GaryFromWirral

287 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 08:48 AM some advice on bmw 316d 61 plate by jaylow

does anybody know if the headlight units should be fixed solid ?
ive got movement up and down on both units when i move them with my hands ?

only had the car 2 days and someone reveresed in to me at quite a speed yesterday at a set of traffic lights. only couple of minor scratches but just noticed the headlights move, so would like to know so if its not picked up when garage are checking it i can mention them.


275 Views · 5 Comments
28th Feb 2015 12:29pm future bus service changes by rocks

241 Views · 2 Comments
28th Feb 2015 10:42am new laptops without a dvd by derekdwc

Why are they selling laptops without a dvd player in?
How do I install football manager disc for my son and does the disc have to stay in to play it?
Not sure whether to use an external dvd but if using it elsewhere you wouldn't have one handy
Back to Argos again to try and do a swap again

619 Views · 7 Comments
27th Feb 2015 11:42am image problem by rocks

please help, iv lost images when im on ebay whether i use the windows tile or chrome, iv done a system restore as the problem only happened after windows/java update the other day but it hasnt helped frown
i dont have image problems on any other website

569 Views · 13 Comments
27th Feb 2015 10:40am Ebay -again by venice

Only just started selling on Ebay , and hadnt noticed this before -- where does it tell you which starting times are cheaper or dearer?

"Disclaimer: Fees are estimates only. Actual fees may vary due to special offers and listing start times. If your item sells, you'll be charged a final value fee based on the total cost to the buyer, including postage, packaging and any other related costs."

341 Views · 6 Comments
27th Feb 2015 9:31am free pallets by Dilly

Hello folks, just had another load of pallets dropped if any of you guys have any use for any. Own transport neded. Cheers

86 Views · 6 Comments
26th Feb 2015 8:18pm computer frozen by lincle

Any advise welcome.What I know about comps could be written on a pinhead.I used my comp to track a parcel I was waiting for.It now appears to be stuck on that site.Ive turned off & on but no joy,cant get on anything else.Help please

406 Views · 6 Comments
26th Feb 2015 6:16pm No interior lights when door is opened (Vectra C) by spider

Hi,Any info or help please, Vectra C 57 plate saloon....Interior courtesy lights will not come on when any of the 4 doors open,All lights work off the switches and the switch is in the right position .Map lights ok...Boot lamp comes on ok when opened,...Glove box ok when opened..Fuses all checked and are ok.The dash lights come on when door opens as they should..Do I need to get it pluged into a code reader to sort it or is it a common problem ? I have looked on the net and can't find any thing apart from maybe a door controller ? I have not got a clue,plus they have a door controller in each door,is one a master......Any help would be appreciated please lads...thanks

342 Views · 4 Comments
26th Feb 2015 3:25pm Solar Eclipse. March 20th 2015 by RUDEBOX

Britain’s most complete solar eclipse in 16 years will block out as much as 90 percent of sunlight across the UK next month.

A solar eclipse, when the moon covers the sun blocking out its light, will take place on the morning of March 20.

The blackout will begin in the UK at 8.45am and the maximum eclipse, when the moon is nearest the middle of the sun, will be at 9.31am and It is due to end at 10.41am.

After the one in March, the next eclipse will be in 2018, but it’ll be very small.

The next big eclipse to cover the same amount of sky in darkness as this one will be in 2026.

There won’t be another full total eclipse until 2090.

That one is expected to be similar to the one in 1999, though it’ll be slightly further north and will happen as the sun sets.

We will have more info on what the weather will be like for observing the eclipse nearer the time.

We will also be releasing some handy tips on how to observe and photograph the eclipse, so keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter pages.

271 Views · 2 Comments
26th Feb 2015 10:16am One dead in Prenton bike crash by Gibbo

One man dead and another critical after horror crash between car and motorcycle in Prenton

921 Views · 5 Comments
25th Feb 2015 11:15pm anyone to replace whole interior inc dash... by keving

Looking at replacing the complete grey leather interior on my Porsche cayenne with a black one from same model.

The whole dash and centre console is included with this, along with carpers, door cards, seats and other bits of trim.

Any idea who is proficient in doing this ? Not just some one who will have a go. Its the dash and centre console where I see the difficulty, and I want it doing correctly so no rattles, or broken fastenings afterwards.

Also I want an approx price, as not bought the interior yet.


511 Views · 7 Comments
24th Feb 2015 11:55pm wirral globe round claughton by fish5133

Possibly up for grabs in a fortnight. approx 5 hours 650 papers pays around £50 you would either need to live close to the round or have a car. You also need somewhere for the papers to be delivered driveway garden . Paid holidays. pm me with any questions

220 Views · 0 Comments
24th Feb 2015 6:07pm replacement clutch for Zafira by torryman

Can anybody on here fit a replacement clutch for an 02 Zafira and how much please.

544 Views · 9 Comments
24th Feb 2015 5:53pm laptop by casper

Looking for a budget laptop to replace my desktop just for light use, been on all the review sites and everyone Ive looked at gives poor reviews for the starter type laptops,just wondering if anyone can recommend one through their own experience. smile

556 Views · 9 Comments
24th Feb 2015 5:53pm Astra H Roof Rack Clips by j_demo

does anyone know of any scrapyards with an Astra H 3dr SXi/SRi/VXR lying around that looks like this:

a 5-door one may have the same part actually...

colour doesn't matter either.

i need 3 new roof rack clips (both rear and front right) and have paint here to paint them the silver that i need... the part is £13 each on ebay and i really don't fancy paying the quid short of £40 for 3 of them when a scrappy would probably let me get away with them for a tenner for the three if i got them off.

if i don't get any decent leads this week i'll guess i'll phone round and/or go visit some the week after next when i have some time off work.

cheers in advance for any useful replies smile

120 Views · 0 Comments
24th Feb 2015 1:02pm Dog Boarding Kennels by pegsgirl

Hi can anyone recommend safe reputable boarding kennels for my dog. She isn't a lover of other dogs but adores humans. She has never been in one before but have a family wedding so needs must on this occasion. I am looking for a 2 night stay. I have researched a few on wirral but would appreciate advice from other peoples experience, good or bad..Thank you.

563 Views · 9 Comments
24th Feb 2015 12:19pm Scam alert! by Bizzybee1

Just received a phone call from one of our Asian cousins claiming to work for a legal company representing the Ministry of Justice. Apparently I am due £2,700 compensation less 10% admin charge. I am to receive this in the form of a cheque which will be delivered to my address personally by one their company's representatives. Upon receipt of this I am expected to pay the 10% back in the form of a Ukash cheque.

Now I could be accused of being sceptical here, but if their cheque bounced and they accepted my Ukash cheque, I could be £270 out of pocket. So, I asked if there was any objection to my neighbour, who is is a CID inspector , being present when their representative called........ and the line went dead.

535 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Feb 2015 12:05pm NO BOOTABLE DEVICE - PLEASE RESTART SYSTEM by derekdwc

My son's laptop is less than 2 weeks old and won't boot up - only
gets the message
Tried to see the if hard drive is recognised in bios, it's name is there but in grey writing and not clickable.
Any solution to this
or can I return it to Argos for refund/fixing/exchange


The only thing I've installed is Football Manager 2015

Satellite L50-B-21G
Part number: PSKTUE-04L00VEN
TPP Contact Store for Price

Windows 8.1 64-bit (pre-installed)
Intel® Pentium® N3540 processor with Intel® Burst Technology 2.0
39.6cm (15.6”) , Toshiba TruBrite® HD TFT High Brightness display with 16 : 9 aspect ratio and LED backlighting
Hard disk 1 TB
Glossy black finish with line pattern, black keyboard
8,192 (1x) MB, DDR3L RAM (1,333 MHz)
Intel® HD Graphics
maximum life : up to 6h55min (Mobile Mark™ 2012)
weight : up to 2.2 kg
W x D x H : 380.0 x 259.9 x 23.5 mm

945 Views · 13 Comments
21st Feb 2015 1:31pm Trailing new Police uniforms!!! by saunaman

Seen in Liscard yesterday the latest Police uniform. Budget cuts are worse than we think !!

1022 Views · 5 Comments
20th Feb 2015 9:45pm Galah Cockatoo has flown off! by margy

My pink and grey galah cockatoo flew off from the garden at 4.10pm Thursday 19 February 2015.

She flew from Frankby Road, West Kirby, towards Wirral Mount/Black Horse Hill way.

She is a beautiful bird and very timid, so she's probably tucked away somewhere, please keep a look out for her.

Contact me if you see anything or hear anything at all thank you. She is bright pink with light grey wings.

Can I add a photo somewhere?

1943 Views · 29 Comments
20th Feb 2015 9:32pm electrical components by locomotive

Does anyone know of a shop on Wirral (apart from Maplins) that does electric components, e.g potentiometers, switches etc, something on the lines of Brownings or Bert Aults, both sadly missed, or isn't there any call for that sort of place any more?

643 Views · 10 Comments
20th Feb 2015 8:48pm Renault Clio engine issue by Mike72

Hi can anyone recommend a mechanic who could come out and give me a diagnosis on what the problem is with my car. It is making a very loud knocking/banging noise from engine area. Possibly either gearbox or Thrust Bearing? but not sure. It doesn't make the noise when clutch is pressed. Thanks in advance

409 Views · 4 Comments
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