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Tv reception 812
Pensions - Another Gift to the Rich? 692
Panorama --Grrughrrrrgruurr! 551
House to House Collection 540
Wing Mirror Smashers, Wallasey 406
how are the TTIP negotiations going 357
Operation Christmas Child - Volunteers Needed 241
Football parasites. 224
Help on rented property. 223
over wintering bedding plants 217
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Operation Christmas Child - Volunteers Needed
by diggingdeeper
23rd Nov 2015 6:07pm
Time Shift
by fish5133
21st Nov 2015 5:32pm
What side of a garden fence do I own
by spgb1a
20th Nov 2015 9:56pm
Good advertising steal
by venice
20th Nov 2015 5:02pm
New Wirral History
Flats or Apartments
by derekdwc
06:36 PM
Coin-in-the slot leccy and gas meters
by yoller
15th Nov 2015 5:29pm
some local maps
by derekdwc
14th Nov 2015 7:25pm
Chalets at New Brighton
by tobyhoward
12th Nov 2015 12:14pm
Elvis Costello
by inflatablebone
5th Nov 2015 1:28pm
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Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 5ltrs
by turnip
1 second ago
Portable DVD player
by conan
16 minutes 12 seconds ago
What song are you listening to?
by snowshoes
55 minutes 51 seconds ago
3 kittens free to good home
by GaryFromWirral
Today at 07:07 PM
Help on rented property.
by Heswall1958
Today at 06:58 PM
Osborne's autumn statement
by diggingdeeper
Today at 06:57 PM
The gritters are out...
by starakita
Today at 06:45 PM
Flats or Apartments
by diggingdeeper
Today at 06:40 PM
Sea Fishing gear for sale
by spider
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Film Night at Wallasey Central Library [Free]
by Touchstone
23rd Nov 2015 8:49pm
Birmingham day out
by paxvobiscum
22nd Nov 2015 8:38am
Today at 07:07 PM 3 kittens free to good home by GaryFromWirral

We recently took in a beautiful cat that had been abandoned only to find out She was pregnant..So as a result I now have 3 kittens that need permanent loving good homes if anyone is interested...get in touch smile They are all short haired 95% black with a tiny amount of white on their faces,bellies and all have white sock markings ... will try to upload some photos if they stay still long enough ....ready to be re-homed as of now


61 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 03:09 PM The gritters are out... by Greenwood

It seems even the gritters are getting into the Christmas spirit a bit early - I've just been spattered on the Meols stretch by a very smart new gritter with snow-clearing attachment. Quite unnerving when the thermometer in the car reads 9C. Am I missing something? Weather forecast looks relatively mild for the next few days. Perhaps it was just a trial run for some new kit; very strange.

142 Views · 2 Comments
Today at 11:47 AM TV cabinet by lincle

Nice wooden corner tv cabinet with drawer,shelves & 2 glass doors.Good condition. FREE if you can collect Moreton area

81 Views · 0 Comments
Today at 09:46 AM Football parasites. by ludwigvan

Today, George Osborne is expected to announce cuts of £12bn to the welfare budget, this is on top of slashing the amount of money given to councils from central government thereby drastically reducing their ability to provide essential services to the old, sick and vulnerable. Also today, Everton FC ( home to multi millionaire footballers) have announced that they need council financial backing to help them bulld a new football stadium. If this wasn't so appalling it would be amusing.

228 Views · 3 Comments
23rd Nov 2015 9:04pm Panorama --Grrughrrrrgruurr! by venice

Panorama---- The VW emissions issue ! Sick of it! If my OH screeches at the TV once more that petrol cars ALSO produce particulates and other such claims of little interest to me , I will have to strangle him!

555 Views · 10 Comments
23rd Nov 2015 6:07pm Operation Christmas Child - Volunteers Needed by diggingdeeper

Operation Christmas Child

Help needed to check boxes
Please come to the warehouse whenever you can to help - 20 Prenton Way on the Durley Estate, Prenton

We will Also be open longer hours as follows:
From 9am every weekday
Until 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Until 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
Saturday opening: 10am to 4pm

No experience necessary but be warned it is a wonderfully addictive will change your life smile

242 Views · 2 Comments
20th Nov 2015 8:23pm Egremont Community Centre Christmas Fair by Giggler

Christmas fair starts at 11am.

Lots of stalls

Star raffle is to guess the name of the teddy and win a bottle of Champagne, a Thorntons chocolate Christmas tree and of course the named teddy.

Come along for a coppa and a cake and maybe win a prize.

147 Views · 0 Comments
19th Nov 2015 7:13pm free wood in Wirral area by futurepast

I have a load of wood going for free if anyone wants it? its in a lock up in b,head but can deliver on the Wirral for a small fee just to cover juice, some of the wood is good re-usable and some can be used for fire wood,anyone welcome to help themselves just in box me thanks in advance

466 Views · 5 Comments
18th Nov 2015 8:36pm Tv reception by jaki12

Anyone having problems with their tv?
I live in New Brighton and my tv keeps going off,saying no signal or bad signal.

812 Views · 11 Comments
18th Nov 2015 3:31am Welcome To Becoming Part of Liverpool by diggingdeeper

Liverpool City Region has been approved to get an elected Mayor and devolved powers. I can't see how this can possibly work without Wirral completely losing its political identity.

Interesting that the BBC has called this "Merseyside" and not Liverpool City Region, I would feel a bit more comfortable with the Merseyside title. We are not part of Liverpool and even less so part of Liverpool City.

The final say is by all the councils voting on Thursday this week, I pray at least one council will realise what will become of this.

I think it appalling that there is no referendum on this occurring, we the people should have a say. We already have the ability to share services, what more can this amalgamation bring apart from more jobs for politicians and council officials?

Liverpool Echo SOURCE

2083 Views · 45 Comments
17th Nov 2015 5:09pm Play Station or Xbox by Mark

Play Station or Xbox ??

with christmas on the way, the question is asked many many times.

Play Station or Xbox ?
But why which is better and what reasons ?

cheers smile

1420 Views · 32 Comments
17th Nov 2015 4:26pm Rabbit food by snowhite

I have nearly half a bag of rabbit food if anyone wants to use it for there rabbit.
Reason for getting rid is that i have changed my rabbits food diet,and i hate waste.

Bought from Tesco and its rabbit Muesli.

282 Views · 0 Comments
17th Nov 2015 3:31pm Tinting and Alloy wheel repair by Driver

I have just bought a car and want to get the alloys repaired and thinking about getting rear windows tinted.

Has anybody used anyone before? Can you recommend trusted shops or suggest who to avoid?

Wirral area is best but Liverpool is okay as well.


395 Views · 3 Comments
16th Nov 2015 2:06pm Dentwiz by venice

Is this company from Argyll St area still there does anyone know? Was just acquainting myself with the forum tips section on here and happened to click on them . Their FB page shows they are selling their van, and the 'new' website mentioned on their advert here, doesnt work(for me anyway) .

570 Views · 8 Comments
16th Nov 2015 1:12pm Evening Classes - A-level/GCSE etc by DavidB

Looking to go back to university next year, but ideally need another A-level, I have maths but would like to do Physics.
Are there any colleges on the Wirral that do evenings A-levels/GCSE's? Not having a lot of luck searching.

290 Views · 2 Comments
15th Nov 2015 5:29pm Coin-in-the slot leccy and gas meters by yoller

Apologies if weíve covered this subject before, but Iíve been trying to recall how the coin-in-the-slot meters worked in our houses in the old days - in my case, the mid-1950s.

I well remember that you had to put a shilling in the electricity meter to get a set amount of time. Once the money ran out, your lights went off, along with your radio (no telly in those days).

But I canít remember how it worked for gas. Was there a similar coin-in-the-slot system?

Also, when the leccy man came periodically to empty the meter, piling up the shillings on the table and counting them, there was more often than not a bonanza for the family in the form of a 'rebate' - he gave you so many shillings back. But how come you got money back if it was a pay-as-you-go system?

1521 Views · 26 Comments
15th Nov 2015 11:30am Baby gates by Elyth

Hi I have 2 baby gates one is a babystart extendable one and the other is a single panel babydan gate. The only thing is I don't have the wall locking catch fixtures for both of them. I have the fixtures to attach the gates to the wall but new wall locking catches would need to be bought. When I moved house I left the locking fixtures on the wall by mistake. Anyway they are free if anyone wants them. If not they will be off to the tip.

244 Views · 2 Comments
14th Nov 2015 7:25pm some local maps by derekdwc

When in the Conway building(housing?) I saw a notice
'Designated Selective Licensing Areas' ask at reception for maps,
Thinking they were something to do with pub licenses I asked for them and got four A3 photocopies for free.
Since then found them online as pdfs


530 Views · 2 Comments
14th Nov 2015 6:57pm Bmw omega 2.5 timing tools ? by sean99789

Hi all does anyone have the timing tools for one of the above engines struggling to remove timing chain

298 Views · 2 Comments
12th Nov 2015 11:49pm Product Key Nightmare - Any Ideas? by diggingdeeper

After a power outage, Windows 10 got corrupted (it lost microsoft edge, windows menu button functionality and windows settings functionality) - one error was along lines of "no association for ms-settings). Tried powershell route of refreshing ms-edge but it didn't work

Tried windows repair that found nothing wrong, tried a windows refresh that said it couldn't, tried a windows reset that said it couldn't so thought I might as well do a windows 10 clean install.

Unfortunately the product key (refurb Windows 7 home premium) will not work with Windows 10. Tried reinstalling windows 7 and that won't recognise the product key either.

It looks like the product key has been de-registered from Windows 7 but not registered with Windows 10 update.

I think I have got ways to get round this but I'm wary of losing more product keys.

Any suggestions?


The computer was upgraded to Windows 10 from a 64 bit system.

After hard drive failure I realised that the installed system hadn't been using the product key on the case.

Windows 7 32-bit was installed with the case's product key, then the computer was re-upgraded to Windows 10.

Computer worked fine.

Same product key, same windows 7 disk, same hard drive - everything exactly the same apart from the video card and monitor.

1166 Views · 20 Comments
12th Nov 2015 8:05pm computer problem by lincle

Hi Can anyone help me sort out my laptop which is causing probs when I try to write an email.The letters don't always appear or they do after Ive typed in something else so that sentences are nonsensical. A little blue circle goes round & round for a while then when it stops I can type a letter or number .Its taking so long just to type a few words & is running so slow its driving me potty.Grateful for any help

620 Views · 8 Comments
12th Nov 2015 3:42pm Technics hi fi needs spekers by brady

Hi guys
getting rid of a technics hi fi 5cd changer, works great just needs in huyton, can deliver over the water for £5.00...otherwise it goes in the bin lol

393 Views · 5 Comments
12th Nov 2015 1:12pm 3 seater sofa by brady

Hi guys
getting our new 3 piece suite between the 19th and the 27th of November, so theres a Brown 3 seater recliner going if anyone wants it...the recliner on one side wont work (most likely the cable has come off)...theres also a 2 seater recliner in which the recliners work fine but one side of the setee has collapsed and has peeled its cover on the front, mabey use the parts off the 2 seater to get the recliner working on the 3 seater thanks

195 Views · 0 Comments
12th Nov 2015 12:14pm Chalets at New Brighton by tobyhoward

Hi, does anyone remember there being holiday chalets on the beach at the Wallasey end of King's Parade in the area below the Derby Pool pub? Up until the mid 60s perhaps?


1225 Views · 13 Comments
11th Nov 2015 9:32pm Free Single bunk bed with double futon by DennyBenny

FREE A single sized raised bed with double futon beneath.

Bed frame in excellent condition with wide tread stepladder for extra
Double futon in great condition for sleepovers or guests.
Cost approximately £250 ,three years ago.
Needs dismantling but we can help with that.
Requires collecting.

274 Views · 2 Comments
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The gritters are out...
by Greenwood
Today at 03:09 PM
Help on rented property.
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Egremont Community Centre Christmas Fair
by Giggler
20th Nov 2015 8:23pm
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by diggingdeeper
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by derekdwc
19th Nov 2015 11:49am
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21st Nov 2015 5:47pm
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by jaki12
18th Nov 2015 8:36pm
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