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Yesterday at 05:37 PM Stalag Luft lll by granny

On a day when the Holocaust is remembered and having just watched 'The Wooden Horse' on BBC2 , I continued to find more info on Wikipedia.
The film The Great Escape was also based on an escape from Stalag Luft lll. I was surprised to see the following from the inventory taken by the Germans after the escape.
What amazing, courageous men they were.

After the escape

Following the escape, the Germans took an inventory of the camp and found out just how extensive the operation had been. Four thousand bed boards had gone missing, as well as the complete disappearance of 90 double bunk beds, 635 mattresses, 192 bed covers, 161 pillow cases, 52 20-man tables, 10 single tables, 34 chairs, 76 benches, 1,212 bed bolsters, 1,370 beading battens, 1219 knives, 478 spoons, 582 forks, 69 lamps, 246 water cans, 30 shovels, 1,000 feet (300 m) of electric wire, 600 feet (180 m) of rope, and 3424 towels. 1,700 blankets had been used, along with more than 1,400 Klim cans.[33] The electric cable had been stolen after being left unattended by German workers; as they had not reported the theft, they were executed by the Gestapo.[38] From then on each bed was supplied with only nine bed boards which were counted regularly by the guards.

Nationalities of the 50 executed prisoners
United Kingdom 20 British
Canada 6 Canadian
Poland 6 Polish
Australia 5 Australian
South Africa 3 South African
New Zealand 2 New Zealanders
Norway 2 Norwegian
Argentina 1 Argentinian[37]
Belgium 1 Belgian
Czechoslovakia 1 Czechoslovak
France 1 Frenchman
Greece 1 Greek
Lithuania 1 Lithuanian

174 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 03:05 PM iPOD help by Snodvan

My son gave me an iPod Series 3 32GB iPod model A1318.
It has a problem - or more likely, I have a problem not being very bright about techy things and having no previous knowledge of Apple hardware.

The device was working fine for some months, suffering only from fairly poor battery life - but I can live with that. It was set up to receive Hotmail and I had some music on the thing.

I have been away for a while and obviously the battery went flat so I charged it up ....... but

All it now shows when I switch on is an
Apple symbol, followed fairly soon by a screen dislpay that obviously wants me to somehow "link" the device to ITunes.
(see pic)

I do have iTunes on the laptop but frankly I have little idea how to use it, although I must have done at some time in the past because the music titles displayed are "my" sort of music.

Can anyone help with advice how to "reset" the iPod?
Must be possible. The advice on the web is to hold down the on/off button and the selection button together until an Apple logo apprears.

Done that many times - but the device simply goes back to indicating a need to connect to itunes


242 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 01:56 PM Birkenhead Haymarket Tunnels by Reno37


All you knowledgeable people out there, I have been researching and found loads of photos relating to the old Birkenhead Town Railway Station and the Haymarket Tunnels on what I am told formed part of the old Birkenhead Dock line . Does anyone know if tours are available of the line, tunnels etc, as I would love to visit the area to further my knowledge. Or does anyone know whom I would contact to ask permission to visit the tunnels.

Many Thanks. Tony

76 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 01:17 PM Merseyside Transport Recalled by billy_anorak59

Just a 'heads up' as they say... thought it might be worth a mention:

Don't know if it's been posted anywhere else but I got this book Merseyside Transport Recalled <Click> for Chrimbo. Published Oct 2014, the first half is generally Liverpool transport, the second is Wirral (mainly Birkenhead and Wallasey environs). Well worth a look as it's mainly full colour, and good quality photos from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

A bit expensive (most books are nowadays), but if you've got a Birthday coming up...

344 Views · 8 Comments
26th Jan 2015 3:21pm Clio Sunroof fix please by conan

Can someone fix my leaking sunroof,its driving me mad.

Thanks in advance..


325 Views · 3 Comments
26th Jan 2015 2:34pm Xbox one, Anyone got one? by TheComputerLab

Xbox one, Anyone got one?

I have some games and may be interested in a game swop if anyone else is. Let me know what you have.

558 Views · 13 Comments
26th Jan 2015 1:02pm Old Birkenhead Market by BandyCoot

This one found on another site. Does anyone know where I would be able to get hold of a full sized print. It's by a D. Clarke the painting and I can't find any reference to him/her or their work. I think it's a cracker and very evocative of the place.

868 Views · 13 Comments
25th Jan 2015 7:03pm New businesses on the Croft by casper

Anybody got any info as to when M&S and Dunhelm are likely to open on the Croft?

660 Views · 2 Comments
25th Jan 2015 5:33pm dvd ripper by johncon

Hi guys can any one recommend a free trusted easy to use DVD ripper I just want to make some copies of home videos for family

388 Views · 4 Comments
25th Jan 2015 1:52pm Birkenhead and Wallasey affected by bridge repairs by Mark

Motorists are being warned to expect disruption on a key route between Birkenhead and Wallasey when a two-week programme of bridge repairs begins next week.

Essential works on the A and C bridges in the dockland area along the A554 Tower Road will be carried out between Monday, January 26 and Friday, February 6.

The works will be carried out in two phases to allow for continued access to the Twelve Quays Ferry Terminal.

The two-week programme will involve repairs to the deck nosing plate and the carriageway as well as the installation of new signage.

Read more : Click me

238 Views · 1 Comments
25th Jan 2015 11:54am Cake making by TripleH

Anyone know of a business (preferably in Wallasey) that makes and sells homemade birthday cakes?(and has a food hygiene certificate!)

516 Views · 4 Comments
24th Jan 2015 2:21pm DVD Home theatre sound system by Raven61

Panasonic 5.1 surround system SC-PT480.
Doesn't come with all of the wires.

103 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Jan 2015 10:04pm Internet Credit Card Fraud Security by fish5133

mad Had to make an emergency trip to Africa Tuesday and when I came to quickly book tickets online with my bank card the transaction was blocked by Lloyds . By the time (about 20 minutes on phone) I had got clearance from Lloyds security the ticket prices had gone up by 120.
Interesting to see how Lloyds will manage the impending complaint letter to them. grr

652 Views · 5 Comments
23rd Jan 2015 9:24pm Fabulous service under our nose by suie1

We all hear of horror stories regarding garages. Well here's my story with a difference. I'm a pensioner and the proud owner of a Kia 2007 and unfortunately she started kangarooing and stalling in low revs.My wife and I looked up these symptoms on various Kia forum sites and to our horror became aware of a manufacturing defect in the engine, known to Kia since 2004! We took the car to Stoneacres, New Brighton where they realised we were very concerned about just how much this could cost? Don't worry they said, leave it with us. They then contacted Kia Headquarters who agreed to pay for the work as it was there default. Today we collected our car and nearly walked right past it! It was sparkling-inside and out oshocked I would like to give them a huge thumbs up and recommend them as the garage to go to if you have a problem. WELL DONE BOYS thumbsup

519 Views · 1 Comments
23rd Jan 2015 8:48pm Re : bikes stolen from Tranmere by Cearan50

Please help any info where my bikes are our who has them, all three stolen from tranmere area on 21/1/15

1115 Views · 9 Comments
23rd Jan 2015 10:43am Al Capones Argyle Street (Birkenhead) by kpr1969

are looking for delivery drivers to work evenings from 5pm till late.
Also possibly require somebody to take orders in the shop at weekends..
Experience preferred..

call Alan at 07453304121

261 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Jan 2015 9:16pm Liscard cherry tree car park by mrslabadley

I received a car parking penalty notice for overstaying by 11 minutes. I had paid for 2 hours parking and my little girl who is two decided she needed the toilet on our way to the car so without going into detail she was a little stuck and took longer than expected! As we were walking out the doors I saw the car park attendant writing a ticket and shouted to him that we were leaving now he couldn't stick the ticket on fast enough and even took the photo as I was getting into the car. My disgust was totally heightened when I saw the charge is for an astronomical 100 with an early bird discount of 50 if paid within 14 days. I've been told not to pay it as the charge isn't legal as you are entitled to 15 minutes grace? Is this right? Any help advice would be gratefully received.

1120 Views · 6 Comments
22nd Jan 2015 3:34pm Collecting wood by TudorBlue

What are the bylaws for taking branches from deadfallen trees from the various woods around the wirral?Just curious. Im not on about cutting branches from healthy trees, Im taking about trees and branches that are dead or fallen

770 Views · 4 Comments
21st Jan 2015 9:41pm BSOD Blue Screen of Death by spinner1

Hi all
I have been attacked by the dreaded BSOD on
my laptop !!!! Anyone know of places to take it
to ( APART FROM THE TIP ! )? Thanks in anticipation.

697 Views · 4 Comments
21st Jan 2015 6:14pm virus checker by locomotive

Last weekend, with advice from this site, I sorted out playing DVDs on my new laptop with Win 8.1, a day later I suddenly lost all internet access, after a friend had a look at it, it turned out it was MacAfee Virus Checker.
Because I hadn't taken up their offer to take up a year's subscription after a month's free trial, it blocked access to the internet, once I removed MacAfee completely I got Internet back and downloaded AVG. Definitely some sneaky moves go on these days. So, if you get a new computer with a month's free trial. Beware.

363 Views · 2 Comments
21st Jan 2015 1:53pm WhatsApp Plus users suspended by Mark

WhatsApp is imposing 24-hour lock-outs on people trying to access its service via an unauthorised Android app.

The Facebook-owned messaging service said that it had acted against users of WhatsApp Plus because of concerns that the program might cause private data to be leaked to third-parties.

The unofficial app offers extra ways to customise how conversations appear.

Experts say Android users should be cautious about where they download apps from.

WhatsApp recently reported it had 700 million users sending an average of 30 billion messages a day. It currently charges a $0.99 (65p) annual fee to users who sign up to the service after their first 12 months of using it.

According to one app store, WhatsApp Plus had itself been downloaded more than 35 million times since its 2012 releases by a Spanish developer, who called himself Rafalense.

Security consultant Graham Cluley said that figure sounded "surprisingly high", but acknowledged there was no independent way to verify it.

Read More : Click me

255 Views · 0 Comments
21st Jan 2015 1:53pm You have 8.8 seconds to impress with your CV by Mark

New research has shown that you have less than 9 seconds to grab the attention of a potential employer. On the UK's busiest day for career development, Louisa Symington-Mills, unpicks the best way to make yours stand out

Read More : Click Me

240 Views · 1 Comments
21st Jan 2015 1:06pm International Women's Day by Change

International Women's Day at Wirral Change, Friday 6th March 2015

Free Activities including Music, Dance, Beauty Therapies and more! For more information call on 01516498177.

479 Views · 1 Comments
20th Jan 2015 9:38pm EE customers to share 1m refund by Mark

EE customers to share 1m refund after VAT mix-up

A "small" number of EE customers will share a refund of roughly 1m after they were wrongly charged VAT.

Customers who went outside of the EU and used internet data between October 2012 and October 2014 are affected - about 0.5% of EE's total customers.

The company told the BBC the money "was never EE's" and that the overcharge, blamed on a system-configuration error, went directly to Revenue & Customs.

Refunds will range from about 2 to 80 per customer.

Read More : Click me

339 Views · 1 Comments
20th Jan 2015 9:38pm Sky to block pornography by Mark

Sky to block pornography by default to protect children

Broadband provider Sky will block adult content by default, unless users opt out, it has revealed.

The decision was announced in a blog post and will be phased in over coming weeks.

In 2013 Prime Minister David Cameron put pressure on internet service provider [ISPs] to make online filtering mandatory, saying it was the best way to protect children.

His request caused controversy among politicians and the internet industry.

Since then most of the UK's ISPs have offered filtering software for parents concerned about what their children may be able to access online but few have offered this by default, opting instead to allow parents or other customers to turn the filters on if they want them.

Sky's Broadband Shield is designed to filter out content deemed to be unsuitable for children aged under 13. It has been offered as default to new customers for a year.

But now the firm has decided to also offer it to all its existing customers, some 5.3 million in total.

In her blog post, Lyssa McGowan, Sky's brand director, explained why it was changing its policy.

"What we're doing now is simply making sure that the automatic position of Sky Broadband Shield is the safest one for all - that's 'on', unless customers choose otherwise," she said.

In the next few weeks Sky customers who have not chosen to either activate or disable its Broadband Shield would be emailed "giving them the opportunity to make a decision one way or the other", she said.

Once activated, users will not be able to access a filtered site without altering their settings.

Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group (ORG), was dismayed by the news.

"Censorship should never be turned on by default," he said.

"ORG's Blocked project ( has shown that filters block all kinds of websites, including some that provide useful advice to children and young people. Customers need to understand the implications of filters before deciding whether or not they want them."

All the UK's big four ISPs - BT, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk - offer filtering systems to help parents prevent their children viewing inappropriate material online although few have decided to oblige users to adopt the system.

They have said that they will make sure all customers are aware of the filters.

In October, BT started using interrupting browsing sessions for customers who had not set up the parental controls asking them whether they wished to activate them but not obliging them to.

Most of the systems used by ISPs work at a network level, which means that all devices that connect to a home router will be subject to the same filtering system.

Andrew Ferguson, founder of broadband news site ThinkBroadband, said that parents should not rely solely on filters to protect their children from online nasties.

"As ever the filters don't block all unsavoury material so are not a replacement for parenting and the embarrassing questions all parents have to face," he said.

Source : Click me

250 Views · 0 Comments
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