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Yesterday at 10:30 PM
Replacement Soil Pipe
by daveybm
Yesterday at 12:17 PM
walk in shower
by billyblue
3rd Jul 2015 12:44pm
Wanted air con eng to top up gas home unit
by dodie
3rd Jul 2015 12:07pm
What's Going to Happen in Greece ?
by granny
3rd Jul 2015 12:14am
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Virgin offers....
by fish5133
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What song are you listening to?
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Replacement Soil Pipe
by locomotive
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The rot in Rotherham
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Fiat Fiorino
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Yesterday at 10:56 AM Brown wheelie bin by TheComputerLab


I have a brown wheelie bin which is full of non-recyclable waste such as concrete. If you want this been for free you are more than welcome to it however you will need to go to the tip first. Be warned the bin is very heavy and it will take two possibly three people to lift it into a trailer to be taken to the tip.

Please drop me a PM if you want then I will happily help you move it thank you.

19 Views · 0 Comments
3rd Jul 2015 12:14am What's Going to Happen in Greece ? by granny

Anyone any ideas what might happen with Greece ? Nobody seems to have any idea how it's going to impact.
With every sympathy for the Greek people, the Greek banks haven't got much left and many of the Greeks are virtually dead on the streets.

Should they say YES or NO ?

It wouldn't be surprising if the vote is NO, Tsipras will go to Mr Putin for financial support. That's just a thought and possibly ridiculous. No doubt someone will put that theory to bed .

978 Views · 27 Comments
2nd Jul 2015 11:38pm Does anyone fit car windows? by orangebay

Need someone who fits windows for a living to help with a side glass in a vw camper! Any recommendations please? Thanks!

142 Views · 1 Comments
2nd Jul 2015 8:33pm Fiat Fiorino by LittleFoote

Hi All,

Two questions please.

Does anyone know how to change the solid metal bulkhead in the Fiat Fiorino to a mesh one (for the dogs!)

Also if it is possible to put a vent in the top, again for the dogs.

How much would ti be and who should I use?


111 Views · 1 Comments
2nd Jul 2015 3:28pm steam filling water station pump picture by hague49

i am after as much info as possible on this pump as i have two in my front garden ,can anyone help or has anyone any old photos of the old pumphouse on chester road great sutton

194 Views · 1 Comments
2nd Jul 2015 11:05am Virgin offers.... by venice

NO DILLY Not that ! smile

If you want any train trips from Liverpool or Chester , Virgin have got a cracking sale on until midnight tonight as long as you are flexible on train times. You need to book by tonight, and the trips must fall between July 18 and Aug 27th (No excuse now not to visit the rellies.) Still some seats left.


316 Views · 8 Comments
1st Jul 2015 11:42pm Womens World Cup by baconbutty


Went to school with her. Not seen her for years and she starts for England tonight. Girl done good. Good luck!

335 Views · 8 Comments
1st Jul 2015 8:14pm Parkgate Ice cream by granny

Not so long ago, there was talk on the Ice Cream in Parkgate (I think). Nicholls being the most famous. Well , here's news. Made a visit today and had an ice cream from the famous Nicholls Ice Cream shop. Next door to Nicholls is another Ice Cream shop. So after eating Nicholls, we decided to visit the shop next door and ask some questions and buy another ice cream just for testing !

Those people have been selling ice cream at Parkgate for 30 years. Although Nicholls has the reputation ,it has been sold on and the lady who owns the Parkgate Homemade Ice Cream shop used to be at Nicholls. Not sure if she once owned Nicholls , didn't ask that.

Anyway, on personal recommendation, Parkgate Homemade Ice Cream shop's ice cream is so much nicer. Not so many choices, but definitely much nicer.


854 Views · 16 Comments
1st Jul 2015 8:03pm Freedom to Photograph Threat - Petition by IrishSeaShipping

I hope you don't consider this too off topic but it has serious potential impact for anyone who takes photographs and posts them on line as I imagine many people in this group do, however a contact of mine drew this petition to my attention earlier today.

Apparently there could be a threat to those who wish to take photographs of well-known landmarks or include them in views of other subjects. Before you think it has something to do with heightened security it hasn't ot is all to do with copyright.

There is an online petition to try and stop this European Parliament bill which could become law in days.

The problem has come about as a result of a well-meaning attempt by German MEP Julia Reda to remove restrictions in some European Union countries such as France. Unfortunately things have backfired and and amendment has been proposed which could cause restrictions to be imposed in the majority of EU countries such as the UK and Germany where there is complete freedom to photograph and publish online/

The petition and full explanation of the reasons behind it can be accessed at:


If you google "Freedom of Panorama" you will find many recent news reports on the threat.

I am not a great fan on on-line petitions or petition in general but I imagine the majority of people on this group would support it.


76 Views · 6 Comments
1st Jul 2015 7:10pm Homeless cats by ponytail

Can anyone help me find someone/organisation who would look after friendly and older cats. My neighbour has recently died and we want the cats to go to a loving home.

296 Views · 6 Comments
1st Jul 2015 6:47pm On the spot fines for litter to be enforced by TRANCENTRAL

People who are caught dropping and leaving litter behind in public in Wirral will be hit with an on-the-spot fine from new enforcement officers.

Wirral Council have appointed Kingdom Ltd to provide environmental enforcement services in the borough giving them responsibility for enforcing legislation around litter left on streets and in parks and other open spaces.

From the 1st July, a team of enforcement officers from Kingdom will be out and about targeting those anti-social people who donít dispose of their litter in a responsible way. Anyone observed dropping and leaving litter will receive an immediate, on-the-spot penalty of £80.

477 Views · 11 Comments
1st Jul 2015 1:40pm need a good mechanic (engine light has come on) by newbrightonmole

hey all,

my engine warning light has come on. The engine has been coughing for about a month or so and eats oil like nobodies business but hasn't failed me yet.

Noticed the engine warning light came on y'day though.

Can anyone recommend someone who's decent who they've used who could come take a look? Would rather be safe than sorry!

304 Views · 6 Comments
30th Jun 2015 2:09pm Baby Blackbird - What to do? by rhoobarb2002

Our cat caught a baby Blackbird this morning. I managed to rescue it before it ended up being breakfast but now am unsure what to do. It does not seem too traumatised by the event. It bobs around and chirps a bit, and does try to fly, but just flaps a lot.

We put it in a lidless shoebox, back in the garden for the parents to attend to it, which they do so it isn't abandoned or orphaned, yet!. But the problem is it cannot fly, we don't know where the nest is so cannot put it back and we cannot leave it alone in the garden or anywhere locally on the ground as our, or one of the many local cats will get it. I read that blackbirds leave the nest, sometimes days before they can actually fly, to learn to forage, etc. Which in this heavy feline environment will mean certain death for it.

Anyone have any ideas?

483 Views · 5 Comments
29th Jun 2015 9:50pm Custom exaust manifold ford focus by Little_B

Just recently had my exaust sytem done by cybox in brombough wh told me they couldn't sort my malifold to cat flexy unless i got the bolts loosened. So i'v cracked the nuts an bolts meself an seen a sports manifold on ebay but its bidding was wandering if anybody knows somewhere that will supply one locally that won't cost me a fortune. Thanks

140 Views · 1 Comments
29th Jun 2015 6:36pm Frank Field by chriskay

I may not agree with his politics but the man has style. He bet £50 at 5/1 on a Tory overall majority in the election. With the £250 he won, he took his whole election team for a meal.

876 Views · 18 Comments
28th Jun 2015 7:20pm Liverpool Catwalk World Record Event by Uffda

As part of the Three Queens celebrations there is an event next Saturday 4th July at the Pier Head where they are trying to beat the world record for the amount of people going down a catwalk at one go. They need 5000 volunteers either forming groups or individuals. The group needs to be about 25 people and can be anything. To quote the website 'a host of groups, from belly dancers, a hip-hop dance act and staff who work at Fazakerley Hospital coffee shop Ė who will be donning their uniform of black trousers and red pinnies, to members of the Mersey Valley Ladies Golf Section who range in age from 30 to 80'
It's open to any group, ours is going after a brownie group so can include kids. If your allotment wants to send a group down in wellies and waving onions that's fine, just register. You won't be alone, our group is five people in rows of five just walking to the end of the runway and then off to the side for the next group. You don't have to be a model, it's supposed to reflect the people who live in and around Liverpool.

292 Views · 4 Comments
28th Jun 2015 9:17am gardener wanted. wallasey by TheComputerLab


I have a small garden that needs mowing and weeding. Need someone reliable and regular. To start asap and come once a fortnight until summer is over. I have my own mower rake and other bits bit if you have your own it will no doubt be better than mine!
Send pm if interested

136 Views · 0 Comments
27th Jun 2015 9:18pm WARNING. This is shocking and needs to stop. Now. by Giggler


552 Views · 6 Comments
27th Jun 2015 8:55pm Wedding ceremony at BlackPearl NewBrighton by GaryFromWirral

http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/couple-married-board-new-brighton-9539579 Good luck to them both !!

527 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jun 2015 6:06pm North end bidston by BennyBoy

Hi all

Wondering if you can help me understand something about the north end of bidston.

As with wood church , noctorum and beechwood (ford) these were built
Post war as part of social regeneration and also later on the removal of tenement flats similar to what was happening in Liverpool at the time

I know that north end bidston was built in the 30's but from my knowledge,
No social schemes existed at this time?

Where they built for the people in the old dock cottages? Where they built as private houses and then subsequently made into council houses?

Any info would be appreciated

184 Views · 7 Comments
27th Jun 2015 2:52pm Cylinder Head Gasket Leaking Water by fish5133

SEAT Alhambra 1.9D 149000 miles
Have ongoing problem with losing water and having to top up. Noticed now it appears as white stains from cylinder head gasket running down engine block and also possible through another gasket. Anyone used sealant product or is it a new cylinder head gasket--or tighten down cylinder head.
Engine still seems to be running ok and at normal temperature no smoke and no white creamy crud on filler cap and water still looks clean.
Any one know rough cost of replacing gasket.

294 Views · 4 Comments
27th Jun 2015 11:40am Leather Massage Chair & footstool by Liverpooltiger

Anyone interested in a chocolate brown real leather "office style" chair with footstool & working massage remote control function? (Please note though: it's not got a height adjuster like an office chair - it just has a swivel function)

This was my dad's comfy living room chair but he's just replaced it with a full recliner seat.

There are no rips or tears in the leather but the padding in the seat is flatter than it was due to him sitting on it all day, every day!

Looking for it to be gone asap

(We're near Bebington Oval for collection)

78 Views · 2 Comments
27th Jun 2015 10:22am DAB radio,the lcd screen is not working properly by Maxandlucy

Can an LCD screen be repaired,it doesn't show correct display e.g station list but just flickers,where to go for repair?

232 Views · 2 Comments
25th Jun 2015 4:23pm under counter fridge by liam22

very good spotless clean under counter fridge free to the fist person that is interested [img]http://123 124[/img]

82 Views · 2 Comments
24th Jun 2015 8:56pm The rot in Rotherham by casper

In the news today, the police say there are up to 3,000 suspects in the child grooming and child abuse scandal, the former labour government of Tony Blair is accused of playing down criminality and extremism among British Muslims for fear of undermining community cohesion and the fear of riots and that Derby, Oldham and Rochdale are also part of the investigations, lets hope the truth will prevail and that ordinary people can speak out about their concerns without being labelled as bigots and racists.

1521 Views · 32 Comments
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