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heritage open days 2014
Yesterday at 10:07 PM
Liverpool Giants 2014
by venice
26th Jul 2014 10:23pm
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Sunday Giants 2014
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Apps on a Mobile Phone or Tablet Pc
by lauren_lfc89
Yesterday at 08:55 PM
heritage open days 2014
by rocks
Yesterday at 06:11 PM
radio controlled submarine
by paul110180
Yesterday at 08:38 AM
by sean99789
28th Jul 2014 9:36pm
film crew in birkenhead
by BARRY72
28th Jul 2014 7:24pm
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Apps on a Mobile Phone or Tablet Pc
by saltytom
42 minutes 2 seconds ago
Are we all living too long?
by bert1
43 minutes 30 seconds ago
CW Chat room thread
by Dilly
Today at 06:15 AM
Mr Jollies Circus
by granny
Yesterday at 11:41 PM
heritage open days 2014
Yesterday at 10:07 PM
EPB for VW/AUDI AND MERC - Turnips Dad.
by turnip
Yesterday at 09:03 PM
Politics Today
by granny
Yesterday at 05:43 PM
by sean99789
Yesterday at 11:20 AM
radio controlled submarine
by paul110180
Yesterday at 08:38 AM
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Yesterday at 06:11 PM heritage open days 2014 by rocks

search whats on and put it in your diary smile

187 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 04:04 PM 3 Day xbox live gold package by Pete1507

Free for the first person to message me. I dont have an xbox so no use for it.

40 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 08:38 AM radio controlled submarine by paul110180

Hi all just dug out an old ww11 German uboat u65 ghost ship . upon inspection shes in fairly poor condition needs a good rub down and re paint and a lot of tlc. I have ordered rc gear and parts for her but a long way off the water ha . she has dive planes fitted that need sorting and no WTC either . I could really do with help from some 1 who knows about model sub's or boats and doesn't have a project on at the moment . this was always a dream of mine as a child and I'm sure some kind person would help me make it reality many thanks paul .... Call or tx on 07793555415 cheers.

180 Views · 0 Comments
28th Jul 2014 9:36pm Solicitor by sean99789

Is there anyone here involved with a solicitors firm ?
It's to do with driving offence that I am 100 percent certain I never committed and even if I did the officers wouldn't of seen as there view was obstructed by a brick wall

584 Views · 3 Comments
28th Jul 2014 7:46pm Wanted -any lenghts of fabric and a staple gun by kayleighp

Hi has anybody got a staple gun they no longer need or any lenghts of fabric . I would be extremely grateful for any that are going spare Thankyou x

31 Views · 2 Comments
28th Jul 2014 7:24pm film crew in birkenhead by BARRY72

film crew in birkenhead filming new series of moving by jimmy mcgoven

420 Views · 1 Comments
28th Jul 2014 1:00pm EPB for VW/AUDI AND MERC - Turnips Dad. by turnip

Had to purchase a electric park brake tool for a job, probably a one off but who knows. Its the Autel est201 which deactivates the electronic handbrake and resets the system when work is complete. If anyone needs to loan the tool just pm me and we can sort it, or if you want to buy it I am asking

Works well and is a doddle to use. I am considering getting the Ross-Tech VCDS and this system has the capability of the tool above so it seems it may be surplus to requirements!

353 Views · 6 Comments
28th Jul 2014 9:41am Vyner Rd. South bridge by chriskay

Had a visit yesterday showing my son some of my childhood haunts, one of which was the Thermopylae Pass. This is crossed by a bridge at Vyner Rd. South. I'd like to know how & when this bridge was damaged. As you can see in the picture, the original masonry wall (just visible at the left of the pic.) was re-built using brick with a thin artificial stone facing, which is falling off.
Is this possibly wartime damage from a wayward bomb?

P.S. we also saw the Viking boat being rowed on the West Float but I carelessly deleted the pic. I took.

108 Views · 0 Comments
27th Jul 2014 2:56pm Anyone have a missing Pug type Dog by Tranquil

Just seen a little black pug type dog on Imperial Avenue, diddnt see any owners with it or anyone around, i would have taken it in but i have a very naughty Border Collie... hope someone finds it!

159 Views · 0 Comments
27th Jul 2014 2:19pm UFO'S by Slaine

116 Views · 0 Comments
27th Jul 2014 10:48am Sky cables by venice

Weve got a Sky HD cable into one part of the property . We want to watch the TV exclusively in another room which has a single cable. If we ask Sky to change this single cable to HD (but leave the original HD cable for possible future use if plans change) firstly has anyone any idea how much Sky charge seeing as how it wont be part of a new installation package, and secondly - if you DID have two or three TV's (all plugged into phone line) I know youd be paying multi-room on top of one HD charge, but is that it, or would Sky charge an HD monthly charge for each TV you had plugged in on an HD cable ? Come to that , is multiroom an extra monthly charge for EACH extra tv as well or is it just the one monthly charge BECAUSE you have multiple tv's? Sorry if thats a bit garbled , but hopefully it will make enough sense to anyone likely to know the answer.

456 Views · 8 Comments
27th Jul 2014 12:35am T V PACKAGES Can anyone advise please by valli

We have Virgin media as our service provider for TV PHONE AND BROADBAND.COST £108 PER MONTH.Looking to trim costs .We only watch BBC 1 and 2, ITV ,CH4, CH5, ITV 2, BT SPORTS, ALL THE SKY SPORTS CHANNELS my husband loves Football we hardly use landline but want to keep a landline .USE Broadband for email facebook wikiwirral.What is the best alternative or is Virgin media the best provider

463 Views · 3 Comments
25th Jul 2014 11:39pm DUKE ST POLICE by _Ste_

Does anyone know why the old boys social club opposite the motorbike shop on duke street was taped off today?

It had police tape all round it when i went past this morning around 8:30am and the around 6pm this afternoon there was still police tape.

On both occasions, there were police standing guard, there were more police there in the afternoon though and a big yellow cctv van ootside.

Anyone know anything?

623 Views · 1 Comments
25th Jul 2014 8:02pm Mr Jollies Circus by RUDEBOX

Surprised that we are not already discussing this on the Forums. This Circus is in Town....and dividing opinion across Wirral.

1071 Views · 29 Comments
25th Jul 2014 5:24pm Decorating Box Wallasey-worried as contains knives by KathrynO89

Bit of a long shot here.....
. We have had stolen or misplaced/lost a plastic decorating box yesterday either at the top of Grove Road or Dean Avenue in Wallasey. It's clear with a blue lid on it. It contains some sentimental items however we're more concerned that it contains stanley knives and a flick knife. Don't want it to get into the wrong hands. We're hoping a neighbour in Dean Avenue may have picked it up. Hope someone can help or maybe spread the word if they know anyone in the areas. Thank you!

278 Views · 0 Comments
25th Jul 2014 11:08am Private Eye article on Birkenhead by yoller

This is from the 'Piloti' column in the latest issue of Private Eye.

750 Views · 7 Comments
24th Jul 2014 1:36pm Bromborough Toll Hut Site? by billy_anorak59

I've been looking at the Cheshire Image Bank site ( Image Bank ), and found a picture depicting the 'Toll Hut Site' in Bromborough. I grew up in Bromborough, but for the life of me I just can't place where the picture is taken. I't must be somewhere near the present day A41 (obviously prior to the by-pass) I guess, but know not where. Any help at all please?

The picture can be found direct at: Clicky...

193 Views · 12 Comments
23rd Jul 2014 11:15pm wanted teacup pup by Petal

Any one know of someone selling teacups please thank you x

1460 Views · 35 Comments
23rd Jul 2014 6:17pm What was a tumbler closet? by yoller

I've been looking at some information on the old 'court' style housing in Birkenhead around the middle to late 19th century. They were mostly overcrowded, insanitary slums which had shared outside privies. Among the various privies listed for some properties are ash pits, water closets and tumbler closets. Does anyone know what a tumbler closet was?

146 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 10:24pm Independant Dog Rescue by panoolied

This is my friends dog rescue.

Myself and another friend help her out with firewood - found trees and donated pallets and the like. If anyone knows of any in the wallasey area would you please either let me know here or on her facebook page?

Also, we can move some of it ourselves but if anyone has a large car or van access, that would be incredible helpful.

Thank you for reading smile

422 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 6:34pm Online Piracy Is No Longer Illegal in the UK by eddtheduck

The British government has finally decriminalized online video game, music and movie piracy, a move that goes against other anti-piracy efforts within the UK.

According to the decision, starting in 2015, file sharers that keep downloading content from the Internet will be sent up to four letters of warning, explaining that their actions are, in fact, illegal. However, if the notes go ignored, nothing will happen.

The Creative Content UK is a result of a collaboration between British Internet providers, politicians and the movie and music industries. While the big providers such as BT, Virgin, Sky, and TalkTalk have already signed the agreement, but all the rest are expected to join in too.

The government pledged £3.5 million ($5.98 million/ €4.43 million) for the funding of the education awareness part of the campaign.

Basically, Creative Content UK is comprised of two components. One of them is the alert system and the letters sent to subscribers, as listed above, while the second is an awareness campaign led by content creators. The entire purpose of it all is to fight online copyright infringement through education.

The reasoning is that encouraging consumers and informing them about the copyright issues will help shape the future generation of Internet users.

“The Creative Sector is a key driver of the UK economy contributing £8m to the UK economy every hour and underpinning over 1.5m jobs. Copyright is the foundation on which the Creative industries stand and we must ensure it remains strong and continues to support the growth of the sector. The alert programme shows industry working together to develop solutions which support the long-term health of the UK's creative industries. It will play a central role in raising awareness of copyright and pointing people toward legal ways to access content and I welcome this effort,” said Saji Javid, Culture Secretary.

The Creative Content UK was founded by the Motion Picture Association, the British Recorded Music Industry, as well as BT, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, the latter being Internet providers. There’s also some backing from organizations across the creative community, including the BBC, Equity, Pact the Premier League, UK Music and more.

“This is just one piece of the overall approach to tackling illegal online infringement and promoting the importance of copyright. This will enable consumers to receive the best possible user experience and sustains the UK’s creative community and economy, incentivising the creation of new movies and other creative content,” said Chris Marcich, president and managing director EMEA of the Motion Picture Association

425 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 6:22pm peugeot 206 lx 2001 central locking by Cjoshea

Hi there I bought a 206 lx as my first car and it came with a broken 2 plip key fob (no led) so ive ordered a new one off ebay which I now have but im unable to reprogram it to work the central locking, can anyone on here help me?

275 Views · 4 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 5:16pm sd card help by kensden

hi all I bought a sandisk 16 gig from argos today and its a micro sdhc card and I bought this for my Samsung s3 but I have put it in my phone and is only showing 14.8 gig does anyone know why this is happening and not showing 16.gig I have also tried it on my laptop and its still showing the same should I take it back too argos or is this normal thanks

364 Views · 3 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 10:29am spice club moreton by kwillo

Noticed a sign as I was driving past this morning....does anyone know what is going to be done there and is it closing down?

620 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Jul 2014 8:36am Keys found The Deph, just off Longlands Rd by Mike72

Hi, I have found a few sets of key's by the above, they seem like a bunch of keys for a business etc, one of the tags has Billy's James St. If you know of anyone who they may belong too, they have been left at Manor Road Police Station. I know a car in Longland got broken into saturday as i have traced a fast tag back to a resident in that road.

205 Views · 0 Comments
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Keys found The Deph, just off Longlands Rd
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