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by granny
10:33 PM
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by fish5133
16th Jan 2017 1:24pm
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by cools
15th Jan 2017 10:04am
Silent Solution
by venice
14th Jan 2017 9:58pm
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What was County Hall, Abbey Street, Birkenhead?
by yoller
15th Jan 2017 1:28pm
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by Norton
13th Jan 2017 2:20pm
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by Norton
13th Jan 2017 1:38pm
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by yoller
8th Jan 2017 7:18pm
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by yoller
8th Jan 2017 7:11pm
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by lansyp
Yesterday at 05:51 PM
Secretive mega shake-up of NHS could cost £15 mil
by fish5133
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Indian/Jazz fusion music Liverpool
by buddy
09:46 AM
Chinese New Year Liverpool
by paxvobiscum
15th Jan 2017 11:08am
Yesterday at 10:33 PM The Green Eyed Girl by granny

Does anyone remember the picture of the Green Eyed Girl, as she was called, from Afghanistan and poster girl on the National Telegraphic Magazine ? There is this article about her today. Very sad.


38 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 03:45 PM A Little Girl Gets A Kitten by Uffda

If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye then you're made of stone.

127 Views · 3 Comments
Yesterday at 01:02 PM Best Price for Scarpping my car by Mike72

Hi all, need to scrap my clio as needs a new engine which is more than what the car is worth. It still has 10 months MOT. Where is the best place to get the most cash for it?

160 Views · 5 Comments
Yesterday at 09:04 AM Brown Bin Collections Restarting Today 17th Jan by fish5133

Just a reminder the brown bin collections restarting today so you may finally get rid of your xmas tree

39 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 12:10 AM Diagnosis Route by fish5133

After a bit of advice regarding the best order of diagnosis

Petrol Alhambra carburettor.

Knew for a week or so something was starting to go wrong.

occasional mis fired especially when on roundabouts or just pulling away. Stalling when stopping at junction when engine not warmed up. Not starting so easily when previous it would start first time in freezing weather. Today it was misfiring on a roundabout and finally just stalled on another roundabout and wouldn't start or fire up at all.
Battery ok, fuel in it, turning over ok.

Is it best to just first check if fuel getting to carb and if sparking at plugs before start looking elsewhere.
fuel pump, fuel lines, filters, timing .
Already tried with MAF thingy disconnected as that gave me problems few years ago

Intrigued why it should happen on roundabouts ..fuel sloshing in tank?

190 Views · 4 Comments
16th Jan 2017 8:35pm RAC ,AA v Breakdown Recovery by fish5133

In case someone was thinking of it don't make my mistake
Fallen foul of going for cheaper Breakdown recovery through insurance company rather than AA or RAC.
In the past RAC and AA who have come to rescue have made a good attempt to diagnose and repair the problem if they can and take you home if they cant. RAC even did a roadside replacement of a defective coil pack for me as he had one onboard.
Just had a car breakdown- phoned insurance company to organise breakdown guys to come out. Not too long to wait. Couple nice guys but then realised it was just a recovery vehicle, no tools,no diagnostics, no petrol can. Just straight on back of tow truck to garage for fuel which I told them wouldn't be the problem (it wasn't) so they just brought vehicle back home --which I am very thankful for.
The insurance company use similar terminology to RAC and AA like roadside assistance etc but it obviously doesn't mean sending qualified mechanics out just a recovery vehicle.

Advertising blurb says roadside assistance as
"We will arrange service at the scene of the breakdown if we cant fix we will tow you home or to a garage
However the small print and definitions reads
If the Vehicle breaks down more than a quarter of a mile from your Home, we’ll arrange
and pay for a recovery operator to come to the Vehicle (for up to one hour) to try to get it
working again.

subtle difference--reckon complaint to advertising standards??

So it will be back to RAC/AA again next time.

226 Views · 7 Comments
16th Jan 2017 10:22am Windows 10 recovery disc by nidgynoo

Good morning all.I don't suppose anyone has a windows 10 recovery disc (32 bit) I could borrow please.Much appreciated if anyone can help out.

131 Views · 1 Comments
15th Jan 2017 6:56pm Lost Mobile Phone by spinner1

Hi, my daughter has lost her bag on the night of Friday the 13th January in Birkenhead town centre. It was a grey clutch bag containing a rose gold samsung s7 edge (that has a cracked back glass) along with some other bits. Only bothered about the phone and will provide a reward for its return, it is locked to her fingerprint so is useless to anyone else. Think it has been thrown away somewhere as it has been switched off - if any one comes across it, please contact me.

237 Views · 2 Comments
15th Jan 2017 1:28pm What was County Hall, Abbey Street, Birkenhead? by yoller

Here's a bit of the 1875 Town Plan of Birkenhead, showing County Hall on Abbey Street. It is complete with courtroom, police office, clerk's office and superintendent's residence. There was already a County Court building on Chester Street / Pilgrim Street, so what was County Hall for?

202 Views · 3 Comments
15th Jan 2017 11:28am Found a mobile phone 14/01/2017 WALLASEY by GaryFromWirral

I was cycling around Liscard yesterday (14/01/2017) and found a mobile phone laying in the road ... It has a password entry system , So haven't tried to access it, so can't find out through contacts list who's phone it is !!!! Well expensive at 3-400 quid !!! Surely someone is missing it !!!!

314 Views · 4 Comments
14th Jan 2017 2:50pm Facebook Account Advice by fish5133

Have managed to avoid having a facebook account till now. My fishing club has set up a private facebook page? so that we can basically have a private forum between members. Our club website didn't have the facility for us to communicate.

Never set up a facebook account before and only want it to access and post between members on our clubs page.

Are there any pitfalls about privacy security to be aware of

cheers techno wizards

199 Views · 2 Comments
14th Jan 2017 1:57am Sometimes You Could Strangle Someone by fish5133

Now I am a fairly peaceable guy and don't get too upset even when we debate controversial issues but now and again you see things that make you want to punch the faeces out of someone . Viewer discretion advised

poor cat

313 Views · 4 Comments
13th Jan 2017 8:41pm Childs LFC peddle bike 5 - 8 Yrs by Pete_M

Free to anyone who can use it
Ch44 area

More information below...

74 Views · 0 Comments
13th Jan 2017 2:20pm 752 The Old Manor Club, Withens Lane, Liscard by Norton

This is not a pub as such, but a private members club which is also popular for its function room, and is used for a variety of things, from children's parties to jumble sales.

The building, once known as Heyfield House, dates back to before 1875. Maps from about 1911 name it as 'The Old Manor Club', although it is not adjacent to any of the local Manors.

Clifton Hall used to be over the road from it, and its lodge still stands. As a matter of interest, the Hall became the Sea Training Home before being bought by Wallasey Council for use as a Technical College, which has since been demolished for a small housing estate.

On its North side, the Club used to have a bowling green, but this was sold and is now the site of some modern apartments. To the rear are playing fields, known as The Delph, a former quarry.

185 Views · 1 Comments
13th Jan 2017 1:38pm 751 Plough Inn, Mount Pleasant Rd, New Brighton by Norton

This pub dates back to about 1860 and was originally owned by Spraggs brewery, but was taken over by Higsons Brewery in 1919 and closed in the late 1920's.

It was on the south side of Mount Pleasant Road (Upper Brighton) close to the Quarry recreation grounds & Stroude's Corner.

There are now houses on the site.

109 Views · 0 Comments
13th Jan 2017 10:00am Temperature problem on W reg Audi A3 by nestonlad

Hi During the summer I had a problem with my car overheating if I was stuck in traffic for anything over 15 minutes and now in winter the needle is failing to reach the normal mid way point on the gauge. I did ask the garage to check it when it went in for mot in September but they couldn't find the problem, any suggestions on what it could be,cheers

173 Views · 3 Comments
13th Jan 2017 7:30am Renault Clio 1.4 Fault code P0300 Misfire? by Mike72

My clio has decided to play up and engine management light has come on and i found the above fault code possible multiple misfire. Is this a simple fix? do i just check the leads for any issues or should i be looking at other possible problems. The car sounds very noisy its a petrol but sounds like a diesel.

133 Views · 2 Comments
11th Jan 2017 1:10pm Broweser for web novice by dizdazdoz

Hi I am setting up a laptop for my parents and after some advice.

They only have a hotmail email.
My mum has suffered a stroke. Arthiritis in hands.

I have shown her the basics of laptop use (tried to convice her a tablet might work better) and she seems to have pick up some of the basics. However she doesnt do well with looking for favourites or bookmarks so was wondering if anyone knows of a browser that you can make easy to use. Maybe just tiles etc to save the few sites she may use.

597 Views · 14 Comments
10th Jan 2017 8:07pm craft clubs/ knitting/crochet etc by locomotive

Are there any Craft clubs/meetings in the Upton/Greasby area, My wife is looking for a society that knits or whatever, any info would be appreciated

260 Views · 3 Comments
10th Jan 2017 4:04pm Fat Ball Bird Feeders by granny

If you have one of these, please do not use them. They have been recalled, as birds are suffering their death ,as you see.

It seems that the 'Peckish' brand of seed offered free feeders last year along with a packeet of fat balls, they were in yellow plastic boxes.
These were later on a product recall as they were harming birds, but some are still being used.
Peckish said they sell over 430,000 feeders each year and this is the first time it has happened. They say anyone who still has one of these free feeders needs to contact their customer care line.

264 Views · 2 Comments
8th Jan 2017 7:18pm 351 Prince Alfred 30 Tunnel Road 30 30 to 32 by yoller

Prince Alfred Hotel, junction of Waterloo Place and Chester Street, Birkenhead, circa 1900

201 Views · 0 Comments
8th Jan 2017 7:11pm 167 Wirral Arms George Street 9 Grange Street by yoller

Wirral Arms (extreme left of picture), Grange Street, Birkenhead, near the corner of Egerton Street, circa 1910

192 Views · 0 Comments
8th Jan 2017 4:52pm Miriam by RUDEBOX

Why are several buildings on Laird Street referenced to a 'Miriam'- the Health Centre and Nursery, for example?

Who is Miriam?

461 Views · 3 Comments
7th Jan 2017 3:04pm finding a driver for a q5 computer microscope by 4436789

does anybody know how to find a driver for a q5 computer microscope please

227 Views · 1 Comments
7th Jan 2017 10:45am 229 Barnett's Vaults Market St, Birkenhead by derekdwc

Just noticed this on a 1876? map
Would appreciate any info on it and the Hamilton building then

598 Views · 12 Comments
6th Jan 2017 11:09pm Are we ready for Alexa ? by granny

Are we ? Could life as we know it change for ever ? Might we be tracked on everything we do, might Alex find her way into our homes, without being asked, eventually ? Would you like her to hear you in bed, she might not be able to see in the dark. Could it be the beginning of humans to walk away and go back to the hills and forests where we can't be found ? Will she be a good girl or a bad girl ?

That sounds like the start of a movie, and it could be .


454 Views · 5 Comments
4th Jan 2017 7:50pm Whatsapp scam by johncon

Hi guys am i right in thinking there is a Whatsapp scam going around wanting you to verify your account otherwise they will start charging you . I am sure I have seen this one before .

362 Views · 1 Comments
3rd Jan 2017 10:01pm Car and van welding by vw_kyle

Mot failures, sills, patches any welding needed send me a pm

154 Views · 0 Comments
3rd Jan 2017 3:45pm Birkenhead Bantams by cools

A little off topic I know but related to WW2. I was looking on line through old photographs of Bebington, Birkenhead and spotted one with a line of soldiers think they called them Birkenhead Bantams and every soldier was under 5ft 3ins.Never heard that fact before anyone else?

437 Views · 4 Comments
2nd Jan 2017 6:27pm Birkenhead - Defence Lines WW2 against invasion. by w10694

The Wirral WW2 defences, and in particular Birkenhead.

birkenhead defences-1 01-01-17 by y10694, on Flickr

We obviously feared that the Germans could hold a limited invasion of the Wirral, with a seaborne invasion along the Leasowe beaches, and with airborne troops landing at RAF Hooton (mentioned), and probably RAF Sealand, and other flat fields in the area.

Birkenhead was essential to the war effort, as it is on the Mersey, across from Liverpool. The capture or disruption of Birkenhead would have been a disaster, as it would disrupt the WW2 activity in Liverpool, on the Mersey, shipyards and the Irish Sea, the Atlantic convoys and affect the use of Liverpool as a command and control centre.

Birkenhead was declared to be an "Anti-Tank Island", with several rings of defences. It even earned a place in the English Heritage book "Beaches, fields, streets and hills... the anti-invasion landscapes of England, 1940" as the Bromborough Pool A41 bridge was so important. The book is only available 2nd hand at over £150 now. The book does not have any maps of the Birkenhead Defences.

The EDOB (Extended Defence of Britain) database lists all known Wirral artefacts, but they appear to randomly spread across the Wirral, each in isolation and quite meaningless. The EDOB is a Google Earth kmz file download here:

Extended Defence of Britain - Google Earth Overlay (kmz)

However, I found the precursor chapters of the book online in the ADS website pages, available to download. The chapter for Bromborough Pool bridge does include a map - obviously removed for space issues (or secrecy ?). However, the map is geographically inaccurate, and has no key. But, all the same it's a great find.

Bromborough Pool Bridge - a defence study

As a challenge, I've mapped the defence map onto Google Earth, and created my own copy by correcting the geographical errors, and adding a bit of inspired guesswork to a degree that it all makes sense, more or less. It's quite accurate in the rural areas, but very hard to follow in the urban areas.


The defence lines tend to follow 'natural' lines of defences, and major roads.

My key is:

Blue line - Leasowe beach defences - usually large concrete cubes, cylinders and 'dragons teeth'.

Red - outer defence circle, anti-tank blocks, anti-tank ditches, pillboxes, pre-aimed weapon locations. Also a small circle around Wallasey.

Green - inner defence circle, anti-tank blocks, anti-tank ditches, pillboxes, pre-aimed weapon locations. Also a line of Anti-tank defences down along Woodchurch Road - obviously an expected German route into Birkenhead.

Purple - South Wirral defensive line - roughly from Hooton to Neston.

Yellow - appears to follow the A540, A41 and a route between them through Birkenhead - we have to assume that it represents supply / essential roads.

The red cross is Bromborough Pool Bridge

The other small black crosses (sometimes !) represent structures, ie Pillboxes - perhaps all were not built.

Birkenhead WW2 Defences PKP.1 Google Earth Kmz (this will require downloading, and opens in Google Earth):

Google Earth KMZ of the Birkenhead Defence Lines in WW2

469 Views · 4 Comments
2nd Jan 2017 2:15pm FREE Job Lot VHS Videos FREE by Reno37

FREE 24 VHS Videos in excellent condition all in original boxes, various titles as follows:-

The Lion King
Jungle Book
Toy Story
The Tweenies
Glenn Miller
Memphis Belle
Back to Bataan
Fighting Seebies
Sands of Iwo Jima
The Second World War 2 video set
The First World War 2 video set
The Great War
The Somme
Battle of the Bulge
VJ Day
Desert Victory
Julio Iglesias 2 video set



126 Views · 0 Comments
2nd Jan 2017 2:34am Street Lighting - again by diggingdeeper

Wirral Council have recently admitted that they know of 1758 unlit lamp fittings - I suspect that the actual numbers of defective lamp fittings may be three times that figure.

Despite all the noise they made last Autumn/Winter about examining all lights and would fix them all by May(iirc), I have seen many lights that were not fixed.

This financial year they have already fixed 3673 fittings but I know they have many to go.

More details and figures can be seen HERE

Of interest is Section 4 of the response where they state they have not spent one penny during the last two and a half years on "money spent on bulk light changes as part of maintenance of Wirral street lighting".

Section 5 would also indicate that the recent LED replacement program has only included 20% of fittings.

539 Views · 8 Comments
1st Jan 2017 12:16pm £26million Lottery New Year Win by fish5133

What a way to start the new year for someone(s). Just make sure your well in with all your in laws---just in case!
I think the greatest pleasure money like that would give me would be to really help out others and even do it anonymously. Think I would get a weird kick out of knowing someones situation and then just popping a load of money through their letterbox---mind you the curiosity of the receiver may be too much.

457 Views · 5 Comments
1st Jan 2017 2:24am Kodi install by yewgarth

Could somebody please put Kodi on to a firestick for me please

688 Views · 4 Comments
31st Dec 2016 8:01pm Sir Ken Dodd (Doddy) by goodoldphil

I would just like to congratulate Ken Dodd on his Knighthood.I think it is long overdue, and even allowing for his run in with the Inland Revenue he should have had it years ago in recognition of his outstanding career and contributions to charity. So well done Sir Ken. thumbsup thumbsup

470 Views · 5 Comments
31st Dec 2016 9:33am Old photos and memories of Higher Bebington by Andysgirl

I was wondering if anyone has any old pictures of Higher Bebington or knows of any historical information about the area around Kings Road/Kings Lane/the Boulevards and Broadway. Old maps show some large houses including "Higher Bebington Hall" but I cant find any information on any of them, except Larchwood which features in Tragic Wirral. I have lived in the area for 44 years and although there seems to be lots of pictures and info re Lower Bebington, there seems little on Higher Bebington. Thanks in advance.

573 Views · 7 Comments
30th Dec 2016 9:35pm 104 Letters The Chester Street by yoller

The Letters, Chester Street

461 Views · 4 Comments
30th Dec 2016 8:04pm Meriva tailgate touchpad opener by valli

Hi I Cannot open my Tailgate on my Meriva 2010 CC17 AUTOMATIC Intermittent, the rubber touchpad ,seems to be the fault, not the locking mechanism.Who is it best to go to normal garage or an auto electrician. and is this an expensive repair Can someone please advise me

372 Views · 7 Comments
30th Dec 2016 5:07pm Prenton Brick and Tile Works (off Prenton Dell Rd) by edbrooke

Does anyone know of any pictures that exist of the old Prenton Brick and Tile Works, off Prenton Dell Road?
I have vivid memories of the quarry and the narrow gauge railway that took the clay up to the works, but I can not remember what the buildings looked like. I do recall a tall chimney.
As a kid, I used to play freely in that quarry and I can remember standing at the top of "cliff" watching the escavator dig out the clay below us. There were no fences and no-one ever told us to clear off. In the evening, once the workers had gone home, we would ride on the clay trucks. No loco, of course, just pushing.

Grateful for any assistance.


349 Views · 2 Comments
29th Dec 2016 10:09am Scam alert by casper

Just to make everyone aware, I have received an email purporting to be from virginmedia, basically saying I should renew my account details online or my services will cease on Dec 30th it looks official but don't be taken in, I know everyone's head is usually filled with other things at this time of year, and some could be taken unawares, stay safe.

185 Views · 0 Comments
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Chinese New Year Liverpool
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Asbestos shed removal
13th Jan 2017 10:51pm
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