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the corner
by cools
Today at 03:27 PM
Poulton Hall Outing?
by shedo
Today at 09:03 AM
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Will srap metal merchants take fridge/freezers?
by hoochtaz
Today at 01:00 PM
need a tv ariel supplied and fitted
by pokerchamp
Today at 10:00 AM
Happy Birthday Plusone
Today at 12:04 AM
Warm and Very Warm Tyres
by fish5133
Yesterday at 11:42 PM
Subway, Hursts Bakery, Thingwall Garage
by fish5133
Yesterday at 11:36 PM
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Party Manifestos
by derekdwc
38 minutes 45 seconds ago
German shepherd pic
by madrob
54 minutes 2 seconds ago
Cross Hill ,Thingwall
by YinYang
54 minutes 17 seconds ago
the corner
by cools
Today at 03:27 PM
Will srap metal merchants take fridge/freezers?
by PeterJ
Today at 02:48 PM
Empty Bank Occupation. Liverpool.
Today at 02:32 PM
Lorry crash
by diggingdeeper
Today at 01:03 PM
by venice
Today at 11:42 AM
need a tv ariel supplied and fitted
by pokerchamp
Today at 10:14 AM
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Today at 10:00 AM need a tv ariel supplied and fitted by pokerchamp

does anybody know anyone who supplies and fits tv ariels?i nedd one fitting and a supply to 3 bedrooms,thanks.

105 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 11:42 PM Warm and Very Warm Tyres by fish5133

Mini Cooper. Rear tyre by exhaust is quite warm (other side cold)

Front tyre drivers side very warm ---passenger side cold.

Bit of a whirring sound driving likely to be a bearing or brake binding?

Wondering if the rear one is just getting warm because its close to exhaust

162 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 11:36 PM Subway, Hursts Bakery, Thingwall Garage by fish5133

All recently had signs in window/

Subway-Heswall Part time 20hrs+ inc some weekend

Hursts Bakery --several of their shops after part time staff and a delivery driver (6;30 till 10:30 Mon to Sat)

Thingwall Petrol Station --staff

148 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 11:18 AM Toshiba tv. Not Lcd. by nidgynoo

Free tv. Think it is 28". No remote but works without. Will do for a games console or something. Collection from New Brighton. Going tip next week otherwise.

33 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 10:46 AM man with by ninja573

man with van

49 Views · 1 Comments
23rd Apr 2015 8:07pm suite by lincle

Due to bereavement. 3pce suite green with multi pattern.lovely,comfortable older type fire retardant,zip cushions.This is to good to put on tip so FREE to anyone who can collect before weekend.Charity shops not interested as they have to many

102 Views · 5 Comments
23rd Apr 2015 7:51pm School Uniforms by just_me

Hiya all, sorry was not sure what section to put this, if wrong place i apologise. Just wanted to let members know about
http://wirralfuss.co.uk/ for secondary school uniforms, they have now started the same thing for primary schools (skirts, school pants, jumpers, polo shirts etc) and an open day is held every Wednesday 9am-11am at Moreton Methodist church http://www.moretonmethodist.btck.co.uk/ donations can be dropped off there too.

Thanks for reading

97 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Apr 2015 1:19pm Lorry crash by sonylegs

Lorry overturned at Tesco Roundabout,Bidston, 2 cars also crashed, 3 ambulances, 5 police cars. I would avoid the area if you can.

1158 Views · 16 Comments
23rd Apr 2015 12:11am Video flip by nidgynoo

Hi. Can anyone recommend an Ap to flip a video the right way around. Seems to be loads but don't want to download something which comes with loads of crap. Thanks.

237 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Apr 2015 8:40am Our Music Evenings @ The Basement (Hamilton Sq) by BenMelody

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my post.

Throughout this year myself and a few fellow music collectors will be playing Underground Funk - Disco - Soul & Balearic House Music @ The Basement in Hamilton Square Birkenhead. By underground we simply mean we will not be playing anything commercial or mainstream, we are music collectors and find passion in searching through silly amounts of records to find those unknown gems from artists who are little known but make really great music, new and old.

The nights are held Sundays and exactly 4wks apart, 6pm onwards.
We have already held 2 of our 9 events at the venue and so far so good, the atmosphere has been great and exactly what we wanted, mature people meeting up with friends, having an end of week drink and enjoying some nice music they have not heard before.
We have had to be very careful in the way we promoted our event as to not attract the wrong crowd, we wish to share our love for music and bring a nice end to people's weekends, not extend the nightlife. It's more of a lounge thing with leather sofa's to sit on and booths to sit in with friends etc but if you get that urge to dance there is more than enough room to ;-)
There is no age restriction on our little event, all we ask for is a mature and friendly attitude.

If any of this seems up your street then I've put a blog together on our website that showcases our last event on Sunday 12th April, it contains a recording of our whole night of music so it's a great way to get a feel for what we are doing, it has a couple of pics and videos too.

Entry is free, staff are friendly and the drinks prices are very reasonable.
Next event is > Sunday 10th May 2015

Hope to see a few you there, that would be great.

Click Here

Any questions please feel free to ask, I have a habit of presuming everybody knows what I'm talking about and leaving out key info haha


246 Views · 3 Comments
21st Apr 2015 11:48pm University Academy Birkenhead by fish5133

Changing its name again. Originally Park High School amalgamated with Rock Ferry High. Has now become The Birkenhead Park School.

Rather ironical School Motto "Hold Fast That Which Is Good" --obviously doesn't apply to school name.

Some of the parents are naffed off having bought PE kits with University Academy Birkenhead on and now being told they have to buy new kit with new school name on.

Front and back covers of the Wirral Globe trying to put a good spin on it.

367 Views · 5 Comments
21st Apr 2015 10:08pm Laptop Internal Battery by BossFan

How much would it cost to replace the internal battery on an HP laptop?

277 Views · 4 Comments
21st Apr 2015 1:21am Laptop screen blank by yr20405

My laptop screen is blank when I turn it on and sometimes the screen gets back to normal.When I plug my laptop into another monitor it works. So what do I need to take out and put in?

168 Views · 1 Comments
20th Apr 2015 9:19pm Internet security by _Steve_

Does anyone know of any good free internet security downloads?

410 Views · 6 Comments
20th Apr 2015 7:06pm Rivacre Valley Ellesmere Port by pegsgirl

Hi, just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of any webpages that would show me what was on the land of a new housing estate called Rivacre Village in Ellesmere Port, the estate is behind Overpool Cemetary.
I had heard it once was a swimming pool, but would like to see some old photos if possible.

Thank you in advance.

184 Views · 12 Comments
20th Apr 2015 11:39am pedometer app by rocks

hi guys iv googled without success, does anyone know of a pedometer app for a windows phone that only uses gps as im not on line when out and about...thanks

312 Views · 6 Comments
20th Apr 2015 7:49am HTC ONE MINI by garrylad


My phone fell out my pocket and the screen smashed on Friday, to say I am devastated is an underestimate. Can this be repaired as it looks like a sealed unit, if it can could someone please give me a price.

250 Views · 2 Comments
20th Apr 2015 7:36am laptop repairs / computer expert needed by danjaylai


Is anyone good with laptops?
My daughter was watching a youtube video over the weekend and the laptop just switched off and now we can't get it back on again.

Removed the battery and tried to power it up just by plugging in the charger but nothing happens.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Can travel to deliver it for repair if required.


330 Views · 4 Comments
20th Apr 2015 12:36am Girl Guides HQ Craft Fair by Nighteyes

Girl Guides HQ Craft Fair Saturday the 25th at 108 Leasowe Road, Wallasey, 10am-2pm lots of stalls and a pop up tea room Cherry Bomb Bakes

110 Views · 0 Comments
19th Apr 2015 9:09pm Has it gone then? by venice


Does the above mean we cant get BT Sport any more then , with Silverlight using Exp 7 ? If so, whats best to watch it with please?

848 Views · 17 Comments
18th Apr 2015 7:44pm Empty Bank Occupation. Liverpool. by RUDEBOX


A group of “Love Activists” have taken over one of Liverpool city centre’s most magnificent buildings.

The handful of protestors entered The Old Bank of England Building on Castle Street at around 3am this morning.

Danny, one of the group, said they now hope to use the building as a centre for the homeless.

Link to Love Activists here:




3800 Views · 79 Comments
17th Apr 2015 10:21pm Huge police presence at Hoylake station, by Madge

I think someone has been killed at hoylake station, Network rail van have just been escorted to there by police, and i have lost count of how many police cars and vans have gone there, also trains halted, poor souls,

1442 Views · 11 Comments
17th Apr 2015 12:48pm German shepherd pic by madrob

Heres a pic of my gsd roxy has pancreatic insufficiency vets told us when she was 2 years old she will probley only live for a year she is now 6 years old Happy and normal life because we love and take good care of her

601 Views · 13 Comments
17th Apr 2015 11:42am Christmas In April in Liscard by daveybm

Looks like we are getting a Christmas tree on the 29th April for one day only according to this report in the Daily Mirror :-


499 Views · 7 Comments
16th Apr 2015 6:30pm DPAC are coming to town!! by RUDEBOX


280 Views · 0 Comments
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