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2 Die In House Fire Seacombe Last Night 531
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Golfers xmas gift idea
by fish5133
Yesterday at 10:18 AM
The joys of a private water supply......
by Pinzgauer
27th Nov 2015 3:44pm
Operation Christmas Child - Volunteers Needed
by diggingdeeper
23rd Nov 2015 6:07pm
Time Shift
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21st Nov 2015 5:32pm
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25th Nov 2015 6:36pm
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15th Nov 2015 5:29pm
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12th Nov 2015 12:14pm
Elvis Costello
by inflatablebone
5th Nov 2015 1:28pm
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Bob Martins on Conway Street Birkenhead
8 minutes 38 seconds ago
BITCH !Not enough.
13 minutes 13 seconds ago
Llangollen-Christmas Festival
by fish5133
36 minutes 20 seconds ago
Nexus 7
by robert_37
36 minutes 38 seconds ago
The Lego Movie game PS4
by TishKing
Today at 07:10 PM
The Lego Jurassic World Videogame PS4
by TishKing
Today at 07:07 PM
What song are you listening to?
by Vanmanone
Today at 06:53 PM
Broken Laptop Data Transfer
by Uffda
Today at 06:39 PM
Liscard Christmas Tree Vandalised
Today at 05:38 PM
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Llangollen-Christmas Festival
by fish5133
29 minutes 39 seconds ago
The Corner New Brighton Whats On
by eggandchips
27th Nov 2015 11:01am
Today at 06:45 PM BITCH !Not enough. by venice

The Wallasy woman , until recently a headteacher at a Liverpool Primary school has been banned for keeping animals for life , fined £1000 and a given a 3 mth suspended sentence for allowing her 17yr old Westie to suffer over months. Hugely matted faeces covered fur, overgrown nails, emaciated , ear infection,ulcers etc etc. £1000 is nothing to a retired teacher ! Her defence - her own health problems prevented her from lifting the dog!

156 Views · 4 Comments
Today at 05:31 PM Liscard Christmas Tree Vandalised by Mark

Liscard’s Christmas tree has been targeted by yobs just two weeks after over 1,000 people packed into the town to see it lit up.

The town’s festive centrepiece was designed to wipe away memories of last year’s decorations, which attracted widespread derision .

The tree – covered in baubles – had been paid for by council funds and local donations and more than 1,000 people had turned out two weeks ago for the official switch-on of the town’s lights .

Baubles taken from festive centrepiece and lights fused in attack condemned by Wallasey MP Angela Eagle

Source : click me

141 Views · 1 Comments
Yesterday at 10:00 AM Found Bike by saltytom

Found Wallasey Village area Black Focus mountain bike identifiable by distinctive front forks.

180 Views · 1 Comments
28th Nov 2015 9:27pm Maps Bing Google etc by fish5133

Any recommendations as to the better online maps. They seem to chop and change as to which ones allow streetview, birds eye view etc etc

268 Views · 3 Comments
28th Nov 2015 5:13pm Broken Laptop Data Transfer by Uffda

Can anyone recommend someone who can transfer data from a broken laptop to a new one and how much it would cost? I have been told tat the data is recoverable.

435 Views · 14 Comments
28th Nov 2015 12:53pm BASIC by Snodvan

Ludite here!
I used to write lots of programs in BASIC. Nothing fancy ie no graphics, just text or numerical display outputs after data input/ calculation procedures. Some of the programs will have had thousands of lines of code, others just a few hundred lines

These are all on ---- 3 1/2 " 1.44MB disks !! Remember those?

I do have an ancient but fully working desk machine with a 3 1/2" drive and running XP.

a. Is there any way I can even LIST the BASIC program details so that I can (hopefully) print them?
b. In a perfect world, actually RUN the BASIC programs on an XP machine (albeit probably with some software help)?


346 Views · 8 Comments
28th Nov 2015 8:57am 2 Die In House Fire Seacombe Last Night by markyport

A woman was rescued from the house in James Street after a passing police patrol noticed smoke billowing from the address.

The woman was taken to hospital in a serious condition but later sadly died.

Fire crews discovered the body of a man inside.

The names and ages of the couple are not known, nor is the cause of the blaze.

Neighbours said an elderly couple lived at the house, which lies on a small terraced street near to the Kingsway tunnel.

The couple’s next door neighbour was upstairs when his grandson ran up to say he could smell smoke.

He said: “My grandson ran upstairs and shouted ‘Grandad, quick I can smell smoke’.

“I looked outside and could see flames. I didn’t hear anything before then.

“I ran outside to help the couple. It’s so sad.”

A police cordon was put in place after the blaze broke out shortly after 8:30pm.

Thirteen police cars, fire engines and ambulances, surrounded the home.

The neighbour, who did not want to be named, said he tried to run in to help rescue his neighbours but was held back by fire crews.

He told how he often put the bin out for the couple whom he said were always “very friendly”.

Another neighbour, on nearby St Paul’s Road, said she rushed out when she heard the sirens.

She said: “I heard all the sirens and saw all the emergency services go flying past.

“I couldn’t believe it, my thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

Fire investigators are to examine the scene to determine what sparked the blaze.

Area Manager Dave Mottram said: "The fire service were alerted by the police who discovered the fire whilst in attendance at another incident in the street.

"Police officers made valiant attempts to save the occupiers, forcing entry through the front door, but unfortunately they were unable to do so due to the effects of severe heat and smoke.

"Firefighters were quickly on scene and made entry into the property wearing breathing apparatus, where they found the ground floor was well alight.

"They tackled the fire and prevented it spreading to neighbouring properties. The fire was quickly under control and completely extinguished by 9.30pm.

"An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway, the thoughts of all Merseyside Fire Service staff are with the family of the deceased at this time.

"We understand fires like this can have a great degree of impact on communities and we will be highlighting fire safety messages to people in the area in the coming days.

"Please can I stress the importance of working smoke alarms and remind everyone that Merseyside Fire Service will fit smoke alarms and carry out a home fire safety check free of charge to anyone over 65 in our communities."

531 Views · 8 Comments
28th Nov 2015 2:04am High Winds and Flood Warnings Sat and Sun by diggingdeeper

Warnings for floods on the Wirral for Saturday and Sunday.

Strong winds coinciding with high tides may cause some issues with over-topping in coastal areas this weekend.

The predicted conditions for Saturday at 00:13 and Sunday 00:57 and 13:15 may cause tidal overtopping and flooding of promenades and adjacent highways for approximately two hours either side of high water at:

South Parade, West Kirby
North Parade, Hoylake
Meols Parade, Meols
Kings Parade & Ian Fraser Walk, New Brighton

No surge data is currently available for Sunday’s tides and predicted conditions may change over the next 24 hours.

The predicted conditions for Saturday at 12:33 may cause tidal overtopping and flooding of promenades and adjacent highways for approximately 2 hours either side of high water at:

South Parade, West Kirby


168 Views · 0 Comments
26th Nov 2015 12:09pm stolen power tools by tonyh

A friend had his van turned over the other night outside his house in newbrighton, they managed to not set the alarms off and also cut through a steel security cable on the side door they took all his tools and even a hoover. they were seen on cctv they managed a few trips with the tools as they were on pushbikes. I'm guessing they have stashed the gear somewhere near for later pick up. among the items taken were cordless power drills, a plane an impact driver a laser level a makita sp600 plunge saw, which they failed to take the rails for.
if anyone is offered anything like these items give me a shout so we can go and pay them for the items.

183 Views · 0 Comments
25th Nov 2015 8:49pm Black friday deals by Mark

Black friday deals

All the main players are showing there Black friday deals.
Check carefully not all are that great smile

132 Views · 4 Comments
25th Nov 2015 7:07pm 3 kittens free to good home by GaryFromWirral

We recently took in a beautiful cat that had been abandoned only to find out She was pregnant..So as a result I now have 3 kittens that need permanent loving good homes if anyone is interested...get in touch smile They are all short haired 95% black with a tiny amount of white on their faces,bellies and all have white sock markings ... will try to upload some photos if they stay still long enough ....ready to be re-homed as of now


497 Views · 6 Comments
25th Nov 2015 3:09pm The gritters are out... by Greenwood

It seems even the gritters are getting into the Christmas spirit a bit early - I've just been spattered on the Meols stretch by a very smart new gritter with snow-clearing attachment. Quite unnerving when the thermometer in the car reads 9C. Am I missing something? Weather forecast looks relatively mild for the next few days. Perhaps it was just a trial run for some new kit; very strange.

392 Views · 3 Comments
25th Nov 2015 11:47am TV cabinet by lincle

Nice wooden corner tv cabinet with drawer,shelves & 2 glass doors.Good condition. FREE if you can collect Moreton area

179 Views · 1 Comments
25th Nov 2015 9:46am Football parasites. by ludwigvan

Today, George Osborne is expected to announce cuts of £12bn to the welfare budget, this is on top of slashing the amount of money given to councils from central government thereby drastically reducing their ability to provide essential services to the old, sick and vulnerable. Also today, Everton FC ( home to multi millionaire footballers) have announced that they need council financial backing to help them bulld a new football stadium. If this wasn't so appalling it would be amusing.

575 Views · 9 Comments
23rd Nov 2015 9:04pm Panorama --Grrughrrrrgruurr! by venice

Panorama---- The VW emissions issue ! Sick of it! If my OH screeches at the TV once more that petrol cars ALSO produce particulates and other such claims of little interest to me , I will have to strangle him!

753 Views · 10 Comments
23rd Nov 2015 6:07pm Operation Christmas Child - Volunteers Needed by diggingdeeper

Operation Christmas Child

Help needed to check boxes
Please come to the warehouse whenever you can to help - 20 Prenton Way on the Durley Estate, Prenton

We will Also be open longer hours as follows:
From 9am every weekday
Until 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Until 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday
Saturday opening: 10am to 4pm

No experience necessary but be warned it is a wonderfully addictive will change your life smile

388 Views · 2 Comments
20th Nov 2015 8:23pm Egremont Community Centre Christmas Fair by Giggler

Christmas fair starts at 11am.

Lots of stalls

Star raffle is to guess the name of the teddy and win a bottle of Champagne, a Thorntons chocolate Christmas tree and of course the named teddy.

Come along for a coppa and a cake and maybe win a prize.

187 Views · 0 Comments
19th Nov 2015 7:13pm free wood in Wirral area by futurepast

I have a load of wood going for free if anyone wants it? its in a lock up in b,head but can deliver on the Wirral for a small fee just to cover juice, some of the wood is good re-usable and some can be used for fire wood,anyone welcome to help themselves just in box me thanks in advance

532 Views · 5 Comments
18th Nov 2015 8:36pm Tv reception by jaki12

Anyone having problems with their tv?
I live in New Brighton and my tv keeps going off,saying no signal or bad signal.

892 Views · 11 Comments
18th Nov 2015 3:31am Welcome To Becoming Part of Liverpool by diggingdeeper

Liverpool City Region has been approved to get an elected Mayor and devolved powers. I can't see how this can possibly work without Wirral completely losing its political identity.

Interesting that the BBC has called this "Merseyside" and not Liverpool City Region, I would feel a bit more comfortable with the Merseyside title. We are not part of Liverpool and even less so part of Liverpool City.

The final say is by all the councils voting on Thursday this week, I pray at least one council will realise what will become of this.

I think it appalling that there is no referendum on this occurring, we the people should have a say. We already have the ability to share services, what more can this amalgamation bring apart from more jobs for politicians and council officials?

Liverpool Echo SOURCE

2346 Views · 45 Comments
17th Nov 2015 5:09pm Play Station or Xbox by Mark

Play Station or Xbox ??

with christmas on the way, the question is asked many many times.

Play Station or Xbox ?
But why which is better and what reasons ?

cheers smile

1742 Views · 32 Comments
17th Nov 2015 4:26pm Rabbit food by snowhite

I have nearly half a bag of rabbit food if anyone wants to use it for there rabbit.
Reason for getting rid is that i have changed my rabbits food diet,and i hate waste.

Bought from Tesco and its rabbit Muesli.

294 Views · 0 Comments
17th Nov 2015 3:31pm Tinting and Alloy wheel repair by Driver

I have just bought a car and want to get the alloys repaired and thinking about getting rear windows tinted.

Has anybody used anyone before? Can you recommend trusted shops or suggest who to avoid?

Wirral area is best but Liverpool is okay as well.


419 Views · 3 Comments
16th Nov 2015 2:06pm Dentwiz by venice

Is this company from Argyll St area still there does anyone know? Was just acquainting myself with the forum tips section on here and happened to click on them . Their FB page shows they are selling their van, and the 'new' website mentioned on their advert here, doesnt work(for me anyway) .

592 Views · 8 Comments
16th Nov 2015 1:12pm Evening Classes - A-level/GCSE etc by DavidB

Looking to go back to university next year, but ideally need another A-level, I have maths but would like to do Physics.
Are there any colleges on the Wirral that do evenings A-levels/GCSE's? Not having a lot of luck searching.

310 Views · 2 Comments
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Yesterday at 03:13 PM
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