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Vet help 534
Another Big Waste Fire in Liverpool. 500
Talk Talk Security Breach 374
Another tree down on Arrowe park Road? 270
Anyone Read Chinese Writing 245
Mobile mechanic needed to fit a wishbone 231
That was kept a bit quiet? 218
RIP Peter Vaughan 169
MIG welder 145
Game shocking prices!!! 137
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Lib/dems rule the day
by JimmyG
2nd Dec 2016 10:59pm
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2nd Dec 2016 5:54pm
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by venice
1st Dec 2016 9:22pm
by venice
1st Dec 2016 6:36pm
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Name help
by Paternoster21
3rd Dec 2016 8:03am
HMT Lancastria
by granny
2nd Dec 2016 11:38pm
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by fish5133
27th Nov 2016 5:38pm
Fire station
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22nd Nov 2016 12:24pm
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by yoller
6th Oct 2016 6:56pm
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HMT Lancastria
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Geert Wilders
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Royal Mail Online Postal Prices
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Vet help
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8th Dec 2016 9:57pm
Micro desktop PC
by anniebo28
8th Dec 2016 2:24pm
RIP Peter Vaughan
by Gibbo
8th Dec 2016 10:56am
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Wirral TUC Meeting re Update on Wallasey CLP Suspe
30th Nov 2016 9:16pm
World Aids Day Event 2016. Liverpool
30th Nov 2016 9:05pm
7th Dec 2016 6:19pm Talk Talk Security Breach by fish5133

Home from London Monday to find routers been out over the weekend. New router posted to me today. Very kind of them as they will charge me if I don't post the old one back to them. (prepaid envelope provided though).
I love the recorded message you get. "You will need to do a factory reset on your router--full instructions can be found online.....!"

Anyone else need a new router .factory reset didn't work so they posted new one.

374 Views · 8 Comments
6th Dec 2016 7:13pm Mobile mechanic needed to fit a wishbone by anniebo28

Got a 2004 Mazda 6, needs a rear wishbone fitting.
I have the part, just need it putting on.
Car can't drive as is, needs doing on my front on the beechwood.

231 Views · 3 Comments
6th Dec 2016 6:25pm Vet help by colin86

Hi guys and girls looking for a bit of help or advice, my mums French bulldog has recently had an accident and hasn't been able to walk properly since mum since took the dog to the pdsa who informed her she'd need to take the dog to her vet who wanted £1500 for an X ray which could rise to £3000 should she need an op.... and as my mum works she doesn't fit the criteria for help ( as she works for a living) they can't do anything. Now obviously when she bought the dog she should of got insurance and unfortunately she didn't so she's literally snookered. She can't raise that sort of cash this time of year but could with maybe a payment plan of sorts I dunno. She's just desperate to get the dog the help without suffering long term. If anyone has any helpful information or vets that could help please let me know. Many thanks guys and girls.

534 Views · 13 Comments
5th Dec 2016 4:55pm Game shocking prices!!! by eddtheduck


Was looking on the Game webpage (link above)
are they for real shocked omg

sony playstation 3 160gb ps3 slim £613.99

sony playstation 3 320gb slim £485.99

xbox 360 4gb £317.99

3ds xl red £325.99

ps vita slim £374.99

3ds coral pink £299.99

ps3 12gb £305.99

wii £495.99

dsi light blue £443.99

ps3 160gb slim omg £763.99

if I sell all my consoles at these prices It'll come to £1,000's raftl

137 Views · 0 Comments
4th Dec 2016 10:24am Another Big Waste Fire in Liverpool. by Wally1

Visible for miles. In Carr Lane Prescot waste site
according to info on web.

500 Views · 9 Comments
3rd Dec 2016 9:28pm Gymnastics coaches needed. by margy

Three vacancies for Qualified Gymnastics Coaches will be needed after Christmas at The Concourse, West Kirby on a Saturday morning 8.45 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.
D.B.S. (formerly C.R.B. police check), will be put through by W.B.C..B.G. Coach Levels 1, 2 and upwards.
Is there any gym coaches out there? We are a recreational gym and the gymnasts are aged 8 years upwards, girls and boys. Contact myself or Graham Ponton on

111 Views · 0 Comments
1st Dec 2016 12:52pm 54 plate renault clio 3rd brake light by Mike72

Hi, does anybody know if the above is either just a bulb or LED? I had an old 52 plate which was LED so had to replace the whole unit. But somebody has told me it is just a bulb. I haven't checked to see myself yet just know it doesn't work, so deros anybody know? Thanks in advance

228 Views · 1 Comments
30th Nov 2016 9:27pm Raspberry Pi in the classroom! by FelixCowden

509 Views · 12 Comments
30th Nov 2016 9:16pm Wirral TUC Meeting re Update on Wallasey CLP Suspe by RUDEBOX

Wallasey Labour Party members may be interested in this upcoming Event

Wirral Trades Union Council is hosting a meeting in support of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party :





(Poulton Bridge Road Wallasey CH44 5SW)

Map Link :

You will be aware of the suspension of Wallasey CLP and the events that lead up to that.

Wirral Trades Union Council (WTUC} has called this public meeting to hear an update on the CLP position and for people to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

Following on from the successful WTUC public meeting held at Wallasey Town Hall in August this will give members of the CLP the opportunity to update you on the current situation following on from the Labour Party report into the CLP and the 102 page written response to that by 3 local party members.

Local party members are eager to move on and have the CLP reinstated so that they can fully engage in the fight against Tory cuts. the fight for our NHS and all of the other issues that are hitting people so hard. Please try to attend and listen to what's going on and have the opportunity to ask questions and make your views known.

The venue is accessible and children accompanied by adults are welcome. If you have any specific requirements or questions on this please advise WTUC on this e-mail address- - and we will get back to you.

The social club has advised us that the bar will be open after the meeting so if people want to stay and chat afterwards you can do.

158 Views · 0 Comments
30th Nov 2016 8:46pm crop loss & water rationing in Dominican Republic by FelixCowden

121 Views · 0 Comments
30th Nov 2016 6:30pm A job. Company not named. by venice

Noticed this on local sales website just now. .

Currently taking cv applicants for a well known factory in port sunlight.

Recruiting for forklift drivers counterbalance, but you must be willing to work in production aswell.

**non food**

£8.25 an hour, 12 hour shifts which include weekends. The more flexible you are the more shifts we can get you on.
£12.04 after 42 hours.

Days and nights available 6am-6pm

Please send your CVs to

Inductions taking place next week so send your cvs over by Friday 2nd December.
Can't disclose the name due to company protection, if your out of work send your cv across to be considered ☺ inductions taking place next week thanks
Is it permanent ?
This is temporary on-going position all year round. The workers are averaging between 36-60hours a week depending on their flexibility.

173 Views · 0 Comments
29th Nov 2016 6:39pm Pensby Hotel by granny

Should anyone be interested, The Pensby Hotel demolition was begun today.

It may need to have the update put on another thread somewhere. (like Pubs)

579 Views · 6 Comments
29th Nov 2016 2:54pm PC Repair needed by TudorBlue

Need someone who knows what they are doing to have a look at my lads pc. Windows 10, when its swithed on, 2 red lines appear before it crashes. need it done asap, so if anyone knows anyone who is reliable and knows what they are doing, can you pass on their details to me. Inbox me if needed

378 Views · 3 Comments
29th Nov 2016 1:44pm Santa's Grotto at Tam O'Shanter 11th Dec. by Greenwood

Santa's Grotto has been kindly built for the urban farm by the National Citizens Service this year, and the man himself will be in residence 12.00 - 3.30 on 11th December. Tickets to meet Santa and receive a gift will be £3, available in advance from farm gift shop or office, or buy on arrival on the day.

We don't have reindeer on display, but we do have three gorgeous new alpacas on the farm to admire!

195 Views · 1 Comments
27th Nov 2016 5:38pm Cubitts Holland and Hannen by fish5133

Anyone on forum work for this construction company in Bromborough before tarmac took them over?

392 Views · 2 Comments
27th Nov 2016 8:25am Disgusting surely not legal creamfields noise !!@ by svenlock68

After a night shift of 12 hrs
Id like to sleep in my bed last night

But was anyone else woken at 11 12 330am etc etc by bashin techno and a mc??
It was miles away aswell!!
Surely if my house walls in wallasey can be affected behind double glazing from the alb dock miles away
Its got to be illegal levels of noise!!
Im tired out. 350am im sure it went LOUDER.
Useless police wont do anything
" its the councils job to sort noise"
Yes great .....ill moan on monday mate but that doesnt help me sleep now !!
Pass the parcel as usual.
Surely hotels mustve had loads of complaints....

1465 Views · 19 Comments
26th Nov 2016 10:13pm Dates for Christmas post to overseas by eddtheduck

International Standard (formerly Airmail) and all
International Tracking and Signature Services
(formerly Airsure® and International Signed For®)
Saturday 3 December Africa, Middle East
Wednesday 7 December Cyprus, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), Turkey, Malta
Thursday 8 December Caribbean, Central & South America
Saturday 10 December Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Wednesday 14 December Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Thursday 15 December Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Friday 16 December Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Saturday 17 December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg
Contract Surface Air Lift
Friday 11 November South America, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Far East, New Zealand, Australia
Friday 18 November USA, Canada, Middle East
International Standard HM Forces Mail -
British Forces Post Office® (BFPO)
Monday 28 November Airmail to Operational BFPOs
Monday 12 December Airmail to Static BFPOs
UK Services
UK Inland Services
Tuesday 20 December 2nd Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Wednesday 21 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Thursday 22 December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®
Friday 23 December Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed

108 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Nov 2016 9:17pm Lost laptop user password by derekdwc

Afriend asked me to have a look at her laptop where she had forgotten her log-on password and I'm stuck.
She had the bios password but the bios doesn't seem to be able to work or do anything

help any suggestions to fix this

686 Views · 7 Comments
23rd Nov 2016 11:56am Microsoft virus scam call by Finney

I have just had a very interesting telephone conversation with a Nigerian gentleman called John Smith ( very original ). He claimed to be from Microsoft and advised me that my computer had flagged up as having a virus and that he was able to fix this problem over the phone if I switched on my computer and followed his instructions.
My computer was on already and so I told him to hang on a minute whilst it booted up and I logged on (I went and made a cup of tea).
John Smith then told me to press the windows logo key and the letter R on my keyboard at the same time...After a slurp of tea and a custard cream biscuit I said ok whats next, he told me a pop up box should appear with some script in it. I told him I could see this and also a box that wanted me to type something into it, he asked what it said above the box.
My reply was unprintable and so was his. He then hung up, unfortunately his number was withheld.
Luckily I knew this was a scam from the minute he told me he was from Microsoft and so was happy to wind him up and let him think he was on to a winner.

794 Views · 12 Comments
23rd Nov 2016 11:48am Should sex work be decriminalised ? by granny

Should sex work be decriminalised in the UK, when considering some of the reasons on this video ?

664 Views · 11 Comments
22nd Nov 2016 12:24pm Fire station by chris7777

Does anyone remember a fire station in new ferry,if so, were was it?

896 Views · 11 Comments
22nd Nov 2016 9:55am newspapers for fires hutch linings etc by fish5133

Got several bundles of Wirral globes that need to go. I usually deliver them door to door but been off work and they didn't cancel the drop off in time. Tip wont let me recycle them and Globe been slow in picking them up.

374 Views · 4 Comments
20th Nov 2016 7:13pm Pain. by venice

This is the photo of little Jessica , a cancer victim who has just died.
Its really upsetting and hard to accept that we have still not got the ability or the right to make sure people , especially chidren, do not have to suffer these levels of pain when they are losing their fight for life. Feel gutted for her and her parents who had to view the situation . Absolutely heart wrenching.

459 Views · 5 Comments
18th Nov 2016 10:43pm When Robots Take All Our Jobs, Even Doctors Won't by FelixCowden

Like something out of sci-fi these robot docs are hard at work.

568 Views · 7 Comments
17th Nov 2016 9:54pm sky broadband down by eddtheduck

from skys twitter page Wallasey & Birkenhead. Our phone and broadband services may be offline. Will update when we have further information.

Mine was offline for 10hours today mad

381 Views · 1 Comments
16th Nov 2016 12:34pm RSPCA at it againt they do a good job by fish5133

Whilst no doubt they do a good job it seems too often they are getting power mad.
2 Globe stories this week showing both sides of the RSPCA plus a main stream article about removing their powers.

Local lady who had done voluntary work with animals had own dog take ill (ear tumour). Dutifully she took it vets to get treatment which obviously didn't work. Not wanting to have the dog put down (financial concerns) she let the problem take its natural course trying to treat it herself. Someone (probably the Vet-as the ear tumour was not visible to public) contacted the RSPCA. Judge said if you don't have pet insurance you shouldn't have a pet. Our vet said it wasn't worth us getting insurance and we might not get it because our kitten already had cat flu.

The other story I agree with the RSPCA. A dog owner tried to euthanize his own dog in a horrible way. Had he been able to shoot it through the head it might have been considered humane.

Main Stream Media...RSPCA should be stripped of prosecution powers, say MPs

1351 Views · 24 Comments
15th Nov 2016 6:31pm Pot Holes--How Long To Repair by fish5133

Perhaps WBC could learn a lesson from the Japs. This one was sorted in less than a week!

445 Views · 3 Comments
15th Nov 2016 12:51pm Galaxy Tab by nidgynoo

Hi. I have a Tab which I have had no problems with until now. After been left on the battery discharged.Went to recharge it but it won't charge at all. Have tried using a Samsung charger and cable as suggested in some forums but still nothing. Any tips or help much appreciated. Thanks.

717 Views · 8 Comments
15th Nov 2016 12:34am A simple vote could just clinch it. by venice

Freshfield Animal Rescue are trying hard to win animal lovers votes to get the charity some money from 'Aviva '. This money is towards F.Fields own vet room , a move which will cut their bills dramatically long term.

Registering on the Aviva site and then using the email link they send you to vote, is simple albeit fiddly , but I signed a week or more ago, and theres been no annoying communications from Aviva or anything further , which I had thought there might be.
SO,theres only a couple of voting days left..... if you want to help a load of animals in one fell swoop, please register and give your 10 votes to Freshfields vet fund. The competition is really fierce and the staff are desperate not to lose their vet room dream . Below is further info on the project , the link is also in the blurb..

185 Views · 0 Comments
11th Nov 2016 10:52pm Cuts to Schools Funding by RUDEBOX

Some of you may be interested in this:

England’s schools are now experiencing the largest real terms cuts in funding in more than a generation.

In real terms, schools will lose huge amounts of money rising to £2.5 billion a year by 2020. 92% of schools will have their funding cut.

Enter your postcode on the link below to see how schools in your neighbourhood will be affected.

On the page you will find links to email your M.P and/or sign a petition, if you so wish.


544 Views · 6 Comments
11th Nov 2016 8:27pm Historic Wirral swimming baths set to be re-opened by movingtables

Wirral council has agreed to hand over Byrne Avenue Baths to community trust

click here...

770 Views · 8 Comments
11th Nov 2016 12:20pm Armistice day by Excoriator

I have no objection to people remembering the fallen in various conflicts over the years, although my view is that this should be done in a more concrete form by the government taking better financial care of the maimed survivors and their families rather than making them dependent on a charity.

But I see no good reason for some New Ferry local to take it upon himself to mark the beginning and end of the two minute silence with a thunderous detonation. We all have access to accurate time, but not only is it uneccessary, it is the last thing anyone who has experienced shelling wants to hear. Many more disagree with the whole tasteful remembrance ceremony business and see it as a thinly disguised attempt by politicians and the military to recruit more cannon-fodder.

I won't go as far as hoping this local enthusiast blows himself up, but I hope he will realise that it is considered neither necessary nor desirable by many of us.

It is worth remembering that the glorious dead cannot speak up and make their views felt, and the glorious maimed, blinded and damaged ones are never allowed to express their views.

850 Views · 12 Comments
11th Nov 2016 11:57am Redcliffe Mansion, Wellington Rd, New Brighton by gareth13jones

Redcliffe Mansion is now underway and is to be converted into 9 high specification apartments with stunning sea views. Please contact me if you are interested in having a look.

361 Views · 0 Comments
10th Nov 2016 7:47pm FREE Brown Leather 3 Piece Suite by johncon

Brown Leather 3 Piece suite . In decent condition has usual leather related wear no splits or tears . Has fire labels on . Will be available in about 2 weeks . Will need to be collected from Bromborough . Photos to follow if anyone interested . ! FREE

240 Views · 0 Comments
9th Nov 2016 6:58pm Settee by madrob

Settee two chairs clean no rips old type free to who can pick up

279 Views · 1 Comments
9th Nov 2016 1:00pm Found Bike 2 x weeks ago by Digital_twiddler

Hi I found this bike 2 x weeks ago and reported it to the police who said they would collect it but as yet it is still with me. It is a an Apollo mountain bike with some very distinct features. Just contact me with details if anyone thinks it's theirs before the police collect...

308 Views · 0 Comments
8th Nov 2016 8:12pm Mums & Tots by lincle

Hi, Where looking for new people with 0-school age children to join us every Tuesday during term time for play,music & dance. Our lovely group has been going for years but our numbers have depleted due to school intake.We meet 1.15 - 2.45 in the Methodist Church hall Pasture Road,Moreton,entrance & parking at the rear. Lots of toys & safe area for babies so if you're a Mum,Dad Grandparent etc please come along .Its only £1 PER FAMILY & includes juice,tea,coffee & biscuits.

293 Views · 0 Comments
8th Nov 2016 6:34pm Wirral beaches, good news by Salmon

858 Views · 12 Comments
7th Nov 2016 4:04pm 1980's Beano and Dandy comics by ynwa96

I have a box of a few hundred 1980's Beano and Dandy comics if anyone's interested? I'm going to bin them in the next few days if not, thanks!

457 Views · 2 Comments
7th Nov 2016 10:26am Wild Rabbit for Cooking by woofie

Hi.Is there anywhere in the Wirral where I can buy fresh caught Wild Rabbit,Squirrel etc? This was once very common & cheap to buy in local Butchers and is a tasty low-fat meat.
Unfortunately, with the decline of high street butchers, I can only find this & other Game meat to buy online which cost far too much in postage.
If there are any pest controllers,ferret workers, or shooting enthusiasts who can supply them, I would be grateful to hear from you.

825 Views · 6 Comments
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Micro desktop PC
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Iphone 5s, Grey, near mint condition, £50
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Gaming chair
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MIG welder
by anniebo28
6th Dec 2016 1:34am
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Bunchems Xmas present warning
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Talk Talk Security Breach
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Mobile mechanic needed to fit a wishbone
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Vet help
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Game shocking prices!!!
by eddtheduck
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54 plate renault clio 3rd brake light
by Mike72
1st Dec 2016 12:52pm
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