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Recent Posts : What's On ?
by Mark
Yesterday at 07:02 PM
Events at St Caths Community Centre
22nd Apr 2014 1:56pm
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sunset at moreton common 23/04/2013
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Does anybody listen to their music by Pandora
by bobypam
Yesterday at 07:25 PM
Car Service
by Finney
Yesterday at 07:16 PM
by ludwigvan
Yesterday at 03:30 PM
St. George's Day.
by Pinzgauer
Yesterday at 11:46 AM
Meols Drive open
by Madge_the_Queen
Yesterday at 11:00 AM
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What song are you listening to?
by granny
Today at 12:47 AM
Sky Box + HD : Hard Drive Swap & Copy programs
by EvilCycle
Yesterday at 11:46 PM
What Was The First Record You Ever Bought?
by Harmony
Yesterday at 10:57 PM
Car Service
by Finney
Yesterday at 09:15 PM
Android 4.4.2 KitKat
by j_demo
Yesterday at 08:40 PM
by sunnyside
Yesterday at 08:29 PM
Does anybody listen to their music by Pandora
by bobypam
Yesterday at 07:25 PM
by Mark
Yesterday at 07:02 PM
Bucket list no 1. Finding two English friends.
by sunnyside
Yesterday at 03:30 PM
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Yesterday at 07:16 PM Car Service by Finney

Looking for a decent garage to do a service on my diesel astra, not too expensive, but good..
Found a garage on the Durley Drive estate on groupon, Benley Automotive, and they are offering a service for a discounted price of £49 (65% off) but only found 2 reviews about the garage and level of service and neither are very good.
Has anyone used this garage and could give any positive feedback on it????

172 Views · 2 Comments
Yesterday at 11:00 AM Meols Drive open by Madge_the_Queen

The roads open again between Hoylake and West kirby for anyone who needs to go through despite the signs still being up

82 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 09:38 AM WHATS ON IN WIRRAL. by Tina21

Come along & join in the fun smile

]Saturday 26th April 2014. 3pm - 7pm..

Easter egg hunt,
Musical entertainment,
Hook a duck.
and loads more


202 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 10:02pm Wallasey Road picture request by Wal79

I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of some pics of Wallasey Road, in particular the shops from Marlowe Road heading up the hill towards St Hilary's Church.

My dad used to own a greengrocers at number 169 Wallasey Road in the 80's, my grandfather owned the Post Office in the late 70's and my dad had another greengrocers next door but one to the Post Office and I was born there in 79.

I have done countless searches and have only found a picture of the Post Office.

Many thanks

85 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 8:44pm Sky Box + HD : Hard Drive Swap & Copy programs by emelec

Didn't want to hijack another thread about this so started a new one.

Question I've got about Sky+ box (HD) - Its in need of replacing as it freezes every so often and then takes an age to reset sometimes upto 20minutes.

Problem I have is the programs I've recorded on Sky+ need to be kept as daughter has a few issues and will often have a "meltdown" if she cant watch a program etc (she's not a brat, but I do wish that was just the case frown )...

Can this be done? Can the hard drives be taken out and swapped?


321 Views · 6 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 6:41pm Hi looking to sell my car by rach87

Looking to sell my mazda 6 2.0(143) td sport, 5 door, silver, 56 plate, 213k miles, electric windows and sunroof, bose sound system, built in sat nav but needs new remote (£40 on ebay), 6 cd changer, cruise control, climate control although air con needs re charging, tax 4 months, mot February 15, body work in ok condition.


327 Views · 4 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 5:46pm Half price sky by Lando

Hi, I work for sky and as i get Half Price Sign ups for friends and i dont use them, then i thought i would offer them out to wiki members/friends.
New Customer Discount

For friends who don't already have Sky they can enjoy half price Sky TV for a year:

Half price Entertainment Extra+
Half Price Sky Sports
Half Price Sky Movies
Free Sky+HD box
Free standard set up

If you send me a Private message i will send you a web link.
And from there you can sign up as a Half Price Customer.

please be aware there is no catch

for the individual applying only and NOT TO BE SOLD! doing so will result in prosecution !

Admin approved Genuine Offer

192 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 1:56pm Events at St Caths Community Centre by RUDEBOX

A brand new community centre is now up and running in Tranmere with the first wave of activities beginning next week and organisers appealing for residents’ support in putting together other programmes in the future.

84 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 11:56am PSNC Personnel List by granny

Pacific Steamship Navigation Company.

Stumbled across this and not sure if it is of any interest. It can still be updated, and is handy to have on file for possible future reference.

149 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 11:37am 742 The 27 Club, Concert Hall, Manor Rd, Wallasey, by derekdwc

Only went once to a private function many moons ago

71 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Apr 2014 8:59am 'Brake' calls for complete ban on phone use. by j_demo


The charity Brake has called for a complete ban on all phone use in cars INCLUDING bluetooth devices saying that they are as much of a distraction. Personally I disagree because I have an 'io Play 2' in my car and it's so easy to use and is all wired in to the speakers etc professionally so the call quality is crisp, it's almost like talking to someone else in the passenger or back seats. And because of this, do Brake want a complete ban on all communication in cars??? As talking to a passenger or even singing along to the radio is akin to talking on a bluetooth headset.

I disagree with what they want, yes I concur holding a phone to your ear IS dangerous and is rightly illegal, a bluetooth car kit like I have is perfectly safe and should continue to be legal. The bluetooth headsets I can't comment on as I've never used one.

What does everyone else think???

167 Views · 1 Comments
21st Apr 2014 10:43pm Wirral S.O.S Public Meeting by RUDEBOX


168 Views · 0 Comments
21st Apr 2014 6:54pm How Much?? by Pete1507

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how much my car is worth.

Its a 2004 VW Polo Twist 3door, 102k. Alloys, electric windows the usual spec.

There is no service history unfortunately,but I might be able to dig out some paper work for work carried out about 12-18 months a go (was posted on here around that time)

Tax runs out at the end of April and MOT in May (I think?).

its currently not running as I have left it due to not needing it. It was last run/engine turned over in February when we had that big chill. It had to be jumped but seemed fine when on idle.

Now as I say, at the moment its not running and hasn't been for a few months, but I'd like to know what you would feel a reasonable price for it would be in its current condition.
I'm looking to sell as is and hopefully someone out there will be able to give it a good once over and have a decent little runaround for themselves.


432 Views · 5 Comments
21st Apr 2014 11:39am Lost wallet by _Steve_

I'm sharing this for a friend, if anyone knows of a wallet that's been found, please inbox me, thanks.

Lost my wallet, may have been in Grasville road Tranmere or New Brighton. You can keep the Cash and the cards are all useless. Please return the wallet with the kids photos and my driving licence. Let us know if anyone finds anything . ...Please share guys

542 Views · 2 Comments
21st Apr 2014 10:53am Wirral Coastal Walk for Muscular Dystrophy by Willo_

GLOBE readers are being invited to sign up for this year's Wirral Coastal Walk in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Organised by Rotary Club of North Wirral, the event takes place on Sunday May 11.

The 15-mile journey starts at Seacombe Ferry Terminal and finishes at Thurstaston Country Park, although walkers have the option of completing their journey after four or ten miles.

Funds raised will help Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in its work funding ground breaking research into treatments for muscular dystrophy and related conditions and supporting the 70,000 families in the UK affected by them – 8,000 of them from the North West of England.

Charles Horton, the charity's North West volunteer fundraising manager, said: "By signing up for this event, showing us your support and enjoying a great day out with family or friends, you could help us to save lives."

Walkers are asked to raise £100 sponsorship for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and will receive fundraising support and a t-shirt to sport on the day.

If you are interested in taking part
call 01244 536551 for an entry form and sponsorship pack.

86 Views · 0 Comments
20th Apr 2014 5:49pm MIB by turnip

Has anyone ever dealt with the MIB?

We're in the process of going through a claim and we're wondering how long between te medical and compensation payout.

Also what the actual process is from start to finish.

362 Views · 1 Comments
20th Apr 2014 2:09pm 741 The Queens or Transport club by derekdwc

Only knew it as the Transport club in the 1960s, I only went a couple of times(previously it was the Queens picture house and even earlier The Workmens Hall. click info

66 Views · 1 Comments
19th Apr 2014 9:54am Dash cam by Willo_

LOL Buy any next dash cam at Halfords, and get a free life time membership to
wait for it:

upload your vids of peoples bad driving and illegal driving, and action gets taken against them.

Brilliant idea, the amount of complete morons I have to put up with when doing deliveries is unbelievable.

1090 Views · 16 Comments
19th Apr 2014 9:07am Terraclean by Willo_

After watching this episode of wheeler dealers

I thought I would give it a try, to see if I could get better MPG, I was sceptical and thought it was a load of rubbish.

Am a fast food delivery driver so I put in a lot of miles on short stop & start journeys, I have never had more than 38.9 mpg doing the deliveries, however on motorway I can probably get it up to a max of 42.9.

After seeing the episode of wheeler dealers with the clip in vid above, I thought it's worth a try.

So after spending a good few hours reading up about it online, and failing to find more than a couple of bad reviews, but thousands singing it's praises, I took the plunge.

I contacted the local dealer for terraclean
Andy on 07704028449 website

He came to my house set up the system and let it get to work, the whole process took just over 1 hour.

Doing deliveries I normally get no more than 38.9 mpg, last night I got this
it was up and down by no more than 3mpg either way.
Now, that is a good a reason to get it done, IT DOES WORK.

1102 Views · 11 Comments
18th Apr 2014 1:38pm M&S 3 Seater Sofa Chair and Pouffe in Light Blue by Greenie

We have a M&S 3 seater sofa in light blue, a matching armchair and pouffe.
All 3 items are in excellent condition.

See the attached images.

165 Views · 7 Comments
18th Apr 2014 10:55am Cross Hill ,Thingwall by granny

Not sure if this has been done before but just wondering why Cross Hill, Thingwall, is so called.. Could there be a burial ground under the hump ?
The name would indicate something to do with Christianity.

550 Views · 6 Comments
17th Apr 2014 9:43pm The Waltons by Sneezy

Anyone watching the Wallasey Waltons ??
Can't believe it's 30 years since they were born !!! Where's the time gone doh

705 Views · 5 Comments
17th Apr 2014 2:05pm The man who eats roadkill by _Ste_

Interesting documentary on a norfolk man who eats what he finds dead on the uk roads.

Even if it has gone off and has green meat and stinks he still eats it.

Nice chap, he also says there is no god, he used to be a religious preacher years ago but turned the tables after asking a question.

Interesting chap.

Enjoy smile

1012 Views · 20 Comments
16th Apr 2014 3:47pm Itiallian Dining Room Table Free by markyport

I have here A lovely BIG dining table, Will sit 6 & 8 open.
There are (NO) chairs but the table it's self is in great Condittion, only letting it go due to its too large for my kitchen.
You can contact me on - 07521 964 807.
Please Do Not Text, Thanks.

To see a Picture please visit the Link Below.-

75 Views · 0 Comments
16th Apr 2014 10:58am A/C by nissangti

Hi was looking at getting the A/C unit charged at a local garage and looking for a ballmark price for this, Has anyone had this done? does it work?

Its currently blowng about 3 degrees cooler than the air in the car on full pelt. car is a 2001 almera.
Thanks in advance.

313 Views · 2 Comments
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