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Michael Murpurgo Lecture
by paxvobiscum
20th Aug 2015 9:34pm
Wirral Heritage Open Days 2015
by chriskay
15th Aug 2015 4:40pm
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Songs with 'love' in the title
Yesterday at 07:55 PM
Unfair or not?
by diggingdeeper
26th Aug 2015 6:58pm
Restless Dog
by granny
26th Aug 2015 6:29pm
Birkenhead Blitz March1941
by Brenk1
26th Aug 2015 3:06pm
748 Mr White's Bar & Grill Argyle Street
by derekdwc
26th Aug 2015 12:11pm
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Herdman's Paintings of Liverpool 1805-1882
by diggingdeeper
Today at 12:44 AM
Restless Dog
by lollipop
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Celebrity Big Brother
by lollipop
Yesterday at 11:42 PM
Songs with male or female names
by lollipop
Yesterday at 11:38 PM
Songs with 'love' in the title
by Giggler
Yesterday at 11:08 PM
2500 People Died After Being Found Fit for Work
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 08:55 PM
Birkenhead Blitz March1941
by surykata
Yesterday at 08:27 PM e-mail problem
by Mark
Yesterday at 06:21 PM
Net migration 330,000
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 05:49 PM
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Massage places that are good? 489
Seabank Road Closed - Major car crash. 479
Yesterday at 03:55 PM Well Lane by missmahjong

Just been the park with the dog and Lidl, a policeman at the end of an entry with police tape across and 2 police half way up entry, nit sure what has gone on ???? Any one know ..

266 Views · 3 Comments
26th Aug 2015 6:29pm Restless Dog by granny

Has anyone else's dog been a pain in the butt today ? Goodness knows what the answer is. He's been walked, fed, played ball, treats, tug of war ( constantly) and the bugger won't lie down.
He's being particularly naughty as in chasing around the house, pinching the grand childrens cuddly toys. Every time I sit down he's demanding I get up again and shouting at he does talk !
Don't know if it's the weather (i.e.wind) but he's been pushing his luck all day.

778 Views · 17 Comments
26th Aug 2015 3:06pm Birkenhead Blitz March1941 by Brenk1

Can anyone help me on casualties in Birkenhead due to the March 12/13 raids? Trying to do a bit of family history!

thanks in advance

74 Views · 3 Comments
26th Aug 2015 12:11pm 748 Mr White's Bar & Grill Argyle Street by derekdwc

Mr White's Bar & Grill

57 Views · 0 Comments
25th Aug 2015 4:40pm Experienced Counter Clerk Post Office Prenton by Longnails

I was out and about today and noted that there is a vacancy for a experienced counter clerk at the Post Office in Prenton, opposite The Dell Pub, it's 16-20 hours per week.

118 Views · 0 Comments
25th Aug 2015 4:01pm Stolen Sat Nav, Electric Golf Trolley and Driver by WallaseyChris

Father in law had his car broken in to on his driveway in Oxton last night; his sat nav, electric golf trolley and driver (club) were all taken.

If anybody hears anything or sees an item like the above on a sale site, please can you send me a DM?



379 Views · 3 Comments
24th Aug 2015 7:09pm logs/fire wood by kimpri

free logs
will deliver if local to me (prenton ch43)

27 Views · 0 Comments
24th Aug 2015 6:53pm Facebook by Finney

Is anyone else having trouble with facebook, It works ok on my phone and laptop but when I use it on my kindle tablet it will not let me do searches for the likes of wirral newsbeat, unable to display settings, It was working fine the other day, any help appreciated.

327 Views · 3 Comments
24th Aug 2015 1:34pm Spanish anyone? by Snodvan

Would you like to chat with other Spanish speakers, learn or brush-up your Spanish or just be sociable. A Spanish Circle meeting will take place TONIGHT 7pm at Cafe Soul 117 Wallasey Village (just by the roundabout)

Anyone welcome


120 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Aug 2015 1:45pm bedding to get rid off by chris58

Ive some old quilt covers etc, quilts and pillows ready to go to tip. Does anyone know if any of the local wirral animal shelters could use them before i get rid. Ive contacted rspca wiirral but no one bothered to reply! Would rather put the stuff to good use than dump. Thanks

411 Views · 4 Comments
23rd Aug 2015 1:31pm Car crash. by Giggler

Car crash on Poulton Road on the last bridge before the motorway. Lots of Police. Couldn`t see an ambulance.

449 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Aug 2015 3:52pm 2 racing cars by Catsick

The JPS is by Corgi & is standard die cast & plastic but missing the engine block and the other has no make shown but is of metal plate & plastic construction. Both used but may be of use to someone?

52 Views · 0 Comments
21st Aug 2015 10:27pm Vehicle transporter needed by Mike72

Hi, Can anyone please advise on where I can hire someone to possibly pick up a campervan with no MOT to be picked up from the Flintshire area back to Wallasey?


309 Views · 1 Comments
20th Aug 2015 2:44am Strange looking spider needs new home! by Laraine

Not exactly sure where to post this, but it's not staying in my house!
Spider with large white thing on its back, exact sub species unknown!

1099 Views · 6 Comments
19th Aug 2015 11:22pm Insurance fraud scumbag. by Blueskier

We found out today from our insurance company that someone has claimed that our car hit their car and drove off last week. 100% certain that was not the case.

It was meant to have happened in Motherwell!
Neither i or the wife have been to Scotland in over twenty years.
We were coming back from North Wales that day.

Oh yeah and also, its an electric car and we used a public charger using our registered card to access it, so our genuine location is easily proven.

The lying scumbag should be done for insurance fraud but i am pretty sure they will do nothing. Makes me sick that someone could have potentially cost us NCD and increased premiums for no reason.

More and more tempted to get a dashcam with GPS tracking to counter this kind of thing.

720 Views · 5 Comments
19th Aug 2015 7:52pm Misty by starakita

Got some bad news about my Akita Misty on Monday,turns out she's diabetic.She picked a virus up in May,then she got a cold which she got over both of those herself but then she got a sore eye so took her to the vets.He checked her eyes & noticed she is getting cataracts,so he wanted to do a urine test which showed she had it,took her back Monday for blood tests to confirm & she started on insulin on Tuesday.I've got to learn to inject her but I'll be doing that at the vets,meanwhile I'm practising on a lemon.I don't want to stick needles in her but it will get better once I'm used to it.It's not the end of the world & I can ask someone on one of the sites I'm on as she's got a diabetic Akita

1641 Views · 33 Comments
19th Aug 2015 7:30pm Dominic House to Close. by Santos

Dominic House is closing next year.


325 Views · 0 Comments
19th Aug 2015 12:47pm How to claim for pothole damage by Mark

How to claim for pothole damage

Whoever controls the road has a legal duty to maintain it to a fit standard. If they don't, and your car's damaged, they should pay for repairs. That's the law - our straightforward, step-by-step guide shows you how to use it.

Source and Templates Click me

145 Views · 0 Comments
18th Aug 2015 9:53pm 80,000 + In Litter Fines in the First month by Mark

Source Click Me

More than 98% of those given fixed penalty notices for dropping litter in the borough were disposing of cigarette-related items - mainly cigarette ends - the statistics show.

So they have worked out where to make there money now.
80,0000 in fines in one month !!!

I'm an EX Smoker, and it was the norm to just drop and stamp on it, i cant believe that this is there target audience now. I would love to here back from someone who has been fined and what they actually did if it was a cigarette with no where to put it out.

Times change i get that, but does this really mean on fireworks night if you set off a rocket your going to be fined for littering because its hot and you cant pick it up to put in a bit.

Littering to me, is throwing a bag of rubbish up a back entry or behind a wall, not a wrapper or a cigarette butt.

2580 Views · 33 Comments
17th Aug 2015 12:09am Wars by granny

When it comes to 'wars' , they never seem easy to understand, particularly when we do not know the region or the governments.

However, can someone explain why the Syrian Government are bombing their own people ? Another one in the last 24hrs.

Colonel Gadaffi was slaughtered because he threatened to kill his people in Benghazi (I think), with assistance from various countries, including Britain. Why can Syria do this ? I really don't understand all this and I would love someone to explain what is actually going on, in the simplest way ,please.

1614 Views · 20 Comments
16th Aug 2015 1:11pm Swan knife block set Free by dodie

As photos please contact 07984051336

80 Views · 1 Comments
14th Aug 2015 5:33pm Sky login by venice

Is anyone having trouble logging into their Sky telephone account? Im consistently getting NUBS server not found on both Firefox and IE. ?

649 Views · 6 Comments
14th Aug 2015 4:53pm Grass Cutter --Pensby by fish5133

Any gardeners who want to take this customer from me (15 to 20 --once a month). Too much dog crap on the grass. Strimming above the turd line is better than mowing as you don't have to clean the mower of excrement. Raking the grass up an depositing in wheelie bin is a bit tricky. Wellies a necessity.

1298 Views · 13 Comments
14th Aug 2015 2:36pm New laptop or take it to repair shop? by yr20405

I tried fixing my laptop but it won't power up so cost wise would it be better getting it repaired or buying a new one?

992 Views · 10 Comments
14th Aug 2015 12:28pm Just Wow! by venice

Watched a documentary about this woman today . Her creations are just unbelievable . I never thought of maths being useful to art, but having seen the pages and pages of complicated figurework,algebra, equations, fractions and massive workings out for each piece of work that this lady does, to achieve accuracy to one tenth of a mm , I now see it.
( You cant tell from some of the pictures, but these creations pop up from being flat within a book )

263 Views · 2 Comments
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Stolen Sat Nav, Electric Golf Trolley and Driver
by WallaseyChris
25th Aug 2015 4:01pm
Seabank Road Closed - Major car crash.
by Norton
25th Aug 2015 10:57am
Major house fire
by Norton
14th Aug 2015 12:52pm
Idiot driver wallasey trying to cause accident
by lau2908
7th Aug 2015 11:57am
Tool Box : found Green Lane
by saltytom
5th Aug 2015 7:04pm
Free Sale & Wanted
4 Berth Camper Van Wanted.
by Mike72
Yesterday at 10:20 AM
Gaming Computer & Moniter c/w Stand (Ebay)
by Catsick
Yesterday at 10:17 AM
Borrow a obd2 reader
by mikroc
26th Aug 2015 1:19pm
Dre Beats Solo 2 Headphones for sale
by shar215
26th Aug 2015 11:41am
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26th Aug 2015 3:06pm
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26th Aug 2015 12:11pm
747 Knockaloe Hall (Octel Sports and Social Club)
by derekdwc
3rd Aug 2015 11:22am
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Yesterday at 05:19 PM
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Yesterday at 03:55 PM
Net migration 330,000
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Spanish anyone?
by Snodvan
24th Aug 2015 1:34pm
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Massage places that are good?
by yr20405
25th Aug 2015 9:38am
curtains, nets and blinds
by noble78
23rd Aug 2015 6:54pm
reliable and inexpensive roofer
by kazaroo
20th Aug 2015 9:56pm
push bike servicing
by bromguy43
20th Aug 2015 4:02pm
outside light on stand
by snowshoes
18th Aug 2015 6:05pm
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